Decrees of heart, head and hand, by Master El Morya

  • 2011

By El Morya


Decree s one thing and you will be manifested !

At all times every man and woman creates their own future. Life, which is a gift given by God, acts continuously to satisfy man's desires, expressed or not. Human thoughts and feelings are in themselves decrees and produce with certainty and justice, according to their nature, joy or regret. Although they live in a sea of ​​wisdom, most men believe in ignorance. Their lives, therefore, are a mixture of good and evil, a chaotic expression of the so-called wheel of fortune.

Because I believe that both honest men and women want to get out of self-imposed captivity and get rid of the unhappy human qualities of thought and feeling - long supported but not cured - I am offering these decrees to the world in the solar glow of love and light. . Its constant and faithful use will sow the always fertile land of human consciousness with seeds of grace and sprouts of mercy. These, in turn, will produce the harvest of a new life, a personal harvest of harmony and abundance, quickly manifested in response to your call, through individual growth and the expansion of God's sacred fire.

Like the Balm of Gilead, these decrees will anoint the weary souls of the children of the earth and link human hearts to the ascended hosts, making the human and the divine a family that can establish and establish peace and peace forever. Victory in the Light of God that never fails.

By observing daily the ritual of invocations and decrees, accept my blessing given personally from the Retreat of God's Will, here in Darjeeling, in the name of the Great White Brotherhood: heart, head and hand.



Decrees of Heart, Head and Hand



Violet Fire, divine Love,

Call my heart in this one!

You are mercy forever true,

In harmony keep me with you always. (x3)


I AM Light, you Christ in me,

Free my mind forever;

Violet fire, shine forever

Deep in my mind.

God you give me daily bread

With Violet Fire fill my head

Until your heavenly glow

Make my mind a mind of Light. (x3)


I AM the hand of God in action, achieving victory every day:

The great satisfaction of my pure soul,

It is to walk the Middle Way. (x3)

The Ascended Masters dictated these decrees in English. His disciples should use the science of the Spoken Word in this language, since English is the language that the Brotherhood chose for his disciples in the New Age. The translation is included here for easy understanding. The decrees in Spanish are not a substitute for the originals in English. However, the reader can give them in Spanish until he has mastered them in English. Just as the Masters of the Far East expect their disciples to recite their mantras in Sanskrit, the language of the guru, so the Ascended Masters expect their disciples throughout the world to make the effort to master the decrees in English, so that all devotees throughout the world can meet in any nation and decree in unison, for they are ONE in the body of God and One in heart, soul and mind.


Resplendent and beloved I AM Presence,

Seal your Light Tube around me

Ascended Master Flame

Summoned now in God's own name

Make me keep my temple free

Of all discord sent to me.

I AM the one who invokes the Violet Fire

To burn and transmute all desire,

Persisting in the name of Freedom

Until I am One with the Violet Flame. (x3)


I AM Forgiveness here acting,

Throwing all doubt and fear,

Freeing men forever

With wings of Cosmic Victory.

I AM the one who invokes with full power

Forgiveness at all times;

To all life and everywhere

I instill the Grace of Forgiveness. (x3)


I AM free from fear and doubt,

Discarding all poverty and misery

Knowing now that all good Provision

It always comes from the kingdom on high.

I AM the hand of God's own Fortune

Shedding the treasures of Light

Receiving now full Abundance

To satisfy every need of life. (x3)


I AM Life of Divine Direction

Call your Light of Truth on me

Concentrate here all the Perfection of God,

From all discord free me.

Secure me and keep me that way forever

In the Justice of your plan,

I AM the Presence of Perfection

Living the Life of God in man! (X 3)


I AM the one who changes all my clothes,

The old women for the bright new day

With the sun of Understanding

I AM the one who shines all the way.

I AM Light, inside, out;

I AM Light everywhere.

Call me, set me free, glorify me.

Seal me, name me, purify me!

Until transfigured describe me:

I AM the one who shines like the Son,

I AM who shines like the Sun!


I am the Resurrection Flame,

Flashing pure Light of God through me,

Now I AM the one who is raising each atom,

Of every free shadow I AM.

I AM the Light of the full Presence of God

I AM the one who lives free forever

Now the flame of eternal life

It rises to Victory (x3)


I AM the Light of Ascension,

Victoria flowing free,

All Good won at last

For the whole eternity.

I AM Light: all weight has faded,

In the air I rise;

I pour over all with full Divine Power

My wonderful song of praise.

Save everyone! I AM the living Christ,

The one who always loves is.

Ascended now with full Divine Power,

I AM a shining Sun! (x3)

Transcribed by Adnama from the book The Science of the Spoken Word by Mark L Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Edition 1993 -Summit University Press Box 5000 Livingston, Montana. 59047-5000 USA

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