The Great Soul Buddha - A Parable by Sabine Sangitare

  • 2013

I am the great soul Buddha. With the energy of Attention, the rays of light that are anchored in the Tones of Truthfulness, I greet you OMAR TA SATT.

Feel in the Here and Now the energy of the great soul Buddha. Breathe it and let yourself fall.

Because this energy touches your soul.

Open your heart. And while you breathe the energy of the great Buddha soul, you relax, expand and gather your chakras, Buddha will transmit the messages to you through Sangitar.

Now I will tell you the parable of the Buddha of two human children.

Listen to the words that reach your soul directly.

Because at the end of this story, the great soul Buddha is going to ask you something.

Now I'm going to start: There were two human children to whom God gave them something.

They received a gift, a flower bud.

One of the children saw the cocoon and rejoiced immeasurably. He asked: „What should I do? What does this mean? Why did I receive this gift? "And the soul of God replied:„ Let it simply happen. All you have to do is water the cocoon every day and see it with attention and love. ”

The boy began to water the cocoon with great care.

Every day I visited the cocoon, sat in front and enjoyed the colors. But one day human beings arrived and asked: „What is this? The boy said: „This comes from God.

It is a flower bud.

I water it and something will happen. ” The first human being replied: „

Because it's closed?

Try to open it ". The second human being said:

„If the cocoon comes from God, why do you have to water it? The third human being who arrived told the boy:

Pay attention!

Who knows what will happen when this cocoon opens ".

The next human being said: „Can't you see the shadows in the cocoon?

If something comes from God, how can it have shadows? "

The boy was increasingly insecure and lost his confidence.

The happiness and joy he felt when he received the cocoon as a gift disappeared.

He began to wonder: „What happens if human beings are right? What will happen if something bad happens when the cocoon opens? What happens if the irrigation does not open? Then everything has been in vain and I spend so much time with this cocoon. ” And the human child left.

The second human child received the same cocoon.

This child was also full of joy and euphoria.

He began to water the cocoon and also enjoyed the colors.

He also received human beings and asked the same questions.

But the boy saw human beings and asked them: Why should I doubt something that comes from God? I am sitting here and enjoy. ”

And the boy did something that we consider a miracle.

This human child went to the cocoon every day and watched every little change, the colors, as they changed.

One day the cocoon opened and several angels appeared.

They took the boy and said:

Come, immerse yourself in the cocoon, in that energy, bathe in. ”

The boy did it and found the most wonderful pearls in that energy, which radiated with a precious force.

This child was from that moment the happiest child in the world. Human beings often arrived and asked:

What do you feel in that cocoon? ”And the boy replied:

I still don't know, but what happens in my life is the same, when I get here everything changes. ”

The great soul Buddha tells you this story because today I give you this cocoon.

The same cocoon that these two human children received.

And you decide how to treat this cocoon.

Now I am going to give you this cocoon.

Open your hands, enter the depth of your intention and expand again.

Breathe at a pace that takes you to the depths of your being.

All your channels open.

It will be the angels who will give you this special cocoon.

This we will do accompanied by the Tones of Truthfulness.

(A song sounds)

The great soul Buddha now asks you to contemplate the flower bud with your inner eye.

Take some time. How is it?

What do you feel?

With each breath you are aware that this is a gift.

An energetic gift from Truthfulness to you in the Here and Now.

And now I ask you:

Do you want to make a decision?

Do you want to honor this gift by practicing attention?

Because the backstory is that Attention is released to accept the gifts of life.

The Attention is linked to the Appreciation.

And these energies allow you to recognize and feel what gifts mean.

If you carry this gift with full Attention in your heart, then you will live the same as the child who fully trusted and experienced the miracle.

Because many human beings move in Duality they hardly feel the gifts that come to them.

If you are aware that Acceptance is something Positive, change your Attitude.

If you are aware that Attention and Gratitude are an energy that makes it possible for you to deal differently with the situations of life in the Here and Now, then you experience the Miracle.

Because there is no separation.

It is Unity, it is a Union.

The messages that reach your soul contain these energetic gifts.

But Acceptance and also the Application is something that you have to decide.

Not tomorrow, but NOW.

If you decide on the Appreciation for the gifts, you can now feel a change when you see and feel these gifts again.

The great soul Buddha wants to prepare you for the acceptance of these gifts and live them as something normal.

If you live in Attention, then you are also attentive to your soul.

This causes your soul to be happy and compensation occurs.

This compensation can also be felt in your body appearance.

Let the energy of Buddha flow into you and feel how Happiness comes to you.

Because only count what you feel.

You can feel this sensation in every moment of your life.

Also give Lady Gaia Happiness and Peace.

In this way the great buddha soul of each one of you says goodbye.

I pronounce the Tones with the flowing energy of AN'ANASHA.

The Great Soul Buddha - A Parable by Sabine Sangitare

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