Eclipse May 20: Stellar Solar Alignment, catapulting us to infinity

  • 2012

May 2012

Throughout this month of May powerful energies have been entering the Planet. There is much talk about what will happen on May 20 with the Solar Eclipse, however the energies have already been feeling for a few weeks, which have generated in our interior greater expansions of consciousness and periods of high connections due to the activation and opening of our upper channels and in some other cases, periods of deep sadness or occasional crying, due to the release of old structures and paradigms.

Actually, this process of cosmic alignment began last March with the Activation of the Infinite Fractal Portal that we experienced in the Spring Equinox (northern hemisphere) and Autumn (southern hemisphere). The Solstice and the Planetary Alignment of Venus and Jupiter marked the beginning of the transit through the Multidimensional Cosmic Highway that will lead us to the Star Alignment that will be lived in this Eclipse, in resonance with the Great Central Sun and the Pleiades.

This Galactic Gate that we are going through at the moment and whose climax moment will be in the Eclipse, will allow us to recalibrate our neuronal system and our Pineal Gland with the cosmic framework, through the Alignment of Mother Earth with the Moon, the SUN, the Pleiades and the Great Central Sun. This will provide us with new tools of perception through which we can reinterpret reality from new and different frames of consciousness.

We are not fully aware of the importance of our brains at the Spiritual level, however our brain and its neuronal pathways are extremely important in the ascension process, because it is in our brain and specifically in our Pineal and pituitary glands where interpretation occurs and the projection of all reality. Therefore, it is in our brain glands where the change towards the perception of Unity consciousness resides through the dissolution of the illusory perception of separation, it is there, where the veils are discarded allowing us to see reality as it is, in which, we have the conscious power manifested through all the Planes.

Reality as we know it is a holographic space that is created and projected by each one of us based on various schedules, driven through the neural pathways and through the energy radiated by our pineal gland. Although, the pineal gland represents the inner vision and eyes of the Soul and through its activation we can see other realities as well as capture cosmic information; it is also that through it we project our reality based on the way we interpret it from our beliefs or states of consciousness.

A hologram is an illusory image projected through the irradiation of filtered light through a mirror that carries a particular shape or pattern. As a hologram is projected, our reality is projected from our consciousness based on the different beliefs or patterns of consciousness that are creating predetermined neural pathways for it.

Just as a hologram is projected with the help of a mirror, each of us projects its reality based on certain patterns of different origin that act as a mirror to generate our reality. These Patterns of consciousness and projection can have their high origin in resonance with our Soul and Evolution, likewise, they can have illusory origin based on the ego.

Here a small explanation of both:

High origin in alignment with our learning. These are situations in our life that have been agreed upon before our birth and whose function is the learning and evolution of our Soul. These experiences can be positive or negative and are embodied in our Galactic imprint located in our heart.

Illusory origin in alignment with our ego. They are those situations that we continue to create and recreate based on our fears and beliefs implanted by our environment. Likewise, these experiences continue to be recreated when we cannot appreciate and receive the wisdom that comes from the experiences of high origin for evolution and, therefore, in frustration we create from victimization and fear.

Therefore, the brain's neural pathways are conduits of information and frequency. As the connection with the heart is activated the neural pathways also begin to activate, allowing us to reconnect them with higher states of consciousness through which we reconnect with the Christian Grid and the Galactic Lattice and with it, driven from the heart We catapult ourselves to infinity and the elevated perception of our Divine Freedom!

During the last 26, 000 years, as collectively together with Mother Earth we plunged into the cosmic night, the consciousness of the Human Being began to lose connection with the information that flows through the Galactic Day, with it our neural pathways just as the information and Light circuits of our heart began to veil, disconnecting from the great galactic framework and with it the loss of the consciousness of Unity and the entrance to the consciousness of separation and duality were generated. Creating pre-established neural pathways through which we continue to create and recreate reality based on fear, separation and punishment.

This Star Alignment will open the doors of our perception by propelling us towards the reconnection of our neural networks to synchronize with the Christian Grid and with the Universal Christian Grid. Allowing us to synchronize from the heart with the true purpose of our existence, giving us the opportunity to create based on the heart using Love as a base frequency and thereby recalibrate our reality with the Cosmic truth within which We are all ONE and we are all LIGHT. Overcoming or collapsing the old structures of separation and duality.

Cosmic SOLES remain interconnected with each other. Our SOL and the Central Sun of Plìydes, Alcyon will align themselves creating a powerful cosmic resonance that will act as the receiving and retransmitting mirror of the cosmic rays coming from the Great Central SOL, whose pulsations are traveling at the speed of Light through the Photon Band hates Galactic by pushing each and every Planetary System towards reconnection with Oneness and perception of infinite time.

Let's see what will happen within Us step by step with each of the cosmic alignments.

Alignment Earth Moon SOL

By synchronizing with this Alignment we will be working on the reunification of both our cerebral hemispheres, as well as the feminine and masculine energies that reside in our hearts. This will reactivate sleeping neuronal circuits with which we will synchronize with the Planetary Creative Grid, allowing us to receive waves of information and Light that will drive us towards the conscious manifestation of the Christ Consciousness in our In this way, our brain, consciousness and heart will align with the highest Purpose of our Souls. Here begins the collapse of the inner separation and with it, new neural pathways of creation and interpretation of Reality are activated.

Alignment Earth Moon SOL- Pl yades

The Pleiades have been guardians and companions of our evolution over the millennia. Together with Sirius; the Pleiades have propelled large amounts of information and Light throughout various eras that have been embodied in Mother Earth through the cosmic framework of the Living Library. This alignment will generate the anchoring of powerful waves of Photonic Light that will contribute to the clearing and awakening of the neuronal pathways of our brain, likewise the Photonic Light will travel directly to our Pineal and Pituitary Gland generating the awakening and reactivation of the multifaceted Rainbow Crystal that remains ethereally unifying our Glands. This Crystal is in charge of receiving the seismic information and is the energy center in which the dissolution of separation occurs in our consciousness. When this Crystal is reactivated, a rotary movement is generated with which our vibration rises towards the reconnection with the Infinite, literally catapulting us towards the multidimensional perception of reality, with which new tools of understanding, understanding and creation will become accessible to our consciousness

Earth alignment - Moon - SOL - Pleiades - SOL CENTRAL

Finally, this cosmic alignment will lead us towards the reconnection of the Rainbow Crystal of our Heart with the Rainbow Crystal of our pineal Gland to generate the anchoring of the Christ Consciousness and with it, the reception and reconnection of our original Cosmic Template. Old internal structures will collapse in this process and the impulse of the photonic cosmic energies will lead us to the inner unification allowing us to reach new perceptions and infinite possibilities for the creation of our personal and collective realities.

With this, our bodies and electromagnetic systems will be recalibrated in the face of Cosmic Gate 12.12.12 at which time the SOLAR Template of MU will be reactivated in us and Mother Earth resulting in the restart and reactivation of the Cosmic Living Library, both personal and collective.

A new Planetary cycle is approaching and this new cycle will manifest itself created and driven by each of Us. Without a doubt, we live a Sacred Cosmic momentum, in the company of all the Cosmic Beings of Light that accompany us and Guide us, we live a Cosmic Feast to which we are all invited!

On this occasion I have been asked not to do any specific meditation, since one of you must align from the heart and only RECEIVE what you should receive.

However, I share this image that I created so that its connection and visualization is facilitated.

Directing our attention from the heart towards the SUN we will enter into Alignment with the Pleiades and the Great Central SUN, to receive in our Pineal Gland the Activation of the Galactic Rainbow Crystal that will drive us towards the connection with the Infinite.

We receive the Synchronizing Galactic Ray in our Pineal Gland aligning with our heart!

We are Loved and Blessed in Love and Joy, always!

Posted by KAI Luz de Sirio at 11:52 AM

Ana María Frallicciardi and Jorge Saco

Chapel of the Mount. Cordova. Argentina

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