Dianetics: between acceptance and resignation

  • 2015

The greatest gift in the universe is life.

The greatest happiness for that life is consciousness.

The joy for that conscience is the willpower.

The root of the will is love.


The first time I saw the word dianetics I thought it was a new kind of ethics. I was not wrong, because ethics is the system of ends of the practical mind, according to Emanuel Kant.

Dianetics is a precursor and a substudy of Scientology that addresses the spirit, as superior to the body, and its relationship and effects on the body. It is self-analysis through the mind. Dianetics defines fundamental principles of mind and spirit.

Life has an active impulse towards pleasure. Pleasure can be defined as obtaining or achieving survival. Happiness could be defined as overcoming obstacles towards a survival goal. The mind is the one that deals with calculating or imagining ways and ways to avoid pain and achieve pleasure and carry out solutions.

A hedonistic ethic implies a lifestyle oriented to seek pleasure. Stoicism invites to endure the contingent evils of life. Epicureanism to maintain a courageous heart. A cognitive therapist invites us to promote healthy lifestyles and prevent disease risks. Dianetics invites us to use the mind as a balance that balances the forces of the heart and brain, pain and pleasure, virtue and vice: justice.

A discovery of dianetics was that the unconsciousness and all the pain that goes with it, are stored in a part of the mind; and that this pain and unconsciousness accumulate until it causes the organism to begin to die.

Another discovery was that this pain can be nullified or erased and thereby return full awareness and rehabilitation that leads to survival. Accumulated physical pain or loss reduces consciousness, reduces physical health and reduces the desire to live to such an extent that the body actively seeks death, although often overlapping.

With dianetics it is possible to cancel the unconsciousness and pain accumulated over years, and restore the health and vitality of an organism.

With dianetics it was possible to eradicate aberration and disease, because it became possible to eradicate or nullify the pain accumulated in the body's pain storage banks without applying more pain as in surgery. The vitality of living, of the search for higher levels of survival, is life itself. The supreme value of human life consists in the growth of values, the progress in meanings and the realization of the cosmic interrelation of these two experiences. And such experience equals the conscience of God. Spiritual growth is first, the awakening of needs (satisfaction), then the discernment of meanings (understanding), and finally the discovery of values ​​(sacrifice).

ACCEPTANCE: (He will satisfy me)

There is nothing perfect love, we are all wrong

Love is imperfect, the perfect is inhuman.

There is nothing to make love, if you want to shake my hand


Human beings have a fundamental purpose: Find full satisfaction in their lives. This general purpose is based on a particular ideal, which everyone has developed in their personality and that, as a powerful inner force, drives them to work towards themselves, or others, according to their own ideal. Most people assume that by achieving their ideals and meeting their needs they will be able to obtain satisfaction, happiness and peace in their lives, but then they will realize that as soon as they reach a goal, new challenges and goals arise immediately. to meet.

The only cause of suffering is the inability to accept what happens.

I recognize that I experience:

This is what I am not accepting:

Rejection of Life

The learning opportunity offered by difficulties


The experience of destiny and mission that each person brings


That there are different forms of organization and management


That I can lose something that I no longer need


Other forms, paths, beliefs, options different from mine

Bad mood

What others do or say, or what is happening

Want to condemn

Behaviors and attitudes different from mine


The need to adapt to the environment that corresponded to me


That losing something, I can live differently


The experience and behaviors of others

Want to criticize

The customs, ideas and decisions of others


That others are not to blame for my own experiences

Want to Judge

That everyone does the corresponding with the best they know


That nothing and nobody belongs to me and that I always have everything necessary


That things can go differently and I only give what I can


The possibility of losing what I have, or not achieving what I want


That I don't own anyone and that only love can unite us


That I am not to blame for the experiences of others


That the problem is not in my body but in my mind

If the human being accepts reality as it is by avoiding accommodating it to his own desires, concepts or ideals, he will accept that reality fulfills a specific purpose (Father's Will), he will accept that it is not man who modifies the will but the Law, will accept that small laws show us how the Law of the Universe works, will accept that each person is knowing those laws according to their level of understanding, the spell of suffering would be broken.


There is always who to live for and whom to love

In the end the works remain, the people leave

Others that come will continue


All the ideals of men are valid and also necessary to have a reference that allows to know the universal order. But once people manage to understand how the universe is organized, ideals become unnecessary and obsolete, an obstacle to finding inner peace and full satisfaction in life, a limitation for the rise to the higher levels of human civilization.

Understanding is the auxiliary of wisdom, because just as wisdom allows us to recognize the Order of the Universe, understanding allows it to be followed and between the two they achieve mastery: live according to the Laws of the Universe.

The coordination of ideas-decisions, exceeding ideals and divine laws constitutes the possession of a straight character.

Discover your own ability to understand life, answering YES or NO to each question in the following personal use test. If you had the power to achieve it:

  1. Would you eliminate crime, so that cities are safe for their inhabitants?
  1. Would you change many things about the neighborhood and your family, social and work environment?
  2. Would you pick up all beggars and provide them with a decent living system?
  3. Would you change some things about the state organization and political systems?
  4. Would you change, in some people, their behaviors with others and with you?
  5. Would you exchange the money for another system of distribution of products and services?
  6. Would you support those who strive to work honestly?
  7. Would you do something so that no child lacks shelter, food, education and health?
  8. Would you change the prison system for rehabilitation through work?
  9. Would you build adequate housing systems to replace slums?
  10. Would you help many people to have a more satisfactory standard of living?
  11. Would you change the characteristics of some of the world's governments?
  12. Would you protect plant and animal species, in danger of extinction?
  13. Would you establish social justice, where there were neither poor nor rich?
  14. Would you give very special help to all your loved ones?
  15. Would you change, totally or partially, your current life system?
  16. Would you change some things about religious teachings?
  17. Would you change some norms or customs of social behavior?
  18. Would you change some things of your physical body?
  19. Would you reforest all eroded areas of the planet?
  20. Would you clean the country of all forms of corruption?
  21. Would you change the justice enforcement system?
  22. Would you change some laws of men?
  23. Would you eliminate prostitution and pornography?
  24. Would you eliminate the evil from the face of the earth?
  25. Would you change the national education system?
  26. Would you clean the environmental pollution?
  27. Would you modify the economic system /
  28. Would you change your workplace?
  29. Would you change your current activity?
  30. Would you heal all the sick?
  31. Would you go live in another place?
  32. Would you change your profession?

THE WAIVER: (I will sacrifice)

There will be no reproaches from me,

I only care that you are happy.

You see that I gave you everything in life

My poor life, which is for you.


Renunciation emerged as one of the levels of religious evolution (after taboo and sin). The primitive rites of sacrifice gave rise to the most recent ceremonies of the sacrament.

Today, renunciation is applied in psychology as a technique to help people overcome themselves in various mental conflicts such as anxiety, stress and panic, or emotional or emotional crises; based on philosophical knowledge and understanding of the reality of life.

The renunciation of the soul means: "Detachment." It is important that the balance between realities is not lost on the spiritual path, where the being lives and interacts.

The beams of light, rather the soul, through its incarnations tend to constantly repeat certain customs that are rooted and recorded, especially those that provide pleasure, joy, well-being etc. These emotional recordings behave as intermittent signals that guide the soul towards the pleasant and pleasant, although many times they are not correct. These sensations are often not the most effective and suitable for energy advancement, nor for universal parameters, since instead of helping that soul, it delays it in the walk and formation of its spirit.

The reality in which we live is pleasant and very deceptive, because it is full of sensitive pleasures that add to the soul, for the joys, delights and charms that make you feel emotionally. The soul that is in these conditions, lives drunk in the reverie of pleasant sensations. By living the soul in this way, you are not willing to give up on them, or to part with what causes you taste, delight and satisfaction. The soul that really desires the transmutation of its thought-forms must work deeply on three high points in the walk of its existence, these are:

  • Transmute the Ego into Self-Esteem
  • Transform emotions into feelings
  • Transfigure life in a conscious hologram

WAIVER to prohibit others from doing what they need to learn.

I WAIVE to impose my beliefs, reasons or truths that I may have.

WAIVER to condemn the attitudes or behaviors of others.

I GIVE UP the cantaleta, when things don't go the way I want them.

DISCLAIMER to reply, to what I disagree with.

I WAIVE to protest, before what confronts my concepts.

WAIVER to suppose that unpleasant things can happen.

WAIVER to fulfill functions that no longer correspond to me.

I GIVE UP to do justice, for what happens to me or others.

WAIVER to hinder the evolution or activities of others.

I GIVE UP to offend me, for what others say or do.

I GIVE UP everything that can alter my inner peace.

WAIVER to warn people or judge their decisions.

I GIVE UP to force people to be with me.

WAIVER to look guilty, for the things that happen.

I GIVE UP to oppose the reality that life presents.

WAIVER to prevent other people's experiences.

DISCLAIMER to contradict the opinion of any person.

WAIVER to suffer, before what I can not change.

WAIVER to be a slave to the opinions of others.

WAIVER to interfere with the decisions of others.

I GIVE UP to distress myself, so I can't handle.

I GIVE UP to fight, to get what I don't need.

I GIVE UP to suffer, for what I cannot do.

I WAIVE to hold my ideological positions.

I WAIVE to assault anyone, for no reason.

I WAIVE to defend the reason I think I have.

I give up worrying, so I don't know.

WAIVER to suffer, for what may happen.

I WAIVE to investigate who hurt me.

I GIVE UP that others decide for me.

I GIVE UP to fear, for my loved ones.

DISCLAIMER to discuss, for nothing.

I WAIVE to prove that I am right.

I WAIVE to retain what I do not need.

I WAIVE to criticize anyone or anything.

I GIVE UP my ego and my pride.

We are addicted to planet Earth. The day we no longer incarnate in the outer reality and our souls find peace of mind, then we will have freed ourselves from the pleasurable sensations of the external senses. Only there we can say: We are free !, and when we say it is because we learned to give up and get rid of the tempting pleasures of the density of matter.

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