Educate to be By Julia de Miguel

  • 2015

“To educate is to give the mind, the body, the soul, all the beauty and perfection that we are able to develop (Plat n)

To educate is to take from the child what is already. Children are not like empty containers to fill, blank sheets to write on. They are complete, complete human beings, and as fathers, mothers or teachers we must accompany them to discover what they already are, what they already have and need for their happiness. Accompany them to discover their power, which, as in you and in me, also dwells in them. And learn from them, because they are teachers in the art of living; for his emotions, curiosity, joy, creativity, knowing how to live in the present, his illusion.

Accompanying means being there by your side. Without directing, without judging, without wanting to take away one iota of his sadness when there is one, of what is part of his learning process, of his fears, of his emotions and feelings. And it also means sustaining, giving confidence, offering my growth as a person and having my tools ready in case at any given time they ask us. Be there and put these tools in motion.

He listens, not to censor, but to discover the reason why they speak to us. The empathy to understand his feeling . The recognition to recognize their values, their strengths, and to be able to show them at the times they need them. The understanding to understand your why. Assertiveness to show you how I am, without feeling vulnerable for it. Humility to recognize what my strengths are and offer them to build together. The serenity to teach him to observe, to pay attention, to imagine, to play, to embrace And the firmness so as not to let him fall when they are wrong, so that they recognize in the error the opportunity and move on, towards their goals, towards their dreams.

Accompany, to discover what they are passionate about, what makes them vibrate, flow and develop with it their creativity, their confidence in what they are and in all their potential to achieve what they propose And when we create, we create opportunities, possibilities, illusions, paths, challenges. Living from talent is the best way to contribute to this world. Contributing to what we do best, from passion and excellence is to create a better world.

“Why be content to live drag when we feel the desire to fly?” (Hellen Keller)

Accompany to empower. Teach them that if they are responsible for their actions they can take charge of their life and that you have the power of choice. That gives such strength and security that fears disappear, and mistakes become opportunities for growth and learning. And it is that feeling that we can choose makes us happier, fuller and more committed to our own lives and results.

"The attitude with which we face our life is the last of human freedoms." (Victor Frankl)

"One can create a day of any size, and regulate the sunrise and sunset of its own sun, and the brightness of its radiance" (John Muir).

As parents, teachers, as life companions, the first step is to know and accept each other, in order to accompany our children, students with the focus on them. In this way and only in this way can we create conscious, human, respectful, committed and responsible relationships. To love the other is to accompany him gently to the encounter with oneself.

* 'Educate with emotions' . This is the name of the section that I begin today with this article, with enthusiasm and with the sole purpose of lighting in other directions, so that, together, we can discover other points of view that perhaps we had not seen or paid attention to before. In a subject that I love and in which I find my for what. Education and emotions.


Educate to be By Julia de Miguel

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