LOVE IS RESURRECTION AND LIFE, Master Jesus channeled by Janani-Sheila

  • 2010

Beloved daughters who represent all my father's children, and represent all my brothers on planet earth, I am Jhesua, I am Jesus the Christ, my joy and my thanks, to your hearts, souls and spirit. Rit ritus for allowing access to such a beautiful frequency so pure that it reaches the critical frequency and allows me to access your planes of consciousness.

I would like to speak as I speak to all my children to all my brothers on the planet, but in truth I tell you that I cannot because there is no vibrational frequency that allows my message to reach all hearts.

Thousands and thousands of years ago when I stepped on my feet the Earth, the purpose and the Plan of God of our eternal father was to awaken the conscience of humanity, and with all the Love that I knew a, the Love of my Father I have come, I have spoken, and many not even with my physical presence were able to hear my message.

With my own feet I opened the way, my love emanated and not even my physical presence has been enough to awaken love in hearts and I want to tell you beloved and dear daughters, that you were there, and many had The opportunity to feel my physical presence is a long story that is in the memory of each one here, some already integrated and others still to be integrated, Lzaro, Marta, Mar Everyone has felt the strength of my Love, and that is why beloved and dear daughters that the frequency that vibrates in your hearts allows me to contact each one of you. I am here to repeat the same message as before, after two thousand and ten years of your linear time, but the message is quantum and is not lost in time.

Love is the purpose of my mission as a Son.
Love is the highest quantum frequency that exists in the known dimensions, Love can be felt, experienced, demonstrated and Love is the great key to God's manifestation on Earth.

Truly, truly, I say to you, Love is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and your inner God who is the same as I carry within me, will be real and concrete when unconditionality truly resonates in each of the living beings in your planet Earth, making them vibrate in harmony with the voice of the Universe, the voice of Creation.

Love, love, starting with yourselves, accept your shortcomings, accept your deficiencies that are the attributes of your lower self, love your enemies, who are your best friends on the other side of the veil, agreeing to play the role of evil for the benefit of Your evolution

Love your neighbor as you love yourself and when you reach that point there will be no pain or emotions that interfere with the conscience so high that everyone will reach.

So thousands and thousands of years will pass, Eras and Eras and Love will remain as the Way to return to the Father's house.

I am the Resurrection and the Life, but when I said these words he did not speak of me, the Christ, he spoke of the Love, of the Love that is the Resurrection and the Life, the transformation of the men of Lead into men of Gold, as he says a Brother that you know well.

Thank you every morning, by opening your eyes, thank you for the opportunity received, to have reached the consciousness that you experienced today, because not everyone has the privilege of believing as you believe, of feeling as you feel, that is already a result of the work that you did in past lives and what you keep doing here and now.

May the Christ Love be so great that your hearts burst with love, with excitement.

Love is the Resurrection and Life.

Thank you, beloved sisters of light.

channeled by Janani-Sheila, November 18, 2010

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