The wandering friend (Narration to remember our path in Truth and Life)

  • 2010

I praise you, FATHER, Lord of heaven and earth, because you hid these things from the wise and the wise, and revealed them to the children.

Yes, FATHER, because that's how you like it. ( Matthew, 11, 25-26)


It happened in a month called May, in its first fortnight, in a small spa in Chile that is called Mirador Azul, although every day every person says MIRASOL, and that I have long felt it as "The Other Planet", in which, when one arrives, one feels transformed, away from all civilization, from all noise, from all interference, far from the unhealthy of the city.

It received its name more than 50 years ago, because it is located on top of a cliff above the sea and you have to access, today, solid concrete stairs that resemble a snail.

Its view is imposing and from there you receive the impact of an immense blue sea that is lost in the litany, confusing in its horizon with what we call sky, also of the same color, so its primary name BLUE VIEWER and its current denomination, MIRASOL, because over time it turned its cliff into an observatory of sunsets that in its permanent cycles transmuted its name in honor of the king star, the one who majestically dips into the salty waters by painting them golden color and leaving behind Yes hope for a new day.

That afternoon I went down to its whitewashed beaches waiting for that happening, slowly and with caution until I felt under my feet the soft sinking of its sands, which when walking produced as a purr or creak that is perceived from our infant days and when denoting the moisture and the smell of salt, in the breeze of that sea.

I chose a distant surf seat, on a small pop-up rock between the sand and waited; The intention was to remain a moment before the sun set and give me the opportunity to meditate, think, relax the spirit, the mind and in the background, to thank the development of the latest events that occurred personally and in groups.

I would say I made it!

In it I was, admiring at the same time so much beauty around, when I perceived or managed to feel over the whisper of the sea breeze, some soft and accompanied footsteps behind me.

When I turned around, I observed that on the rock next to mine, a youth-type character had taken a seat, it seemed to me that his appearance denoted relaxation, ease, rest, like those young people who jog along the shores of the beaches in an effort to energize your physical, breathe fresh and revitalizing air.

He reinforced this idea in me, because I noticed a kind of cap on his head that is commonly used for greater exudation of the body and thus achieve a detoxification of it, in that process.

He responded to my gaze but didn't comment. Before his silence, I greeted him as is common in me from a good time to date, which as a policy he did when entering everywhere and with the intention always of a better to alternate with the one to which I resort at the request of some service of his own My professional activity:

- Hello! I said; smiling at him

- Blessed are you! he replied, with a smile wider than mine.

- Where did you come from ?; I replied, with the intention of chatting or exchanging some words, before the sunset came.

- I always come to this place, he replied calmly and without haste.

- I can ask you: Why did you answer my greeting by saying “Blessed are you?”, I asked him, looking at him more closely.

- Because you are, he answered me briefly to my question.

- And: What should I consider to be blessed? I insisted.

- Because you exist, you appreciate what surrounds you, you appreciate what you receive, you manifest your feelings, you surrender, you do not ask for exchanges, you love.

- Yes, that is true! I replied; and that is why I went down here for a while to meditate as I have been taught and have managed to learn, practice and apply when I have the opportunity, it was my comment.

- Well you say, I have also verified that you are right in becoming aware of everything that surrounds you, such as: when you look at this gigantic body of water attached to the earth, it does NOT rise in disorder, but, remains in it, fulfilling their mission, you observe these beautiful hangovers that for rhythmically mark their own movements accompanied by millennia, whose intervals are the inhaling and exhaling of their own body throughout the surrounding land; the sound of the water against the purple rocks and that it represents in some way, in its erosion, the evolution of every physical or mental body and in spirit in compliance with the Higher Mandate by demonstrating that everything must evolve, even if it starts being hard as rock, you will have to shed the shine of the polish on yourself and, if its content is colored, it will better reflect it for those to whom you need to better understand in your own future, were your words in response.

- I must admit that you express yourself in a very beautiful way, as a poet or a writer, since I have been able to verify it in this sense by a few books that I have read to date, I replied surprised.

- I am a writer, I am a poet, I am a researcher of all human existence, as you say and I am happy in it, he harmoniously manifested as thinking or meditating on each of his words.

- Maybe you're from this place, I asked, where do you live? I asked him, are you passing through here? I insisted.

- I live in a beautiful abode, in which when looking at the horizon as you say, I can observe so many other dwellings in movement and color, many already ascended, others evolved, and a few still lagging, he told me with another smile.

I felt an oppression in denoting that their language was no longer common, it was not usual in the dialogue, I had then remembered texts read by me in which this mode of expression observed me, but I continued with my questions that I felt inwardly increasing.

- I think I understand you, I expressed, can I ask you how did you get to this place? Where do you come from? stopping to observe his reactions and responses now with greater attention:

- In truth, if you understand me, you know me from ears, texts, legends, traditions, through religions, myths, fables and prophecies. I have come to this place because I am everywhere, I come from there, here and there, because I can manifest without distinction of space or time as you understand it because THAT IS MY MISSION and I can return in body or spirit as you call where it is requesting or requested, also to comfort me of such beauty, because this house has it in abundance, although you have caused detriment to the one who in his projection, he will inevitably and without reason harm you, as a consequence of the absence of LOVE he has expanded, now with his thoughtful face

I could not help but be amazed at his story, striving to achieve the greatest possible concentration before my interlocutor fixed my gaze on his physicist more closely. He then observed that his clothing was a snow-white tone, of a special fabric such as linen, which in principle he considered could be a sportswear, he analyzed it as an interwoven beautiful that reached his feet, which he hid under the sand. He fixed my gaze on his hands that at that moment he placed on his knees with slight movement, I noticed that he had them bruised as cold, more when he scrutinized with my look checked that in the center of them they were healed of old wounds of sharp cuts which did not prevent to check the smoothness in them.

At that moment when my character was sitting on his rock, a slight hangover reached him, allowing him to take with her the sand that covered his feet; contemplate on them the same features of his hands, in addition to confirming that he was wearing sandals, those that dampened exposed what was observed.

You were hurt by something or someone ?, he interrogated.

So it was, he told me. More that was necessary at the time and place that happened, you have read the story, misrepresented in more or less, it is of your knowledge, you really know the Reason for my work in this, your abode. You are aware of the complete fulfillment of the cosmic plan used for your benefit and it is a cycle that is pronounced just like the waves of this sea as you call, again and again forever in this and in all the dwellings that are of MY FATHER and that is also yours and of all yours It is The Law expressed slowly, touched the hood which fell on his shoulders. Then it was my turn to observe that his majesty was real, the one he highlighted by the near sunset, whose color gave a golden hue to his physical body, he let his hair look like a brunette He was undulating to his shoulders, rocked by the evening breeze, with faintly clear eyes and a lot of expression of truth and love, his tanned skin as well as the locals, with a smooth beard and Juvenile, athletic and stocky body and only limited to smiling.

Do you want to ask? I asked myself.

It was difficult for me to harmonize at that time, I had found that before me I was THAT SUPERIOR BEING and felt a slight dizziness that was increasing, rather well in vertigo.

Keep calm, he said raising his right hand. BALANCE YOUR EMOTIONS, you know how to do it, your mind should always send your senses, order.

I felt calm and serene at his gesture and managed to ask:

What message will you deliver to me right now ?, he expressed timidly.

I'll tell you which one, he answered.

Always follow the example of the nature that surrounds you;

Fulfill the same as they do this water that they transport you from one place to another if you wish, they give you food, if you have it, temper your climate as you have verified, it transmutes by means of your common water knowledge if you process them, this is your service if you work for them;

- Be like the rivers that cross the entire coastline providing abundance throughout its passage of flora-fauna, which lavish in abundance as needed;

- Be like the forests that give you their fruits, their bodies for shelter, for room, for shelter;

- Be like the rain that gives you fresh water reserves for your subsistence;

- Be like your sun that energizes you all without distinction;

- Do not destroy your surroundings, because you do it against yourself;

- Be good, in a word, do not cultivate anything negative, neither in your thoughts, nor in words or deeds, even with your eyes that as you say: "They are the windows of the Soul".

- Do not be afraid to be positive and you will reap what you have sown in your lives;

- Repair your mistakes, you know how to do it;

- Yes you have stained, clean;

- If you have stumbled, get up;

- If you have lied, try the truth;

- If you have insulted, hurt, mortified, vituperated or dishonored your neighbor, ask forgiveness;

- Learn when you must hold a NO BECAUSE IT IS NO, hold when you must manifest a YES BECAUSE IT IS YES;

- Don't get lost anymore;

- Consider the times in which you live, see its characteristics, see the signs, do not wait any longer;

- Do not confuse the spiritual with weakness;

- You can and can be strong without falling into evil;

- Be skilled in thinking to go to those who need you, for this you want first, to know each other internally, but how do you want to help clean the house of your neighbor, if you do not know yours ?;

- Have judgment, judgment and discernment for everything that surrounds you, the task is vast and you squander your time that is short of its existence, hurry;

- Just as when you get up in the fight for your daily support, you realize as soon as it gets dark in that cycle;

- Every cycle has a dawn and a dusk, beginning and end, an up and down, think, assimilate everything;

- Knowledge gives power, be powerful in your path with positivity, embrace all that is good, beneficial, praiseworthy, be austere in asking, be giving in delivery, do not give the impossible, do not give what you have left over, surrender what your neighbor needs, do not look side and side in asking, consult with your interior, there you will have all the answers;

- You already have knowledge, you have been given the immense sea that you are in humanity, you represent as only the hangover and you are not privileged, you are given to a path already chosen;

- Do not treasure your knowledge, they are not yours, they belong to the intelligence and universal love, you are only bearers of this knowledge;


Saying this, he got up from his stone seat slowly, brought his left hand to the middle of his chest and his right hand raised and with his fingers open, he smiled and little by little his figure became transparent slowly, everything that shaped his silhouette It was filled with a gold dust that spun in millions of corpuscles that sizzled without denoting noise, it was gone, it was blurred.

I reminded myself what the Master of Galilee said:



- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We are living special earthly times, we prepare for the closing of a new cycle in the evolution of Mother Earth and Human Being, that is why dispensations and teachings multiply in love, many hearts and minds open and receive in love these dispensations and teachings.

The beings of Light have eyes and come and have ears and listen, but they also have faith and believe.

Many prodigies manifest themselves and The Beloved Master Jesus and his guardian Angels are much closer to our hearts, in different ways and according to our understanding, according to our feelings, in accordance with our time and with the respective mental and spiritual openness.

For those spirits of Light, of transparent Souls, for those eager to see and hear was the previous story.

Received from our Beloved MASTER JESUS, from our Beloved Ascended Masters and from our Elder Brothers.

Metaphysical Group: Grupo Fuego Violeta

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Its partial or total reproduction is allowed without taking context, mentioning the source.

(This story was finished transcribing on June 2, 2004, and was received with LOVE and privilege, from the Beloved MASTER, Eternally grateful).

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