David Topí: Animals, plants, elements and elementals of the new Earth

  • 2014

Continuing with the theme of the consciences and energies that populate the planet, and their evolutionary change, as I told you in the video of the conference that I gave at the meeting of the Tribute to the Earth, trying to understand what happens with the process of separation of the "two Lands", as another of the ends that I had an interest in understanding and that I was left loose in my "mental scheme" of things, is related to the changes that have to occur in the rest of organic life and physical, flora and fauna, and also non-physical, the life of those we call elementary, and, of course, the existence of the "elements" that make up the current Earth as we know it, such as fire, air, earth and water, in what will be the "new reality".

In the physical universe that we know, everything is composed of a combination in different degrees of four primary energies (five, if we count the Ether, which amalgams and acts as a substrate for everything else). These primary energies are part of the essence of certain macro-consciousnesses, or macro-beings, which have their existence in hierarchies and planes far above what we are able to understand. When we say that water, as an element, is an energy manifested in liquid form, as we know it, we do it taking into account that it is only the manifestation in our reality of the portion of a BEING, which projects part of itself, in the reality that we know as the 3D universe, to form from planets to streams, in conjunction with other beings of the same stratum and creative potential. These four macro-BEINGS, among others, are the ones that make reality that, Kumara, as a planetary consciousness, has Earth at its disposal, as an evolutionary vehicle.

Those who care for the elements

On the other hand, when we talk about the four elements, we also talk about the elementals, which are nothing other than another part of the same BE that governs that element, created to take care and take care of the conservation of the physical counterpart of the element in question. Thus, on the one hand, the BEING of the air element not only “creates” from itself the physical “air” that we breathe, but creates, and is responsible, for life forms that we have called sylphs, so that take care of the "air", just as the other elementals take care of the manifestation of the other elements. You already know all this and you have it in the video of the previous conference.

All right. This is how things are organized on our planet today, and more or less the same in others of the same evolutionary level. But what about the "new Earth"? Are there still elements and elementals? Is there still the same type of energy manifestation of the same beings?

Well, things change a lot, it seems. First, in today's Earth, things continue as they are now, that is, these great consciences from which the elements are born continue to manifest and project in it, both until the end of this cycle and when a new evolutionary wheel begins, later. If this were not the case, there would be no possibility that the current Earth would regenerate completely, and give way to the animals and life forms we call second density could begin to evolve, and move forward in the third.

But, on the new Earth, when the human race reaches the evolutionary level we call fourth density, and our planet is one step higher with its new "evolutionary vehicle, " the elementals are different. They are different because the elements that make up this new Earth are also different. They are still portions or projections of the same macro-beings, but with a completely different "energetic" manifestation.

As well as for this physical life to exist, these chemical mixtures of elementary forces are needed, since our physical bodies are made thanks to these four components, this is no longer necessary at the next evolutionary level, since we will not be made (the physical vehicle that we will deal with) the chemical-energy combination of the four forces we know. Therefore, the four energies that now give us life will have another kind of very different manifestation in an evolutionary environment that will also be very different. Elements and elementals will remain, but they will not look too much like what we now know as such.

The evolution of flora and fauna

Something similar happens with flora and fauna. On a physical level, animals and plants exist both at this current level and at the next level, but in a different way. All life forms encompassed within the flora depend on another consciousness, in fact, each species of plant has its own collective unconscious, grouped into a greater consciousness as we climb the scale of the planes of creation. The same goes for minerals, and animals, since each species has a group mind from evolutionary archetypes created in higher planes and manifested in our 3D reality as oaks, penguins or deer we know.

This flora and fauna is still as it has always been, and will continue its evolutionary course with the old Earth. Evolutionary level will begin to pass to the third. But on the new Earth there are also plants and animals. It is 100% correct. It has been perceived by many people, colleagues and people who write to me telling their experiences when they have been able to perceive something of the new reality, and that is, indeed, there is also "natural" life apart from human beings. In the scheme below, you have a bit of a hierarchy that follows flora and fauna, from the physical body of our plane, to the archetypes of the mental plane, through the collective unconscious of each species in the ethereal and emotional planes.

But, these animals or these plants, are they there because they have transitioned with us? No. They are there because a new projection has been created from these same beings, archetypes or group consciences towards the new Earth, of the different species of flora and fauna that will populate the new planet. No current species will disappear from this 3D and will appear on the new Earth, but, for example, the archetypal creator of deer consciousness is projected simultaneously to both the old and the new ship, creating and giving life to the species of animals and plants with which we will live, each in the world in which it is. Even so, I have the impression that our relationship with flora and fauna, on the new evolutionary level, will be VERY DIFFERENT, equal to equal, and with a respect that now, because maybe Yes, most of the human race we don't have so assimilated.

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David Top : Animals, plants, elements and elementals of the new Earth

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