Detach from the past by Mirna Larios

  • 2014

This is a very important exercise that should be repeated every seven months, or whenever deemed necessary. It is convenient to get rid of all utensils or devices that do not work or are not used in the house.

It is not good to keep clothes that are not going to be worn, books or magazines that are not going to be read or other objects that do not fulfill a useful function.

You can sell, donate or give away what you don't need anymore.

It is important to make room for the new.

There has to be a certain empty space in the house because, otherwise, the new cannot enter. If many old things accumulate in the house it means that one lives tied to the past, to memories, and that does not allow change.

Only what is useful, positive and necessary should be preserved.

There are old objects that can be very useful; Do not interpret that the old is bad because it is definitely not so. Only that which no longer serves you can become bad. Say goodbye to everything you no longer use with love. Bless it and circulate it.

According to what we carry inside, we attract people and situations. This means that everything that happens to us, good or bad, is reflecting patterns of thoughts stored in our mind.

Good people, who love and help us, reflect the most favorable part of our conscience, while those who generate problems, envy or fight us are reflecting the darkest part of our own conscience.

In other words, people who are more negative only come to our lives to "do us the favor" of reminding us that we have certain mental patterns to heal.

If a person has a partner who mistreats, lies, cheats and others, that couple is reflecting what the other person believes in love or associates with the idea of ​​love.

The solution in this case is not to change partners, but to change your mind. If the change does not occur on the inside, then the person will choose another partner who will mistreat him again.

This idea is difficult to assimilate because it is easier to find the "guilty" outside of us. Each one has the perfect culprit of his own unhappiness: his partner, some of his parents, his children, his boss, his friends, his neighbors; if that is not enough, the president is blamed, bad weather, the economy, or bad luck.

To grow, you must first accept responsibility for your own life.

In this way, you will avoid finding a guilty external to your own problems. Nor is it necessary for you to feel guilty about what happens to you. You just have to feel responsible, know that some wrong thinking patterns are leading you to choose wrong. Once you change your thoughts, you will change your life.

From now on, every time a problem arises it is convenient that you ask yourself: “What does this mean in my life? Why or how am I creating this situation? In this way, you will discover the belief that has led you to live such a situation. To change this belief you must put into practice everything learned in the principle of mentalism. When a new and positive belief is affirmed in your consciousness, people or external situations will appear that will confirm it. In short, you can consider your current situation as a mirror of your internal state.


According to the principle of correspondence, each of us has what he "corresponds." When you see someone who owns a fortune, you have to know that that fortune belongs to him, whether you understand it or not. The opposite is also true: when you see someone living in poverty, that poverty "corresponds." This does not mean that there is a selectivity in the mind of God. He has not selected who will be rich and who will be poor. Selectivity exists only in the minds of humans; Everyone has chosen to be rich or poor.

Poverty is not a problem of money but of conscience. If you have money problems, you should know that until you change your “poor” mentality, wealth cannot manifest in your life. It is suggested that you do not lend money to those who have economic problems. If you lend money to someone who has a debt, it is most likely that you will only help him to enlarge his original debt. The solution is to help you change your thinking, teach you to think in terms of prosperity and not lack. Debts are generated by guilt and are a form of autocastigo. If you want to get out of your own debts or help someone else do it, you must learn to forgive.

Most debts are generated by wanting to access things that are not yet earned in conscience. This means that you are rushing the process and internally you have not yet accepted what you are acquiring on the physical plane. Credit cards "help" you to borrow because they allow you to quickly access your desire. When desire and conscience agree, you can access what you want without borrowing.

Remember that the mind is like a fertile ground where you sow your “seeds” or desires. When a plant is born, it is very weak and small; but if you water it and take care of it, then it will grow like a tree and give you flowers and fruits. It is impossible that a plant gives you its fruits as soon as it is born. The same goes for your thoughts. If you repeat them, take care of them, visualize them, and keep them in time, they materialize and give you their fruits. If your desire is to acquire a house with five rooms and you currently live in a house with only one room, you will have to “work” that idea, give it time to mature in your conscience until you feel it possible and truly yours. Then, the most comfortable possibility to access it will appear. When you speed up the process because your ego tells you that time is running out, you get debts.

In addition, according to this principle, the physical body sends us very concrete signals about whether what we are living will be good or bad for us. These signs are very simple and easy to understand. When you are facing something that will be good for you, the body sends you a comfort signal. You feel calm, in harmony, in peace and with enthusiasm.

On the contrary, when you are facing something that can harm you, the signal is of discomfort. In this case the body becomes tense, the muscles seem ready to act and defend you from danger, you cannot rest or enjoy. If you are guided by those basic signals of your body you will never be wrong.

In addition to having a physical body, you have what is called "emotional body." This body has the ability to recognize in the first moment you come into contact with someone if that person will do you good or bad; The mixture of energies produces an immediate, very clear and successful chemical reaction. Therefore, you should always pay attention to your "first impressions." From the first moment, you will know if your current partner, friend, boss, neighbor, or a frequent person will be a positive or negative influence for you.

This is also true with the energy of certain places.

There are places where you will feel very comfortable; There are others that you will want to leave immediately after arriving. Always pay attention to the feeling you receive. Your logic is likely to point out a lot of reasons against what you are feeling; However, your inner being goes beyond logic and can help you avoid future problems.

Perhaps when reading this last you remember some situation in which you felt beforehand that a certain person or place was not suitable for you; however, you ignored that perception and later suffered the consequences. If you have already lived the experience, take it in your favor and promise yourself to listen more ..


Detach from the past by Mirna Larios

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