Creating World Peace: The Journey from Inside - Kirael by Fred Sterling

  • 2011

KIRAEL: A great awakening is happening on this planet. I think of it as the awakening of God within each soul on Earth, a time when a greater understanding of the self must be reached. Therefore, I ask you to think clearly about how to create peace within yourself.

The main reason why peace on Earth has not been achieved is because many of you are waiting for your politics, your religious, metaphysical or spiritual leaders to do so. Do not call your political leaders to save your world, do not fall prey to all your beautiful words or the dogma of your religious leaders that the Creator God has no compassion or looks at you with disgust. The Creator God has only love for you and knows that in order to create peace, you must first create it within yourself.

I challenge you to be in harmony, to find the reality of inner peace. Open your heart to everything in your life, knowing that your thoughts create. Others may influence what you think, but you are responsible for your thoughts. The best hope for peace comes from the great clarity that everything in your world is the result of your thoughts. When someone comes to you with anger or frustration, full of negative energy, close your eyes for a few seconds and see the great ray of the Creator's Force entering through your crown chakra, and feel the presence of that harmonic love. Then, if they wish to respond to that person, they arrive from the "I Am." You will be calm and peaceful. Imagine a totally controlled world and in the dynamics of your thoughts in such a way that We, the People are together in the understanding that peace in the world begins with the creation of inner peace.

You can find inner peace and harmony by walking through the busiest streets in downtown Manhattan or Los Angeles, or wherever you are. You don't have to be in a cave somewhere on the side of a mountain. Instead, look inward and know that as a particle of the Creator's Light, you are infinite creations, so that you can always have a new experience. All they have to do is walk the path of the highest light experience.

Now let's take a look at the difference between the balance of love in duality, the balance of love of the Goddess, and the balance of love in human experience. If you are looking for balance in this duality, look at the Great Creative Force. She creates and unites the fabric of life - weaves plants, minerals, humans and insects - making this great experience. In this tissue process, everything is created from thought and balance. The balance in duality is an opposition - good / bad, high / low, etc. The thoughts of the young, beautiful Christ were pure, however, they still had to be balanced in good and evil, because it was a duality, where peace will prevail if good prevails.

Now let's look at the light of the Goddess, a genderless energy full of the power of love. Therefore, if you are a spiritualist man, you are a goddess and that does not make you effeminate. Unlike the balance of duality, the light of the Goddess has no yin / yang. The Light of the Goddess is the awakening of a love that has no opposite. The only thing that can balance the love of the Goddess is more love. Peace on Earth will come with your understanding of the love that permeates the Goddess. Embrace it, because whatever happens in this great and beautiful energy we call the Great Change, is that the goddess's love will prevail and Mother Earth will take care of it.

In human experience, they were born with the ability to have thoughts and use them at will by transforming thought into words. Words cause the magical vibration of an emotion. Many believe that anger is an emotion, but anger is a product of your mental body that makes your emotional body out of alignment. His emotional body only knows love and awakens him on a journey of healing within his four bodies collectively. Therefore, may the words of love guide you in the rest of your lives, and you will find peace collectively by increasing the vibration of Mother Earth to create the most peaceful and harmonious possibilities. When this happens, they will find the dynamic force of the Creator's Love. In that love, guides, guardians, angels, we, the People, the superior being, every living being that exists in this evolutionary project called Earth can unite and gather anywhere in the world to create peace. All that needs to be done is to take the courage to be a troubadour of peace. Allow yourself to create peace on Earth.

Q: Does the awakening of the Goddess of love and light on Mother Earth naturally change people's consciousness?

KIRAEL: The light of the Goddess awakens a program within her mind. Venus aligned with the Earth plane has not been measured for a long time. At that time, the goddesses of all universal lights were found there. Its scientists believe that Venus is an uninhabitable planet. Well, we can live in anything, you know. The goddesses congregated under a beautiful cloud, a vapor of light, and pretended to be a product of evolution, treating it as a veil of the mass of cloud formation that we see around Venus. The determination was made that they would pass their love to all the evolutionary planets, awakening the goddess's own light within each evolutionary being, human or not. At the same moment that this decision was made, it passed between the Sun and the planet Earth, which was one of the last planets to arrive on board, so to speak, so that we, the People, sprout to a more harmonious possibility of Goddess light

Those who are not willing to accept peace in their life will find their lives very rugged for a while. Those of you who choose to awaken your Goddess particles will be surrounded by the energy of the Goddess, who will nourish you and love you, and all the great Goddesses of love will permeate its energies through this plane of the Earth.

Q: How can we use the energy of the Goddess to create peace?

KIRAEL: Now is the time to start planting crystals on Mother Earth instead of taking them out. To help Mother Earth feel her Goddess light, take some of the mineral tissue, a crystal that you love, especially a Lemurian crystal, give Mother Earth a gift and understand it 3 to 4 inches away. depth in a place where you feel a great conscience. Remember, you really must love this crystal. If there is no love, they will be wasting their time.

When Mother Earth was created, the energy patterns of other worlds brought gifts to the mineral tissue. Plant a crystal in it and Mother Earth will feel the peace of her own Light of the Goddess again.

Q: Are the indigenous races claiming their Goddess Light?

KIRAEL: Do you think of Africans, American Indians, Hawaiians, Japanese, and so on, as Indians? However, in reality, all are indigenous at a certain level. No matter what the level is, all indigenous tribes seek one thing: to be a unified force of love. This reminds me of a story. A man, who was part of the circle of medicine of an indigenous tribe of North America, had a dream. He addressed the elders with this dream and the elders told him that he should not have a dream for the Native Americans, but that it would spread to the whole world so that all beings with a similar dream can pick it up within the framework of their own light. This is where the world is heading in this particular moment. We, the People must be the indigenous tribe of the Earth, otherwise fighting we will go to Change.

The medium created a sphere of light here in Hawaii over the Church of Light in Honolulu. The field of light remains there so that everyone in the world can place a love particle and a prayer at any time 24 hours a day. Your prayer can be as simple as, "May there be peace on Earth" or "God the Creator, can you help me in this surgery?" Put your prayers and desires on this ball of light, and every morning, at 3:33 am Hawaii time, the medium picks up the ball and delivers it to the Creator's Force. In this way, we, the People, gather in small packages of light, but with a force that they have never expressed before.

Don't get tired of bringing peace to us, people. Do it again and again. This will work, especially when they embrace the truth, which together are an indigenous tribe of the Earth. You will discover all your brothers and sisters of the Light of the Goddess flowing through you, and you will feel so much desire to create love that the indigenous tribe of Us, the People will remain collectively in that love.

Q: Master Kirael, how can I keep that space of love within my family?

KIRAEL: Many of you have family members who prove your anger. An angry person is a fearful person. Fear indicates that the person is looking for control in a life they feel out of control. If they talk to someone who lives in peace, they can approach him or her in this way: "Hey, I hope we can find a way to end the war in a peaceful way." On the other hand, if you talk to someone who is on the side of the war, he or she will want to come to you ready to attack. Therefore, when they see this person, they must remember that they are looking into the eyes of fear. If you look deeply, you will find the fears of the person, but it is not your job to try to dig up the fears of a person. Your job only as a human being is to allow your thoughts to reflect to others what you want to be reflected back to you.

First of all, realize that you are in control of yourself and that there is no fear that you cannot overcome. The fear of death is the last fear in your cellular consciousness. That means that no matter where they are or what they are doing on their trip, the greatest hope that their opponent can have is that they are afraid of death, because a particular fear can be added to anything. In their case, when they no longer fear death, they will fear the question. In other words, your attention will be focused on the question, not your fear of death, and the question will be filled with love or hate. If you are full of love, use the Light of the Goddess in the answer, but if you are faced with an angry family member who asks: “What do you think now, little girl?” Do not answer. Instead, close your eyes for a moment and fill yourself with the love of the Creator. Even if that family member continues to scream, they will find that a smile appears on their face. When the person's tirade ends, they will say: “You know, I can perfectly understand what you are saying. It doesn't necessarily have to be everything that I believe, but you can understand it perfectly. ”Then they move away. Later they will say: “If you give me a couple of minutes, I would like to say something about my way of seeing things, not to make you believe in it, just to share it with you. I don't know much time. ” Then place your thoughts of peace in that family reunion. When only a little peace falls to the meeting, they will have more impact than the angry and aggressive person. That is the best way to deter someone who faces them in anger.

Q: What can I do to remain in a space of peace and love, while navigating the matrix?

KIRAEL: When you are outside in the human world, and feel the slightest inclination to which you are about to be dragged in a spiral of energy, move the focus out of it. Sometimes he has to take his physical body with you. Without anything else, you just have to call your guide by name - assuming you are aware of that enchanted reality - and say, "Help me release this energy I am in, " and pop! - they are out. Do not stay in that and think: “This is fine. I will just go through this. ” Get out of it in any way you can.

Just light a high spark in each of you. That spark will help them out of the energy matrix, when they are in that spiral of lack of harmony. Therefore, next time before the slightest indication that they are in the energy matrix, go to that little spark. It is close to your heart. You just have to expand to fill them, and then walk quickly, or even run, but get out of the energy matrix and return to love and peace.

Finally, do not forget the prayer. Sometimes, saying a little prayer is all that is required and can be as simple as, "Creator, help me feel your love."

Q: Can this spark of light penetrate the veil?

KIRAEL: A veil or ego surrounds the human being. That veil / ego does not separate the being from its Creator. On the contrary, he holds his spiritual self in suspense so that they believe they are only a human being. Look at people, see the size of their veil / ego and use their light to penetrate it. Facing someone who lives outside a kingdom of peace will only cause tensions within their own kingdom, and it is not what we are here for. Therefore, withdraw when you do not see peace and use the faculties you brought to this earth plane. Many of you have the power to use light and color. If that fails, close your eyes for that moment, gather the strength to know what color the other person is and have the courage to add the light the Goddess to it. They help dissipate the veil / ego. If its color is dark violet, almost about to be ebony, when it is stirred, it will become ebony, as it will fill. However, if someone offers you a soft pink or yellow, instead of compacting the light, more light will be added, reorganized and opened to the feeling of love.

Q: What happens when we slide just a little while looking at something and just plain bothers us?

KIRAEL: One of the magical journeys of the human world is discovery. When they look at something and it is not the way they want it to be or the way it is supposed to be, they look inward and see what is reflected to them. Then they take it to the simplest way possible. Remember, everything is made of particles of light. Some are bright and full of luminosity like me and others are so compact that you get the physical form like you. It doesn't matter if you are a light like me or an incarnate light, every time you analyze a problem or a situation and look closely, you arrive at a bigger answer that is generally about you. The smaller the particle, the stronger the response they have. When they break everything with what they are struggling with their finite particle value, the journey takes a new path to heal the evils of life and they will have the greatest response they could ever have. You have the answer to all the questions of life.

Q: How can we find peace within universal time, so that things manifest perfectly in our lives and in this world?

KIRAEL: I heard that many of you say that time does not really exist, however, as they say, we look at the clock to see what time it is. Time is a collective thought, however, it is used to take advantage of thought. Without time, without being able to take advantage of the idea, they would not be able to build one thought after another. Time is what they suggest it will be. If you are one of those who always have a positive word to say to another, then that creates an exposure time for you that not everyone can see. Exposure time means that they are working on their journey instead of flowing through the river of life on a raft without the slightest idea of ​​where they are going. By suggesting that time exists, they are able to agree on a perfect vibration that aligns with what they are looking for, what they are looking for has a space in the “time” to manifest.

In essence, if you want peace and allow time to go through the systems of thought, it will cause a vibration that will lift your spirit to the fullness of what you are. This means that they attract what they really want in their life. Having thoughts within the limitation of time allows your thoughts to vibrate in space and "time" to manifest. When you really want harmony in your life, when you really want a space of integrity in the world, fragments of time open up. Within those fragments of time, if your thoughts are dear in the perfection of your journey, you will find similar thoughts, and your desires will manifest.

Q: How does time relate to the heartbeat of Mother Earth?

KIRAEL: Time is a kind of rhythm, and when your heart beats with the time and rhythm of Mother Earth, while she stays in that rhythmic space, you will find it calm and peaceful. When your heart roars out of peace and knocks out the vibration of Mother Earth and all its inhabitants, you will find things you do not want in your life. When it opens to the peaceful manifestation of a heartbeat that arises and meets the vibration of Mother Earth, it opens as a conduit of light that causes everything you want in your life. They will not give importance to anything they do not want, understanding that that is just one more step in their path.

Q: How is the energy of the Goddess that affects our children and children trying to reach the Earth plane?

KIRAEL: If you look into the eyes of any person under 10 years old, the child will know that you know that they came here to experience the Goddess's energy. These children called indigo and crystal, whom I like to call the spiritual children of light, have prepared for this Great Change. They all carry inside, male or female, no matter, a particle that was released during the Venus Transit in 2004. These particles will try to find any child of light in the planet. He can be 50 years old and be a child of light. If you know someone who is pregnant, tell the layer of their energies that they are in the most beautiful place possible so that they feel the presence of the energy of the Goddess.

Q: Do you have any suggestions on how to improve the peace cycle?

KIRAEL: It would be a great astonishment if people woke up and stayed awake. Everything in the human world is about a cycle. You have cycles of sleep, during which you travel to other realities, and cycles of awakening, in which you perform your daily tasks. The good news is that the peace cycle is beginning to gain momentum. Every time an entity like Worl Puja, or someone like the beautiful Jonathan Goldman, or one of the great energies like Lee Carroll or Steve Rother, do something because of peace, every time they settle down to contribute something in the light of peace, they cause a wave towards the world plane that makes the cycles stronger.

They are not so worried about the time gaps between the different peace meetings. On the contrary, concentrate on attracting as many people as you can to a meeting. That is what will make the cycles shorten, until in the end there will be no cycles or they will not be necessary. Every time they have an encounter for peace, another wave is created and they approach not having all these cycles. One day, the only cycle will be the one in which they live in the great awakening of the Goddess of love and light.

Q: I have heard that teachers are trying to connect with us through a portal. What is the portal and how do they do it?

KIRAEL: The portal that the great masters are trying to open is between the limited brain of human thought and its expansive Omni Consciousness. When that portal is open, teachers can carry the power of the central sun, or the Creator's sun, which could even be called the Light of Christ. When the portal opens between the expansion of the universal mind and its collective human consciousness, it will no longer be a human being, but the conduit to Mother Earth. That portal, which they speak of is the only place where they can carry the power of light on Mother Earth. Together, Omni Consciousness and human collective consciousness will be limited to a moment of peace of light. That, I think, is what they are talking about.

Q: Would it be useful for these new energies to do my meditations with the groups?

KIRAEL: Meditation always opens the portal between the two brains, the two parts of your local brain, the 10 percent that we use daily, and the 90 percent that has endless possibilities. When a master mind is created, such as a group of people meditating, the strength of the master mind is equal to one hundred times the number of people in the group. The reason I say a hundred times the number of people is because it is ten times the brain factor, and we can only assume that the average human being still uses 10 percent of his brain, although I think many of you are using at least 18 to 20 percent now. Every time they bring a group to a force, whatever their "purpose of thought" will manifest in their life. Therefore, do not forget to always include peace.

Q: Can you suggest a way to control the talk of the mind so that it can be used to achieve peace?

KIRAEL: It could be a word, practice, but it's really about commitment. Everyone wants certain things in their life, but if you don't receive them, it depends on the degree of your commitment. You have to be committed to your own healing vibration. Strive to make your reality a commitment to be the power of who you are. Whenever you are aware of the chatter of the mind, say to yourself: “This is why I do not have in my life all that I really want, because I allow this chatter to reign so much. I ask the Creative Force, the higher self, the angels and the guides, to eliminate this chattering of the mind to the point where it is in control of every thought it has. ” When you control every thought you have, every desire in your life will be a reality.

Q: I live in a world where I don't deal with a lot of angry people. I deal with nice people, and that is how I feel distant. How can I feel more connected, that I have more motivation to create peace?

KIRAEL: Don't connect to negativity in your world. Consciously creates an atmosphere of peace, as it practices and teaches feng shui. Given the work he does and the amount of energy he spends on it, it is not surprising that his world is at peace. Those of you who practice feng shui all the time are the pillars of the human race.

He does feng shui to his clothes, his house, his office, etc., and that means you don't have to go telling people about what he could or should do. You are in alignment and it affects everyone around you. Just keep on the road. You are like the poster child for peace. When more of you find yourself do not want to go to the density of the womb, and instead, light up to be in service, the world will be a place of complete peace.

Never let your heart be afraid, do not worry about what is not at peace, because when you go to what is not at peace, you are out of peace. Call peace to you and proceed with the rest of your world. Let your life be always peace, and, finally, Mother Earth will find her own peace, and We, the People will come together. Do not try to fix what is not broken. Fix what is already good for what is more fair.


Many people around the world are celebrating peace, and I give them the energy of my love and my light. When you decide to make your world what you want it to be, you will have to create it from your heart, and the Ten Principles of Conscious Creation, [1] which are taught in many different ways and with many other titles, will guide you along the way. May each one of you stay within your own light. Make the decision to make peace on Earth. Start inside.

[1] The Ten Principles of Conscious Creation are the principles of ancient Lemuria wisdom, which were reintroduced on the Earth plane by Kahu Fred Sterling and the Master Guide Kirael. They are powerful tools of awakening that allow you to create the life you want. Each principle is a key to unlocking higher levels of consciousness and harnessing its own powers of creation. ?

© Kahu Fred Sterling


Master Guide Kirael, through the mediumity of Kahu Fred Sterling

Translation: Héctor Santos Ramallo

Edition: Alexiis

August 16, 2011

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