• 2010

Master Guide Kirael, through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling


KIRAEL: Ascension is a part of your life now. It is the perfection of his journey, the result of alchemy, Healing with the Signature Cell and the Ten Principles of Conscious Creation. I have spent years in this dimension providing information that was going to help them with their ascension journey. Now is the time to focus on the small details of what ascension means, what is involved.

What do you expect to get from this particular event? Do you want to know what it takes to ascend? It takes courage to ask the hard questions, questions that will help them determine the answers themselves. You see, you couldn't ask the question without knowing the answer, and ascension will give you access to your knowledge, to your conscience.

The ascension is powerful. The ascension process involves stripping the layers of the veils, so that they can remember that they have the answers to all their questions. You will go through the Great Change, whether it takes two years, five years, or just five days. You have your own life in your hands. So, if you have questions to ask me, ask them from your guidance-guides, angels, Elves and other beautiful beings of light. Those energies want to hear what I have to say, and the questions they will give them will be made with clarity and specificity to get the perfect answer. You will say, "My God, where did this come from?"

In this manifestation of openness, I have been speaking to your cellular consciousness, because I believe that ascension is closer than you think and I want to awaken the deepest part of your consciousness now. They do not have to wait until 2012 or any other date to ascend to the fourth light. So ask powerful questions. I have the answers that will help them get their own answers.


QUESTION: How do we determine what is stopping us from ascension?

KIRAEL: In the broadest sense ascension has to do with perfecting your trip and making it five or fifty *. What do you hope to achieve with this trip? You may want to be a Healing instructor with the Signature or Reiki Cell or some other modality. Whatever they want to teach, ask yourself what they did to perfect their teaching? Are you making the trip of five or fifty *? Are you doing Dream State Programming, Master Mind Programming, Prayer and all the Principles of Conscious Creation? Are you willing to do everything in your power to achieve ascension in all areas of your life?

In order to make your own ascent, you have to achieve self-awareness by doing five or fifty *, which is the answer to everything you do on your dimensional journey. Keep moving until you get where you want to go. If they have the desire, they will do five or fifty * and their journey will illuminate. Your ascension will be one step away.


Q: Will it help my ascension to speak with my superior self and how will I know if my superior being is speaking to me?

KIRAEL: Talking with your higher self will expand your self-awareness and help you in your ascension. They do not have to go to the ether to find their higher self. Your superior being is present in your energy field and will answer, as long as you ask the right questions, questions that enhance your journey. Your superior being knows what your trip is. When they ask their higher self, they are not invested in the answer, because they will most likely get the answer they need, not the one they want.

A sure way to know if they are in contact with your superior being is to do automatic writing. When they do automatic writing, they will know if it is their higher self that is responding, because they will not answer them in English. Instead, he will send thoughts to his mind, toward that five percent or maybe ten percent or twenty percent of his mind, and the thoughts will be such as they never had before. When you are asked in English about your superior being, what did he say to you, your superior being is directed to your local brain, then connecting with your omni-brain. When you have learned to communicate effectively with your superior being, you will make this journey with the full pride and power of the superior being.

When you work with your higher self and follow your orientation, your world will change in ways you never anticipated. Just remember to never boast about what you are doing. If they do, their higher self will not answer them the next time they call. He does not want you to boast about what you are doing. That is a part of your lesson plan.

Your higher self wants to help you, but if you don't connect, then you will continue your own journey. He will do what he wants to do. He may be traveling to the fourth dimension to any other kingdom. The superior being is unlimited and more powerful than your broader expectations.

If you want to get the attention of your higher self, communicate with him. Get out of your local brain. You operate from your local brain in this dimension, and this is the only thing that is holding you back from your ascent. Talk to your higher self as part of your ascension process, but remember that your higher self will only answer if you ask questions that enhance your journey, and if you are willing to ask all five or fifty *.

Q: Are you saying that we should possess our wisdom? After all, you said earlier that we are our superior being.

KIRAEL: Possessing your wisdom is a bit too third-dimensional. You do not have to possess your wisdom. Possessing his wisdom would be like putting it in a jar to protect it. How good would this be? Simply accept that your wisdom is growing daily and be willing to share it.


Q: What is the next critical step I have to take regarding my ascension?

KIRAEL: Hesitation is the only thing that is holding him back in terms of his ascension. Don't give in and take the next step. However, before taking the next step you have to decide what you want. You are asking me to tell you what your next step should be, but I can't tell you until you know what you want.

Here's the trick: When I know what you want, you won't have to ask me what your next step should be. You will know because you can work with your higher self. He knows what his trip is about. If you want to know what your next step is, know what question you have to ask yourself and then go answer. In other words, consult your higher self. He is always with you.

If you don't want to ask your superior being, I'm going to help you, but first you have to get to where I am. I am not as close as your higher self is. Remember, if you don't know what you want, I can't help you. So know what you want. I can help you all day when you know what you want. If you don't know what you want, go to the beach, feel in love and light, and decide what you want. If you really want it, it will be perfectly displaced for you.

A young man with cancer came to see me. He said, "I want to do something and I want you to help me get started." When I asked him what the plan was, he replied, "I don't know." He did not know what he wanted to do. He had to know for himself what it took to move forward. You have to know what you want and then I will tell you what you can do between here and there, but you have to make the trip, five or fifty *.

Many of you have everything going for yourself, but you don't know where you are going or what you want. When they know what they want and want it deeply enough, it will cross their path. If you want to be a writer, then know about what you want to write. Don't worry about publishing your work, just write. You can achieve what you want, but your wishes have to be defined. It is part of the ascension process to know what you want.


P: Please talk about the reprogramming of the ego and combining the subconscious with the self-conscious to achieve ascension or gain self-awareness.

KIRAEL: The ego is a system of veils of the third dimension designed to take them away from their true nature. The ego is not a bad thing. Rather it is what they need to make this third-dimensional journey. In the ascension process you can reprogram the ego by engaging in behavior designed to expand your consciousness, pulling the ego out of the way. If you change your behavior for 21 days, if you can set a precedent in that amount of time and perfect it, a new habit is created at other levels of consciousness.

Ninety-five percent of your body operates based on what I call subconscious behavior. With subconscious I want to indicate that they act without thinking about their behavior. In other words, the behavior is automatic, a reflex, or a habit. For example, an action such as winking is the result of the subconscious mind. You don't have to think, "I'm going to wink my eye" before doing so. They do it automatically, without thinking. If you throw a ball into the air, you assume it will come back down. They do not have to think about whether it will come back down, because it is programmed in their subconscious that the ball will succumb to gravity. Most of you live your lives in a subconscious state.

The self-conscious mind is only active in your life by five percent. By self-conscious I want to indicate that part of you that you can consciously create with your mind. You use only five percent of that part of your mind on any given day. I am not talking about brain power. I am simply talking about the power of the mind to create through thought. You can take this trip in the third dimension with only five percent of the power of your mind. However, when they begin this ascension process, the power of their mind expands beyond their wildest dreams. A human being who consciously works with ten percent of the power of his mind to create, can do almost anything. So imagine your power if you consciously use fifteen, twenty, thirty percent or more of your mind on a daily basis.


Self humiliation is part of this dual dimension. However, if you want to change this dynamic, change it in your conscious mind and then feed your subconscious mind with it. Each time they enter their subconscious mind with self-awareness, their entire system is affected in ways that they cannot understand. Self-awareness can free you from this fragmentation of your mind. The journey towards self-consciousness requires that you take your ego out of the way and combine your subconscious and self-conscious mind, taking it to a new level of consciousness. Self-consciousness goes beyond the ego, the subconscious and self-conscious, and takes them to the realm of expanded consciousness where their orientation resides. Therefore, self-awareness in the formulation of a question will create self-awareness in the answer, whether they ask themselves and an energy like mine. When you ask a question properly, I have to answer with the fullness of what I know, and you reap the benefit.

When you begin to be aware of the other levels of consciousness, you will wink your eye with a deeper attempt and you will understand that the single wink of an eye can change the wind pattern of the universe, just as the flutter of A butterfly You will make the necessary adjustments. If they are winking too quickly or slowly, they will make the adjustment consciously. When you are aware of your world at a deeper level, you are compromised and the adjustments will become more refined. They will learn something and will want more of it until they find higher and higher levels of consciousness. That is the key.

So have this concept: You can question everything at a deeper level of being so that the energy of that question penetrates your body and goes through another level of consciousness. That is the journey towards one's own perception that leads to the unfolding of his ascension. You have the right to reach the highest levels of consciousness, to connect with that realm of consciousness not yet connected. I am not talking about asking yourself worldly questions such as, "Am I going to have a job or am I going to have money?" I am talking about questions that challenge your reality, that come from the part of your own being - that part of you that is not a part of the third dimension journey.

In the experience of the third dimension, they do not have a number of opportunities to expand their consciousness. They are too immersed in the trip given their fear of love. They are constantly searching without ever finding the love they seek. The trick is not to seek love, but to let go of fear. When they do, they will see that love has always been there. Of course, no matter how deeply they are in love, they will always have to make more travel, because love has no end as to its expansion. Love is where all the answers are.


Q: Is being on loan a good way to let the ascent occur?

KIRAEL: Being in service is an essential part of the ascension process. If they will truly be on loan, they will be free from all judgment. They can paractify being in service by controlling with their higher self before speaking or interacting with someone. When you anticipate a conversation with someone, ask your superior self What is it that this person can handle? The superior being knows what the other person can handle and I will say it right away. When they talk to someone for the first time, they may have to retract a little and be somewhat softer, a little calmer than they would be otherwise. Of course, no matter how soft they feel, never let their principles slip. They have to create a balance.

Q: As we ascend, how do we temper sensitivity and compassion with the strength of a warrior?

KIRAEL: Sensitivity and compassion are part of a warrior's strength. In the world of light the warrior is not the one who throws a spear, tenses the bow or fires a weapon. The warrior of the light knows that she can win the war with love and light. She reminds them that their goals can be achieved without resistance, anger or negativity.

The warrior of the light speaks and then waits for the other person to respond and then speaks again. He will continue to speak until peace is created between the two, until his travels are aligned. If you want to be a warrior of the light, remove your finger from the trigger. Set aside the sharp knife. Be your true self. Love and light are the only two things that will take you wherever you want to go. Love is light and light is love.

You are all spiritual warriors, but you don't have to fight someone. You just have to make the trip with love and light. So take the step, then another and another, until they reach completion, until each one makes his ascension.


Q: Can you tell us about how our jobs and the pursuit of money are holding us back from our ascension?

KIRAEL: The ascension has reverence with every part of your trip, and that includes what they do to earn money. If you want to move up or move forward in your line of work, then distinguish between having a job and having a career. When they have a job, they do the same thing every day. If they have a career, each day will be more challenging than the day before, because they will always be advancing in their work. If your career is a job and it is not a daily challenge, that means that you are relating to your work by going to the past - in other words, your left brain is telling you that you have done this before and that it did not work, and that is why he does not want to do it again - or he is going to the future that does not even exist yet.

The ascension has to do with what is happening in the Now. If you have a career, which really is another word for a job that is challenging and for which you feel passion, you will remain in the Now, because you will love your work so much that you would be willing to spend seven days a week in it, and 24 hours of the day. His career is a journey by himself.

You all came to this trip with a career in mind - something that would motivate you to keep getting "more." So, if they have problems with moving forward with their work, it is because they have not turned it into a career. If they had a career, they would know what their next step would be and they would be more focused on the journey than on the mind. Having a career is a simple matter of thinking of your work as a path that leads you to something bigger in the same arena. If they know what their career is, then they can ascend and ascend.

Separate the being from the ego and let your higher self advance your journey to guide you in your career. You came to this trip where everyone has at least one and potentially three careers that they can work on. I say potentially three races, because this is the third dimension, where the numerology of three is the focus. So, even though they may have had a job for twenty years, they may not have yet found their first career.

In your case, you have had a few races on your trip, and you have another one ahead that is so powerful and so full of light and love. His career is right there in front of him. Let go of the past and move on. His next career is waiting for him.

Now we go to the money. Money is what they use to portray themselves in this dimension, but it is not important in the ascension process. It is important for you because it is the way you measure success and it is what you use to pay your bills, eat and dress, etc., here. Not many of you get the money you want, but whatever you are earning is what you are satisfied with; otherwise they would be producing more. Your money may disappear in one blow and you will still be here to make the trip. So don't focus so much on money. Instead, focus on what you want and how you get it in the most perfect way; then be willing to do five or fifty *. Money will come as a natural consequence of your actions.


Q: What role do children of Change play in the ascension process?

KIRAEL: I would like to say that any child under the age of seven is a child of Change. Others have categorized them as crystal and indigo children, some of those born in the 1980s and before, and some of whom are still born. I'm focusing on the guys that are coming now. These guys have much less veils than you have and are ready for ascension, so they are tired and a little angry with you now, because they can see that the world is not ready for them.

Those of one and two years are already putting the words together to say, “I do not want to do this, if this is what you are going to give me. I did not come to do this. I know that Kirael, Kryon, Gaia and all the other beings of light are out there, but I can't hear them, because my mom and dad are not listening to these energies. ” Get in front of these guys. Do not expect them to make the trip for you. You make the trip you are supposed to do and they will be there to support you, to take you on this trip. They will put their arms around you and hug you in appreciative appreciation.

Q: Could you clarify how external portal workers will clean the Earth after the ascent?

KIRAEL: The external portal workers will clean up any scary residue before they go to the next dimension. In other words, energy cleaning will be done the moment you get there. Cleaning will come from the other side of the veil, which is where the external portal workers will be. The galactic forces will also be a part of that trip, but you are going to have to clear your portion of the trip by actively pursuing your ascension process.


Q: On July 7 the solar flares were apparent and there was a change in energy. Can you explain that change?

KIRAEL: Those of us in the invisible forces of light have sent them the flares, because we knew they were ready for them. Those solar flares in particular were the most extensive we have sent to them for a long time. They crossed the entire earth plane and warmed your bodies with the light of love. They invoked feelings of warmth associated with love. So they are closer to love than they were before the flares. It is not a coincidence that the flares were released on July 7. That is the seventh month and the seventh day. Seven plus seven in Lemurian numerology equals 14, which is five, and five has everything to do with love. His heart chakra grew a good inch as the result of the warmth of those flares.

Everyone on the Earth plane was affected by solar flares, no matter where they were, even if they were below the surface. The warmth released by solar flares counteracted all the negativity in your world. However, everyone experienced the energy in a good way. Some experienced it negatively, perhaps even badly in some cases, because some of you were not balanced at that time.

If things in your world are not going so well, do not worry, because everything is improving thanks to these latest solar flares. It took almost a day to release the flares, and it was done in the absolute perfection of the light. The flares were intended for you in the human world. Understand them and love them.


The ascension has to do with the improvement of your trip, incorporating the full taste of love and light. That means that every area of ​​your trip has to do with ascension - that includes your work, your relationships, everything. Be in love and make the trip of five or fifty * and you can be sure to discover and make your ascension, which really is the truth of who you are. I am learning the truth as you are doing. Everything I have said today is my truth as I understand the truth. I have learned so much about its dimension since I came here. I thought this was going to be a competitive march, but it came out as a race, and I love my career.

God bless you and good night.

© Kahu Fred Sterling

* NOTE: Because I know that many are not aware of what it means to walk five steps or fifty, then I make the corresponding brief translation.


Kahu Fred Sterling

Senior Pastor, Honolulu Church of Light

Am I learning my lessons? How can I verify that the answer I receive is for my best result? What happens if I am simply taking a shortcut? When do we reach the level of perception on which we can rely on the response and know what the next step will be? My answers only work for me, but I will share the process with anyone who is willing to listen.

With the help of my spiritual companion, I have come to the understanding that we all have the answers, and that they are not far from our understanding. In truth, all we need to know is within our reality. Nothing is outside the limits. If this is so, then why are we not manifesting our desires?

The answers to our questions are all like pieces of a puzzle. When we have the basic desire for something, then we have to know and embrace the desired result. In other words, clarity is part of the puzzle. See, we have to know, feel and perceive the result. With this insight in place, we already have the emotional desire to obtain the fullness of what was a simple thought, and the pieces of the puzzle begin to unite.

Here shortcuts are not an option. It all comes down to the concept of the five steps or fifty, doing whatever it takes to get what you want. If they have not manifested what they want, they have not made the trip of five or fifty. To explain it another way, if you think you are taking a shortcut, you probably are. Make the trip of the five or fifty. I remember, nothing at all is out of reach and you just have to commit to doing whatever it takes. Do that and you will receive what you deserve.

2009 Kahu Fred Sterling
Translation: Anita Manasse

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