The solar eclipse of March 20, 2015 by Margit Glassel

  • 2015

Eclipses have always inspired fear in human beings. Imagine what it must have been a thousand years ago to see the sun go dark completely. Nothing good, surely. That is why eclipses were associated with bad omens, deaths and cataclysms. Everything was very literal in the world of our ancestors, even the sacrifices. Sometimes eclipses announced the death of the king. The dark eats the Sun, the Light. Fortunately, we no longer feel the need to fertilize our lands with blood sacrifices as in ancient traditions, nor do we need to throw a scapegoat down the cliffs to drown evil. We have transcended the literal but not the fear that darkness will return to light. Each eclipse evokes that ancestral fear, that of disappearing in a dark night of the soul, to disintegrate our identity swept by the forces of the unconscious, in life or in death. The Sun represents our identity and an eclipse reminds us for a brief moment that we cannot live forever. We will never be who we are now.

It is true that eclipses are magical. They are portals that we can go through, small voluntary deaths; We sacrifice our old identity for a greater good. This eclipse is very special because it occurs with the Sun and the Moon in conjunction with Pisces 29-27, that is to say in the last degree of the whole wheel of the zodiac. It is actually a New Moon and because it is implied the axis of the lunar nodes manifests as eclipse. A New Moon is a new beginning, and that of now occurs in the last degree of the circle, just before the Sun enters Aries and marks the equinox. A cycle closes and something new begins. More than ever. We are reborn I like astrology with its varied cycles, it is a constant rebirth. Our tendency is to anquilosarnos, cling to our stories, who we are, what we see, what we think. If we follow the path of the stars we see the infinite. We see how it is never the same, each cycle is a promise to discover something totally new, it is a trip to the unknown dimensions of Being. We never meet the same configurations, the combinations are unlimited. We grow in a spiral. My heart is pagan and my soul is light. With each eclipse I remember that what dies is only the relative identity for a new spring. Let her die, that's my sacrifice.

Happy eclipse !!!

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The solar eclipse of March 20, 2015 by Margit Glassel

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