Awakenings, Songs for Your Soul and The Sovereignty of Light - M. El Morya, M. Kuthumi and M. Serapis Bey

  • 2011

By Mirtha Verde-Bouquet

Your Words of Light

Wake up

Master El Morya

Wake up Master El Morya Let's hurry up! The incoming Era admits no more delays, from the sky the abode of the subtle emerges, taking root in the purely human life. In each day more alive sap is released from the energy that the Creator provides to his progeny. The more the destinations are shortened, the more progress is made along the way. I will sit in My Retreat to contemplate you, faithful friend, when you arrive tired, I will give you with my hands fresh water from the springs that sprout to the side of My Retreat and I will tell you about the subtle that, however, is strength for every pilgrim. When you lack the courage to continue in the contest, I will show you smiling the similar struggle that those who guide and encourage you today gave. I will release for you the flower that never withers, it is the white lily of hope always shining in the colloquium of the soul that is permanently willing to proclaim unity with the Divine Presence of God, living it and showing it in the world with its always good works . We will contemplate the sunset together from the highest mountain ranges that exist in the world and I will show you how to conquer your own summit, climbing the steep path of silent labor. You will not fatigue your body under the protection of the Light that emerges from the superior eagerness and when you close your days at the rest of the dream we will continue working for the redemption of all life, showing them its sublime destiny, purpose and true effort. He greets you in the trine form of head, heart and hand, EL MORYA


Songs for Your Soul

Master Kuthumi

I sing for you sweet and stay, while you rest from the eagerness of the day

with that sweetness that gives you the peace of the work accomplished.

I sing to your heart sacred life

when loving you perceive the sovereignty of the created

by wearing the jewel of the bright pearl, the spirit of all life.

I sing to your suns that come off when you notice

in all the things that surround you, such a life

encouraging with its days and its velvety nights

the sublime Presence that hidden, however, reveals its always closeness. I sing to the desires that populate your heart every day when they carry the ambrosia of universal love and detached help. I sing to you, who love giving with full hands, to those who lack even the hope of a new dawn again, another beginning. I sing to the courage with which you wake up, greeting again to the new day, as do the birds of the sky who do not fear the wind of every morning or the rain or the winter, They trust in the sure protection of their Magnificent Father and Mother of the Heavens! I sing to the life of the Creator that sustains everyone in his rite of Light and Life, creation and eternal joy. KUTHUMI

The Sovereignty of the Light

Master Serapis Bey

Together in the adventure that life holds,

the ordeal of souls is in the insufflo

of each breath received, well channeled and pure.

There is no greater sovereignty in the whole Earth and in the worlds

that emanate the Light of God consciously,

she is the door that opens all the opportunities that the future sustains.

The Voice that rises to proclaim the Kingdoms is very successful,

beyond those of the forms, those who are true

of splendor and eternal lineage. You who walk in front of the uncertain, carrying the alliance of the ideal will not lose your footsteps, you will always increase the spring of fire that burns everlasting in the heart of all life, in the beat of God's Name and His immanent Presence. Fire of all White, radiance of sidereal diamonds, breathing and throbbing in the heartbeat of each human being

Walking the cycles of coming and going the wheel is the illusion woven into the desires of the mind and the corporeal language of feelings, and I show you now how to emphasize the immense never changing the jewel for a coal that also splendid fire, fire of mud, not gods. Those who blind the world contaminate everything, ignoring the origin by a piece of dreams, fail to raise their vision beyond their desires. The vision of the Supreme ideal is not illusory, she is the star that illuminates the weary feet of the traveler, that which grips in the heat of the daily contest, will bear fruit for the experience the pain causes the soul to peek into the glow of the life that adds to the advance of the only real victory that is based on the glory of reaching the desired peak where the zenith is touched between heaven and Earth and angelic abodes. There is no more certain desire to cultivate the energy of all thoughts that governs life, blesses or condemnation. The obedient energy populates with joy or pain as the tendencies of souls are channeled. Do not blame life, situations or chains, the self is forging its freedom or condemnation, it is true to know that in the beginning and in the end only the Light is sovereign. Ascension is the right that humanity will gain when it walks determined to realize in its life the only Master Plan, the development of its own divine essence. My Blessings leaves you, One who has walked his same footprints, crossing the deserts and the beautiful displays of the Nile, where the sands burned and the immense sun covered with his fire the useless of conquests that are not real, the internal ones . I bless the Spark of White Fire that your hearts encourage. I AM, SERAPIS!

channeled by Mirtha Verde-Ramo


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