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The Lemurian Era took place approximately, between 4.5 million years BC and about 12, 000 years BC Until the sinking of the Lemuria Continent, and later, of Atlantis, there were 7 large continents on this Planet.

The territories belonging to the gigantic continent of Lemuria included geographical extensions that are now under the Pacific Ocean, as well as Hawaii, the Eastern Islands, the Fiji Islands, Australia and New Zealand. It also covered territories in the Indian Ocean and Madagascar. The east coast of Lemuria also extended to the State of California, in the United States, and part of British Columbia, in Canada.

For a long time, before the fall in their consciousness level, the Lemurians lived in a frequency corresponding to the Fifth Dimension (5D), and were able to change / move forward or backward, from the Fifth to the Third Dimension, and vice versa, at will and without major problem. They could do this when they wished, only with the intention and energies of the heart.

The Lemurian race was a mixture of beings that initially came mainly, from Sirius, Alpha Centaur, although, a smaller number of them came from other planets. Finally, these races mixed together on the face of the Earth, and ended up forming the Lemurian Civilization. To put it simply, this was an amazing mix of races. Actually, Lemuria was the cradle of civilization on this Planet, it was the "Homeland" that helped the eventual birth of many other civilizations. Subsequently, Atlantis was established as another continent.

The Continent of Lemuria prospered greatly until reaching - for a few million years - a paradisiacal and magical state. Finally, as a result of wars between the largest Continents on the Planet, great devastation occurred in these two Continents of Lemuria and Atlantis. About 25, 000 years ago, Atlantis and Lemuria were the two highest and greatest civilizations of that time, despite which, they were fighting among themselves, over the predominance and validity of each of their own ideologies.

The Lemurians and the Atlanteans had two different ideas about how the other existing civilizations should conduct themselves on the face of the Earth. At that level, the Lemurians believed that those other civilizations with a less evolved cultural level, should continue their evolutionary process on their own, at their own pace, according to their degree of understanding and continuing the path chosen by themselves.

For their part, the Atlanteans believed that all those less evolved cultures should pass into control and control of the two most evolved civilizations. This caused a series of thermonuclear wars between Atlantis and Lemuria. Later, when the wars were over and all the dust of these conflagrations had settled, there were no winners.

During these devastating wars, the people, who were highly civilized, lowered their progress to very low levels, until finally, they realized the futility of their warlike behaviors. In the end, Atlantis and Lemuria became the victims of their own mutual aggression, and in that way, the Homeland of both continents became greatly weakened because of those wars

People, through the Priestly Clergy, were then informed that within less than 15, 000 years, both continents (Lemuria and Atlantis) would sink completely into the sea. The Lemurians and Atlanteans of those days, on the grounds that the life span of the people of those times, was generally 20, 000 to 30, 000 years, understood that many of the people who had been responsible for the great ravages resulting from the war conflagrations, will live in those years of the announced sinking, precisely, to experience the destruction of these continents.

In the times of Lemuria, the current State of California in the United States, was part of the Lemurian territories. When the Lemurians realized that their land was destined to perish, they asked Shamballa - the head (Capital city) of the Agartha Intra-Land Network - permission to build a city under Mount Shasta, with the intention of preserving his culture and his records.

As a condition that they were granted permission to build a city and thus be part of the Agartha Underground Cities Network, they - the Lemurians - had to prove that there was They had learned their lessons about scrapping wars and aggression. They also had to prove this before other instances such as the Galactic Confederation of Planets. They must therefore demonstrate their learning of such lessons so that they can be admitted again as members of the Galactic Confederation.

When they were granted permission to build their city, it was understood that this area survived the cataclysms that would occur on the face of the Earth. For this, there was a very large dome-shaped cavern that existed inside Mount Shasta.

The Lemurians built their city, which they called Telos, a name that, at that time, also represented the name of all that area, including California, and most of the United States that is now known as the American Southwest. Thus, the original Telos area also included all the territories located north of Mount Shasta, and all that region along the western coast to a part of British Columbia, now part of Canada.

The name Telos means "Communication with the Spirit, " "Unity with the Spirit, " "Understanding with the Spirit."

When Telos was built, it was designed to house a population of up to 200, 000 people. However, when the cataclysms began in Lemuria, only 25, 000 people were able to reach the mountain and be saved. This is an approximate number of what was left of the Lemurian culture in the Third Dimension (3D).

With due anticipation, the records and archives had been moved, from Lemuria to the underground city of Telos, where the corresponding Temples had been built. The manifestation of the explosion that destroyed this continent, came a little earlier than expected, and that is the reason why many people could not reach Mount Shasta in time. It is known that Lemuria, the Beloved Homeland, sank overnight, overnight.

The Continent sank so quietly that almost all Lemurians were totally oblivious to what was happening. Virtually everyone was sleeping when this sinking occurred.

In those hours there were no unusual weather conditions and, according to a transmission from Lord Himalayas given through Geraldine Innocenti, in 1959 (the Twin Flame of Master El Morya), a large part of the Priests who had remained faithful to the Light and its sacred calls, remained in their positions and without major signs of fear, until the end, as if they were captains of a sinking ship. These Priests remained singing and praying as they sank beneath the waves of the sea.

According to him, “time before the Lemurian Continent sank, the Priests and Priestesses of the Temples were warned about the coming cataclysmic changes and, in that way, several Spotlights or Torches of the Sacred Fire were transferred to Telos, while others were transported to other territories that would not be affected. Many of these Llamas were taken to the Continent of Atlantis, to a specific location, and were maintained and sustained there, for a considerable period of time, through daily spiritual applications. ”

Just before the Lemuria sank, some of these Priests and Priestesses, who had initially been transferred to Atlantis, decided to return to their homes in Lemuria and, voluntarily, decided to go down to the depths of the sea, along with the territory and its people, thus giving the necessary assistance with its energy radiation, and extending the sufficient comfort and loss of fear to all the people who sank together with the Lemuria.

They offered this help to counteract fear, which, generally, emerges simultaneously to cataclysmic action. These loving benefactors, by the energetic radiation received from their Source, managed to control the energies and their sacrifice, literally managing to envelop the auras of the sinking people. Thus, in a mantle of peace, they attended the creation of the liberation of fear and, in that way, the etheric bodies of these life currents were not severely affected by fear. That was the way in which the etheric bodies of these people were pre-served for future reincarnations, exempting themselves from having to experience greater tragic consequences. ”

In the Book of Lord Himalaya entitled: "A Bridge to Freedom, " released in 1959, the following is said: "Many members of the Priesthood, strategically located in small groups at the level of several areas, once the sinking began, they began to sing and pray, as they submerged under the waters. The melody they sang was the same that today is known as “Auld Lang Syne” (Translator's Note: I don't know the translation of the title of this song, it is not possible to translate it either, since these words do not exist in the Dictionary). The idea of ​​this action was to free these people from the impact that, each of these horrific experiences, could have left a very deep scar and trauma in the etheric body and in the cellular memory of the people, whose healing would have taken them many reincarnations.

Through the action and sacrifice of those Priests, who had chosen to remain together in groups, singing in the final hours of the Lemuria, he was able to mitigate much of the fear emerging in those moments, and thus a certain level of harmony could be maintained Between people. In this way, the damage and traumas to the souls of those who perished in the sinking were greatly diminished. It is said that those Priests, together with the musicians, sang and prayed until the waves and the water reached the level of their mouths. Only then, was it when they perished.

During the night, while the masses of the Lemurians slept under a starry blue sky, it all ended; Beloved Homeland submerged beneath the waves and waters of the Pacific Ocean. None of the Priests had left their post, and none of them had revealed any fear. The Lemuria sank with dignity!

"Auld Lang Syne" was the last song that had been heard on the territory of Lemuria, in those moments of the sinking. The song they sang was once again manifested by some people on Earth, specifically, through the Irish people and, in this song, very prophetic words were introduced: “The old acquaintances must stop being forgotten "

Really, we are those old acquaintances, meeting again. You can say, those of us, belonging to this physical realm, meeting with those other loved ones, of a higher dimension, our former friends and members of our Telos families, "still invisible" to our current sense of sight, although, with a little luck, for a little while longer.

My friends, listen to these next two phrases very well in your hearts:

- Before our Beloved Lemuria sank completely, it had been prophesied that one day, in some distant future, many of us would come together again as a group, and that we would sing this song again, with the absolute knowledge that Victory Earth had won that song. The time we are now living does not mean anything other than the celebration of this long-awaited day, and the consequent fulfillment of this incredible prophecy. We are now starting that long-awaited “meeting”.

- Almost with tears in my eyes, I want to let you know, on behalf of Master Adama, that many of you, who are reading these words, were among those courageous souls who sacrificed their lives for the great benefit of the collective of that Lemurian humanity . Then, we applaud your courage back then, and let us rejoice because - once again - we are facing this return together, to continue our great Lemurian Mission to help Planet Earth and its humanity, in this process of its glorious ascension.

One aspect of the mission of the Lemurians in Telos has been to maintain the balance and energy of ascending consciousness for Planet Earth, until a certain moment in which their inhabitants can do this for themselves. Now the time has come for our two civilizations, the intra-Earth lemurian and the humanity of the surface, to do so together as A Single Heart n .


At the same time that Lemuria was sinking into the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean, Atlantis began to shake and lose parts of its territory, which continued for about 200 years. Years, until a final stage where the rest of the continent sank completely.

In turn, for a time of 2000 years after the Lemurian and Atlantean catastrophes occurred, the Planet continued to tremble. In a situation where Earth had lost two large masses / territories within a period of 200 years, and the fact that the Planet was still witnessing the consequences of the use of thermonuclear weapons, Planet Earth was shown as a scenario that had suffered a great setback and trauma, which had to demand it, many thousands of years to achieve a new balance and so be hospital again.

For hundreds of years after the destruction of both continents, they continued to throw themselves into the atmosphere of the Earth, a large amount of waste, which is why, the Planet never again shone brightly with the light of day. Also, the atmosphere became very cold since the sunlight was not able to penetrate properly, through the thick and dense atmospheric debris and, consequently, only very little food could be sown. In this way a large percentage of animals and plants perished.


The reason is that the cities on the planet that did not sink, were shaken to become debris. Failing that, they were swept away by earthquakes or gi-gantesque tidal waves that, in some cases, were able to enter - land inside - tens of kilometers, destroying most of the cities and other habitable places along the way. The human conditions in which the civilizations that survived these cataclysms developed were very hard and difficult, due to this constant activity of the Earth.

Under these conditions, people became very scared, which contributed to the deterioration of the quality of life of these civilizations. However, those people who survived such calamities, had as their main legacy, hunger, poverty and disease.

The original stature of humanity on this planet was approximately 12 feet tall (about 3.50 meters). Thus, for example, the Hyperboreans were, and still are, about 12 feet tall, although, at this time, none of them live on the surface of the Planet.

In those years when the Lemuria sank, the Lemurians were reduced in size to only 7 feet tall (about 2.10 meters tall) and, at present, they still maintain the height of about 7 to 8 feet (2.30 to 2.40 meters). Additionally, there was a greater decrease in the size of the planet's humanity and, therefore, most of us, who live on the surface of the Earth, are about 6 feet tall (1.80 meters) or less.

However, as our civilization evolves, the original height or height of humanity will be restored. Even now, people on the surface of this Planet are gradually and significantly increasing their height, mostly in relation to the height that people had - for example - about 100 years ago.


In Telos there are two forms of government. The King and Queen of Telos, Ra and Rana Mu, are Ascended Masters, who are also twin flames, who form an aspect of Te-los's government. They are the rulers who assume the final decisions in Telos.

The second form of government is the Local Council called: The Lemurian Council of Luz de Telos, which is made up of 12 Ascended Masters, 6 of which are men and 6 women, who serve from the Council, balancing male divinity with divinity Feminine The thirteenth member (13th member), is the Ascended Master Adama, at this time, the High Priest-dowry of Telos, who officiates as Leader of the Council and assumes the final decision when there is a sort of equal vote or tie the resolutions assumed by that Council.

Council Members are selected according to the level of spiritual attainment achieved, their internal qualities, their level of maturity and the area of ​​their specialty. When a member of the Council decides to assume another level of service, the vacancy is known by our people and those who wish to fill that position in the Council can apply.

All proposals are carefully studied by the Council, by the members of the Priesthood, as well as by the King and Queen of Telos. Precisely, the Kings of Telos are the ones who have the last word about who should be the person chosen among all applicants to be incorporated into the Council.


Telos is a fairly large city, where we live approximately between one million and one million and a half of us. We also live in several other areas, although we are not divided into different populations. However, we all share the same local government. The city of Telos is divided into 5 levels, which cover several square miles of area, all located below Mount Shasta.


A large percentage of our people live under the dome of Mount Shasta, in the so-called First Level. On this level are also the administrative and public buildings of the city, as well as several temples. At the center of this level is our Main Temple, called the MaRa Temple, characterized by a pyramidal structure. Its interior can house at the same time, about 10, 000 people. This temple is dedicated to the Melchize-dek Priesthood.

The pyramid is white, with a "crown" (Translator's Note: Architectural element placed as a "crown" that is placed on top of the Temple) called the "Living Stone" that was donated to us from Venus .


This level is the place where all the production and manufacturing of all the necessary elements for the people and the city takes place. This is also an area where several schools are located to attend classes for children and adults. Many of our people also live here, on this level.


This level is entirely devoted to the location of our hydroponic gardens where all the food supply is cultivated, in an approximate area of ​​7 acres of land, an area that perfectly covers our needs more than enough, so that they grow abundantly, a large amount of food that allows us to provide the amount of food needed for a million and a half people who live in Telos. This type of food allows the growth of a strong population, with healthy bodies that do not age.

Hydroponic gardens are capable of producing crops permanently. We can grow food much faster, using advanced hydroponic technology, based on a very small soil and lots of water, for which we do not need to use chemical compounds, just as you do on the surface. Our food is totally organic, which has the highest vibration. We incorporate organic minerals into the water, in order to feed the plants.

Our crops are also increased and accelerated by the great amount of light, energy and vibration of love existing in Telos. This is the magic resulting from living in a Fifth Level of Dimensional Consciousness, which you will soon discover, more likely, in the present decade or at the beginning of the next.


This level contains some hydroponic gardening, some manufacturing facilities and a very large area for nature and parks, as well as small lakes and fountains.


This level is totally devoted to Nature. In it there are very large and tall trees, lakes and different types of atmospheric parks and this is the place where we keep all our animals.

At this level of Nature, many plants and animals have been preserved, many of which you can no longer see on the surface. Our animals are all vegetarians and do not eat each other. They live, from one side to the other, in total harmony, without greater fears or aggressions against people, and even less, among them. Actually, Telos is the place where the lion and the lamb lie side by side, sleeping together in total confidence.


For all who are reading these words, let us tell you that Lemuria was never totally destroyed, as it has been perceived in your present times. At this time, this continent still exists in a vibrational frequency corresponding to the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions, which are not yet visible for its three-dimensional vision and perception.

To the extent that the veil that separates those dimensions continues to become a cover, every time, thinner, we want to assure you that in the not too distant future, your beloved Lemuria, in her New Splendor and Glory, will reveal herself, in a very physical and tangible way.

To the extent that you open yourself towards a higher conscious way of life, and purify yourself in relation to all the erroneous and distorted belief systems adopted in the last millennium, you will be They are able to perceive their beloved Homeland, once again and, eventually, they will be allowed to enter it and be received by Beloved Lemuria, with all the Love and Splendor that She can now offer .

Once again, you will be invited to join us in this paradise place, in a very tangible way. At the time of the sinking, the Lemuria and all that it represented for this Planet, were elevated to a vibrational frequency of the Fourth Dimension. In that way, she continued to flourish and evolve towards the level of perfection and beauty that she has now achieved, together, with all the humanity that survived that catastrophe at that time.

If this information causes tears to burst from your eyes and open your hearts to heal those pains that were buried within you for a long time, let them flow, let them flow. Allow your tears to flow so that they can heal every part of your being.

Allow yourself to feel this energetic flow of healing, and wrap it in your hearts through a deep breath of inhalation. Allow all your memories and pains to be fully felt, without suppressing or canceling any of them.

This is the way in which - in a gradual and increased way - you will achieve your healing. To the extent that you inhale this air full of this energetic flow of healing, your Higher Self (Being) will dissolve and heal forever, these sequels that have been recorded since those times. Ask your Higher Self to assist you in discovering all those records that are holding and holding you back to advance to your new and glorious reality.

We ask that in your daily meditation you do this work faithfully, until you feel its completion.

Connect with us and with our Love, from heart to heart. You can ask for our help and we will be there with you, as long as you do the most important interior work.

All of us in Telos are very eager to help all those who, in their hearts, try to communicate with us. We are a civilization that has achieved great openings of heart, and our vibration beats at the same frequency as the Heart of the Divine Mother (Earth).

Gradually, the pains deeply settled in your being will be diluted and, for sure, you will feel lighter. Cleansing this pain will also help you perceive in a better way, who you really are. This will help you to make gigantic leaps within your spiritual, emotional and physical resurrection.

The New Day, the New World are very close to being born. Many of us have learned our lessons of Love in the New Lemuria, the Lost Paradise, which is soon to emerge again.

That part of the Lemuria that remained faithful to the Light and its Sacred Call, was elevated to the Fourth Dimension at the time of the cataclysm. In fact, it was never totally destroyed, and only that aspect belonging to the Third Dimension was destroyed.

The Lemuria continued to be privileged and thus, until today, it could continue its evolution towards an awareness level of Fifth Dimension, where it exists today, in a higher dimension.

And Telos, our Beloved Telos and all its wonderful people who live there, are our “Door of Entry” to this wonderful place.

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