The rapture: towards a religion for the 21st century

  • 2015

Why believe in Ascended Masters? Why is there a growing interest in oriental theologies, various yogas, Buddhist teachings and oriental creeds? Why was religion inadequate to meet the need of humanity? Why do the teachings, such as astrology, numerology and various magical rituals have so many adherents?

I could give you some answers. The most important is that the presentation of the divine truth, imparted by the churches of the West and the instructors of the East, has not kept pace with the development of the intellect of the human spirit.

Virtuality and spirituality are two words that overlap in the era of systems. Virtual reality is allowing us to reach the limits of reality which could lead to intellectual dependence; Spirituality on the other hand, leading us to ecstasy with the divine, leads us to want to remain in that mystical state. Hence, he has entitled this article as rapture because of its double meaning: that of addiction to virtual reality (arroba as the server-user relationship) or addiction to spirituality (rapture as a synonym for ascension).

Virtuality has produced transformations in language and culture and a subjective modification that begins with the incorporation of new processes of coding the symbols with which we communicate. What is feared is the possibility that, with better forms of communication with others, interaction with the outside world ceases to seem attractive.

Spirituality produces transformations in the subject necessary to have access to the truth, establishing relationships between subjectivity and truth. Spirituality postulates that the truth is never given to the subject with full right, that the truth cannot be accessed without a conversion or transformation of the subject, that access to the truth produces effects that are experienced as expansions of consciousness, culturally called initiations.

The inner spirit of man always depends on his expression and self-realization of the mechanism of the mind. The intellect is the harmonizer, the conditioner and constant qualifier of mortal experiences. Both material objects and spiritual values ​​are colored by their interpretation through the mental medium of consciousness.

THEORETICAL FOUNDATIONS : Science, Philosophy and Religion. (one)

Hidden science, taught in the ancient temples, was divided into four sections: alchemy, magic, psychurgy and theurgy. During the twentieth century some minimal portions of these practical teachings were retaken and actuated by laymen under the names of magnetism, hypnotism, spiritualism, telekinesis, telepathy, psychometrics and sorcery, investigated by science as a phenomenon. At least Psi. Now we talk about the exotic and the esoteric, about science and technology.

When man approaches the study and examination of his universe from the outside (exotic), it gives rise to several physical sciences; when he faces the investigation of the self and the universe from within (esoteric), it gives rise to theology and metaphysics. Theology deals with the intellectual content of religion, the metaphysics (revelation) of philosophical aspects. Religious experience is the spiritual content of religion. Theology constitutes the religious effort to define, clarify, expose and justify the experiential statements of religion that, in the last analysis, can only be validated by living faith. Theology is the study of the actions and reactions of the human spirit; it can never become a science, since it must always be combined more or less with psychology in its personal expression and with philosophy in its systematic framework. Theology is always the study of your religion; the study of the religion of others is psychology.

Science is supported by reason, religion by faith. Faith, although not based on reason, is reasonable; although independent of logic, it is nevertheless encouraged by a solid logic. Faith cannot be fed even by an ideal philosophy; indeed, it is, with science, the very source of such philosophy.

Faith, human religious discernment, can only be safely instructed by revelation, can surely be elevated only by personal mortal experience with the adjusting spiritual presence of God who is special ritu.

Science (knowledge) is based on the inherent assumption (helping spirit) that the reason is valid, that the universe can be understood. The philosophy (coordinated understanding) is based on the inherent assumption (spirit of wisdom) that wisdom is valid, that the material universe It can be coordinated with the spiritual. Religion (the truth of personal spiritual experience) is based on the inherent assumption (Thought Adjuster) that faith is valid, that God can be known and attained.

The full realization of the reality of mortal life consists in a progressive desire to believe in these assumptions of reason, wisdom and faith. This life is motivated by truth and dominated by love; and these are the ideals of objective cosmic reality whose existence cannot be demonstrated materially. Philosophy, to better serve science and religion, must avoid the extremes of both materialism and pantheism. Only a philosophy that recognizes the reality of personality the permanence in the presence of change can be of moral value to man, can serve as a link between the theories of the material science and spiritual religion. The revelation is the compensation of the fragility of the evolving philosophy.

It is based on the knowledge of concepts and is validated by logic.It is based on the understanding of the meanings and is validated by reason.It is based on the discernment of values ​​and is validated by faith.

Reason leads man to the world of facts, of things; wisdom presents the world of truth, of relationships; Faith opens the door to the world of divinity, the spiritual experience. Faith voluntarily leads to reason as far as it can go, and then continues with wisdom to the full philosophical limit; Finally, he dares to embark on a universal journey without limits or end accompanied only by the truth.

Reason is the act of recognizing the conclusions of consciousness regarding experience in the physical world of energy and matter and with that same world. Faith is the act of recognizing the validity of spiritual consciousness - something that does not admit another mortal test. Logic is the synthetic progression of the search for the truth of the unity of faith and reason and is founded on the constitutive gifts of the minds of mortal beings, the innate recognition of concepts, meanings and values.

Synthesis is the technique of the spiritual level. Synthesis is a supermaterial sensitivity to reality that is beginning to compensate for incomplete growth, and its substance is knowledge-reason and its essence is faith-discernment.

The expansionist vision of intelligence reflects the hope of putting technology at the service of virtue, and achieving the ideals of the good, the beautiful and the true.

Moral asceticism is based on the exercise of virtue, the doctrine of the heart. The rules for exercising virtue refer to the two dispositions of courage, that of courageous spirit and that of cheerfulness.

TECHNICAL FOUNDATIONS : Energy, mind and Spirit. (2)

The basis of any energy organization in matter is the standing wave.

The two main characteristics, or qualities, of energy are: its amplitude and the rate at which it vibrates, that is, its frequency. The physical body, emotions, thoughts and spirit, everything, is made of this "thing", combining in such a way that it makes us unique beings, in the entire universe. Because the energy we are has a frequency, we can change it. That is all that ascension is. As we raise the lower frequency of the physical body, it becomes less dense and gradually incorporates energy of higher frequencies. As we do, we will see things and think things that were not possible before. We literally become beings of the fifth dimension, we will operate in the fifth dimension and work with beings of the fifth dimension. The lower frequencies, those of fear and limitation, will collapse and we will live in a state that we call ecstasy, in uniqueness with the spirit and spirit of all others. That is the ascension.

The mind is an energy-information field, an artificial perceptual construction, created in the imagination. The mind projects images that are encoded in the brain. We are made up of many projections - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - from the designs prepared by us as a SPIRIT. And these designs are, in turn, projections of other designs from higher frequencies. What is important here, is that we can modify these designs through visualization. If you are sick, you can use visualization to "repair" the design and restore health.

Once we are able to transcend the lower levels of separation from the physical plane, there will only be the SPIRIT - an energy, always changing, that is and is uniquely within itself; that we have called God, All That Is, the Source, the Great Spirit, and countless other names. The word in uppercase SPIRIT is used for cases where separation is unnecessary. In other cases the word "I-spirit" is used to refer to an individualized portion of the SPIRIT, associated with the personality, as an incarnation and with all incarnations over time, and also associated with the non-physical and higher levels. of being

The SPIRIT appears to be individualized in order to perform a specific function, such as being a personality. The SPIRIT operates through a small point or focus, specific to consciousness, which is concentrated inside the physical body. This is what is known as personality, and is what is called the "ego-ego."

Laser technology has facilitated the understanding of the operation of virtual reality as holograms (3), as well as the role of consciousness. Consciousness is light shining through matter. Consciousness shapes both hidden designs, from even more remote designs, and the light that shines through them, to project what we see, feel and hear. Ascension is basically a change of frequency and a change of focus of consciousness.


The irony about ascension is that it must begin with the descent: by the descent of the SPIRIT to the physical, emotional and mental fields. We, as a SPIRIT, are responsible for this process. We must be consciously aware of what is going on and wish that would happen, of course. But once we have built, at the level of the ego, half of the bridge (technically called antakarana), the SPIRIT will build the other half and they will meet in the middle. Our conscious role is to clean the fields of slower vibration, align them, and prepare them to handle the massive influx of high frequency Light energy. The role of the SPIRIT is to flood these fields with our own energy and complete their alignment. Every thing is SPIRIT, of course. It is simply how much distortion is left in our egos when they express the SPIRIT.

The Competitions: (5)

Spiritual knowledge implies four conditions: the displacement of the subject, valorization of objects from their reality within the cosmos, the possibility of the subject seeing himself, transfiguration of the subject's way of being as a result of knowledge.

These four modalities of knowledge allow us to develop four competences in the religious sphere, through the spiritual processes of transmutation, transformation and transfiguration:

Reflection: ability to use mental images to evaluate the past and visualize the future.

Conversion: ability to give up self to be reborn in another self and with a new form.

Identification: ability to absorb the soul in Reality through Synthesis.

The Projection: ability to plan the future from a shared vision.

THE RELIGION OF THE NEW ERA: Expansionism and connectivity. (6)

In light of the past and the current needs of humanity, which the Christ and the Masters must face, what teachings will the Christ impart this time? Such is the question asked now by His disciples. Probably His teaching will focus on four points.

  1. The Establishment of Correct Human Relations. It would be convenient to reflect on what are the factors in submission and compliance. In them the right human relationships, renunciation, submission to existing facts and obedient conformity to divine law are involved. This is what Christ demonstrated earlier and these are the things that will help him enthusiastically and enthusiastically accept humanity, which will bring happiness., lesson difficult to learn, and totally new experience for humanity. Christ must teach human beings how to enjoy it correctly, how to overcome the old habits of suffering and understand the meaning of joy.
  2. The understanding of Renaissance law. The common Christian confuses the Law of Rebirth with what he calls the transmigration of souls, and often believes that this law means that human beings they are reborn in animal bodies or lower forms of life, which is absolutely wrong.
  3. The Revelation of the mysteries of initiation. In the era that lies ahead, after the Second Advent, hundreds of thousands of people will experience some of the great expansions of consciousness (between the third, the transfiguration and the fifth, the ascension ) but will be reflected in the masses as renunciation (although this does not mean in any way that the masses will receive the fourth initiation), they will renounce the rules materialists who dominate today in all strata of the human family. One of the lessons that humanity must learn today (prelude to the new era) is to know that very few material things are really necessary for life and happiness.
  4. The Dissipation of Mirage. Part of the three great temptations of Jesus Christ in the desert were based on three aspects of worldly mirage: the illusions created by the mind, the mirage produced by experience in the emotional plane and the labyrinth of earthly circumstances. In the labyrinth we saw how to perform Theseus to end the Minotaur. In the world of mirage the world of the astral plane and emotions appeared a light spot centuries ago; the Buddha, the Lord of Light, undertook the task of focusing on himself the illumination, which would enable the dissipation of the mirage in due course. In the world of illusion, the world of the menial plane, the Christ, the Lord of Love, appeared. He undertook the task of dissipating the illusion by attracting himself. (by the power of attraction of love) the heart of all men, and affirmed this determination with the words And I, if promoted, will attract all the men to M (Jn. 12, 32).
MayaIndifferenceKarma yogaTransmissionInspiration
MirageLightRaja yogaTransformationillumination
DelusionPresenceAgni yogaTransfigurationIntuition

This new religion must be based on the truths that stood the test of time and brought well-being and security to men everywhere. These are:

  1. The Reality of God: Consciously or unconsciously, all men recognize Transcendent God and Immanent God. They feel God as the Creator and the Inspirer of everything that exists. Oriental creeds have always highlighted the Immanent God, rooted in the deepest part of the human heart "closer than hands and feet, " the I, the One, the Atma; smaller than small and yet omniabarcante. Westerners have presented God Transcendent, outside His universe, as an observer. It is said that Emanuel Kant was the one who had the idea of ​​constructivism and reconciled the two positions: A transcendent God in the universe but immanent in nature.
  1. The relationship of man with God. The human being relates to God through the Trinity. We worship God, we pray to the Son and ask for support for our problems from the Spirit. Worship is the act of consent of the mind to the attempt of its spiritualizing being, under the direction of the associated spirit of communicating with God as a child of faith.

  1. The reality of Immortality and eternal Survival: The spirit of man is immortal; endures eternally and progresses from one point to another and from one stage to another on the Path of Evolution, developing in a constant and sequential way the divine attributes and aspects. This truth necessarily implies the recognition of two great natural laws: The Law of Rebirth and the Law of Cause and Effect.

  1. The continuity of the Revelation and the divine approaches: The main issue of the new religion will be the recognition of the different divine approaches and the continuity of the revelation imparted by each of them; The task ahead today of spiritually oriented people is to prepare humanity for the imminent and (perhaps) greatest of all the Approaches. The method to follow will consist in the intelligent and scientific use of the science of Invocation and Evocation and the recognition of its extraordinary power.

The new world religion will be erected on the foundations of the fundamental truths already stated. In the future, religion will be defined by theologians more accurately than until now, as follows:

Religion is the name assigned to the invoking call of humanity and the evocative response given to that demand for the Supreme Life.

The doctrines (7)

The platform of the new world religion will contain three main presentations of the truth, or three doctrines, if I can use such an inappropriate word.

Transcendental Mysticism: The reality of the Spirit of God will be demonstrated, both transcendent and immanent, and also a similar reality in relation to man. The method of mutual approach through the soul will be indicated.

Transcendental Mentalism: The reality of the divine quality possessed by the forces of nature and of man and the method by which man uses them for divine purposes. By occultism the study of energies was understood, in the Age of Systems, man seeks to develop and use instruments that perform mental work instead of physical: artifacts that observe (generate symbols), communicate (transmit symbols) and think (process symbols). These technologies together made control mechanization possible, that is, automation. With the help of spiritual machines we have been able to turn idols into ideas.

The Transcendental Religion: The reality, implicit in the first point, that humanity as a Whole, is an expression of divinity, a total expression, plus the related reality of the divine nature and work of the Ascended Masters, and the method of reciprocal approach of both groups, in group form.

Theology thus finds the support of technology and teleology. The technology allows the practical application of forces and energies. Teleology allows us to understand that organisms and organizations are systems that generally have their own purposes. The Ascended Masters are a social institution whose mission is to relate heaven to earth and as a task the service to humanity.

The festivals

There will be three main festivals every year, concentrated in three consecutive months, which will lead to a prolonged annual spiritual effort, the effect of which will be felt for a year.

  1. The Easter Festival It is the Festival of the Risen Living Christ, the Instructor of men and the Guide of the spiritual Hierarchy. It is the expression of the Love of God. On that day the spiritual Hierarchy that He guides and directs will be recognized, and emphasis will be placed on the nature of God's Love. This festival will be set annually according to the first full moon of Aries, and constitutes the great Christian summer F of the West.
  1. The Wesak Festival. It is the Festival of the Buddha, the spiritual intermediary between Shamballa, the highest spiritual center, and the Hierarchy. The Buddha is the expression of the Wisdom of God, the Personification of Light and the One who points out the divine purpose. The date will be set annually according to the full moon of Taurus, as it is currently, being the great Festival of the East.
  1. The Goodwill Festival. It will be the Festival of the spirit of humanity that aspires to reach God, tries to adapt to the divine will and dedicate itself to expressing correct human relationships. It will be set annually according to the full moon of Gemini. On that day the spiritual and divine nature of the human race will be recognized. In this Festival Christ has represented humanity for two thousand years and has remained before the Hierarchy and in view of Shamballa as the man-God, the Conductor of his people and "the Firstborn of a great family of brothers" (Rm. 8, 29). Every year on this date, Christ has repeated, before the Hierarchy, the last Sermon of the Buddha. Therefore it will be a Festival of deep invocation and demand, of fundamental aspiration to establish the brotherhood and the human and spiritual unity, and will represent the effect produced in the human conscience of the work done by the Buddha and the Christ.

These three Festivals are celebrated all over the world, and although they are not related to each other, they are part of the spiritual Approach of humanity. The time is approaching when the three festivals will be celebrated throughout the world, thanks to which a great spiritual unity will be achieved, and the effects of this great Approach so immediate at present, will be stabilized by the united invocation of humanity across the planet


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The rapture: towards a religion for the 21st century

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