The weather around the world "-Tobias - The return series: SHAUD 6

And so it is, dear Shaumbra. We gather in this safe and sacred space, in this energy of Family and Spirit and all that was, all that is to come and be. And what is no longer. What you assume it will be will not be. And that, more or less means this following year (laugh, Tobias with giggles).

Oh, dear Shaumbra, so much pleasure. So much pleasure to hear and feel that humans have fun, rejoice in life, and allow fears to go away, let go of what it can be, because no matter how difficult they try to think about what it can be, it is likely that Go change anyway. So why not simply enjoy what you are creating at the very, very deep levels within you?

Feel a sense of the sadness of Cauldre and Linda and a few others, because this will be my last calendar year that I work with you. But, hey, I will return. I am not leaving, I will return in human form to join you on this journey. I would not miss this for all the stars of the cosmos. I would not miss it for nothing.

Oh yes, it can be said and perhaps with a little bit of truth, that I let them come first and pave the way, go through hard work, help reshape consciousness in a new way and then I will simply jump and follow them. But I have also been with you on this day the last 10, 20 and some of you 30 years. Oh, I have been with you on this journey since the days of Atlantis and the Temples of Tien, in the times of Ancient Egypt, for many of you and in the time of Jesus, 2000 years ago. I am not sad at all about my final channeling, because I will no longer have this veil or this separation between me and you. I go right where you are.

I will meet many of you in person. There will be some meetings, many, many years from now, when I am going to meet those ... I can see them now, (Cauldre opened his eyes), I can see who they are ... (pause) (Cauldre's eyes close and Tobias releases a giggle, the audience laughs and applauds). Cauldre didn't know that was going to happen and put an end to it, but (more laughter). You see, that's why I return to Earth ... he is so stretched and with those eyes of his. A little kiss, is all I get (laugh) I have to go back to human form just to see them in the eyes (Tobias laughs) I surprised you, Cauldre.

So, Oh, there will be many surprises this year for you. So let's start with the Shoud. We have a lot to cover this day - lots of interesting news and information - and behind all, a tremendous amount of awareness. Let's start with our guests this day.

Today's Task

But before doing that, I would like to give them their homework, in front ... their homework in front. Oh, this time is an easy task. There is one thing that I would like you to leave behind. They have brought her since last year ... in fact, since her last life ... in fact, for a long time. Something that they have been carrying with you. It does not have to be material. It can be an emotion, a feeling or probably a belief system. This is a wonderful time as we embark on the new year to leave that behind. Leave it on the threshold when you leave this place here in the canyon. Leave it in your bathroom at home when you go later. Just leave it there, let it go while you enter this new year. They do not need it. And I'd like you to take a breath with that.

What is it? They have been feeling it and they even think about it lately. They have felt this weight, this burden. But sometimes when they try to look at it directly, it disappears. Return to vagueness, return to lack of clarity. But there is something in his life.

Now, they are running at great speed in their mind. Stop that. Let's go to the feelings. Feelings are a part that accompanies them, which integrates the body, mind and spirit. The feeling is the opening of your senses and your consciousness the physical senses as well as your divine senses.

There is something about you that has been dragging like a ball and a chain, as if you had to drag it with you. Maybe it's an old karmic relationship. Perhaps it is an ancient belief system - a belief in good and evil that they used to know. Maybe it's a belief in unworthiness. Perhaps it is a belief that life has to be tough it has to be a struggle in order for it to have value.

It may be a belief that they are waiting for something to happen instead of making it happen - a belief that it will be coming to you, but they still think it will come to you instead of it delivered at the moment in the NOW, a belief that it is better to have dreams as dreams, instead of dreaming them as reality.

Sometimes it is much easier a dream of what it could be, but terrifying to bring it into your reality because it might not be as good as you dreamed. Sometimes it is better to keep dreams in a separate reality in a separate world because there maybe you are saved. Her dreams, her aspirations, her heart, her desire to play, her creativity keep her somewhere else, why would it happen if she comes to Earth and is destroyed as a body? Physical gets to be destroyed, how are goals destroyed?

Maybe that is an old belief system, Shaumbra, an old belief system that can leave you behind. Oh, it will be cleansed by angelic beings. It will be cleaned by all the little ones - how do they tell them multidimensional insects that devour energy, break it and return it, to its pure and natural energy instead of energy It is vitiated.

So take a moment to feel what you choose to leave behind and I underline the word choice. They do not have to do any hocus pocus here. They don't have to sprinkle holy water and they don't have to have a guru to take it and transmute it. You can do it. That is the beauty of the New Energy. You can do it.

What do you choose to leave behind? And what kind of vacuum do you leave? What game will you have to stop playing? And why did you carry it for so long? It should have served a purpose. And what are you going to get out of what you're leaving behind?

Now, I prevent them and tell them that when they leave you behind, don't look back. Do not look back. There is that tendency there is an ancient biblical story, I think, about that, about looking back do not look back, because it is simply a symbol saying that maybe You are not yet ready to let it go. When they let it go, let it go. Do not keep it in a static dimension. Do not leave it there just in case you change your mind. Make a choice and let it go.

I would like you to communicate with each other in your Internet mechanism on your Computer. Share with each other about what you have let go so that others can feel the passion after that act and also, perhaps the struggle and bliss behind everything. Share from your heart. Share from your integrity and authenticity. When they let you go, don't look back - oh, here I will put some footnotes - especially if it's about a relationship.

Now, I will put a note to the footnote of the page and see, when you let go a rancid karmic relationship and do not look back and continue walking in your blissful journey, the opportunities are very, very high that this relationship is with you down the path It will come to you, but that relationship is now transformed. His energy and his old karma have been transmuted. So when they meet that person with whom they had a relationship again, it will no longer be based on the past. It is based on new potential and opportunity. It no longer carries suffering and pain and guilt, but it carries a new potential - if they choose it. They may not wish to meet in that relationship. They may simply wish to greet that beloved person along the way, bless them, honor them and thank them for everything they gave them in their lives.

So take a deep breath and for the end of this Shaud together today - it won't be too long, dear - for the end of the Shaud leave something behind and don't see it again. Walk forward to this New Energy.

Hmm ... ah ... I hope to return too!

Today's Guests

Our guests today, three in particular: The first, Carl Jung comes back again, studying human nature in the form of New Energy. He will be inspiring some of you - some are here - to help you write New Energy awareness and psychology books that are so different from Old Energy psychology. He is going to help some write books about the new cosmic consciousness and he has written a few of those books for himself in the past. But he comes ready and eager to write as a ghost - no pun intended (laughs) ... he wrote that line for me - to write as ghost some of the books of the new cosmic consciousness, what happens when they truly become, in what I will call, bi-presents. And I'll explain that in a moment.

For some of you who are future authors or authors, some of you who have been inspired to write lately, overlap the fact that they may not have a clinical or university history in psychology. Consider it a blessing. Jung will come and work with you in a new psychology. He has been studying very carefully and that is why he returns once more as a guest at this meeting.

Second guest: He is the darling whom I call Sam. Sam is coming right now. He is awake. Now, as most of you know, Sam is my next incarnation on Earth. Sam is a young man who lives in the western United States, very much alive now. For a while, I have been merging and integrating my essence into Sam. Sam has his own personality. I'm not just Tobias controlling Sam. I helped create Sam, but just as I helped create Sam, I gave him his freedom, his independence, his own sovereignty. Incarnations are like that, at best, what you would call the soul given sovereignty for the creation of the human on Earth. And I've given that to Sam, slowly integrating with him. It is an amazing study, amazing.

Consciousness and integration work in two ways, always. Here we have Sam, a young boy, awake just now, although with some dreams just now, much more mature than the last time he introduced himself to us. He knows something is happening. He is very present in his home reality right now, thinking that he is being distracted by this thing called the Internet.

He is hanging around the Internet and go, go, where is he himself? On the site of the Crimson Circle. Right now it is not in the network, but it is in the energy of the Crimson Circle.

His energy in spirit is also here, with you and with me, feeling the essence of this Shaud that we are having together and feeling something inside him that becomes alive, calling him, asking him to participate.

The Integration of the Human Soul

In the past few months in particular, Sam has been integrating. Not what you would consciously call, as many of you do, but it has been integrating more of the essence of the divine, which includes, but is not limited to, Tobias. He is becoming more and more aware that there is an energy, a consciousness floating towards him, changing the nature of his own reality, giving him perceptions, giving him awareness that he had never had before. He and I speak on a regular basis but he still does not know how to define me as Tobias. He simply knows that there is another part of himself that he is becoming familiar with, is feeling more comfortable and therefore inviting that part to participate with him in his life.

Where many of you come from an environment where they began to open up, but you retain that part of your divinity elsewhere, you are not allowed to enter here on Earth, you do not want it to be distorted by the energies of the Earth or manipulated by other humans - perhaps their energy is stolen or taken by others - instead just now Sam is very open. He does not have such fears, so he is allowing the divine to integrate. He does not know the terms yet, he will soon find many of them on the Crimson Circle site and the Kryon site and others. He will read extensively about Jung to receive an antecedent of cosmic consciousness or the awakening of the soul.

So he is allowing integration to take place and is sometimes an amazing - sometimes terrifying - revelation for him. I am becoming more aware of the being called Sam. I am being more aware of your human tendencies and your human needs. I am allowing myself to get closer in spirit than a higher soul normally does - partly because there is a lack of invitation from humans, partly because even the higher soul fears to get too close.

So there is an integration on my part too. One could say on the one hand that Sam is opening to allow me to enter him into his earthly physical body. It can also be said that I am opening myself to receive Sam in the spiritual realms, allowing the human essence to join me, to join the higher soul in these realms.

There is a brilliant lesson in this, a lesson for each of you here today, because very often… so often the higher soul will create an expression of itself towards the human kingdoms, but then it will maintain a certain distance from it. Often the higher soul creates the human entity and finds it difficult to connect with it. The veil has a double effect - it definitely works on two paths. Sometimes the higher soul does this because it does not want to interfere with the human existence of itself, other times because it fears getting too close and absorbed into this thing called human reality; other times, parts of the upper soul are very wounded and twisted. Some of these parts of the higher soul remain in the nearby realms of the Earth, imprisoned in their own horrors and their own hell, which in a certain way forget that thing called the human living on Earth.

So there is a great dissociation between the spirit, between the higher soul, between the other aspects of the entity itself and with the human on Earth. How often we have seen and felt by our side when there is a dissociation between the soul and the human, where sometimes the soul actually resents or rejects that human expression of itself and turns its back on it - yes, by the way, souls They can do that, turn their backs on that human expression - and how does that human feel on Earth? No value, no love, unnecessary.

When they do their work on Earth, the work of consciousness changes and evolves; there is a parallel work on our side - the awakening and reintegration of souls, of bringing them back to fullness, the souls that have had human incarnations that have been hurt, broken, that have been violated, that have been prisoners, that they are so tormented that even their souls cannot look at them. When they do their job - and this is first, it guides them along the way. In doing his work, there is a work that takes place here on our side, bringing souls back to their human expressions. Not only human expressions of this life span, but expressions that are buried in the Earth's land, expressions that are wandering in the realms near Earth, to bring them back and gather them.

My experiences with Sam are giving me new insights - and there will be books - giving me new insights into the relationship between human creation, human expression and sovereignty, along with the higher soul of being. Consciousness ... the awareness of all these different levels that take place at the same time is not only of the human. It also corresponds to the soul.

And dear Shaumbra, you are the Standards that guide the way on Earth and to call back your own essence, your own soul, your own being and allow you to integrate them on Earth and encourage you to integrate them with other kingdoms, taking yourself Back to be united.

Sometimes humans scream at night, pray at night. They pray for understanding and guidance. They pray to mend a broken heart, to clear the confusion in their human mind. And they wonder ... he wonders why nobody seems to hear them. Sometimes it is the soul. The soul is tormented in its own way or is turning its back.

This is the New Energy. You are the ones who are changing that old dynamic, bringing essence and spirit here to Earth and allowing the soul to bring its consciousness to it in other realms. This is where Heaven and Earth meet. This is the new consciousness.

What an honor it is to have Sam here. What an honor that Sam invited me to his earthly existence. What a pleasure for me to have him here in the other realms.

Be Bi-Present

Sam is becoming very bi-present. Bi-present - the new word. It means the ability to be in the moment, like you right now, but to be in many different places at the same time. It seems a contradiction, but it is not. You do it now, whether you know it or not. They are just to become more great teachers in that this year.

Just now Sam is awake at his computer ... Cauldre is asking if there's a Mac (laugh) There isn't. I told them that their parents were university professors, very mental. So (Tobias laughs) So St. is very awake right now. He is also looking at the Crimson Circle site. And at the same time he is feeling my presence in his human reality and his presence in my reality. He is doing all these things simultaneously and without interruption and as he becomes more proficient in this, he is more aware of all the nuances and different levels of this. . That is called being bi-present. It is allowing oneself to be in multiple dimensions and realities at the same time.

Instead of being jumping from different points of presence or different levels of reality, being bi-present means that you allow lines of all different dimensions - and remember that dimensions do not stack on others, they mix with each other but they are allowing all this to reach convergence at the same point. The Point of Presence.

In the past it was very difficult to do this. It was overwhelming for the body and the mind could not imagine it. So they were jumping towards different realities and focusing only on that one. They could be in a dream state or very focused on a project on Earth, but it was difficult to do both at the same time. They could be in a dream state where they wander in their dreams or they could be wide awake driving the car on the road. But it was very difficult to do both at the same time.

In this year you will find that you can also be aware of your own bi-presence, doing many things at the same time. You don't have to create confusion for you. They don't have to feel out of themselves. Many of you are worried that you are going to - how to say it? - lose your place, lose your balance and be thrown over some great abyss. When they let go, they will understand that in fact they expand very gracefully. All different realities come to their Point of Presence in convergence. That is what it means to be bi-present.

So Sam joins us because I am becoming more part of his life and he is mine. And I invite you right now, whether you are sitting in these chairs, that you are reading or listening to this later, that you stop for a moment. Take a deep breath. Invite your soul, your essence, to participate with you right now in your life. (pause)

Do not look at your life as if it were a dirty and demolished house. Do not make judgments about it. Invite your soul, your divinity, to enter as a guest of honor. Invite him without making excuses, without saying that they will fix this or that later, without saying that they intended to clean first, without apologies or excuses. Invite your essence, your soul, into your reality as you are bi-present right now.

And when your soul recognizes you to join, integrate, take advantage of that bold and bold movement. Take that step and join, join yourselves, to your soul, in the other realms, in the other dimensions. The other dimensions do not have to be millions of miles from here. There is a sigh away. Allow yourself to be confident that you can open up to unite your soul to you, to expand beyond the physical and mental and join it.

Let's inhale deeply with this. (pause)

His soul is so inquisitive. Oh, you thought it was just pressing buttons and pulling cords and you would have a preordained life for you. Not at all. You are sovereigns. You are sovereigns to make your own choices. We thought that the soul was the one that created its reality - good, bad, or indifferent. You are the ones who create it. Your soul wants to meet with you on this and wants you to join the soul in your journey as well. Now, this is true integration and this is what the year is about for you - true integration at all levels.

The Third Guest

Our next guest ... let's take a deep breath and a drink. I see that we have no bubbles this month, we have a fresh water that is not usual.

The next guest, and a guest who will be important as the year progresses: It will be the essence of this group that you call The United Nations. Now they don't have to come here to flood us at once, there is an essence. There is a type of entity that is representative of the United Nations.

No matter what they think about this organism, it is one of the few organizations on Earth, cultural, political, geographic, that is trying to represent and trying to help guide and influence the world as a whole. It is one of the few organizations that is trying - not always successfully - but trying to bring peace and harmony to Earth. Yes. I know that as a human organization it can also be corrupt.

It can also be trapped in bureaucracy. It can also be trapped in its money struggles and also acts in those human forms. But here is hope. Here there is hope for the Earth in this next year, and the Earth will need it in this next year.

So we have invited the essence of the United Nations - all nations. We have invited her with compassion and acceptance. We brought it to feel this energy of Shaumbra and to understand that change occurs in consciousness first and then expands into the world. So we ask you, Shaumbra, the working conscience of this Earth, to invite the energy of the United Nations.

Next year

Let's talk about 2009. Now, humans love love predictions at the beginning of the year. The problem is that nobody comes back at the end of the year, but we will. You will do it ... you will.

Let's talk about predictions for this coming year and I would like to start this by listening to you. Ah, I have my own additions and I am going to put them on but I would like a certain number of you to give me a short and concise detail of feelings about the energies of the year to come ... awareness - more from a global perspective, not just yours . We will go into that subject a bit. You have been feeling it lately. You have been feeling the changes. They have been feeling the energies that change, move and restructure. You have been working with your intuition.

Now we are not talking here about making the typical predictions and prophecies, but what is the direction? What do you keep this following year? And I would like someone to make a list of what you get here and I would like the list to expand through your Internet where others can contribute to it, with a certain cut-off date, of course. I would like this list to be put up and kept in this safe and sacred space called so that all of you can look at it during the year and find out, understand how wise you really are - truly wise. Now that they will not always have it exactly when it comes to defining it in human words, but it is about the energy that supports them.

So today we are going to play this little game. Let's play “What is Expected for Humanity and Earth? We are going to ask dear Linda de Esa to take and bring the microphone to the audience and we are going to ask them to be concise and feel it. And, ah, here is a point now. Some of you who feel this urgency but do not dare to stop. Go beyond that. Leave that behind too. Talk to your truth, when Linda passes them the microphone.

Let us begin

SHAUMBRA 1. More global connections.

TOBIAS: Good. We will ask again to make a list.

Cute. Did we write that down? More global connections. All right.

S2 Opening of many potentials.

T .: Excellent. Opening of many potentials.

S3 Let's start listening to each other instead of listening to others.

T :. Oh, of course. Listen to the Self instead of others.

Feel it. Feel humanity and the planet in general. What are some of the things that are going to happen this year?

S4 A true feeling for the connection between conscience and money.

T. Of course.

S5 Clean and relatively free energy.

S6 Work together.

S7 I am feeling, starting with Obama, a heart connection throughout the world and I am also noticing that in politics, they also start here in Colorado.

T: Two more

S8 I was feeling that our military will find alternatives to war that will seem more like peace.

Cute. Am I the only one who thinks I could get a little wobbly?

S9 Chaos

T. Chaos, of course. So now ... Linda stay with us.

Linda: No problem.

T. So what is missing? A lot of drama. I haven't heard much drama here from Shaumbra, which is a good sign.

I would like to continue, three more. Aandrah, Garret and Patricia. You are in fact doing a study on this and we would like to know your input and allow you to elaborate a little on this. And you knew this would come.

Aandrah (Norma): Yes. Perceiving the genuine qualities of people will be imbued within their personal integration. Not speaking but submerging. In truth, truly allowing passion to allow them to integrate and appropriate it.

Garret: We have known that the conscience of the world says: We want change! ” I believe that we are indeed looking forward to things changing.

T. And Patricia, who studies trends ...

Linda: Patricia Aberdeen.

T. Yes.

Patricia: I think there will be a slow recovery in the real estate market. I think there will be competition in the stock market and then a sharp decline.

T. Of course and finally, Linda (Linda gasps and Tobias laughs).

Linda: I think there will be a true, true consciousness that awakens in a way that we will see, a way beyond just us, that in truth people are at some point opening to make it different, opening to something new. And it's going to ... we'll see it around us, that people will focus - open up - to something else. It will truly open and we will see it around us and it will be amazingly beautiful. And it won't always come because things were easy. Often things really invite us to say “do you want it to be different?

TOBIAS: Of course and we thank you for your contributions and for feeling in the energy what is going to happen. And by the way, it also helps create that reality.

So now, from our perspective - and we observe it very carefully. We feel the directions of human consciousness and look at all the trends, the highest trends that are taking place. It is very difficult to make accurate predictions and you as humans should know it - many of you were readers in past lives, were gypsies and magicians and could feel within certain energies - but it is very difficult to obtain specific data. So let's go to the highest level of perspective of what we see happening and then work down to look for some details.

The Quantum Leap occurred just over a year ago and that meant an infusion of a new and different energy towards Earth. Humans, Earth and Earth consciousness are still learning how to work with it. They are in their childhood. The New Energy is so different from the Old Energy - here I speak in terms of consciousness, not fuel - but since it is subtly intervening in daily life, most humans are not even aware of that. Few humans know what to do with it and how it works.

As we said in the past, the old vibrational energy was relatively predictable. There was always the opposition of two forces working against each other to create reality. The New Energy is not about opposing forces, there is no friction involved, so it does not create reality in the same way. La Nueva Energía es verdaderamente expandible en todas direcciones al mismo tiempo. Así que es muy difícil tratar de sujetar eso con la mente, y en ocasiones cuando alguien toca la Nueva Energía, trabajan con ella en una sola ocasión y tratan de duplicarla, no aparece de nuevo. Parece haberse perdido, pero no es así, para nada.

La Nueva Energía no sigue el sendero del su pasado. Está continuamente expandiéndose hacia nuevos potenciales y los potenciales no vienen de experiencias pasadas. Todo tiene una forma muy compleja de decir que la Nueva Energía funciona muy diferente. Parece ser impredecible pero de hecho es bastante simple una vez que dejan ir las expectaciones de la Vieja Energía vibracional.

¿Así que qué significa eso para la conciencia de la humanidad? Está cambiando a niveles muy profundos. Lo han visto en su propia vida. Lo han visto este año pasado, el año 2008. Las cosas que nadie hubiera esperado que sucedieran en los mercados financieros y las arenas políticas. Cambio total de viejos sistemas, que otros hubieran pensado que tomarían cientos de años cambiar o modificar, sucedió en el curso de semanas. Oh, tuvo que construirse pero los eventos, los cambios mismos de los mercados financieros, sucedieron en semanas. Así es lo rápido que las cosas van a ser.

¿Qué se encuentra adelante para el 2009? Quizá no sea excitante ni dramático pero es de importancia. Vamos a llamarlo el año del clima – tanto como sí, como no (juego de palabras entre whether, sí condicional y weather-clima). Pero también sobre el clima de la Tierra. La razón es bastante simple. Porque la conciencia está cambiando, la Nueva Energía está entrando, la Vieja Energía se está yendo. La Vieja Energía atorada en la Tierra misma está cambiando y saliendo. Los cuerpos que fueron enterrados cientos, miles, miles de miles de años antes, están ahora partiendo.

Gaia, el planeta mismo, la energía y la esencia del planeta está partiendo, entregando la responsabilidad de este gran planeta a los humanos que la habitan. Ella no está partiendo en un solo día y quizá le tome muchos, muchos años, pero esa transición está ocurriendo. Existe una limpieza a los más profundos niveles de la Tierra justo ahora y eso se traduce en cambios mayores del clima de la Tierra.

El clima en la Tierra

2009 ser el a o de las tormentas tormentas que tendr n encabezados y elevar n el drama ya sea por terremotos, ya sea por tormentas violentas que nunca han sido medidas a este grado antes, vientos, lluvia, truenos extra as e inusuales tormentas de rayos por todo el mundo que crear n patrones que no se hab an visto antes en las tormentas de rayos en el pasado esto va a ocurrir por toda la Tierra.

Algunos dir n que esto es el resultado del calentamiento global. Van a culpar de todo al calentamiento global. Entrar n en p nico y drama. Ir n hacia un extremo, porque se es el divertido juego que juegan.

Otros culpar na Dios. Dios est enojado, Dios est molesto con los humanos . Dir n. este es el principio del fin, el rapto, el fin de la Tierra y Dios est expresando su descontento por los humanos y por lo tanto, est haciendo que las fuerzas de la naturaleza y el clima despierten a la gente . Y habr veces cuando miles, decenas o cientos de miles en una sola tormenta, ser n llevados en una sola arremetida.

Otros culpar na la Tierra misma, diciendo que son los de mente cient fica- diciendo que existen fuerzas en la Tierra y en el sistema solar que no han sido predichos antes que est n causando estos patrones err ticos y que quiz la Tierra va a empezar a destruirse.

Nada de esto es realidad, sino drama. Son drama. Sean intelectuales o dramas emocionales. Lo que tienen aqu es porque la conciencia de la Tierra est cambiando a tal grado que va a afectar al clima. El clima viene como respuesta a la conciencia humana. Eso no significa que siempre tiene que ser agradable y soleado (algunas risas) El clima proporciona limpieza. El clima proporciona perspectiva y tambi n conciencia.

El clima en la Tierra tambi n ayuda en una forma muy interesante al compartir la conciencia, al compartir energ as alrededor del mundo. Quiz antes fuera el nico m todo m s importante de llevar la conciencia de una cultura o una parte del mundo a otra. As fue como se trajo un nivel et reo de diferentes bolsillos de conciencia a los nuevos lugares alrededor del mundo. As es c mo fue posible para hubiera un invento en China hace 10, 000 a os y en marco de tiempo similar al otro lado del mudo se tuviera esa misma invenci n. Parte sucede a nivel et rico, parte sucede a nivel f sico. As que el clima se usaba como el mensajero de la conciencia y todav a lo es. Todav a lo es. Es m s tangible.

Ahora, otros sistemas y tecnolog as han entrado al juego tambi n, tales como su Internet. Pero el clima a n juega un rol vital al llevar mensajes importantes alrededor del mundo y no solamente a los humanos sino a los animales, a la tierra, a las plantas, a la vida en la Tierra. No conf an mucho en la Internet (risillas). Todav a conf an en el clima.

Existe lo que ustedes llamar an un latido del clima. Existe una pulsaci n del clima. Ahora, cuando lo miran desde el punto de vista estad stico, no les parecer a as . Pero si lo sienten en las nubes mismas, si lo sienten en la Tierra y en la relaci n consigo misma con el agua y el aire, podr n sentir el pulso, podr n entender que el clima, el clima cambiante de la Tierra, aqu en el a o 2009, va a hacer su limpieza. Y va a llevar un mensaje nuevo a las plantas a los animales ya la Tierra y al agua. Ustedes van a ser parte de eso. Ustedes van a sentirse mucho, muy conectados al clima.

No dejen que se eleve ning n temor. No crean que su propio tumulto interior y aliento se est expresando a trav s de una tormenta. Perm tanse sentir el clima como nunca lo hab an hecho antes, porque est llevando una nueva conciencia hacia las capas profundas y nieles de la Tierra en este a o pr ximo.

El clima ocupar las portadas, particularmente particularmente despu s del primer cuarto de este a o. Va a dejar perplejos a los cient ficos ya aquellos que estudian sus patrones y va a maravillar por los cambios en los polos magn ticos que est n cambiando en bases muy erráticas, así como la intensidad o atracción magnética de la Tierra. Ambos polos magnéticos estarán cambiando y la fuerza – o la falta de fuerza- del impulso gravitacional de la Tierra van a cambiar este año y va a ser errático. No va a seguir una agradable ruta simétrica. Va a cambiar cada parte de la Tierra y cada aspecto biológico de la Tierra va a sentirlo, pero la mayoría no entenderán lo que está sucediendo.

Muchos entrarán en el drama y la emoción, sin saber lo va a pasar. Van a decir que es un recordatorio de la Tierra, de que la Tierra es más grande que los humanos, que los humanos han abusado de la Tierra y ahora es tiempo de honrar y respetar a la Tierra. En cierta forma, sí -siempre honren y respeten a la Tierra, pero no la teman. Es parte de ustedes. El clima va a proporcionar cambios importantes al liberar energías que han estado retenidas dentro de ella durante eones y que han estado esperando salir.

La mayoría de ustedes han reclamado sus energías, sus muertes pasadas que fueron enterradas en la tierra. Pero ahora otros aspectos de entidades van a recolectarlas.

Habrá especies que dejarán la Tierra de forma permanente. La dejan para que las nuevas especies puedan desarrollarse y entrar, para que la especie humana pueda evolucionar y cambiar. Todo esto, querida Shaumbra, es una bendición de la máxima magnitud.

Habrá momentos cuando me maldigan cuando estén yaciendo bajo su propia cama, escondiéndose en su sótano, en medio de una tormenta en la pradera en algún lugar, cuando sus vuelos sean demorados días y días y días sin fin.

Lo siento (risas) Van a maldecirme cuando la nieve haya cubierto sus propias cabezas y no puedan salir o donde el constante alud de rayos y truenos parezca no terminar.

Pero recuerden, recuerden lo que hablamos hoy aquí. El clima es consciente y está cambiando. El clima está sirviendo a la humanidad. El clima en una forma tan perfecta está permitiendo que esta simple cosa tenga lugar, donde la energía busca resolución, transformación, renovación. Y eso es lo que va a suceder este año.

Efectos en el Abastecimiento de Alimentos.

La parte no-dramática, la parte que no tendrá encabezados inmediatos, es un cambio en el clima global que va a causar un faltante en los alimentos durante los siguientes años. Lugares en los que se ha confiado para cosechar alimento no podrán crecer. Las reservas en las profundidades bajo la superficie de la Tierra se secarán o serán tóxicas para las plantas. Lugares que han experimentado climas templados van a empezar a sentirse un clima más severo – más frío, o más caliente – y las plantas que una vez crecieron en la superficie apenas crecerán, si lo hacen. Esto causará un faltante en la provisión de alimentos en la Tierra.

No habrán encabezados de inmediato, no como el derrumbe del Mercado de valores o una Buena Guerra. Es la noticia sutil y callada lo que está surgiendo. Pero deseo que ustedes estén conscientes. Deseo que todos ustedes conozcan del clima. Vayan más allá de los encabezados de la página frontal y escarben. Hasta me gustaría ver que un grupo de Shaumbra representado por varios países se unieran respecto al reporte del clima, ayudando a otros Shaumbra a comprender lo que sucede. No desde un lugar de drama, sino desde un lugar de comprensión.

Así que cuando los faltantes se inicien, obviamente, esto dispara un tipo diferente de energía. Aquí tienen ahora mismo países y negocios que tratan con asuntos financieros y asuntos políticos y guerras y están preocupados en salvar la economía. Y justo cuando están haciendo su mayor esfuerzo para llevar las cosas a como estaban, van a recibir las malas noticias que llegan a su puerta – Nos estamos quedando sin alimentos.

¿Caos o bendición? ¿Desastre o solamente un cambio? ¿En cuál desean creer? ¿En cuál quieren vivir? Shaumbra, todos estos sucesos son muy naturales. Aún cuando grupos – grupos completos de humanos – dejen la Tierra en algún momento, existe una elección detrás de eso a algún nivel. Algunos de estos grupos han estado tan conectados a su cultura particular o ancestral ya su karma cultural que ya no pueden permanecer más en la Tierra en la forma en que estaban. Así que a algún nivel, están aceptando un éxodo masivo.

Algunas de las formas de animales y plantas en la Tierra saben que no necesitan servir a los humanos y la Tierra en la forma antigua, así que partirán. Cada vez habrá un éxodo, es una oportunidad y una apertura para la siguiente generación y el siguiente ciclo y la evolución entrará – y eso es lo que está sucediendo en la Tierra.

No es que sean los extraterrestres quienes manipulan el clima. No es el gobierno el que está alimentando las nubes. Los gobiernos no hacen cosas estúpidas (risas) pero la estupidez no va muy lejos, antes de fallar. Estas cosas que están sucediendo en el clima no están siendo manipuladas por la gente que vive dentro de las montañas, porque la gente dentro de las montañas partieron hace tiempo. No necesitaban estar aquí más como mantenedores de la energía de la Tierra.

Observen el clima. Observen el cambio que tiene lugar en la producción de alimentos. Observen cómo la crisis fermentará para algunos y cómo el caos y los escenarios de fin del mundo y conspiración y todo lo demás… y queridos Shaumbra, los invitamos a comprender que es una redistribución. Es un cambio y es apropiado.

Nuevos Potenciales

Los patrones del clima serán intensos, especialmente en la segunda parte de este año y el siguiente año. Como dijimos, será causa de un cambio en los patrones de comida pero quién lo iba a decir, ustedes brillantes y los de conciencia, los que entienden lo que en realidad está sucediendo, se conectarán con las energías de los seres espirituales de la Tierra tales como ustedes. Y es entonces cuando el verdadero trabajo y las verdaderas invenciones y creaciones y nuevas tecnologías vendrán a ser.

Justo ahora existen tecnologías para la producción de alimentos que no pueden salir de un laboratorio por falta de fondos o falta de interés. Existen tecnologías ahora que están listas para surgir pero no lo hacen porque estas tecnologías tienen que ver con combustible limpio y barato, como dijo David. Están listos para salir pero hay falta de fondos o interés oa veces solamente puertas cerradas. Estas cosas están listas para surgir. Existen tecnologías ahora, queridos Shaumbra, que sorprendería en términos de sanación que ya han sido desarrolladas. Simplemente necesitan refinación y fondos. Ahí es donde entran ustedes. Ahí es donde entra la conciencia.

Este no es el momento de dramatizar, de entrar en la conspiración, en el final del mundo. Es tiempo de elevarse sobre eso, de usar sus energías creativas, sus energías creadoras para ayudar a salir adelante. Y todo lo que tienen que hacer es tener esperanza y tener visión y tener conciencia y comprensión y estar bi-presentes, ser en este momento. No de dejar su cuerpo, no de dejar esta realidad para esconderse en algún otro lado, no de pretender que no está sucediendo, sino de comprender que es una nueva era. Es un tiempo nuevo. Las cosas cambian.

Tomen una profunda inhalación Shaumbra (pausa). No es fatalidad ni penumbra, es cambio. Van a haber días que sean difíciles para recordar esto. Van a haber días en que van a caer en el drama junto con otros humanos, a preguntarse qué está sucediendo. Cuando lleguen a eso, tomen una profunda inhalación y recuerden… recuerden sentir dentro de esa tormenta.

Implicaciones Personales para Shaumbra

Ahora ¿qué significa eso para ustedes personalmente? Esa iba a ser su siguiente pregunta: ¿Qué estará haciendo Shaumbra este año? Ah, increíble. Como muchas tormentas como habrán a través de la Tierra y como mucho que la Tierra se parta y se vomite a sí misma este año – que necesita hacerlo – esto podría definirse como la – y subrayen la, no una de muchas sino la – oportunidad del año para Shaumbra y para cualquiera que esté integrando su sabiduría espiritual con su existencia humana.

Habrá mayor oportunidad para ustedes para iniciar sus negocios, para hacer sanaciones a su manera – a su manera, más oportunidades para que enseñan lo que tengan que compartir, más oportunidades para que sean los Estándares para otros humanos, un faro de luz para aquellos que estén en sufrimiento. Habrá más oportunidades para ustedes para traer sus sueños a la Tierra, para manifestarlos aquí y para tener dicha al vivirlos. Habrá más oportunidades que nunca antes para invitar a su esencia, su divinidad, su verdadero Ser a reunirse a ustedes en esta experiencia llamada vida en la Tierra.

Habrá más oportunidades para la abundancia en su vida. No miren al otro lado este año, como lo han estado haciendo por muchos años. Los maestros que han venido antes que ustedes y les hablaron sobre la abundancia, les hablaron sobre cómo hacerlo, les hablaron sobre si puede involucrar riesgos, pero también ser muy gratificantes. Si tienen asuntos con la abundancia, dejen de huir de ella. Dejen de jugar ese juego. Escuchen lo que tienen que decir este año. Escúchense a ustedes mismos este año. Su Ser está cansado de sufrir, cansado de ser apenas capaz de pagar las cuentas. Es un juego viejo.

Este es el año de la oportunidad y ahora dirán: “Si, pero el resto del mundo va atravesar por estos problemas y tú nos dices Tobías, que la comida escaseará”. Yo no dije que escasearía. I did not say that. La producción cambiará y las tecnologías están para los nuevos tipos de producción como la Tierra nunca ha visto antes y están aquellos que harán que otros humanos crean que existe un faltante. No caigan en esa trampa. Existe un cambio en la producción de comida.

Así que no vayan por ahí diciendo: Es que el mundo está en un punto desafiante ahora. ¿Cómo me puedes decirme que voy a tener más abundancia este año? Porque mientras el resto del mundo, el resto de la humanidad esta mirando la tormenta, tú tienes la oportunidad de mirar el arco iris.

Y dentro del arco iris… queridos amigos, no mucha gente estará mirándolo este año, van a estar buscando los antiguos arco iris y el viejo cofre con oro al final del arco iris. Eso si miran en esa dirección. Pero la tormenta los tendrá distraídos. La oportunidad está ahí. Siempre lo ha estado. Va a parecer un poco diferente que en el pasado. Ese arco iris tendrá diferentes tonos de colores y una diferente forma de formar el puente y arquearse, que nunca antes. Y sí, esa metáfora del arco iris aparecerá ante ustedes muchas veces a través del año siguiente, literalmente.

Usamos eso para decir que mientras el resto del mundo esté mirando hacia otro lado, existe mucha oportunidad justo ahora – oportunidad que es genuina, que no le quita nada a nadie más, oportunidad que no es especulativa en términos de quitar o artificialmente manipular a expensas de otros – más oportunidad para que ustedes salten de ahí. No se pierdan este año.

La oportunidad nunca será tan grande para aquellos que tienen tendencias o bases espirituales en su vida. Las oportunidades no serán las mismas en el año 2010 o 2011 y definitivamente no en el año 2012. Si están esperando el 2012, tendrán que seguir esperando. Después del 2012, será 2020 – si viven tanto (Tobías ríe), si siguen esperando. Este es el año de la oportunidad para Shaumbra.

Si están pensando en eso, si están sintiéndolo, si han estado recibiendo señales y la inclinación, háganlo este año. Háganlo este año, Shaumbra. Van a estar asombrado en lo disponibles que están los recursos. Ahora tendrán que levantar un dedo y una mano. Tendrán que poner un poco de ustedes mismos en eso. No pueden simplemente sentarse y no hacer nada. Es un tipo participante de energía cuando ustedes crean algo. Pero háganlo este año.

Claridad, Júbilo y Elección

Un punto más. En el pasado, la conciencia tenía eso de que era difícil ver los muchos mundos diferentes y realidades que existen dentro de una sola realidad. En otras palabras, todo parec a estar en cierto apresuramiento y fluir junto. Era muy dif cil distinguir diferentes niveles de conciencia. Todos parec an estar borrosos juntos no solamente para ustedes, sino para el mundo en general. Porque ustedes y muchos otros en el mundo pero para ustedes en particular, van a ver con una nueva claridad. No estar n todos encimados hablamos sobre la conciencia humana en general.

Van a ver que los mundos existen dentro de mundos y las realidades existen dentro de realidades. Van a ver que ya no es solamente una vida plana de tres dimensiones. It is multidimensional. Van a ver que existen tantos diferentes segmentos de humanidad, no solamente geogr fico, sino cultural, sistemas de creencia, religiones. Van a ver la diferencia con claridad como nunca antes la hab an visto. No es solamente que todos vayan a lavarse juntos.

Este es un factor importante por un par de razones, porque van a darse cuenta de qu tan diversa es la realidad. No es singular. Muy diversa. El Segundo punto y el m s importante en esto es que van a tener una elecci n en la cual desean vivir y experimentar.

Cuando la madre ave despierta en la ma ana me gustan las aves. San Francisco y yo verdaderos amantes de las aves. Cuando una madre ave despierta en la ma ana, a n antes de que salga el sol, siente anticipaci nyj bilo por el d a. Ni siquiera espera que salga el sol. Se despierta y empieza a cantar en ese instante. No se preocupa de d nde est el gusano o de d nde vendr la comida o el insecto. Ella empieza a cantar la dicha del d a -cantando, mirando su nido con sus polluelos, cantando sobre disfrutar la vida con ellos. Ella no se preocupa sobre todas las cosas que necesita hacer ese d a.

Ella extiende sus alas ya n antes que los peque os hayan despertado, sale volando. Se mete a la corriente de conciencia y el viento que la lleva al alimento, al desayuno de los j venes y para ella. Y est justo ah . Y hay d as cuando no est justo ah y ella todav a sigue cantando, porque para ella, para la madre ave simplemente experimentar la vida, abrir sus alas y flotar sobre la Tierra, es dicha suficiente a n si tiene que alejarse al momento siguiente.

Generalmente ella regresa a su nido con el alimento en el pico para los peque os y contin a su canto a trav s del d ay en la noche. Tal es la vida de un ave. Sin temor. El ave trabaja con su intuici ny su conciencia de ave y la conciencia de la Tierra le proporciona todo para sus necesidades.

Cuando ustedes despiertan cuando otros humanos despiertan lo primero que hacen es temer. Antes de salir de la cama, antes de dar el primer y profundo respiro, temen el d a que tienen por delante. Temen lo que van a enfrentar y sus cuentas y su trabajo y su relaci n. Temen y sienten miedo por su salud. En lugar de despertar con una canci ny una inhalaci n, despiertan luchando con el d a. Y eso no tiene que ser en esa forma.

Pueden elegir en cual mundo vivir. El mundo donde las tormentas van a partir la Tierra, diezmar las cosechas? Oh y cuando las cosechas empiecen a cambiar, traer n un nuevo tipo de insectos o par sitos. Traer un nuevo tipo de enfermedades para las plantas y podr a parecer horrible si eligen ese mundo para vivir en l.


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