Spirituality Exercises

  • 2016

There are some exercises that favor spiritual growth. In fact, any exercise we focus on with that intention, and by the same intention / action can help us.

On the one hand we have those that are lengthened in their learning time such as meditations, yogas, tai-chi, chi kungs, and on the other, specific exercises that can help the energy concentration at a given time such as they are those of cleaning, connection with our higher selves, rebirths, re connections with lands and plants or transmutations, among others.

build from what is already established

Everyone has one thing in common, they are transmitted from one to another following rules. And this is where I want to invite you to dig a little deeper. It is difficult to express this without negative criticism and that is why, apart from apologizing, I want to specify that the intention that I activate, is none other than to build from what is already established, not to destroy that base.

Apart from that I trust that the words arrive to each one at the moment we need them.

In reference to the exercises ; they are translations made to the needs we have raised at different times in our history. Needs of one or several people who are materializing in a concretion. This concretion will begin to deliver hours and energies in the form of practice until it becomes a concrete technique and from which, then it is transmitted from one to another. Repeating it again and again automating it here is where I would like to request a space in your time and feel: The basis of any spiritual exercise may be the same for everyone, but the practice bears its best fruits makes a symbiosis. With other words; repeating what another does limits the meaning of that practice because it was not born in one but is repeating that of another. And repeating can be a brake by focusing the effort on imitating and not on creating what it is for what we have come for. Evolution implies a constant growth, for this reason, without a symbiosis between our exercise and us there is no evolution.

I remember a conversation where I was wondering if it was better to do sitting, stretched, standing or moving meditation . One of those present defended that stretched asleep and another replied that perhaps it was his turn. Another of those present argued that active meditation prevented approaching the maximum of their own possibilities, because the movement needs resources and thus, as many opinions as people.

In short, that everyone had and is right, the image came to me that stretched or seated, the fields are aligned the same since beyond the earth, we are integrated into a multidimensional universe and from there I felt that the norms they will be limitations and that each one had to find his process adapting the general tools to it.

Before I could share it, I did some practices to feel if this could help and the result has been full. I am not going to put any name to this technique of freedom as we would enter the same limiting process. In addition, we can all do the same with the practice that appeals to us the most, we just have to give ourselves permission to venture to grow.

The first time I tried it was with a cleaning exercise of the farms and adjacent:

Practice Exercise :

We stand and claim the presence of our higher self;

white energy ball

We imagine that a white energy ball descends and enters inside us at the height of the forehead, making spirals it cleanses that whole area and goes out through the base of the cervicals and ascends upwards.

Then that ball goes down to the throat, enters us and we feel how clean this area now with the same spiral movement. After he sits down, he leaves the opposite part of our body and ascends again.

Go back down in front of our heart, clean the entire thoracic area and go out the back to ascend again.

Now at the stomach level cleaning the entire area and ascends.

Then we do the same in our genital area and ascend.

Now, we feel like above us, half a meter or so, there is an energetic expansion and a mantle like silver rain falls that covers our head, shoulders, thorax and so on to the feet, once there it continues like a thread even inside the earth where we anchor. Anchored on both sides, we don't find ourselves in a sheath, we stand as if in suspension and we feel in harmony. Then we open our eyes slowly and we go back to this dimension.

This exercise is to charge us with energy early in the morning, clean the remains of our night trips and start clean the day. Its periodicity is recommended daily.

without provoking or expecting anything

When I started, I did it as I was taught for a few weeks , without causing or expecting anything, until a day when the ball changed color and I felt like letting go. Then it was not one but more balls, and so on, new things were happening as I was given permission to feel that practice as part of me.

I learned that the practice itself has a consciousness that is established between oneself and the movement of the energy that is produced . Taking into account that if in our subatomic state we are energy and the exercise is also composed of energy, then the mixture of the two should be a third result, unique and unrepeatable by the only sum of at least one of its factors: Me.

I prefer not to rejoice in the things that were happening, so as not to condition anyone and that everyone can feel and incidentally be said, so as not to feed my ego.

In conclusion, I am born to learn that a growth exercise is like walking, but then you have to start running, jumping and somersaults for yourself, and if you can; Trying to save the egoic part of putting a name to each evolution since we are all one and the tools are the same. When I read names of personalized techniques, I feel sad about the need to personalize something that is not ours and is only the sum of something borrowed in symbiosis with ourselves.

Thank you for this time we have shared.

AUTHOR: David Trias, editor of the great family of hermandadblanca.org

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