From my Amethyst Heart by the ascended Master Saint Germain

  • 2010

My Greeting reaches all the servers of the World at this time where the Great Tasks to be carried out, undertaken since ancient times in which Humanity walked still wrapped in the mists of superstition, are already outlined with absolute clarity. And ignorance.

It is known for the most part, the cyclical turn of the upward spiral evolution through which the entire galaxy goes through which implies large currents of powerful powers leading to regulation n and complete elevation in terms of the frequency of the octaves of light that must be emitted from the stone and to the most excellent Arc on the Planet and all its Milky Way.

This next step is of such great magnitude and scope as you know My Beloved, which makes you qualify as the Sacred Planet that was at the beginning of time and which will be again, with the absolute cooperation of your free will.

I pronounce myself in this decisive hour as far as evolution is concerned to tell them Do not fear Countless voices speak speaking of calamities and disasters . n pointing out 2012, as a total or partial destruction of the Earth and life on it.

I speak now, from My Amethyst heart to those who open their Souls feeling the whole Love and purpose of God Himself. and they feel the truth of the momentum of creation, constantly renewing themselves in an offering of Love, Beauty and Perfection.

The real changes are happening at the levels of the spent and rebel, aggressive and polluting forms. Fighting takes place in the battlefields of the Being itself, the angels of the purpose are claiming the substance of the Rays of God, which have their existence in the subtle bodies of the Human Being and in those of the Soul of the Earth., trying to expel the ancestral egregores or entities of diseases, selfishness and fear.

The conscious elementals of this established New Order are in turn debated to give purity, good use and administration to their element and respond to the human as he runs over and abuses them.

This does not mean the destruction of the entire Planet, but the Purification required before entering through the Great portals of the Planetary initiations that have their crisis points. as an anticipated form of necessary redemption ..

In the Retreats of the Violet Flame, My Own Heart, gives you the radiance of the Transmuting and Liberating Light, so that you continue to expand your Own Light to the warmth and radiance of Your precious Christs. Bless Saint Germain.

Mirtha Verde-Bouquet (


Stgo. Chile February 2010.


By the Ascended Master Saint Germain.

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