Correspondence between Diseases and Emotions shared by Monica Barbagallo

  • 2010

Correspondence in common ailments and psychic states.

DiseaseEmotional correspondencePositive statement

Abs, spasms

Fear. Process stop

I trust the process of life. I am safe

Spontaneous abortion

Fear. Fear of the future. Not now, later.

In my life, the divine action is always at work. I love and approve of myself. Everything is fine.

Abscesses, tumors, wounds that come back out.

Constant thought about wounds, grievances and revenge, resentment.

I let my thoughts to be free. The past past.


unresolved problems, forced learning, resistance
It depends on the type of accident: If you couldn't stop, strees. If you were wrong on the way, it makes no sense. If you fell asleep, laziness, apathy.

I will face things without avoiding them, something in my life does not work, be careful with your things, with your relationships ...


Fear, paralyzing fear

I am safe. I trust the process of life


Disapproval and non-acceptance of oneself

I accept myself and love myself.


Escape from oneself. Fear of self. He does not know how to love himself.

I am valuable, I love myself and enjoy myself.


What's the use Feeling of futility, guilt and inadequacy.

Self rejection. I dare to see my own value, I approve of myself and I love myself.


Rejection of feelings, situations or people not assumed. What is feared is fought. Ask yourself To whom or to what feeling do you have an allergy? Fear of issues that express vitality.
Animal hair: cat, anxiety related to caresses and cuddles; of horse, rejection of sensuality and of dog, rejection of one's own or other people's aggressiveness. Al pollen, anxiety with libido, sexuality, reproduction, love and spring. Dirt: to vent your repressed aggression

Reconcile with your enemies, learn to love them. The world is safe and friendly, even if it is sexual or violent at times. I am safe.


Desire to leave the planet. Inability to face life as it is

The right action of the life process occurs at the right time.


Suppressed emotions, stifled creativity, situations that drown you. Something that one does not dare to express.

Through me life is expressed, I can express myself openly.

Amnesia, continuous forgetfulness

Escape from life, inability to defend yourself

There is no risk in being alive. I am able to face my problems.


Resistances Lack of emotional protection

I flow smoothly with life and with each new experience


Attitude of "yes but". Lack of joy. Fear of life, Feeling of not being good enough.

I can feel jubilant in life.


Lack of confidence in the process of life

I love myself, I approve myself and I trust the process of life, I am safe.


Cracks: Colera in relation to what one does not want to release
Itching: guilt for the past, remorse
Pain: blame desire for punishment, I do not serve to….
Fistula: someone clings to the past
Hemorrhage: cholera and frustration

I free myself from the past, I forgive myself, I am free, I trust life, I let go, I let it flow.


Eagerness for asceticism, conflict between spirit and matter, purity and instinct. Search for purity, rejection of material or bodily. They seek chastity, asexuality, rejection of one's body, of curves, forms and sensuality. Fear of proximity and heat. Sneaky Egocentrism Behind all this is the desire denied.

Learn to accept your craving for love and sex, your femininity and your instincts.


Anxiety can accelerate cancer metastasis, increased vulnerability to viral infections, atherosclerosis and blood clotting that causes myocardial infarction; acceleration of the onset of Type I diabetes and the course of Type II diabetes, and the worsening and triggering of asthma attacks. Prolonged anxiety states are obviously harmful to the stomach, as well as to other organs.

Now I hear the message that my anxiety is sending me. What is not going well in my life?

Apat a

Resistance to feel. Damping of itself, repress your energy, fear your vitality

There is no danger in feeling, I open myself to life and I am willing to live it.


Fear of life, you feel blocked, something that does not progress

I let life flow happily.


Rigidity and mental narrowness, negativity, feeling depressed, high tension, aggressiveness contained.

I open myself completely to life and the jubilee, I choose to see with love


Lack of fluidity, resistance to change, excess control.

I flow easily with change, I saw life is guided by the divine.


Resentment, critic and judgmental person, does not feel loved
on the fingers: feels victim, feels guilt, and desires to punish.
rheumatoid: feels very exploited, deep criticism of authority

I decide to love myself and approve myself.


Love that suffocates, inability to breathe alone, choking sensation, suppressed crying. difficulty between giving and receiving. Axfisiante relationship, drowning situation

I choose to be free and take care of my own life. I can give myself.


Obsessions and fears, mistrust in life

I trust the process of life, I am safe.


Difficulties in the family environment. Discussions and shouts, sometimes silence.

I declare peace and harmony within me and with everything that surrounds me.


Ambitious, perfectionist people who try to impose their will, controlling
Migraine is sexuality displaced to the head

Release, disconnect, relax

Hip problems

Fear of making important decisions, fear of moving forward. Fear of losing your balance

I advance with life with ease.


Tension, fear, need to hold on, to hold on

I relax and let the mind calm down


Bitterness, cruel thoughts, condemnation, pride. Energy that wants to flow. Family situations in which you do not dare to free yourself.

Life is sweet, I get rid of the past.


Deep wound, resentment that creeps. A pain or deep secret that eats you. Hate loading Belief that everything is useless. Something important that he has never dared to express. loss of an important emotional relationship (widowed, divorced or separated).
Loss of reason for existence (hopelessness, helplessness) inability to express anger or resentment and loss of an important emotional relationship.
Cancer tends to occur in nicknamed, non-aggressive individuals and unable to adequately express their emotions

I forgive with love and detach myself from the whole past. I am able to express what I am and what I carry, and be accepted because I accept myself.


Inability to look forward with joy. Grim future

Life is eternal and full of joy


Someone stuck in childhood sufferings that clings to the past. Difficulty moving forward Fear of choosing one's own address

I forgive everyone and I forgive and forgive any past experience.


Hypocrisy, fear of money and the future. Terror to assume the burden of protecting and supplying oneself and others. Lack of confidence in your valia.

My good is everywhere, I am sure and safe.


Inability to break through life and fight.

I am able to solve what life presents to me and achieve my goals.


Immobility, refusal to transform, Lack of fluency, no submission to change

There is no danger in changing, change is necessary. Now I flow lovingly with life.


Mental irritation, impatience, annoyance with the environment. You are forced to do what you did not dare until now.

I only respond to love, to thoughts of love, everything is at peace.

Ulcerative Colitis

Hypocritical individual, flatterer, renounces to live his life in a responsible manner.


Inability to flow with the support of life. Fear and attempt to hold on to old ideas. Lack of faith in life, lack of integrity. Someone who does not have the courage to follow their convictions.

I get rid of all fears and trust the process of life. I know that life is for me. With love I stand tall and straight.


Unwelcome desires, dissatisfaction. Regret for leaving or turning away

All my wishes will be fulfilled, I am at peace where I am.


Angry, frustrated by what one sees in life

I see with the eyes of love. There is a harmonious solution and I accept it.


Old emotional problems, lack of joy. Hardening of the heart Tension and stress Repressed aggression through excessive self-control.

I return the jubilee to the center of my heart, express my love.


Inflexibility, rigidity, stubbornness. He refuses to look at other aspects, does not want to look back.

I am open to all kinds of possibilities receptively and lovingly.

thumb: Intellect and worry
index: self and fear
medium: cholera and sexuality
annul: unions and duels
pinky: family and falsehood


Fear you can't face. Loss of consciousness


It indicates a desire to be loved, combined with an inability to let oneself be loved. The result is "hyperacidity" that is, those who do not love, become acidic. Miss the sweetness of life and long for the love that can not give. Nostalgia for what could have been. Great need to control. Deep sadness

Today I will experience the sweetness.


Fear, rejection, escape

Assimilation and elimination are in order. I am at peace with ...

Teeth, decay.

Problems related to the expression or repression of aggressiveness
Ages: Lack of confidence and self-confidence.
I channel my aggressiveness through creativity, dedication and love.
I am valuable and trustworthy, I can do it.


Fear of parents, especially the father

We accept (the parents) this child with love and understanding.


Feeling of persecution and intense struggle. Rejection of life. Self imposed violence

I choose to see life as something eternal and jubilant.


Irritation for delays, childish way of attracting attention.


Metal contraction, withdrawal and retraction. Desire to retire and to be left alone ...

I am safe and secure at all times.

Multiple sclerosis

Mental rigidity, hardness of heart, iron will, inflexibility, fear ..

By choosing love and joyful thoughts I create a kind and joyful world, I feel free and safe


High part: Lack of emotional support, feeling of not being loved. Love hold
Middle part: Stuck in a past that lives like a burden.
Lower part: Fear of running out of money, lack of financial support. Feel the burden of having to materially support yours.
Loaded back: Helplessness, life is too much of a burden.
I love and approve of myself. Life supports me and loves me.
I get rid of the past. I am free and I can move forward with love in my heart.
I trust the process of life that always gives me what I need.
I stand tall and free. My life improves day by day


Avoid conflicts, longing for children. Project feelings and aggressiveness inward


Aggression against the outside. Eagerness to swallow life too quickly.


Resistance to give, eagerness to retain, greed, clinging to the material, inability to yield. Afraid to let out the unconscious. Stuck in the past, it does not adapt to the new.

As I renounce the past, the new, the fresh and the vital enter into me. I allow life to flow through me.


Someone who feels dirty and unloved

I am worthy of love.


Resistance to something, boredom, lack of love for what you do, symptoms of other diseases, depression, apathy.

I am full of energy and enthusiasm for life.


Burning Colera

I am a quiet expression of peace and love.


Fear. Lock in the release process

I trust the process of life because it belongs to me.

Phlebitis (varicose veins)

Colera and frustration. Someone who blames others for the limitation and lack of joy in their life.

The jubilee flows freely within me, I am at peace with life.

Fluids, retention

What are you afraid of losing?

I learn to flow in life, with joy and free myself flowing.


Explosion of rage that is expressed. Bustling Colera.

I express love and jubilation and I am at peace.


Knot: Fear, lack of confidence in the life process
Problems: Inability to assert themselves, someone who swallows their anger, stifled creativity. Refusal to change.
I am safe, I trust that life belongs to me, I express myself freely and joyfully.
It's okay to make sounds, I express myself freely and joyfully. I assert myself without problems, express my creativity and get ready to change


Contracture, fear, undigested ideas

I relax and let life flow freely through me.


Prolonged uncertainty, fatalistic feeling

I love and approve myself, I'm safe


Need for dominance, impatience, anger


Small conflicts, the cold allows us to move away from the situation and the people (incommunicado). Family crises Need to eliminate problems.


See where your vitality escapes. Anger


Fear of the established deadlines. Afraid to loosen up. Feeling of being recharged

There is time for everything I want to do.


Valuation problems, do not know what is good or rejectable. Ideals too ambitious, little moderation. Lack of moderation and calm. You must learn continence and abstinence in sex, food ...

My mind is always free and clear, only what suits me. I renounce the past and move towards the new


Tension. Loads Breaking off

My mind is soft and harmonious. I am free to be me.

Herniated disc

Sensation of not receiving support from life. Indecision

Life supports all my thoughts.


Sexual blame, need for punishment. Public embarrassment. A mental conflict that becomes material.

I learn to know what I can't or can't dare to face. I'm perfect.


Related to anger and primitive emotions. Victim is done with self-deception, justifying himself as demanding and feels bad

I choose to live from the heart. I look for the aor everywhere and I find it.


Stuck, stuck and painful ideas

My ideas flow freely and easily, and between them I move freely.


Disappointment for not being able to do what one wants. Someone who tries to satisfy others and almost never himself.

I take my own power and use it for my good. I make my own decisions and I make myself.


Fear, resistance to change, distrust of the life process.

I am safe anywhere in the luniverse. I love and trust the process of life.


Someone overwhelmed by the burdens of life who continually wonders what is it for?

I choose to make my life something simple, easy and joyful.

Bones, tears

Bone pain: Rebellion against authority.
Fractures: Loss of mental flexibility.
of wrist: Represents movement and ease
on the elbow: Lack of courage to break through life
in the arms: refuses to hug and open to others, strike of fallen arms, apathy
on the knees: Too proud, she doesn't kneel, she doesn't know how to apologize.
On the hip: Impossibility of maintaining a balance in your life
on the feet: he doesn't want to keep fighting for life, he doesn't want to stand up-
In my world, I am my own authority.
I relax and trust the flow of life.


Try to free yourself an inner conflict. Their conflicts are not assumed and materialize. We must learn to live with conflicts and face them. Irritation, annoyance.

Urinary tract infection

Someone who feels irritated, usually by a lover or other individual of the opposite sex. Someone who blames others.

I give up the mental model that created this condition. I am responsible for what touches me.


Visceral fear, terror, anguish

I assimilate with joy, all new experience.


Incitement to understand something and pretend, make visible an ignored conflict. If it does not succeed, acute inflammations (-itis) acquire chronic character ( -osis )

Now I am open to look at my own conflicts without any fear, resolving them and living happily and fully.


The dream demands dedication and trust, to abandon ourselves to the unknown. He has difficulties and fear of letting go of conscious control and abandoning himself to his unconscious. You must learn to worry about the areas of your unconscious, to find out where the anxiety comes from. The insomniac lacks confidence and delivery capacity. He is considered "active" and cannot be abandoned.


Trouble waking up and getting up, you should analyze your fear of the demands of the day, the activity and the effort. Waking up and starting the day means acting and taking responsibility. The person who has difficulty in becoming aware of the day intends to flee to the world of dreams and the unconsciousness of childhood and avoid the challenges and responsibilities of life.


Slim: The individual is analyzing too much, vital anguish. Anguish of not getting enough and starving. Fear is always associated with the narrow and the desire to hold on.
Thick: Indicates an exaggerated desire to cling to the material and the inability to yield.

I feel calm watching the harmonious flow of life.

I receive the gifts that nature gives me


Someone who is so furious that he cannot speak. Cry for help. Afraid of asserting himself. Resentment with authority. Something you can't express


Death of inspiration. Someone who continually says: Everything is useless

Beyond past limitations, I get into the freedom of the present moment. There is no danger in being me.

Lymph, lymphatic system

You feel helpless, you don't feel able to respond to strange agents.

My own nature keeps standing all the defenses I need in the face of external aggressions.


Small blows of life, autocastigo.

I love and take care of myself. I am kind to myself.

Bad breath

Ideas of anger and revenge. Experiences that support them.

With love I detach myself from the past. I decide not to express more than love.


Anger, resentment, desire for revenge.

I am able to change the situations that produce my anger.

Dizziness / travel

Fear, especially to death. Lack of control

I am totally safe in the universe, and in peace everywhere. I trust life.

Menopause problems

Afraid to stop being loved and getting old. Rejection of herself "I do not serve."

I feel balanced and serene in all cycle changes and I bless my body with love.

Menstrual problems

Rejection of femininity itself. Blame it, fear. Sexual prejudices

I accept my full power as a woman and I accept as normal and natural all the processes of my body.


Resists to flow, replaces the action with the thought,
Problems with sexuality, or have completely ruled out of their lives sexuality ("... that does not go with me"), or boast of "lack of prejudice."

I relax in the flow of life and let her comfortably provide me with everything I need.

Nose, nosebleed

Need for recognition. Sensation of not being recognized and going unnoticed. Someone who cries out for love.

I love and approve myself, I recognize my own value, I am perfect.


Fear, rejection of an idea or an experience

I trust that the process of life does not contribute more than good


Someone desperate, tired of life. emotional wounds that are not allowed to heal.

This moment is new. Now I absorb the inspiration and intelligence of everything around me.


Feeling guilty, autocastigo. Anguish for communication

I forgive myself, I love myself and I approve. I communicate with love.


Deafness : self-centeredness, not paying attention to others.
Otitis : Loss of flexibility and adaptation. Need to hear the inner voice. He who is already deaf is deaf to listen to himself.
Mastoiditis Desire not to hear what is happening. Fear affects understanding.
Earache : Someone who does not want to hear. Discussions between parents.

Harmony surrounds me, I listen with love to the good and the pleasant. I am love center.


Astigmatism: I disturb, afraid to really see himself.
Waterfalls: It's not to see what you don't want to see. Grim future.
Glaucoma (green cataract): psychic pressure of undischarged tears, loss of global vision. Strong refusal to forgive. Pressure of very old wounds that overwhelm you.
Myopia: exaggerated subjectivity, it affects any subject personally, susceptibility, irritability, ignorance of itself, does not want to see. Lack of overall vision. Fear of the future.
Presbyopia: You don't want to see the closest. Fear of the present.
Color blindness: Blindness for the diversity and color of life, they see everything brown, tend to despise differences, gray beings.
Conjunctivitis: Denotes conflict, close your eyes to a conflict that we do not want to face.
Strabismus: unilateral vision of the world, partial vision, loss of relief and perspective of things. Contradictory purposes or fear of looking at the present, the here and now.
Blindness : Not wanting to see.

Body odor.

Stay away from others because you fear them. Disgust with himself.

I love and approve myself, I am safe.


Pancreatitis: Rejection. Frustration and anger because life seems to have lost its sweetness.

I love and approve of myself. I am creating sweetness and joy in life.


Fear, terror. Escape from a situation or a person. Resistances

I am one with the entire life. I am safe and I feel totally suitable for any situation.


Fear and intense desire to control everything and everyone

I relax in the assurance that there is no danger. Life belongs to me and I trust its process

Breasts, problems, lumps, cysts ...

Exaggeration of the maternal attitude. Overprotection Despotic attitudes. Withdrawal of food

I am free to be myself and leave others free to be who they are. There is no danger in each of us growing up.

Weight, overweight

Need for protection Escape from feelings. Insecurity and rejection of itself.

I believe in my own safety, I love myself and I approve of myself.


Conflict between your inner life and the world. The more robust the defense and the thicker the shell, the greater the sensitivity and fear.
Dermatitis : Abandonment suffered
Psoriasis : Armored against the outside world for feeling threatened.
Eruptions, spots : Something psychological emerges outside.
Spicy : a burning passion, an exaltation, a fiery love or, also, the flame of anger. It is not surprising that the itching is accompanied by skin rashes, red spots and inflammations. one is shielded on all four sides. You don't want anything to come in or out.
Grains: Shame for one's sexuality.

Lovingly I protect myself with thoughts of peace and joy.

Legs, problems in the

top part : someone who clings to old childhood traumas.
Bottom : fear of the future, refusal to move.
My parents acted as best as possible with the understanding, awareness and knowledge they had. I leave you free.
I move forward with confidence and joy trusting my future.


fears of the future will no longer advance in life. Stopping moment.

I advance through life with ease and joy.


Anger at the inability to not be able to make decisions. Indecisive people

My decisions are perfect for me.

Pituitary gland

Represents the control center

My mind and body are in perfect balance and I control my thoughts.


Paralyzing jealousy. Wish to stop someone.

There is enough for everyone.

Blood pressure

High: Old emotional problem, not resolved.
Low: Lack of love in childhood. Defeatism. Someone who says "what is the use, it will not work".
I get rid of the past with joy
I decide to live the present always jubilant.


Mental fears that weaken masculinity. Masculinity belittled or neglected. Waiver, sexual pressure and guilt. Someone who is no longer appreciated by their partner. Or someone who thinks he can't get it. Old age sensation.

My masculinity is untouchable and is in perfect shape.


Depression, grief. Fear of inspiring life. Someone who feels unworthy to live fully.

I have the ability to inspire the fullness of life.


Anger. Someone who burns with fury.

In myself and in my environment I only create peace and joy. I deserve to feel good.


Someone who returns to pass an old painful movie and cultivates grievances. False growths

The movies of my mind are beautiful because I choose them that way.


emotional malnutrition, lack of love and security

The love of the universe feeds me and gives me security.


Emotional conflict that emerges.

I let my mind relax and feel at peace. Clarity and harmony surround me and are within me.

Breathing problems

Conflict between what you give and what you receive. You feel you don't have your space.

The planet is a natural garden where I play at ease.


Victim Feeling Lack of love. Chronic bitterness, resentment

I create my own experiences. The love and approval of myself and others make my experiences better every day.


They represent coexistence and harmony.
Renal calculus: accumulation of issues that the individual would have had to lighten up long ago, since they were not necessary for their development and that block the flow of development and produce congestion (Nephritic colic).

Only the jump to leave behind the unusable can make development flow again and free us from the old


Obstinate refusal to abandon old mental models. Resistance to grow.

From the past I move towards the new, fresh and vital.


Sexuality and love must be in balance. Only physical sex brings energy to the body. It is the death of love.

My body expresses itself completely when I share it with love.


A rigid individual in the mental order, if his opinions become slogan and inflexible sentence, also in the bodily will condense and solidify what must be fluid.

I flow freely and joyfully in the river of life.


Someone eaten by selfish, possessive. Cruel feelings Revenge

By loving and approving myself, I create a peaceful and jubilant world.


Someone who nourishes old wounds and generates remorse.

With love I get rid of the past and attend to the new.


Afraid of someone who believes it will not work, what does it eat you? You must learn to become aware of your feelings, face conflict and your desire for maternal protection.

I love and approve of myself. I feel at peace, everything is fine.


Small hidden fears. Grains of sand become mountains.

I bring peace to the last corner of my life.


Frustration, someone who eats himself. Resentment with one of the parents or with the couple.

There is no danger in growing up. I live with ease and joy.

Vegija, problems of

anguish, someone clinging to old ideas, fear of loosening, someone who feels irritated.

I welcome the new in my life with ease.


Sexual guilt Need for punishment. Live sexuality as sinful.

With love and joy I accept my sexuality, I only accept thoughts that support me and make me feel good.

Plantar wart

Colera as the basis of understanding. Growing frustration about the future.

I move forward with ease and confidence and trust in the process of life.


Little expressions of hate. Conviction of ugliness

I am the full expression of love and be

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