"El Gazpacho", anticancer and much more

  • 2014

The other morning, while watering the pot-garden, (I have already told you that I love to water, so I take the opportunity to see if there is any undesirable visit, if there is something to prune or harvest, the garden evolves d added in the summer) I found that a bush of cucumbers already had a cucumber ready, as I also have tomatoes and peppers ready to harvest, I thought the inevitable, summer + heat + tomato + cucumber + pepper = gazpacho

Gazpacho, comes from Andalusia, is a very precious food in summer for its refreshing and moisturizing power, but it is also a very complete food, natural source of vitamin C (mainly for the content of pepper), vitamin A and vitamin E, carbohydrates, some minerals such as phosphorus, iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, potassium and sodium, in addition to plant fiber and antioxidant substances such as lycopene responsible for characteristic red color of tomatoes and carotenoids

As you can see, it is better than any pharmacy multivitamin, it is cheap and easy to make in our homes, as if it were not enough it is a low-calorie food, being an isotonic drink allows us to drink much without fear of hyperhydration, has a satiety effect, so it is very useful for people who make diets and fiber intake is better than any product for intestinal transit, also given the amount of Antioxidants, the incredible benefits of the vegetables that compose it is a potent anti-cancer, and much more.

How is it done? Well, it really is one of the easiest things to do in the kitchen, just peel everything, chop it, macerate it with olive oil, salt and vinegar, and process it in the blender, the Ingredients var There are many recipes, I make what I think is more simple and powerful for our health, 4 or 5 very ripe tomatoes, a cucumber, a couple of peppers can be green but I like reds more Vitamin C content, an onion, a clove of garlic, virgin olive oil, and good vinegar, well as I said before we peel the cucumber and tomato well, all in cubes and put it in a salad bowl, season it with salt, the oil and vinegar as if we made a salad and put it in the fridge for at least eight hours, then remove it from the refrigerator and directly to the blender (blender in other countries ), we process for about 5 minutes and voila, if it is very thick and we like more liquid, you can add a Little water, as you will see I do not use bread, since I find it unnecessary it is very good without it and is healthier.

Of course, always serve cold! You can even add ice cubes.

The peeled and chopped ingredients, already put the oil, vinegar and salt, mix and are ready to let stand in the fridge.

Also if we serve it on a plate, you can add some “stumbles” it is very nice, it is simply tomato, cucumber, and fresh pepper cut into small cubes, the tomato can go without peeling in the stumps.

Attention: it goes without saying, the industrial gazpachos in Tetra brick that are bought in supermarkets, do not retain even half of these properties, the processes suffered in their preparation, conservation degrade the vitamins and the nutritional quality of the same, the only thing that It is a liquid with a similar flavor but it should not be called Gazpacho.

In short, as you will see the ideal food for the summer, to be made with vegetables of this season, to hydrate as the one that more and also helps to get in line, it is cheap, easy to make, tasty, and with many healthy properties.

A faster way to prepare it courtesy of Isabel Fernandez:

In the bowl put the olive oil and a little sherry vinegar. The aromatic vegetables are added so that the aromas they give off when they are cut that remain in the oil: garlic, onion and pepper. Salt is added to help them release / mix their juices. 10-15 minutes Then add the tomato and cucumber and crush it. And that's it

It looks good and I will try it next time, since the reduction of time helps to less degrade nutrients.

Dare and make one at home.

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