From you to you "with Sant Germain.

  • 2010

Olga Calduch / Doomha: Universal reasoning, that so elegant madness disguised as false verbal emperors, conceptualizing in analysis at this time with our mind, and also devaluing certain riddles of our soullike Mother Congenitals.

If we do not dare to distort the reason for logic, we can never use the authentic information, of which each of us should be The greatest adept, hypnotized by oneself.

With the arrival of the couplings of the new chakras, which anchor us more to our connection neosystem, to our Great Hidden Treasure, and which anchor us more to the new connection system from the Earth's Interior.

All these great waves of information must contain "up to now called human wisdom."

True wisdom is not a spy, true wisdom is not an established order, true wisdom is not an acquired vibration, true wisdom is not a reason without wings. The true wisdom at the top of the summit, has its own Seal, attributed to that meeting, and that true meeting, meets and we meet Saint Germain :

Welcome to all of you who are currently listening or reading this great message, and I say great message because we are going to introduce ourselves into a concept of reality

Almost no one on this Earth knows my true identity. The respect that many of you have for me is due to those great and wise men, who have wanted to put me in good place, but first of all I tell you, that within all this, there is the great concept that “I have had of me”, Without being an egotist, I have lived the true reality, it has not been a reverie, nor was it, nor is it, nor will it be. The true reality, which consists in that way that has no established concept, of that moment that has no beginning or end, of that gear that nobody has acquired. From here, I think it is much better that you break all the structures that have taught you so far, in terms of the old teachings. The old teachings are beliefs from the outside, they cannot fill you with wisdom.

We will begin by considering ourselves "from you to you", because "by considering ourselves from you you can penetrate my own throbbing, and I can penetrate your own breathing."

Everyone so far is trying to make a change, and everyone is doing it in their own way. Tired you are already some of so much teaching that always says the same, of so much writing that it always smells the same, of so much modernized and conceptualized manipulation without a heart base. However, "if you consider yourself in your own interior with a new geometry, " when I say geometry, I mean a new way of feeling, thinking and flowing, under a different prism as human.

All those beings considered charlatans, are realizing that their world has become empty, that all those words could not penetrate into the breath of a being with desire and with real strength. All these ancient concepts are no longer useful, be very attentive because all the information that is prepared to help the human being can only penetrate your circuits, when you begin to decide “what is really worth feeling”. What is the use of collecting and collecting and collecting information, if you do not vibrate, or palpitate from your gut with authentic feeling? What good is a great mountain full to the summit of how to do things, if all this does not Does it change, does it not motivate you? What is the use of going around and around looking for why, how and until when, if there is nothing that makes you stop watching?

There are Great Beings that live near you, there are Great Magi who observe you, and you have not seen them, because your eyes do not know how to collect, they do not know how to look from “that point of true and only human transference”, acquired through many and Many lives

It is producing, and you should all know, a true "revolutionary movement of anchoring missions coded for the human being." The call is important to you, the call is very urgent for you.

Everything now begins to vibrate under another frequency, it is a different frequency, of different emotions. If you get, if you try, if you open up “to your great inner revolution”, all of this will come and surround you as if it were great echoes of light from other Lares, loitering and loving you.

Now I would like you to enjoy, learn to enjoy, it is a "key word in this life", enjoy, enjoy, and enjoy, renew, renew, and renew, and anchor, and anchor, and anchor.

These Great Masters that you say, are also part of you. Do not be abhorred beings, do not be beings without identity, do not be beings without your own essence. The flowers have their own personality, the trees have their own strength, your brothers and teachers the animals, and some Masters like them, they teach you so many things “that you don't even see them”, and you look in the big books, in the big books of bookstores. Your best library is close to you every day, in every thing, in every feeling of them, in every way of acting of any animal it has encoded a very valuable information for all the details of your life.

You have to learn from the Stars, you have to feel the Galactic Sonar, to make you vibrate, to make you fly, but you must land near all those sensations, smell them, live them, do not be afraid to be different, you are all born to be different.

And here is "the great new mystery of this moment." All, absolutely all, the information of Kosmos, of this Nova Era, is re-engaging in all Nature, in all living beings.

The function of the human is to "expand its waves" through, above all, the Masters of the Quartz, and from there to "absorb, reconnect and digest", a whole new wonderful world, of exciting information, "to grow without need of wings ”, “ to fly without the need for fear ”, “ to laugh without the need for tears ”, “ to squeeze without the need to keep the feeling ”.

There are many human beings who are channeling this information, but I tell you, that this is a call, very, very, very important, so that all those beings that live in your microcosm, those beings that form the One, can now rediscover, that these new sensations, that this new life, can make you "be" once and for all "happy".

The word and words of "Beloved of", of all those spiritual processes, are becoming only words, not facts, so you feel so tired, because everything old, all the word adorned under "concepts without love ”, It doesn't work anymore, it doesn't work anymore. Now is the time of the facts, of those, really, from your own interior, not of words. The cheap judgments are over, the shadows have been hidden forever, and the true jewels "are coded forms" of a great network of information that altruistic beings, only from the base of their One, with true charm and determination, since their feel, work to spread "the true work of art" that you have here on Earth.

Channel: Olga Calduch Meseguer February 2010

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