GOD SURYA - Teaching about the Karma of Poverty and Wealth


I AM Surya and I come from the Great Central Sun in order to meet with you through this messenger.

I AM and I have arrived with the purpose of bringing you an important Teaching about karma and its transmutation.

If you could contemplate the Earth from the perspective of the Great Beings of Light, who reside in eternity, the entire planet, everything that surrounds you and its four lower bodies, are nothing but karma. The Divine Energy spent by individuals who have decided to incarnate and who are in this cosmic cycle subject to existence in the lower dense planes of this universe, is crossed, mixed and reflected through the consciousness of incarnated individuals, becoming more dense and thus creating the material world around them.

This world gradually manifests itself from its latent state, creating for you a gigantic stage. And you come to this stage, incarnation after incarnation, in order to come to play your different roles.

Therefore, it can be said, in a general way, that everyone around you represents karma or dense-configuration energy as a result of their wrong actions, thoughts and feelings.

However, starting from the experience of life, accumulated in this incarnation, it becomes very clear to you that you can hardly learn anything if you do not do something real in your lives. They are constantly learning and constantly accumulating a life experience while incarnate. It is not possible that they do not do so while incarnate. It is not possible that they do not do so while they are present in the material world with the purpose of receiving an education and acquiring the necessary experience.

Once the required level of consciousness is achieved, they will be able to control the state of the world around you by staying within the world itself. They will be able to transform the world around them by allowing the Divine Energy to permeate your being and as long as consciousness remains at a high level, your vibrations will also ascend. By magnetizing your vibrations in the surrounding world, they can transform the physical world and bring it closer and closer to the divine model.

This is what is represented in the Great Work - the Work of God. By being present in each of you, God initially creates an illusion and then He / She / That materializes or destroys it. Similarly, the child builds a sandcastle and after destroying it, redesigns a more perfect one. And its creation is being perfected more and more and is approaching the model of perfection, surpassing more and more the previous creation.

You are similar to gods and also have the opportunity to create and manifest perfect models or forms in your lives.

Some individuals prefer to travel the path they set for themselves and base their lives and surrounding reality through standards that are far from perfection. God always allows them to experiment. Sooner or later, they will have to verify for themselves if what they create is beautiful and harmonious and fits into perfect frames or if it is ugly and deformed, and must be transformed or renewed.

Therefore, if you prefer to guide your life by its own rules, by means of low quality standards and non-divine references, you have every right to do so.

You make a presence within the world to learn to differentiate the divine models from those that are not and that are presented as deformed copies of them. They will also have to learn to differentiate in each sphere of life. Under the conditions of the dual world everything looks in a dual way. This is how something that appears to be good, can be bad while something that appears to be bad or incorrect, can prove to be an invaluable contribution towards the advancement of your soul.

Therefore, it is recommended that you never judge with your material mind. A seemingly poor man / woman (according to the degree of awareness) could be a spiritually rich man / woman, possessing priceless fortunes from his causal body. And this individual has come to incarnate to especially acquire the experience of leading a miserable life since his other reincarnations had not given him the opportunity to acquire that experience. Accepting, on a conscious level, leading a miserable existence and exposing yourself to your humiliations - is a high spiritual achievement. Many high souls who have come to reincarnate, have realized how precious this experience is and have given up their property and their social status spiritually, and have become poor people. There are many examples that are recounted in history. To mention just two, we have St. Francis of Assisi and Gautama Buddha.

If you had met Buddha, in the forest where he sat during his trial period, you probably would have thought that this 'poor' man - he was nothing and did not deserve your attention. And they would have made a big mistake and lost the opportunity to communicate with a great old spirit.

That is why, you need to awaken the gift of differentiation or distinction.

On the other hand, you know some people who enjoy a huge fortune. However, did you know that many of them have received this wealth as the greatest of their evidence? And do you know how difficult it is for you to carry that heavy burden of wealth?

I can tell you that between them - both among the richest and among the poorest - there are very high souls and others that have long deviated from the Divine Path, path determined by each soul.

The contrasts and the chasms that separate the rich and the poor are an indication of an unbalanced karma in your world. And at the same time, this creates many opportunities for the development of your souls.

Yes, Beloved Ones, your karma creates very favorable conditions for soul development, even though this statement sounds strange to you.

Karma is like the vehicle that constantly transports them and does not offer them the opportunity to relax. In this way, you constantly keep fit and ready to excel and develop divine qualities.

Both formidable wealth and precarious poverty are the result of enormous karma. Said karma is followed by the individual's own creation or because the individual has voluntarily assumed this karma in order to work it in this incarnation and contribute in this way to freeing the karma of humanity.

The difference should be understood.

The best attitude that you should assume towards both wealth and poverty should always be the same attitude, centered and serene, towards lust and misery.

The most important thing is your mental state. If they perceive poverty equally as wealth, this tells them of your detachment towards external phenomena. You have to develop that quality, that attitude without prejudice towards those around you.

Neither wealth nor poverty is evidence of soul development but your attitude toward wealth and poverty is an evidence of the level of your spiritual achievements.

When a greater percentage of humanity begins to focus correctly and consciously on the issue of wealth and poverty, this will be a sign that this type of world karma will have already been cleared. And there will be neither rich nor poor on the face of the Earth.

Therefore, honestly speaking, the wealth of some people and the poverty of others is simply one of the consequences of your imperfect state of consciousness. In overcoming this imperfection, you will no longer find undue poverty or excessive wealth.

Therefore, neither the fight against the rich nor the fight against the poor makes any sense.

There is only a small and meaningful struggle at the level of your imperfect state of consciousness and that is to reject poverty and tend for wealth.

When, at the conscientious level, the great majority of humanity, demonstrates a correct attitude towards both poverty and wealth, there will no longer be rich people or poor people.

The root of your poverty and the root of your wealth is a karma generated by an undue attachment to the objects of the world. You may have voluntarily taken this karma to help cleanse your accumulation of karma as a result of improper use of divine energy in previous incarnations.

Your whole environment is a result of your karma and the karma of humanity - all quality, all manifestation, all feeling and all thoughts in this world. All this creates the background, the stage that allows your soul to receive education at the highest level in order to continue its evolutionary march.

It might seem to you that your life is a total complication and lack of hope. However, it can be of great comfort if I tell you that a great amount of Beings of the Light envy your favorable conditions of development of your souls. And many would gladly exchange their places for yours if the Divine law so permitted.

Therefore, your task will be to acquire a broader vision of the evolution of your soul as a whole, from the development of humanity and the entire universe.

I will feel very happy if something has contributed to my talk to change your state of consciousness in the right direction.

I AM Surya and I send my greetings from the Great Central Sun.

© The messenger is Tatyana Mickushina

Translated from Russian to English by Proletina Dragoeva

Translated from English to Spanish by: Gloria Helena Restrepo C.

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