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  • 2016

Master Kuthumi is known as the instructor of the world, Master of humans and angels, whose mission is to make sure that everyone knows the love and life of Christ . Master Kuthumi has existed since ancestral generations, has been in charge of reincarnating in different lives and stages of the world, to give love, wisdom and usefulness to all people.

Knowing the love of Christ is your goal in this world, every human being must really know what Christ did for us, because the arrival of him is getting closer and we must wait for him with much faith and love.

Master Kuthumi: Christ in our heart

Because dear brothers, at the time you least expect, Christ will call us and our hearts must be ready, when we receive his call, because dear brothers, the arrival of Christ is near, never forget it and remember with great love, the act of He did for us before God.

Master Kuthumi has reincarnated in this world as Pythagoras, philosopher, Sha Jahan, Saint Francis of Assisi, Pharaoh, Baltasar one of the wise men and among many emblematic personalities who have lived in our history.

The teacher also helped to create the spiritual laws of life that allow us to instruct others effectively and lovingly, about the call of Christ to each of our hearts.

More about Master Kuthumi

By the age of 18, the teacher had learned from the great Greek teachers about the vision and the keys to understanding the universe.

He had the opportunity to study geometric lines, sacred numbers, ternary law, how to understand the order of constellations and the septenary law that controls evolution.

Having the knowledge of the Greeks, he had the opportunity to go to Egypt and study alongside the wise Egyptians, with whom they came to master the mathematics and science of numbers that helps explain the secrets of the universe.

Master Kuthumi, had the opportunity to be Pythagoras, parrot to create the world of mathematics that we know today, he brought to our world a logic to understand, calculate and know why some actions happen in our world. Without inventing mathematics, can you imagine what our world would be like today?

The teacher managed to expand his ideology around the world, on each of the continents of the earth, Kuthumi, managed to intertwine the cosmic laws to the thoughts and doctrines of the West . Human reincarnation has been one of the main principles that have been carried out, to comply with each of them.

In addition, the principles of astrology, was another of the thoughts that have been complemented in the West. The work that Master Kuthumi has done , has been historical and authentic in humanity, we can have the opportunity to enjoy his soul in different personalities that marked the world.

Accepting Christ in our hearts is a beginning and the ultimate goal that the teacher has on earth, fought against thousands of people who did not believe in him, and also did not paint the ideology of love of Christ in their lives.

Being San Francisco de As s he had a tireless struggle in his life to carry the message of God and Christ to all those people at that time. At present, Francisco de Asà © s is known as one of the personalities who carried with conviction the thoughts of God.

Without any doubt, Master Kuthumi has brought and given a great contribution to humanity about the love of Christ and God that we know today.

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