The Emotional Body: Healing Back to Love, by Kirael

  • 2011

KIRAEL: Good evening. It is an interesting time to be on this beautiful planet. Imagine, if you could, a world at peace. You say: “Master Kirael Guide, we cannot do that. Wars are happening. Children starve and their mothers die. I can't imagine a world in peace when I think about these things. ” That is your ego speaking. If they go beyond the ego, they would find love and know that a beautiful, functional and balanced world is not only imaginable, but an indication of the Creator's greatness. The Creator allows the spirits to experience this plane of consciousness and then leave it. Many spirits line up just to visit a place like Earth. They may even be invited to come here and be born in a country devastated by war and willingly die of hunger or disease so that the rest of the world can open their hearts again. I have waited more than a decade to be invited to talk about the emotional body on a new level. I offer you an opening statement that is like a ceremonial prayer. Close your eyes and let this ceremonial prayer touch the bottom of your heart. While you are floating in the most beautiful particularization of being the Creator's Love, the Creator gives you the great opportunity to reach a planet like this. Then you weave your particles into strength and power, and build your plan for what you could achieve in this life. You don't think much about how long you will be here. They hope it is not too long, but they are willing to stay as long as necessary to be able to extend the experience of the Creator, and the project begins. When they have written the entire model, they make the magical journey. That says in the Book of Good, "And the light was made." That was the light that saw them come here to the light, the day they were born. You wrapped one of your beautiful four bodies in the most essential of veils. They took the beautiful emotional part of you, the part where you remember God so clearly, and wrapped it in the veil, the ego. If they had not wrapped their beautiful emotional body as well, as they did, we would not have to be here for ten minutes, let alone a lifetime. It takes four layers of light to weave the veil of the ego around the emotional body. However, they can still feel their emotions. The Creator God wants, however, to grow and be a part of the Creator's love and experience it, he makes sure that his mental and physical bodies are as expansive as they can be. It is not a bad thing to focus on your physical and mental expressions, two vehicles that go through this dimensional journey and allow you to serve your Creator God. You have this beautiful and perfect body in which you make your trip. They say: “Well, Master Kirael, what about my body? I have cancer". It's all so changing, my friends. You can heal your body with love. Your God loves you and gave you the right and opportunity to come here and serve your expression of light, which is so expansive and so potent that you should rise every day of your life and thank your Creator. Wake up and unmask the beautiful tissue of the ego that surrounds your emotional body. When they can feel their emotions, they can feel their Creator God. If you think that the physical and mental body are powerful, weave the emotional and spiritual bodies in alignment with them and your heart will open to the power of the fabric of light. On their journey, when they are born on this planet, they accentuate the tissue around their beautiful emotional body, and every seven years they place the veil around them two more times. Thus, at seven years, they automatically put two more fabrics of this veil on you, and at the mature age of 14, another two are added, and when they enter adulthood, two more are added. Do your calculations. You begin by aligning four levels in the ego the day you enter the light and then add six more. So, when they turn 21 and pretend to be an adult, they have so much accumulated veil that they think of making their own way in the world, their career, they configure their lives so that everything is absolute perfection. They may want to make millions of dollars and spend millions of dollars, and be very successful. Then, one day they wake up to something. The veils, those tissues that have not allowed them to experience their emotional body so much, suddenly fall by themselves, and say: Wait, wait there. I like to be conceited. It's too late. They find themselves listening to a program like this, thinking: Oh God. Are you with me, are you? The Creator God sends one of his messengers around here and says something like: Welcome to your life. This is your life, my friends. Your emotional body is free. The emotional body is the personification of his love. When they first come to this world, they put an energy of love into their life plan that will vibrate with the plane or the planet on which they will exist. Upon reaching this Earth call, they experience something that on very few planets, very few levels of consciousness, ever experience. They experience the love that is the very essence of the Creator's Light. It is available to you, and upon reaching this planet, you have the right to experience this love like no other creature, as far as I know. This love will not allow anything to get in the way of success in the human being. This love can control the other three bodies: physical, mental and spiritual. You say: Well, what happens to the emotional body, Master Kirael? Love is the emotional body. His emotions are hidden around his root chakra. The light they saw at birth was the perfect, spotless, immaculate part of God the Creator in their root chakra. It is surrounded by the emotional body, which has a love just like the love of the Creator. They pretend it doesn't exist. You mask it with fear, the most important journey to overcome in this plane of the Earth. The greatest fear you will ever have is to live, not die. They are also afraid to let someone else know that they are made of love. They think that if they show someone they know how to love, they will be hurting him. Somehow, the individual will attack one of their bodies - the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. That is why spiritualists do not recognize that they are spiritual. They are afraid that love will stop shining through them and that someone will recognize the love of the Creator God incarnate in a human being. In addition, their rulers tell them that they cannot be in love, so they go to war and do not share abundance. How can one be in love and kill someone in a war? How can one be in love with children watching them suffer hunger and pain? If they are in love, could they say: Do you see that child starving to death? I want the world to see it, because they may feel at least the need to open their pockets to help. Love is a vital part of your expression. That's why they come here. Look at the core of your existence and you can find a beautiful, golden and vibrant particle. Go inside your body beyond your organs and cells. Look at a blurred image of energy, only the particles, and observe the same center of everything. You will see a particle, like a golden energy package of light. That shines, and shines. Look at her. You are looking for God, the Creator's Love, and it is within you. The next time you move your energy in anger towards a loved one or a neighbor, remember that within that person and within you is the Love of God. They will be a little angry with God and they will be denying God a little. Your emotional body is the most important of your four bodies. Why do you think they have kept it so close to their physical expression, the expression that designates that they are in a human experience? Your emotional body stays close to your physical expression, since you are an emotional expression of love. They can hide love, but when they reach definitive healing (what they fear most) and open their eyes and spirit, they see the Creator God waiting for them to return to their love, they lose their fear and find love. You call it the death process. We call it a celebration, because that is when they recognize that everything has been so perfect. It is when fifty billion dollars mean nothing. It is when they recognize that that small particle that they have been carrying for fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty years is the only thing that made the difference. It is when you recognize that joy is the product of life, that emotional roller coasters were a gift for you. It is when it is cured. It is about the ultimate healing, which occurs when you enter the Light of the Creator. You say: “Master Kirael, be careful. He is suggesting that people will be better dead than alive. ” You never die. They will be alive again, again and again, and again. First, remember: if they are over 21 years of age, they have six potentials to work with. That means that it has two self between the ages of zero and seven. He has two children of himself between the ages of seven and fourteen, and by the laws of his Earth plan, they have two more children between the ages of 14 and 21. They have six children living with whom to work and each has a matter for you. They say: “Oh my God. I thought I only had one child to work with. ” They have at least six, and if we include all the variables, they are likely to have a little more. You ask, "What about past lives, Master Kirael?" When you come into this world, four beautiful veil particles are placed around you. One of the four particles or fibers, takes them to any of the last 8 to 800 lives in them, in case they want to work with one while they are here. It gets deeper. One of the four layers carries the thread of his most important life. For example, a strand of your emotional body can vibrate from a Lemurian life. When they recognize that their emotional body can be inhabited by love, they recognize that they can be the man who was in Lemuria. They can celebrate. Celebrating looks a lot like the ceremony. Therefore, let's say you can celebrate ceremonially. Celebrate by saying, "I can feel the love of my Creator within me." If you can feel it inside, you must be the love of your Creator. If you feel this love, it will change your life. You say: “I am afraid, Master Kirael. I'm very scared, because someone is going to trample on me love. ” Let them step on it. If someone is angry with you because it is a particle of the Creator God and because you are in love, it will be the most proud moment of your life to defend that beautiful energy pattern called Love, or the Creator. They don't always want to tell the truth, because sometimes the truth hurts someone. Love is the truth. For those of you who are afraid of being loved, and loving, you are not afraid enough to stop your Creator from loving you. As they walk along this plane of the Earth, they are afraid of losing love, whether from their boyfriend, girlfriend, or their son, daughter, grandfather or grandmother. You have a love that you cannot lose, because you brought it with you. You are that love You wrap yourself in your emotional body. When you are no longer afraid to speak your truth, or say, "I love you" to someone who is not related to you, you can celebrate being alive. Grow up today Be great particles of love. Take a look at your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual world, and say: “What if the veil broke and I knit my love through the four bodies? What can I do differently today? You can have the life you have always wanted. Your life could be so crystal clear and clear to you. I would not be afraid of dying. They would not be afraid of a broken romance. There would be no fear, because you would know that the love within you is perpetual. That perpetuates the world and seeks itself. They would be surrounded by love and feel it. It would be palpable. They probably won't have the courage to do it, but just think about it for a minute: there is no fear, only love. Perhaps you pray for you, so that you yourselves perpetuate your love. Q: What role does the emotional body play, in reference to our own child? Also, when the child wakes up inside us, what colors and tones are woven into the emotional body? KIRAEL: First, your child is the product of love. However, each child has a veil to protect him from those who misuse it. For example, they tell their little four-year-old boy, "How am I going to have a good life if you don't straighten up?" Well, that child will only be dazzled for a moment, and then disappear, because he has a veil. To take care of your own child, find that little particle of love and allow it to merge within the child himself. Let the child feel his own love. Love it When the child tries to give information, say, "Wait, first, just a little more love." The boy says: "I have to tell you this." Interrupt it and say: "Wait, let me love you a little more, " and every time they say to their own child, "Let me love you a little more, " his veil is broken, until one day, the little four-year-old will say, "You know what? I will give you the answers to your life. ” You will receive a new awakening. If you have been dealing with your own child and have not broken that veil, break it. Trust me, it can be broken. When it breaks, the energy of the experience, the love you will feel, will be better than the love between you and any partner you have ever had on this planet. Q: Do you want to give more details about how each veil is acquired and how we work with them in the different stages of our own child? KIRAEL: These veils are available to help you go through the different facets of your original project. The good and bad things that happened to him in his childhood happened perfectly. It could not have been perfect, but they were produced in perfection, so they can live their original project. These veils are not bad. When you can enter your own inner sanctuary, the sanctuary of yourselves, you can sit with your beautiful child, and then you will get to feel the love that you are sharing with them, that you light up and become part of you. Throughout this time, children's personalities have been protecting them. They don't want you to remember the day someone has hit you, or the day someone made you feel pain for the first time in your life. The veil is intended to protect you from such memories, but what the veil also does is for you to forget that that was simply a vital experience that was perfection. Once the child loves you, and you love him, they will slap you, but you will not feel the pain of that slap. Instead, they will remain at hand but they will depart before they touch them and they will follow the body to the person they are attached to and they will see the frustration and anger and the way in which that person was treated. You will weigh, “Oh, my God, I wasn't a bad person. He was a person covered with veils. ” Decide not to put so many veils on yourself, and that little four-year-old is smiling with pleasure. He loves you, because he knows the Creator God, and has made you see the truth, Go out into the world and when you see that a good friend is about to give a squeak to your little son they will say, “You know what? "You know what? Before doing so, can I ask you a question? Is there any better way than physical violence? “You are going to change the children and their parents, and when you choose your next president, or the next head of your country, that person may receive the message. Q: Sometimes I feel a deep sadness of separation. Would you take us on one of your incredible healing trips? KIRAEL: Read the opening speech about the search for the golden particle, and I'm going to add this. When they feel frustrated, broken, and unfocused, they are experiencing their ego. When you realize that your ego is working, give yourself a pat on the back. After all, they have been doing things that are not so pretty for a long time and now they are noticing. You will realize that your ego works when your own God, your Creator Love, explodes within you. They say: "But Kirael, you still feel the separation." They will feel separated because they are separating themselves from the old and entering the new. Your ego will fight a little, because you don't want to go to a new space of love. The ego does not want to get involved with its love. It cannot exist there. It dissipates, melts, and, like you, tries to cling to a life of being human. He does not want to die. However, the moment they manage to go beyond their ego, they will recognize love and also become Creator God, again. When you feel fear, take that deep breath. Before saying a word of anger, a word of revenge, an accusing word, before doing or saying anything negative, take a deep pranic breath and you will not be able to speak many negative words. Feel, celebrate and experience separation. The moment they tell themselves, what does it mean to feel this separation? I want to feel her, have her inside, wallow in her, put her in every part of me, taste her, start to laugh, because they will know that you are. You are the separation, and if it is you, you are in control. Q: Recently I have experienced the breakdown of a serious relationship and I have felt trapped in my emotional body, feeling sad. How can one learn to accept the loss of a relationship and free emotionally from it to move on? KIRAEL: The Creator God sends you here to evolve through everything you can. If they are in a relationship and somehow they get separated, then they have learned everything they could learn from that relationship. They say: What happens if I did not want to leave the relationship? What happens if my partner chose to leave? It can't happen that way. For an evolutionary energy, what they would call a relationship to close, both parties must come to the knowledge that it is no longer evolutionary, which means they no longer grow from that relationship. . I've had people asking me, why do I feel so broken my heart? How do I suffer every time I think about it? It is because they have lived their life with that person and gave them their heart, their soul, their everything, and what they do not know. He turned them around. When their partner leaves them, they feel as if she has her heart and soul, and wants to chase them down the road, saying: `` I am not done with you, but they are done with that person. Your partner has obtained everything they could get from you. He doesn't need anything else. When your relationship is over, recognize that you are not breaking your interior, only the outside world is breaking, and that relationship made you believe that you were dependent on it. l. As the Light of the Creator God, they cannot depend on another for their love. Only love can be found inside. Therefore, before chasing your partner, sit down with your most beautiful self and say: Do you know what? I am perfect and if that person did not want to stay with me and help me polish the perfection, then he is not worthy of my love ever again. My love is given only to the person who can return it in kind, and without that, I will not settle for less. I will see what is coming, who can see and feel my inner love and help me polish the small wounds, the small scratches on my surface. When we polish the damage, we will polish them together, and when we both go through it, we will be the most brilliant and beautiful jewel God has made. No one is going to break the relationship. I am a part of the Creator God and therefore I deserve something else that is more favorable. You must understand that when a relationship is broken, it means that that was not the best for you. They deserve the best. Return inside and learn to love yourself for all that you are. Focus so fully on this by allowing energy to evaporate in other thought processes. Focus on loving each other. Do things for yourself and you will see another partner appearing before you, only this time, it will not be a reply from the one that just came out. This couple will reply to you. She will replicate her love, and when they lose a relationship and it hurts, they will know that the time has come for them to move on. The following relationship will get better. Q: I left a job that didn't make me feel good. Would you help me to focus the forces that I have now, not to repeat my old patterns, and love myself enough to just be? KIRAEL: Sometimes you get to a point on the trip when you don't have to make that trip anymore. That's when they know it's time to stop. The word "employment" is another way of saying that your work is an "emotional mental game" in the extravagant character of the human being. Suppose they have a job where they have been at least ten, fifteen, twenty years, because they got their pay every week, and then they are fired. Play at a higher level. Celebrate losing that job. They are a light of the Creator God. They cannot do anything totally wrong, because all things align perfectly with the next thing they are going to do. Your ego system will say: “You know what? If I celebrate losing this job, I will have the habit of losing all jobs to be able to celebrate it. ” That's not the truth. You are losing that particular way of making your income, because there is something bigger for you, but it is so big that it scares you a little. You say: "But, Master Kirael, I don't want to be afraid." Part of being human is being afraid. One day everyone will look in the mirror of life and see the opportunity to do something great that is reflected in the mirror, and when they see it, they get a little scared. Not many have the courage to put on their shoes, step forward and go to that new opportunity. Keep putting one foot in front of the other until you feel that you are walking a little faster towards that opportunity. Suddenly, they take flight, and when they are flying, they will be there. You will fall into this beautiful new adventure, and when you look back, tears will flow from why you waited so long to take the first step. When they march and then spread their wings and fly, they will remember times and spaces of other lives when they had the courage to rise above the clouds, when they had the courage to land on the cliff, returning on their backs and making the trip. That is all they can do now. They cannot go back, because I have already seen them take that step. Put your right foot in front of you, then the left, then walk, and then fly. Worth it. Q: What is the difference between crying with happiness, when the heart feels tender, and crying in pain and sadness, and how can we heal the latter? KIRAEL: Crying can only come from the emotional body. The emotional body can contain only love. It cannot contain anger, madness, loss or bad feelings. So, when they cry, they cry for love. Now, you will say, "But what if we identify with love when we have just lost our son who returns to the Creator." You are not crying for the loss. They are crying for love. You know that your child will be safer than he would ever have been in your care. They are crying because their son is back with God. You say, "It's fine, but I'm crying because I feel the loss." No, you do not feel the loss. They feel the vulnerability of being light of themselves, and realize that that child is back in the light. They are still vibrating in this human experience and that is what you are crying. They say, "Well, what if there was a relationship that just ended?" They will cry because they know they are free to find a new one. If they are crying, they are crying in love. If they feel sorry, it is because they are out of their love and are manifesting pain for themselves. Have you ever found a person who has a positive response to everything they say? I know that my medium drives people to madness. They say, "My mother just died and I am very sad, " and my medium says, "Oh, that was beautiful or what?" They say: "Eh? How can it be beautiful? I tell you that my mother died. ” However, he says, “I know, and I imagine that his death must have been a great thing for her. Why don't we celebrate with her? ”The next time they cry of anger or loss, tell the first person they see, “ Do you mind if I cry on your shoulder? ”I bet the stranger will put his arms to around you and you will hug them so tightly and warmly that you will be able to shed your emotion. Have you ever noticed that after having to cry deeply and completely, you always feel a little better? When they keep crying, they suffer. You say: “Oh, my relationship was broken. He ran away from me. ” They cry, but if in the midst of crying, they think, "That man doesn't deserve me anyway, waa, waa, waa, waa, " they are not crying! They are negotiating, and guess what? We are not listening. Cry and let's listen. They cry out, because tears are the manifestation of love. Those tears that run down your face are the physical expression of love coming out of you. You cannot cry without emotion, and if emotion is love, you are throwing love for the world. Therefore, cry, hard and deep enough and remember who you are. You are the incarnation of the Creator God. Celebrate those tears. They will be able to touch them, catch them on the tongue, taste them, and love them. What if they leave out the experience the words "grieving process" and instead call it "expressing their love." Grief means they are resentful that someone left them or resentful because they had to leave them. Resentment is linked to grief. When they cry, they say to themselves: "I will express my love in every way I know." Men have a lot of repressed anger because it is not good to cry. Once there is love, and it makes them cry, they cleanse their body and soul equally. I am not suggesting two screams and call me in the morning, as the medium would say, but do not give up thinking that there is something wrong with your tears. The duel is to say that they do not accept what happened, and one day they will have to accept it, because it was there before. If you have lost a relationship or someone who has gone home with the Creator, if they cry, find beauty in it. Q: How do emotions weave with cellular consciousness to heal us and bring us back to the Creator's love within us? KIRAEL: You can weave the emotional presence and the outbreak of thoughts in cellular consciousness, recognizing that to be a cellular consciousness, you have to be one of the most intricate purposes in the fabric of experience. In order to be in the intricate tissue of the human being, each cell must be cooked with a particle of love. Every cell in your body has a love plot printed on it. Thus, when a thought comes to mind, in the processes of its thought, it can be the magic key that opens a treasure chest of possibilities. Inside that treasure chest is another chest with the key above it. That which explodes the energy of thought, which is the key to opening the first treasure. It takes courage to enter the key in the second. The key is inserted into your cellular consciousness, where every possibility that could ever have been is there. That's when they heal. That is the key that they turn around and that is the key to everything they seek. Q: If the emotional body heals, does it manifest itself immediately with a healing in the physical body? Could you deal with emotional problems just by addressing the problem, or by other means, such as the Signature Cell Healing technique, is this required to eliminate the problem from the body? KIRAEL: No, you don't need the Healing of the Signature Cell, if you can do it yourself. Most of you are not willing to do it yourself. That is why healing your signature cell is so important to you. In the Healing of the Signature Cell, they fall in love with their healing, not because the Healing of the Signature Cell is better than everyone else in the forms of healing, but because it is based on love and most people in the Earth plane is not receiving much love today. If you have a disorder in the joints or muscles, and you still have the figure of your life plan, the Healing of the Signature Cell will work, because it goes to the cellular consciousness of the totality of the reality of that plan. Al reconocer la totalidad de la realidad de su proyecto de vida, da a entender la perfección en todo lo que está tejido en su conjunto. Pueden mirar dentro de la trama y ver la particulización de luz forzada. Cuando ven la luz forzada, reconocen la fuerza conectiva entre todos los otros proyectos, que son diferentes del dolor que se siente en el codo o la rodilla. Estos otros proyectos se tejen en todo el conjunto de la conciencia celular. Las células no están alineadas en un orden adecuado para amarse a sí mismas y causan energía caótica en el campo. Esta energía caótica se reparte hasta que encuentra un punto débil para hacerse realidad. Esa realidad de debilidad es en el que se apunta con su energía. Vean, La Sanación de la Célula de Signatura sigue a la debilidad desde el punto de liberación, de la rodilla en este caso particular, a través de la conciencia de todas las células, sin que ustedes, como sanadores de la Célula de Signatura, ni siquiera lo sepan. Mediante la aplicación de su arte, su experiencia amorosa, viaja de una célula a otra y sana a todo el proceso. P: ¿Cómo puedo traer el amor de una manera que la comunicación no sea abrumadora? KIRAEL: Cuando sienten la alegría del amor, y la tristeza a veces la acompaña, sienten la fase final de una energía dual. Eso es cuando dejan que las emociones salgan libremente. Esa energía dual debe arrastrar la tristeza a través de la conciencia celular que tiene capa tras capa de matriz energ tica. Cuando sienten tristeza, al mismo tiempo sienten la euforia, los niveles est n siendo separados a trav s de la conciencia celular. Es posible que hayan estado desarrollando algunos de estos dolores y heridas por diez, quince, veinte, treinta, cuarenta, cincuenta, sesenta a os, y cuando sienten el coletazo de la emoci n del amor, hace una barrida a trav s del cuerpo y busca cualquier cosa que no sea amor y la tira, liber ndola. La energ a no se puede tirar libremente, sin sentir que llega la tristeza junto con la liberaci n de algo que ya no se necesita. Pero liberar algo que ya no se necesita es la m s grande celebraci n del mundo. S lo cuando esto sucede pueden abordar plenamente sus emociones. Qu creen que no quieren dejar ir, que est n dejando de lado? y la celebraci n llega en l grimas. Por lo tanto, una part cula menos de la que ya no desean que se convierta a su realidad por la cual podr n centrarse al resto de su vida. No hay tal cosa como una mala emoci n. S lo hay malos pensamientos que son colocados en la emoci n. Si dejan que las emociones sobrevivan sin tratar de llenarlas de pensamientos mentales, encontrar n la paz y el valor arm nico en la totalidad de su cuerpo celular. Van a celebrar el miedo y el dolor, y sus palabras y pensamientos no llenar n sus emociones, porque no pueden. Los pensamientos s lo bloquean sus emociones. Dejen que el pensamiento se vaya. Dejen que los sentimientos sean lo que son. Sientan, no piensen, y una vez m s, encontrar n el amor, la fuerza m s predominante de su luz. P: Hay que llorar m s cuando se sana el cuerpo emocional o se puede sentir la emoci ny no permitir el flujo de las l grimas? KIRAEL: Yo hablo mucho de l grimas porque, muy a menudo, la gente dice, Me gustar a no romper a llorar todo el tiempo . Cada vez que toman algo negativo menor y lo convierten en algo positivo, eso da un valor aproximado de un llanto de quince minutos. La pr xima oportunidad que tengan de ver algo, ya sea positivo o negativo, elijan lo positivo y edifiquen el amor dentro de su cuerpo emocional. Que sea m s brillante. Las emociones s lo tienen amor. Ellas no tienen odio o ira. Tienen que usar el cuerpo mental para hacer eso. As, a cada oportunidad que tengan, utilicen su cuerpo mental para encontrar lo positivo en lo negativo. Van a edificar su amor nuevamente y finalmente se volver n tan pr cticos a encontrar lo bueno en todo, que reconocer n algo que es la verdad de toda verdad: Todo esta bien. Ese es su triunfo emocional, y no necesariamente una l grima tiene que caer de su ojo. Encuentren su luz positiva, el balance de lo bueno con lo bueno, y va a cambiar no s lo la vida que les rodea, se cambian a si mismos. Las relaciones y el dinero son subproductos de estar enamorados. Incluso su salud es un subproducto de sus emociones. Eso no significa que tengan que llorar. Significa que tienen que edificar sus emociones, fortalecerlas y darles lo que quieren. Ellas s lo quieren dos cosas: en primer lugar, m s amor, entonces, mas nimo, m s energ a positiva. No hay que llorar y no es necesario morir. Simplemente tienen que saber qui n eres y lo que estamos haciendo aqu . Est n aqu para la gran aventura de la vida, el gran despertar. P: Es la energ a de los cuatro cuerpos liberada en un orden particular cuando morimos, y es el cuerpo emocional el último en ser liberado del plano de la Tierra? KIRAEL: Sus emociones son amor puro. Por eso, cuando se preparan para salir de este proceso, que yo prefiero llamar celebración, siguen adelante con alegría en vez de morir, su cuerpo espiritual se mueve en su conciencia celular para cerrar todo. Luego, su cuerpo mental envuelve todo el proceso, y cuando su cuerpo físico se cierra, su cuerpo emocional absorbe todo en el amor. Por lo tanto, antes de que puedan salir de este pequeño lugar que llamamos Tierra, acuerdan el amor. Es por eso que muy pocos de ustedes alguna vez dan la vuelta una vez que inician el proceso llamado muerte. Cuando se convierten en amor y reconocen quién es usted, no pueden morir. Sólo pueden vivir en un lugar más brillante. Declaración de cierre Si quieren cambiar su vida, dejen que sus emociones sean lo que son. En la simplicidad de vivir, tu eres tus emociones, porque tú eres tu amor y tu amor es tu yo creativo. Deja que el Creador brille dentro, hasta que el mundo sea tan brillante y tan lleno de expresión de amor que todo el mundo sentirá el murmullo de la vida sin miedo. Reconozcan que no siempre tienen que fruncir el ceño. No siempre tiene que fruncir el ceño de nuevo, porque la vida vale la pena celebrarla todos los días. Empiecen hoy. Permítanse sentir la música como yo se las ofrecí a cada uno de ustedes, un gran y amoroso mahalo. Goodnight. © Kahu Fred Sterling
El Cuerpo Emocional: Sanando de Regreso al Amor Guía Maestro Kirael a través de la mediumnidad de Kahu Fred Sterling Traducción: Héctor Santos Ramallo Edición: Alexiis

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