From Pisces to Aquarius: what the change of era really means by Carles Pérez

  • 2015

There has been talk by active and passive of the change of Astrological era, what it means, what will come ... we have been projecting a future idea for that change for years, towards a better world, towards a different perspective, and towards new values.

What does a change of era mean?

What signs can we decipher to understand and consciously work on it?

As in any cycle of nature, all change is based, in principle, on a progression. The transition between ages is no exception. The last 2000 years, for example, have had common denominators but there have been many stages, moments, changes and evolutions within it.

Let's stick to the numbers: an Astrological era lasts 2160 years . The beginning of the Aquarian era - in which we are entering - is encrypted in the current era, although depending on the doctrines, studies and specialists we consult, we could take 100 years in it or that there are still 100 more years to go.

The Mayas, with their Tzolkin calendar, were the ones who possibly calculated this change most accurately, citing 2012 as the key year. However, to give an example, the 80s already meant some changes due to the appearance and growth of the technology, typical of Aquarius.

Astrologically, in 1999 there were significant astrological events that culminated in 2010 with a large square, from which we have been feeling its effects to this day.

We can deduce that the change has been taking place for some years now, but it seems perfectly logical that if one was lasting more than 2100, the transition of which we spoke a few lines above is somewhat slow.

Between one era and the other, the end of one and the beginning of the next will happen, both moments overlapping in time.

We will attend almost the same time the 'death' of the old values, very crystallized and already obsolete for the most part - learned, and the birth of new values, which for 'young people' will be somewhat undefined, with confusion, on stage of discovery, experimentation and maturation.

A change of era can occur through some generations.

From this perspective, what we are currently living would possibly correspond to the second generation (the first changes arrived in the 60s).

It seems that the ancient values ​​of modern civilization begin to collapse, falling one after another. The already archifamous world crisis is awakening consciences and forcing us to discern what we want, how we want to do it and, above all, where ethics lies in all of this.

The new values, somewhat young and in the process of maturation, started with the Hippie movement and the 'New Age movement.

The hidden disciplines in Pisces began to come to light, and there is still much knowledge that is not available to everyone. However, we still work too much in our own interest, we take more than we give, and we often want that information, that knowledge, to be able to exalt ourselves rather than to offer a service.

In Aquarius everything good for one will be good for the other, so we are in the process of getting there.

The era of Pisces has been characterized by:

  • Individuality above the collective
  • The Ego 'I am well', above El Alma, 'we are all well'
  • Supremacy of individual ideologies followed by groups: gregariousness
  • Power control for own use
  • Sacrifice and suffering as a way of overcoming
  • Individual leaders, people who lead changes, Teachers and Gurus
  • The hidden: knowledge is managed by elites
  • Control and experimentation of emotions, of the emotional body: water sign

In this change of era, we are finishing living what Jesus called the 'Apostasy', the general chaos or reign of the Antichrist, to give way to the 'Parousia', or second coming of the Christ.

Apostasy refers to the exaggerated and individualistic use of the characteristics of the previous era. What has been popularly called 'The Antichrist' is an ethical behavior totally removed from the values ​​of fraternity, union, solidarity, compassion, mercy, sense of group ...

The 'sacrifice' that, for example, Christianity carries in its educational background comes from these values, and little by little it must be transformed into a sum of efforts for a common good that helps in the realization and fulfillment of the individual purpose of each one.

The young people of today, many of them, are in this 'wave' related to living more than working, experiencing equal parts with learning, and knowing and feeling besides studying.

The passage from Pisces to Aquarius (second coming of the Christ, archetypally speaking) will take place at:

  • The collective, the group (the world, humanity) will be very important and the individual will be nourished by what the group contributes.
    The development of the individual purpose will continue to be crucial but within a contributing society, less competitive.
  • Solidarity, common, sharing, will be normal. Common well-being will be paramount so that each one can develop individually.
  • Leaders as we know them will be obsolete.
    Leadership will be shared, the group will send and not isolated people.
  • Power, money, knowledge and technologies will be of common and open use.
    All this will cease to be managed by a few.
  • We will stop sufrir, as a concept conveyed in our education, to do things from grace and complacency. Work, purpose and enjoyment of life will tend to be united.
  • The group will be the leader. The communities will be the managers, the camouflaged individualism of service will progressively end. The Christ, as we know him, will not be represented by a person but by a group, a community.
  • Hidden knowledge, science, technology, will be available to communities. What is of humanity will be enjoyed by humanity.
  • Control and experimentation of the mind, of the mental body: air sign.


Author: Carles Perez, Astrologer, consultant and therapist at Being the One
Paula Alonso Professor and Practitioner of Feldenkrais accredited by the EUROTAB

From Pisces to Aquarius: what the change of era really means by Carles Perez

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