Tips for the home, by Elohim Astrea

  • 2014

“Tonight, in this particularly special atmosphere, I would like to say the following: If there are conditions in your homes with which you disagree, please do not discuss that. That only generates antagonism, which makes things even more difficult. If, on the contrary, they invoke their own “Presence” and the “Great I AM Presence” of the other members of the household who disagree, asking them to assume command, produce His Perfection and maintain His Dominion, they will see that All conditions will be straightened and corrected without any difficulty.

“The human being has the habit - when he detects something that needs to be corrected - of skipping the other person and criticizing him for not performing his duties as he should. That will always be a mistake, and it only establishes an antagonism that will prevent what you want to be achieved. Simply say: "Very well, everyone has their own freedom." Then, continue in silence with your work, and with great firmness in your feelings, say quietly:

"'I AM Great Presence", these are Your Children! Everyone has a “Great I AM Presence”! Assume now the command and command of those minds and bodies; Produce Your Perfection; keep Your domain; and show what is required for happiness, liberation and achievement of each one. Know then that the Presence is doing it, and do not allow your personality to say: Well, well, the thing is getting worse! Do they not remember how many times they said that, when a condition seemed not to be resolved immediately? The same happens when you have a pain in your body and it seems not to calm down immediately you say: Oh, my God, this is getting worse!

My beloved, these sound like very simple things, but they become very powerful through the Qualifying Power of the individual. These are simple things that humanity often overlooks, which, if you obey them, will soon give you Liberation.

Tips for the home, by Elohim Astrea

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