The challenge of Lord KUTHUMI, through Michelle Eloff

“There is an exercise that we would like them to do and to carry it out I suggest that everyone do what they know how to do. Every person you know sincerely about the needs to write about everything that is beautiful, nothing to do with your physical body, you, the quality of your inner soul.

What do you have that attracts them, that keeps them in their space, and will do the same with them, this will be a joint project, and those here, please, ask this channel to present it worldwide. It's not just about the limited group we are working with right now. "

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Mr. Kuthumi. Challenge

21: 3 Channeling of the Equinox

Channeled through Michelle Eloff ©

Johannesburg - March 07, 2008

Keep in mind that reading this information will have an effect on you. You are strongly linked to channeling and it will be a similar process facilitated by you. It is not exactly the same as being in the presence of the master channeler, however the effects are equally powerful.

Do not refer too much to the timeline in relation to the timing of the participants in the pipeline. You will take it in a similar way according to your Divine Plan, Opportunity and Purpose.

I am Kuthumi and I present myself to greet you in the rays of love and wisdom for each one of you at this time and to bring you the blessings of balance, truth, faith and serenity. Greetings my dear.

And it is with great pleasure and joy in our hearts that we can meet with each of you on this day while we stand firmly in the heart of Christ and safely in the hands of God.

Dear ones, you are standing in the middle of another level of extraordinary changes. The energies that are magnetically drawing towards you are creating changes not only on a larger scale, but in the slightest fiber of your being. Everything within the macrocosm and microcosm is in the process of change. This is a critical time that will lead you all in the light of your own power, and doing so will assist you in recognizing who you really are, what exists beyond the programming of the belief systems with which you have fed. the inferior insecurity of the ego.

I can't even begin to explain what these extraordinary changes are, everything that is coming, somehow now they are pushing them to the limits, they are forcing them to walk out of the mold, to destroy every belief system they have created, a system that feeds on inhibition, everything that sustains limitation and fear.

During March 20 and 21, of its chronological time, which we also refer to as The High Priestess, it will wrap its energy throughout the planet earth. It is also focused on each one of you, on your energy and on your wisdom that nourishes and comforts you in this age.
of liberation, the intensification of the lifting beyond everything that represents the comfort zone of the structure to what they have called life, up to this point. The second wave of ascension will anchor its energy from December 21, 2008, and will continue to affect humanity until December 21, 2010, an energy that can be considered ruthless will be arriving. There is nothing ruthless about it, precious, what is perceived as cruel is simply authenticity, it is true, the truth of what is being said. You have requested that the universe show you the truth about God, the truth about yourself, life and everything that constitutes the paradigm that you have become accustomed to in this life in which we live, therefore, all that is and Represents the illusion is going to break.

Breaking moves the overtures of your heart chakra and at the moment when the overtures break over the heart chakra, all the chakras below and above it have precisely the same process. All minor chakras in your physical body and energy organs will experience an incredible healing symphony. This will be part of Holy Week, death and re-birth ceremony, and isn't it lovely that Holy Week celebrations are at the time of the equinox?

These energies have been gathered for a very specific reason. This is an opportunity for those who are linked in the winter equinox (autumn), to begin to understand what the introspection trip entails for this period. Those of you who are experiencing the equinox of the northern hemisphere need to know what they want to bring to your life. Therefore, both are vital. I have to say before that it really doesn't matter if they live in the Southern Hemisphere or in the Northern Hemisphere, they are still affected by spring and winter (autumn) because the equinox is genetically connected to both hemispheres, even on a subtle level they will experience those connections.

The witch also known as The High Priestess brings you the incredible power of the mystical, the mysteries of life that escape them, the mystery of the self that they are willing to embrace. However, the mystery she brings is the result of her wisdom. Because of her level of wisdom she is a powerful observer, therefore, the gift she presents is the gift of the wise Observers, the part in you that you can choose at any given time exactly how a situation will result. In many cases, you will have to use your wisdom to be.

However, take a step back and see those who are playing around you and wait for the right time to intervene and drop the cat between the pigeons so to speak. Other times they will be the cat among the pigeons, but it is your wisdom that it will require you to play that

Wisdom is an aspect of unconditional love. A sage knows exactly when to act and never reacts immaturely and by this I mean both aspects of that word. The immaturity to which I refer is immaturity on a psychological level and on a spiritual level. I have spoken before the emotional or psychological immaturity that not only prevents but often temporarily stops the light worker on his journey, and perhaps it is important to mention this again for those of you who do not You have heard this before. It doesn't matter how advanced anyone is on a spiritual level. They can be a great teacher, a guru with all the metaphysical, esoteric and spiritual knowledge of the inner world but if they are psychologically immature what they are intellectually means absolutely nothing.

Emotional psychological maturity is the central nucleus for maintaining the equilibrium point. It is the stabilizing nucleus of each one's choice to walk the path of the spiritual warrior. The ignorant Lightworker is more dangerous that the ignorant man or woman in the middle of the street, who knows nothing about the metaphysical, esoteric, philosophical or anything else, have that in mind. The High Priestess invites you in her Sacred Hall of Light where she tempts you to challenge the immature aspects of yourself. She tempts them to challenge all areas of her life that they have chosen to be complacent, to turn her hidden eye to make deaf ears of it and tempt them to shake the pot, bring it to a boil because in that place The truth is found.

The wise teacher never feeds an illusion. The wise teacher observes and knows precisely when to act, action is the catalyst to break the illusion. Keep this in mind, please, everyone
The days on earth. There is no true teacher or wise man who gives himself to the light or to the truth of love that walks an authentic path, that never fosters an illusion, his or anyone else's.

When you instinctively feel within yourself something that in your life is an illusion or you know that it is a denial about something and your guides or whoever it is with whom you work with you encourages you to remain in denial or nurture the illusion and then, you know you are in trouble, better prepare the ground so to speak, to speak.

You are on your way to becoming a fully empowered soul in human form, therefore, every illusion that exists must be destroyed, and you will determine how long that process will take. Walk away from situations and people who choose to cultivate illusions and honor the truth. Be the teacher and the observer, otherwise, know that when the time comes to
those who feed the illusion of experiencing something different and make the choice to experience something different, your feet will find the way and call you, and you will be in a position to present yourself with them for what you need and they will be in a position to accept your offer. Do not always try to convert those who are not ready, they would be fighting a losing battle, just be, live your truth, speak, be and everything around you will fall into place.

The increase in love that is revealed with each step you take is a revelation in itself and the process of death and rebirth to which you are subjected, in fact, does not exist to weaken it as it has been said so many times before, all that is It is an opportunity to get your attention to what your attention needs. I have to reiterate that it is vitally important that all of you do not get lost in small irritations and I have talked about this in a recent message of relevant activation date a few days ago. The small irritations are the egos, lower the lower Egos that distract you from what is important, therefore, choose wisely what you will be giving your energy. By getting caught in those petty irritations and disputes they are giving their energy to it and this time, in the witch's energy equinox, combined with the High Priestess's energy you will be in an energy that asks for an even greater increase in the Love, love of self, love for life.

During the activation of the energy functions of March 20 and 21, what exists is another matrix that is being dismantled. It is a holographic projection that has influenced the whole world and is influencing young children and at younger ages. Some children as young as four are already being severely negatively influenced by the present holographic insertion and this is specifically related to the illusion of the entire physical body, what it should look like, size, shape and ways and so on . This has been one of the most debilitating holographs or implant insertions, if we can call it that, that humanity has had to face. Everything in the third dimension brings to your attention focuses on the external. The employer is to seek out his self-confirmation, to have approval, love, comfort, encouragement and security outside of himself. A few years ago, women combed their hair to be the perfect wife, to have the perfect husband who could protect her, and ensure a certain kind of security. It is no longer the image that you need to sustain, however genetically it is still there.

At midnight on March 21, the arrival of new energies in the DNA codes of every man, woman and child on the planet will begin. This is a collective and planetary void of DNA that specifically relates to this hologram that has been created. They will have approximately twelve to sixteen weeks to dissolve the implant completely and for you to clean those impressions that are inside your DNA. Some of you have felt the effects of this implant because we have already prepared the energy to remove them. Do you know that when you feel ugly, unfriendly, unattractive, with grease and all the other labels that you give yourself, you are getting distracted, you are playing like a pawn? Because the worse you feel about yourself, the more you disempower yourself, the less love you feel for you, the stronger your fear is and you become the mechanism that stimulates the hologram, which is the matrix of what I have spoken to you.

March 21 is a time when the gates of darkness will close and there are many. Every year we work with the closure of more and many more. The more empowered they become, the easier it is for us to close these systems, but it is vitally important that you all work with us, therefore I ask that in the minute in which you feel unattractive, unfriendly or downright disgusting remember They are playing the game. The beauty of his soul, his heart and the light that emanate is much more powerful than the physical aspect of a
body. In themselves they are all working to reverse the aging process.

How long it will take is debatable. In the meantime they must cultivate their inner spirit, the inner quality of their light and their beauty. There is an exercise that we want everyone to carry out and I suggest that you do it with everyone you know. Every person you know who sincerely needs to write about her beauty, nothing of her physical body, you, the inner quality of the soul. What about you that attracts you, that keeps you in your space and will do the same with them, this is a common project and those who are here, please ask this channel to make this a project to That everyone can do this. Don't just limit yourself to the group, we're working with him right now.

The more you feed the light in yourself, not the ego, the stronger the inner glow that shines in you becomes. You have felt yourself, you have seen that in others - there is something about them, that is what we want them to connect to, to focus on. That is what will nurture love between you all. The witch offers not only wisdom, not only maturity, but possesses the treasures of freedom. The witch in the form of the High Priestess knows exactly what she is capable of.

She has moved beyond limits, has studied, has ventured into areas where perhaps only fools would step on and in doing so she has learned about herself. Let me at this point say that I am referring to her as a High Priestess and a type of archetype, but she exists within each man as much as each woman. Embracing your energy will accelerate the process of recognizing the treasure and the qualities you have not yet possessed. I assure you that when you move beyond the surface, to the outside and penetrate the depths of your true essence, the wisdom, the light, the power and the love that exists within each soul, the greatest transformations ever imagined They will be carried out. Your energy change and the way you feel about the change will change your life drastically.

The way you will see each other, the way others will also see you will be very different and it is that space in which I refer to as the frame of the mind. In that space of love they will use the powerful “magic”, in quotes, of quantum mechanics.

There is a science in everything. The scientific fact is that energy exists everywhere. Energy can never cease to exist. It transforms or transmutes, but it can never not exist, therefore, using the science of the mind you are able to transform the way you use the science of energy within your body and within your external world, therefore during this In time, celebrate the fact that the witch, The High Priestess, is willing to stand before you and guide you to the realms of true freedom, to places where treasures await you. Therefore, do not take longer, it is time to meet your witch.

Close your eyes if you have not done so and open your energy to breathe in the light and in the inexhaustible source of energy, and when exhaling let go of within your body what may be causing stress or worry. Every time you breathe, breathe the Infinite. Expel the air out of everything that causes you stress and anxiety. Another deep breath to fill all the big and small chakras in your body with the infinite energy of light, and relax.

Imagine an exquisite wise old woman who manifests before you. You will see the qualities of the High Priestess within her. Looking into your eyes you can see the wisdom, you will see all the knowledge that exists deep within it and will humble yourself before you with the power that pours through your eyes through your heart, a power that, in fact, will be delivered by Many, many years. It is your divine right to readjust yourself with this energy consciously. You have earned the right to channel this power in all areas of your life, regardless of your age.

Place both palms of your hands against the palms of the witch's hands and feel how your energy penetrates the chakras of the palm of your hand and moves through your body, simply connect with the experience and make it part of you. The High Priestess understands the sacred language of Nature. She is one with Mother Earth and the Father of heaven. The Sacred Marriage of the feminine and masculine Divinity has taken place within it and there is a core of inner strength that few have experienced. She is the strength of the inner core and will be ready to absorb it to her DNA in her current body, and when they are ready take a deep breath
for the opening of your conscious energy and allow it to advance to the cells and DNA of your body.

This is your power to balance in your power Spirit and science in perfect balance. You know its truth, you have embraced many aspects of your true being and the world will look very different through the eyes of the witch.

While this is happening she flows and begins to become one with you. This fluidity of energy is able to go through you unhindered and will connect to each aspect of the needs of your light, your wisdom and your potential, your spiritual maturity and emotional and I will teach you how to be the wise observer. The High Priestess's energy is installed within her heart chakra. She will teach you the magic of love as expressed by dear sages. She brings them a greater understanding of unconditional love and it is the combination
of these two energies that work through you and with you that will achieve great changes by breaking the illusions, the demolition of the blinds, leaving only one thing, and that is The truth, the truth they've asked for.

Keep breathing deeply and exhale fully these energies that need some time to be within you. Feel the presence of the Mother The support of Mother Earth, the presence of the Father of heaven shining with you, watching over you and your combined energies that protect and guide you.

Mother Earth and Father from heaven work hand in hand. You are also preparing for the energies that come from the Sacred God. This is the energy with which we will work later. During this time taking advantage of the wisdom of the witch will be able to understand their own masculine energy. Now you will be seeing the potential of your feminine energy, the goddess, the temperamental, the warrior, all the combined energies, the mother, the single, the maiden, all this is within you and you will be discovering all your strongest aspects, those that they really are and who you really are. By the time you accept and love yourself, you will be able to see the power of God, your self masculine in its truth.

Take a moment now to call on any other energy you need to support your healing or your release, whatever you choose. They know that during this time of Easter their higher self will choose what should die and what will be alive. This is done in order to nullify the small ego. All you need to do is observe what is happening at that time and you will know, you will surrender to it and allow it to happen.

I, Kuthumi, now create a powerful golden shield of light around them. This shield is projected on the vibrations of your body that support the detachment of the implant that is connected to the holograms we have talked about, that feed the fear of not being enough, of not being perfect, of not being thin enough, rich enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough. Enough already! No more of that! The time has come to shine the authentic beauty and that is the totality of what the witch represents. In human physical terms she has lost the fatness of her youth, yet she is still exquisite, therefore her exquisiteness has nothing to do with her physical appearance and if with her inner beauty, that is the Why this exercise is so important.

Take another deep breath fully exhaling the energies that now arrive calmly within you. Thank the High Priestess and the witch's energies that combine with you. Recognize that you have consciously and voluntarily accepted the central power and stability of all the wise men that the witch and the High Priestess represents.

Recognize that you have consciously and voluntarily chosen to become the wise observer and will act only in a timely manner if he (you) is the cat among the pigeons or is the one who throws a cat between the pigeons. That is part of the role they are playing right now. You are the destroyers of illusion that rise in love. The reason you are increasing in love is because you have made the choice not to feed the illusion anymore. Thank you for choosing to serve in this way. It is often considered that it is not an easy position to be however it is a power that is within you and is one of the
Major catalysts of change - the shatterers of the former matrix.

More and more of you are called to the service of taking the step to destroy illusions, to be the catalyst that will cause the second wave of the next Ascension. The less the illusion exists, the greater the possibility that more souls move through the entrance door. The longer the illusion of the more tenacious is maintained and the winds of change are tense, it will seem to feel like the end in this coming year, therefore, the less we have to wade through them, the less sense it will have, the easier it will be pass through all levels of your ascension, and every time you have a revelation, every time you have the knowledge and every time you dominate an aspect of yourself, you will ascend.

Therefore, ascension is basically a moment-by-moment experience. The wave of Ascension of the masses of which we speak is a collective process where there will be total penetration, revelation, change and the option of moving to another area or way of living life, increasingly simplistic.

Right now I want you to imagine your body and imagine your feet really sinking into the body of Mother Earth. Imagine that your energy is firmly connected with the chakras of the soles of the feet and that the two have connected in that way. Your processes are divinely supported by the Father of heaven, the overlighting of energy, both guarded by you, the celebration of both with everything you need to ensure that the illusion no longer distracts you.

Know that this energy will stay with you in the next seven days. During this time they will be changing and changing the feminine qualities within themselves, connecting more consciously and at a deeper level with their true feminine power and the feminine aspects that are truly their true selves. After this period, your energy will prepare the first stage of the integration of God's energy, which will take place on April 4.

April is a month that brings some of the most powerful energies of change in terms of its external reality. Let me explain this in detail so that no one has a panic attack! March is the feminine quality that comes in more intensely. It is in relation to the energy of the Goddesses, which is related to the ability of Goddesses to feed the inner child, so it is about discovering what is inside of you, of what is authentic and then in April, of all that you have brought within you that will arise in your external reality. The force
masculine goes through the action and things will materialize, the structures are in place and what they have been working from January to April 4 suddenly has root, and it may seem that life will be hectic, but everything will be happening is that what they have been working inside will be manifested outside. Therefore look forward to some wonderful changes in your life because now the energy is moving, the meaning of your life will be moving and you can get going.

All this is your choice or else you would not listen to these words or for those who will read these words in the future, they have brought it to themselves, as they are ready for it. Your
They have earned this right to know who you really are, what you are capable of, and the position you are in to make the big changes.

I, Kuthumi, stand among you all and only with you. I can do this because we are all one and we are not separated. You are on the journey of taking full responsibility for yourself, owning all aspects of your truth and moving through them; Cut off with every illusion that distracts you from the truth or tries to convince you that you depend on a source outside of you, in the form of another human being, another belief system, of perception, attitude, projection, or whatever. Listen to your own heart, listen to your instinct and you will always know the truth. Some will try to convince you that I, Kuthumi, and other Masters are from the darkness, if this is so, and you know it, then what are you doing here? If you have ever had this idea, a strong feeling that we are the dark ones, I ask you again what are you doing here? Why not honor its truth? If it is, indeed, the truth!

So, dear ones, I leave you with it to reflect. There is only one very powerful truth that exists in everyone and that you can know and know, and that is what exists within you, it is basically part of you, and will shed the old ways and focus on breaking every existence in the womb that feed the illusion, then they will go in the right direction.

In May, the light, the truth and the love of all that is, the highest and purest light, the truth and the love will be revealed to you and will reveal to you all the truth of you and if you are dark as others have said then, the truth will manifest to you too. Either way I love you! May Peace and blessings be with you.

I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom, I greet you and bless you in love. Adonai

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