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  • 2010

How is the inner cure performed? How can we know that we are healing?

The healing process begins when the creative desire is activated, and for this, it has to be carried out in conjunction with the understanding. We have always said that the path of elevation is achieved through knowledge, understanding and love. Definitely, wanting and power are two different things: everyone wants, but not everyone has the same will to do it. Waking up is not that difficult: the difficult thing is to stay awake and activate the creative desire. It is a consequence of the deep work and knowledge of each one of you.

The creative desire is an activator, but who will do all the work are you, life after life, grade over grade. It is hard work, laborious and sometimes tired, so much that many times you give up, because you can't stand it anymore. Just as the fish go up the river against the current to spawn, many of them do not arrive because of all the difficulties they encounter along the way and only those who are strong and determined will arrive. Such is life, only the energy-thoughts of great energy strength will achieve universal advancement and supremacy.

All this knowledge given so far has served as an introduction for you to understand the next teachings. Everything you read so far has given you the ability to expand your imagination, and in all this time you, perhaps without noticing it, have chiseled the thought-energies of your minds. The crystals have been ordered and classified. You are more sure of yourself and know that your actions, actions and thoughts are having a positive effect on your hearts and minds. This is the knowledge, understanding and love, they are penetrating your energies without you noticing and doing their work. These three qualities work between the two sides of the brain, open unsuspected channels and that produces the environment conducive to the improvement of their lives. You are not the same from a time ago, you are more aware of your reality in harmony and peace.

Their minds have changed, because they are no longer working so much with weight and volume: they are embracing the circumference. Understanding expands in their minds and encompasses different degrees and planes; their minds are in fluctuating degrees of cognitive ability, because they are already working with special energies, which will be responsible for transporting them to other realities of existence. To do this, they must enter their own humanity, and for this they will need to penetrate the knowledge of the human: They will need to know themselves.


Set of all human beings. Sensitivity, understanding towards others, union of disciplines that revolve around man and have no practical and immediate application. Consideration of man for all things and for the defense of an ideal of integral formation supported by knowledge, understanding and love. Study obtained from the power and development of the essential qualities of man, kind, charitable, compassionate and understanding towards others; Less cruel and less hard. He shows good feelings and is supportive and altruistic.

Reading this definition, we are facing a being who worked hard for his recovery and got it, life after life. The first understanding and the first recovery upon return is called humanity; Sensitizing energy-thinking is a huge task, but not impossible. When the being reaches the maximum expansion of consciousness, then he will be prepared to face his inner reality and begin to know himself. He will be compassionate with himself, and through that understanding and humanity, he will be able to heal himself of all his ills, because his examination of conscience will be done with humanity and love will accompany him in the judgment of himself. You must be sincere and open to understand and understand others. If humanity is lacking, he will lack compassion and love, consequently he will not understand what is happening, he does not have the capacity to do so. He may have the technique, but never the understanding, and having no understanding, he will not be able to help himself or others.

Humanity and understanding must be accompanied by certain tools that will help you on the path called discovery. The being will have to vividly activate the inner senses. These are the tools you will need to take advantage of the power of analysis; without them it is impossible to get to know oneself. The first thing you must discover are the inner senses, because with them you will work from now on.


Appreciation of reality through the internal senses. Understanding or knowledge through intelligence.


Perception through internal senses or intelligence. Attraction or achievement of new supporters or their will or affection. Referred to an attitude or a feeling of others, achieve or get them.


Clear and direct knowledge of an idea or a reality without the need for reasoning. Ability to understand something quickly or to realize it before others. Person carried more by intuition than by reasoning.


Ability or insight to understand and distinguish clearly. Supernatural power to perceive or guess what has not been seen or has not happened.

Fortune telling

Prediction or discovery of something by magic, by guesswork or by chance. Something hidden that is discovered by conjecture or intuition.

Just as the material senses allow you to capture an apparent reality, the inner senses will make that captured reality not distort at all. These tools will help a lot to the being who is willing to work on himself; the vision will be totally clear and, being so, will be representing the energy-thought as it is. True humanity must be supported by the knowledge and understanding of the true senses; in this way, beings on planet Earth would not deceive each other or live off appearances.

For example, we see a being apparently full of charity for his fellow man. The outer senses will capture a kind person, inclined to help other beings and totally devoted to that need. Everyone will think how extraordinary that person is, and so they will judge. It could be true, as long as that person is sincere with their work and accomplishment. If it is not, then the inner senses would be capturing a person full of vanity, appearances, pride, because the work she is doing is not born from the heart but from an apparent image that she wants to convey to others. Only he who has his inner senses awake will realize the truth and will not be fooled.

The brain of man-planet Earth is full of energies-thoughts of this kind: his thoughts do not match his actions and actions. He thinks one thing and performs another, it is not congruent, his reality does not agree with himself. You, with your distorted and sick thoughts, have created horrible, inhuman ways. The diseases that constantly appear are the result of thought-energies that fluctuate in the environment and attack the brains; they send the wrong orders to the systems, which will work according to the orders they receive. It is a vicious circle that does not end.

True humanity consists in existing in accordance with the inner worlds and that these can be expressed outside of existence; in a nutshell, left side congruent with the right side. The true cure is within you: it is the voluntary transmutation of your thought-energies. Believe it, you have the ability to do it, you were programmed for it. They only lack the Knowledge to do it.

We are sending you a lot of knowledge through thousands of messages. You have to break with the old and obsolete schemes that do not let you move forward. Make an effort and open your mind, here we are. To perform the cure, they must first know themselves. If we say that the disease begins first with the psychic thoughts-energies, then we must analyze them, classify them and understand them, in order to eradicate them. You know these energies as emotions and feelings.

Emotion: Agitation of the mood produced by impressions, ideas or intense feelings. Mood that is carried away by impressions. Be moved by the sensitivity and emotionality of the emotion.

Feeling: Impression produced by things or events in the mood. Emotional and emotional part of a person.

Feeling is a cause and emotion an effect.

Feeling is an action and emotion is a reaction.

Feeling is a sequence and emotion is a consequence.

The feeling is Ayapliano and the emotion is human.

If you really want to be cured, you should be psychoanalyzed through feelings and emotions. This study will make them deepen their inner world, and the inner senses will help them to do so. They will grasp the truth of the facts and not what you want or want to understand.

When we refer to the senses, the same word says it. Feeling means opinion, judgment or feeling for something. Perceive through the senses. Referring to something that has not happened: present it or have the impression that it will happen. Referred to a state or situation: Find themselves in their midst. Perceive through the senses. Realize, think, think. The feeling is not a state of being, it is a feeling of being. That is why we are explaining that psychoanalysis should be based on feeling and not on the emotion of feeling.

Man-planet Earth has always lived according to his emotions and has been dragged by the consequences of the wrong process, and since he has not stopped to think, he has been carried away by wrong emotions. We give them the name of passions. These are distorted emotions that have nothing to do with true universal feelings. When we write the second book, The Being One-Planet Tera, we will explain everything about emotions and feelings so they can help themselves and get out of the darkness they are in.

Text: BEING ONE I - The Arcana of Thoth

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