Story: When I grow up I want to be a Chakreontolgo by Divya Vatnani

  • 2013


They had a week's vacation. They were bored, they didn't know what to do. The six friends met at Daniel's house. He had a very large playground where they could play soccer, tennis or anything. Javi had brought his ball, one they gave him a little while ago, on his tenth birthday. He was the smallest of the gang, in age and height. The rest of his classmates were between 11 and 14 years old. He was a very affectionate child, a bit of a charlatan, sometimes a little awkward, but also very funny.

José was the biggest in the group, more serious and responsible. He was like the older brother of his friends. The others, Daniel, Bruno, Martín and Ash were somewhat mischievous and fun. The six have known each other for about 3 years, when they started living in the same neighborhood.

Bruno was born in Portugal, but now he had been here in Spain for several years. He was a football fan, but since his house was small, he didn't have enough space to play.

Ash was a cartoon fan. Actually his name was Ashiel. His mother was English and his father Spanish. But he liked to be called Ash.

Martin was called "the clown." He was always telling jokes and making others laugh.

And José was more of board games, although to be with his friends, he didn't mind playing something else.

Daniel ... was the "weirdest" of the gang. Sometimes, he talked about strange things, things that others didn't understand very well.

- Surely it comes from Wonderland !! -, his friends laughed. Although sometimes, what he said seemed to make some sense.

They formed a perfect group. When they wanted to laugh and have fun, they had Martin. When the weather was bad, they gathered at Ash's house to watch some cartoons, or at Jose's house to play parcheesi, dominoes or another board game. At Javi's house they really liked the snack their sister Judith gave them.

When it was a sunny day, they liked to go to Bruno's house. He lived in an apartment where they had a pool in common. But today everyone had gathered at Daniel's house. They were playing football when Bruno jumped:

- I would like to be a soccer player when I grow up, so I won't have to study hard, just play and enjoy.

- Well, you know what? I would like to be a surgeon, to be able to operate when you get hit hard! - said Martin.

- And while you're recovering in the hospital, you'll be reading some books written by me, the great José Duque!

- But when you get bored and turn on the TV, there I will be in the news, commenting on the improvement of your injury! - Javi added.

- And when you don't feel like one thing or the other, you'll have on your nightstand some video games, made by me! - Ash said proudly.

And then, looking at his partner, he added:

- Someone among us is lost in the clouds, I think he is planning his future as a meteorologist.

Everyone laughed, but Daniel didn't want to comment, maybe he still wasn't sure.

The next day, on a Saturday morning, everyone gathered at Ash's house to see some cartoons.

Let's see that of the dinosaurs! said one.

But I would like to see one of the fighting those .! said Javi.

And if we put any movie of the magician that with glasses? -Asked Mart n.

"Let's see what's on TV, " Ash replied.

When they turned on the screen, new cartoons were coming out. Daniel's eyes lit up! In a fight scene, one of the opponents shouted Use all my chakra to defeat you! .

That is it! Now I know! When I grow up I want to be a Chakreontologist!

How? So it is not said. It is said chocolate maker. I already know that you really like chocolate corrected Bruno.

Well, no! Chocolatero no, chakreontologist.

Chaka .qu ? What is this? asked Mart n.

I don't know, I'm not sure. But it has to do with the chakras and I'm very interested.

The what?

The chakras. CHAKRAS I've heard of them in cartoons.

And what are they for? Jos asked.

To have a lot of power, like the opponents of these cartoons, and be smart like them.

Do you think that really exists? Everything happens in these movies, elephants fly, trees talk, toys come alive and thus an endless end. But all that has nothing to do with real life.

Something tells me that the chakras do exist. I will try to inform myself somewhere.

Poor Daniel. Sometimes it worries me. He is so innocent that he believes everything.

He may be right Jos said Ash it sounds to me to have heard something about the chakras. Is that my mother goes to yoga classes, and she usually comments things at home. But since I'm not interested, I don't pay attention to that issue.

And what yoga is it? A type of exercise, right?

Yes, but soft. My mother says that apart from the body, it helps a lot to relax the mind.

I am getting bored! Said Bruno yawning, can we change the subject?

That night, Daniel was circling in bed. I could not sleep. I had to know more about the chakras. But how? Will there be a children's book where it is explained in a simple way? Or maybe Ash's mother could help him. What if you signed up for yoga classes for kids? But for that, you will surely have to travel to India!

From the window of his room there was a beautiful sky. All dark, with the stars shining. There was not a cloud. Only a beautiful waning moon, standing out with all its beauty. What if I ask her? - Daniel thought for a moment. -Oh my God!! I think I'm going crazy!! Better I go to sleep. -But he couldn't help looking at the moon, his eyes half asleep.

At that moment he saw there as flashes of light, attracting his attention. Up there, a boy appeared, sitting with one foot on the moon and the other hanging. He was dressed in pajamas and a long wizard hat. He was smiling and gesturing with both hands, as if inviting him up. He was speechless. How many times had I dreamed of being there? But of course, that was only possible in stories, he was not an elephant with wings. And now?

The moon boy winked at him, and began to speak:

- Do you remember when you learned to swim? How much it cost you at the beginning! But little by little, when you learned to let go of fear and loosen up, you were already swimming. This is the same. So breathe softly and relax. You can count sheep if you want.

In the blink of an eye, Daniel saw himself sitting next to his new friend. It was wonderful to see the sky from this height! The stars seemed to have a life of their own. Some shone brighter than others, but they all smiled at him making different gestures. I could almost touch them! There were even more distant planets. All floating in that huge space. Around him, absolute silence. Each planet, satellite or star flowed in total harmony and in unison. And Daniel sitting on the moon watching that magical landscape. Who would believe it?

The moon boy kept talking, but speechless, conveying the message through his thoughts. And he seemed to understand everything. It reminded him that he had to fulfill a mission when he was older. For something he was so attracted to the theme of the chakras. And even if his friends didn't believe him in principle, he had to move on. Over time, not only them, but many people would appreciate your effort.

Daniel listened to everything carefully. But there was a moment - when he looked down at the earth and his house - when he began to get dizzy. He was afraid and suddenly it was as if he was strongly attracted to a kind of vacuum cleaner without him being able to do anything. He started shouting, "Help! Help! Someone help me please! I'm going to fall! I want to go home! ´´.

- But if you are at home - his mother said as he stroked her forehead - calm, it seems you have had a nightmare. But that's it, it's over.

- Nightmare? He sighed for a while, until he calmed down, and said - It was all so pretty mom. Only that I was scared towards the end, because I was so far away, I was afraid to get away from you all. But for the next trip, I'm sure I'll be better prepared.

- What trip? Where are you going?

- No, nothing nothing. I just want to go back to sleep. I'm tired.

In the morning, he got up, had breakfast and went for a walk. He sat on a bench and remembered the experience of the previous night. It was all so real and amazing. He would like to return to the moon more times. I wish I could tell his friends, but they wouldn't believe it. If you don't even know about the chakras. Chakra!! The moon boy had told him something about that. A job he had to do in the future! Won't he be the Chakreontologist? This was serious. Something had to be done. He ran home to call Javi's sister.

- Judith? I need your help, please. Can you explain to me what the chakras are?

- And that sudden and desperate interest?

- I already have it clear. Later I want to study Chakreontology and I have to start informing myself from now on.

Judith laughed!

- That kind of career does not exist. Not even any subject on that subject! Although who knows, we may have that opportunity in a few years.

- And is there a toy? Like those of the anatomy of the human body, in which the pieces are mounted.

- Not that I know of. Unless you invent it when you grow up!

- Something I would like to do. But what are the chakras really?

- They are energy vortices, like small swirls placed in different parts of our body. They are more or less along the spine and work together as if it were a gear. The failure in one piece can affect the others.

- And what is its function?

- The same as air filters. They help us purify our thoughts.

- What do you mean? To bad ideas?

- It's not about that. Look, the dirt that accumulates in the air filters are normally dust, pollen and bacteria that are in the surrounding environment.

In our case as humans, we are continually exposed to different experiences and according to what we see, hear or experience, it affects us in one way or another. What we feel in each situation, for example, guilt, envy, shame, anger, fear, etc ... is recorded in our mind in the form of memory, so that by remembering them, some encourage and cheer us up, but there are others that They sink us and block us.

Normally we begin to accumulate all kinds of memories from a very early age, following small seemingly insignificant experiences. And if there is no cleaning from time to time, over time they accumulate and make us feel “heavy”, decayed, and without much energy. So, for many good things we have in life, we are not able to fully enjoy them in the way we would like. However, there are people who live with few resources, but they are still always happy.

We can say that the chakras are recorded memory files, good or not so good, even if we are not fully aware of it. Those that do not serve us would be “the dust, the pollen or the bacteria” that we have taken from somewhere and rest in the corresponding chakra, creating jams or blockages, and over time different discomforts.

- And how can I know if my chakras need cleaning?

- How does your body warn you when you don't shower for a couple of days?

- Through the bad smell or itching.

- And when some organ of your body is not functioning properly?

- It usually starts with small discomforts, which if not treated in time, can develop in some disease.

- Well, for the chakras, you will have to look at your mood, how you feel most of the time, which often depends on the thoughts that go through your head. As humans, it is normal that certain situations affect us a lot or a little, something that can be even enriching because of the learning it entails. But we must try not to affect us negatively for a very long period. How does your mother get when she sees the house all dirty and messy?

Uy! Historical!

So are our energy filters. When there is too much burden, without realizing it, we become irritated people and sometimes we act in an unwanted way. Therefore, as soon as we get a lot of accumulation, it is best to go to a specialist in the field.

A doctor Chakreont logo?


Really ?? Daniel said with a sparkle in his eyes You see it! And my friends didn't believe me!

No, Daniel, it's a joke. It would be fun to go to a doctor, that after doing a review, I told you, you have a lot of heaviness in your navel chakra, we will have to do a bowel wash! . But it is not like that.

Then? What is the solution?

To begin, how do you clean your body?

Showering daily with water and soap.

And your health? What care do you need to keep it in good condition?

A healthy and balanced diet.

Ok, now the dust, pollen and bacteria that are resting in your chakras, creating blockages, enter through a window, which is, THE MIND. What do you do to clean it?

Well, I've never thought about it ... I think nobody does it.

Well that has almost the same importance as the body and health. And as your dream is to be a senior chakontologist, although for the moment that word does not exist, I am going to give you some duties for the next few days: be attentive to what you think in each moment .

Oh God! For that, I will have to watch out all the time!

That is precisely what it is called to be aware, to realize what goes through our mind and how it influences our day.

This seems to be much more complicated than I imagined.

It is a matter of practice and constancy. To learn a new language, you have to make an effort, what is it? To become a good singer or dancer, the same. This is the same. It is about adding to your routine a new habit, that of clean and order the mind . And if it is difficult for you to do it with your eyes open, because you get distracted more easily, you can do it with your eyes closed, it is easier. That is also called meditation or reflection. But if you don't feel like it, don't do it.

Yes, yes, I would like it. At least try it. Because if the chakras are not going to get dirty. In addition, the moon boy told me that I had to fulfill a mission.

Qui n ??

- No, nothing nothing. We talked another day Judith, I have to go.

Ashi! Bruno! Come on! That everyone is waiting for us! It was a good sunny day, and Carol, Ash's mother took the opportunity to take them to the beach along with her three-year-old girl. Upon arrival, José went to take a dip in the sea. Javi and Martín started digging a hole in the sand to cover one of them to the neck. The others chose to play with the ball. The girl ran between them, and her mother watched her from afar while reading a book. They had brought snacks and drinks to spend a couple of hours there. They got together with other children who were in that place, and they were having a great time. “Only one thing is missing, ´´ - said Daniel -“ a little music! ´´. Said and done! At that moment, a couple who had just arrived recently turned on the radio they brought, and a song came out that everyone liked very much! They stayed with their mouths open! - “You look like a sorcerer, really! ´´, Martín jumped.

At sunset, everyone went home. They had a lot of fun. Time to go to bed was something Daniel was enjoying a lot lately. Although he had not returned to “travel to the moon”, he spoke very often with his “new secret friend” who occasionally greeted him from the dark sky full of bright stars. Throughout the day, when he had a problem or doubt, he asked and after a while he received the answers in the form of ideas that came to mind. He would have liked to share all these experiences with his friends but for now, he had no choice but to hide them. They weren't going to understand, or maybe Javi ... a little ...

He had taken Judith's duties seriously. Almost every day, even if it was only 5 minutes, he closed his eyes and "saw" all the thoughts that appeared and let them go, without further ado. The first few days, without knowing why, sometimes he felt a little sad, irritated, angry or weird. But in a short time, he began to feel much more relaxed. He realized that the day he felt happy, everything went well, but when he got in a bad mood, things got complicated. The most difficult thing was always to be happy, because each day brought different experiences, although there were also moments of great satisfaction. Deep down, the effort was worth it.

Besides, strange things were happening to him. Sometimes I thought of something and it happened! Like the coincidence of music on the beach. The other day he could not finish his language duties on time and did not know how to save himself from the situation. He arrived at the school and learned that the teacher had not come. What a coincidence! I couldn't ask for more! Sometimes he feared that if that happened frequently, people would notice. And that could be a problem. Were those powers referred to in those cartoons? I mean, all this was real! Now only Aunt Sylvia appeared!

She was a sweet and friendly person, and had a lot of knowledge on these topics. He lived in another city and whenever he could, once or twice a year, he came to visit his family. She was the sister of Judith and Javi's father. Daniel got along very well with her. He was anxiously waiting for his next visit to ask him a lot of questions. She also loved him very much. That day he left school a little late, when he arrived home and the door was opened, he was amazed! He can not believe it! It was her! What a joy! In front of his mother they could not speak much, but Aunt Sylvia, as he liked to call her although she was not his family, promised to take him for a walk in the afternoon.

During the walk, they talked about many interesting things.

- So when you grow up you want to be a Chakreontologist?

- Yes something like that. I have been practicing with certain things.

- My niece and I have been talking about it.

- She has explained certain things to me. But there are some others that I would like to know.

- What have you understood so far?

- That the mind is filled with all the information that comes to us from outside, the one we capture through the 5 senses. The things we do not use at that time, are resting in the corresponding chakras. In other words, those memories are “archiving” in our memory. But you have to try that these files are not overloaded. Therefore, we must clean them and order them from time to time, keeping what is necessary for us at that time, and "discarding" the rest so that there is not much accumulation. What I am not sure about is how?

- For that there are many therapies and techniques.

- And which one is the best?

- The one that catches your attention.

- What if I'm wrong?

- You will be enriched with that experience, and by the next you will know how to choose better. A good way to start may be what Judith told you - watch your thoughts. The children have more facility for that, for not having much accumulation of "dust, pollen and bacteria". But as an adult, if we haven't practiced it before, it costs a lot. In that case it is better to ask someone who knows the subject for help.

- How can you tell if the chakra have a lot of accumulation or little?

- The more they have, the more “heavy” one feels, without wanting to do new things. And the cleaner, you feel more lightness, energy and vitality. New ideas arise and the things we want come to us more easily, making us feel happier and like "flying in the air", just like the angels.

- Ah! That would be why that day I was able to climb to the moon ...

- As?

- No, nothing nothing. So the good thing would be to clean the chakra with constancy, right?

- Of course. Although some people may have more ease than others, because we are each different. But if we put effort, we can all get it.

- What part of the body are they in?

- The first is at the end of the spine, at the point of the coccyx or so. They say it is red.

- Do they have colors too ???

- Yes, in fact there are therapies that help to do “cleanings” or healings through colors.

- And can they be seen on the x-ray?

- No, because it's something ethereal.

- What does that mean?

- It is something subtle, or transparent like air, or thought.

- So how do you know the shape and colors they have?

- When you close your eyes, some people get to see them, just like dreams.

- Surely you need super-powers to see that!

- Do not believe it, it is not as difficult as it seems. It is a matter of constant practice. When you want to learn a new language, you have to work hard, right? This is the same.

- And what are the other chakras?

- The second is orange and is below the navel. Just above is the third one that is yellow. The next one is near the heart and is green. The fifth helps us purify communication with others.

- That one has to be in the throat!

- Yes, how smart you are. That one is turquoise blue. Then there is the third eye and has an indigo blue tone.

- How that third eye? If we all have two!

- It is called that because it is located between the eyebrows. Apart from doing the function of the sixth sense, it helps us to understand the truth behind everything we see or hear. For example, when you watch a movie, that is not the only reality, that is just the result of a lot of work that has been done behind the curtain. In the same way, when you see a person, he / she is only the result of many experiences that have been behind, or recorded memories. As the third eye cleanses, we begin to better understand the world around us.

What interesting! It seems that I still have much to discover and learn.

For something it is said that life is a school. As you understand it, it seems like a box of endless surprises.

Yes, I am realizing. How many are in total?

The main ones are 7. The last one is above the third eye, more or less where the fontanel of the babies is violet. If that works well, you can even reach the moon!

Really? That just happened to me!


No, nothing, nothing.

If you shut up for being afraid, you will create a blockage in your throat chakra. You know you don't have a problem with me, do you?

Yes, Aunt Sylvia. I don't know if it was a dream or a reality. That day, unexpectedly, I went on a trip to the moon. It was an unforgettable experience!

That's something very nice Daniel! Such things usually happen a lot to children, because even their mind is not full of so many pre-occupations. Did they tell you anything there?

Yes, later on he had to fulfill a mission and apparently it has something to do with the chakra. In addition, I usually speak with my friend, the moon boy, from time to time.

You don't know how glad I am to hear all this! I hope you never lose that connection.

But towards the end, when I looked down, I was very scared. I was so far from my friends and my family! I thought I would never be with them again.

Sure. It was your first experience. For the next one, enjoy it to the fullest! For us adults, these things usually cost us much more. In our case, sometimes the chakra function as alerts.

And that?

Yes, when there is a lot of accumulation or blockage in a certain chakra, it warns us with an unease related to that area. And if we remedy it on time, fine. If not, the problem may increase. You can try one thing if you want, when some part of your body hurts, try to remember the moment when it started. Surely something has happened around you that you did not like or wanted to say something and you were not able. When you realize what caused that trouble, try to remedy it. And if you can't, since you have your secret friend, confirm it. See how funny it is!

And if I try to explain that to my friends, do you think they will understand me?

Every thing in due time. Don't worry about them. Keep practicing your thing. This is like a rich perfume. If they like and interest themselves they will ask you, and if not, better wait for the right time. It is not good to rush things. If there are people who have a lot of accumulation in the chakras, you will have to be more careful and go slowly.

- Why?

- As usual. If it is a hard and sharp cleaning job, you can end up sneezing without stopping - said Aunt Sylvia winking at her - in the chakras too, the dust from above falls down and in the last one it is where it is most often gathered. But we know, everything has a remedy. And now, we better go. I think with all this, you already have the basic information. The rest you have to work and develop yourself.

Daniel was very happy. At first, he was a little afraid at heart, thinking that these experiences and teachings were going to take him away from his friends. But vice versa, being happy and satisfied to have found what I really wanted, I enjoyed them more. Now he was aware that he had to follow his path, and they, his. Even so, at the time of getting together, everyone could enjoy in company. And luckily, Javi did understand certain things. Of course, how it came from family ...

Author: Divya Vatnani

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