The Pure Love of Ascended Master Lady Rowena

  • 2015

Pure love and without expecting anything in return, which is not moved by interest but spiritual force is transmitted to us by Ascended Master Lady Rowena. As director of the Ray of Divine Love with her protection allows us to reach the level of love that is full of tolerance and trust .

Lady Rowena is responsible for bringing people Pure Love, Intelligence and Truth.
Ascended Master of Love

Who is the Ascended Master Lady Rowena?

Lady Rowena is called Shoh an of the Third Ray , at the moment when her predecessor The Venetian delivers the position, she becomes known as director of the Pink Ray. She is responsible for bringing people Pure Love, intelligence, truth and feelings that unite us in fraternity, giving everything without expecting anything in return.

The Ethereal Kingdom of Lady Rowena is located in the south of France, this place is called Chateau de L ibert , its tonal key is the concert for piano n 1 of Frederic Chopin and La Marseillaise anthem of France. Its colors are pink, blue and gold . His electronic pattern is the Fleur de Lis and his symbols: the white dove for his tireless struggle for peace and justice; the shells of the sea for the connection with the goddess Venus and her beauty with pure love.

She is responsible for bringing people Pure Love, Intelligence and Truth

Lady Rowena's past lives

The teacher of the third ray has a trajectory in the earthly plane that goes from being a queen to embody poverty, but always in each of her lives she shows a great love for people and a feeling for freedom. The ascended master Lady Rowena was priestess in Atlantis, Joan of Arc French hero who fought for freedom and avoided many deaths, Maria Stuart, Marie Antoinette Queen of Decapitated France, Bernardette Sourbirous young French witness of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Lourdes . There is information about the ascended master Lady Rowena in Sir Walter Scott's book, which was taken to TV and to the cinema under her name " Ivanhoe ". In the book Lady Rowena is an English lady of the nobility who fights for justice, helping to regain the throne of England, in addition her beauty was embodied in those pages as well as her love for Ivanhoe with whom he marries. In this work it appears with her main name of Lady Rowena .

To whom is the work of Ascended Master Lady Rowena directed ?

Ascended teacher Lady Rowena, apart from being the one who directs the third flame, is responsible for transporting the messages from God Merú . The flame acts protecting and fueling the humble, activating their skills, prompting progress and seeking perfection. The third ray promotes the divine love of God the Father towards his children, tenderness, love without petty interest to mothers, enlightens those who help out of pure altruism and love. The pink ray covers people who are in frequent contact with her, increases common sense, sympathy and other virtues such as charity and compassion, facilitating the rapprochement with God.

Mother Saint Teresa of Calcutta could have been Lady Rowena's last incarnation

Lady Rowena has a fairly short trajectory despite the great work she does in South America for the Amazonian god Merú. It has influenced female historical figures who have connected with God for the struggle of the most needy . Many people suspect that their last incarnation occurred in the body of Mother Saint Teresa of Calcutta. It can be called from anywhere calm to radiate its ray on you and take away the negative feelings of hatred, resentment and fear, that may be hindering you in your spiritual development.

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