Meet the Ascended Master Saint Hilarion

  • 2016

The Ascended Master San Hilari n is Chohan of the Fifth Ray, the green ray, of truth, science, vision and prosperity. He works with souls to help them gain dominance in the third eye chakra and the qualities of the green ray, including healing and the science of celebrating the immaculate conception. (The immaculate concept is any pure thought held by one person on behalf of another.) The fifth ray is related to the third eye chakra while the color of the ray is an emerald green .

With respect to this area of ​​work, Hilari n's influence is not only healing, but also includes music and science through Perceptions of the third eye. A source adds that Hilari n often works with the Alexander Raphael, who similarly performs in the Fifth Ray.

The apostle Paul was one of the incarnations of Hilari n. In stages Paul put on the mantle of his Lord and carried out many works as his instrument in cures, miracles, prophecies and the conversions of fire. This was the true path that Jesus Christ meant to his apostles to walk. Today Hilari n guides students on the path of putting on the mantle of their Higher Self to carry out these works and more. His last incarnation was Saint Hilari n, the fourth century hermit and healer who performed countless miracles.

As an ascended teacher, Hilarion sponsors truth teachers, religious leaders and missionaries, as well as those who practice healing arts, scientists and engineers in all fields, musicians, and those who specialize in computer technology and space . He is also the eternal empiricist who brings the seeker to the initiatory path that the apostle Paul speaks: " And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free "

He is concerned with helping atheists, agnostics, skeptics and others, empirically focused that, often for reasons beyond their own control, have become disillusioned with life and religion and have no outside knowledge of Cristeidad's trajectory. individual.

Hilarion helps prepare souls to receive the gift of healing from the Holy Spirit. Its etheric retreat is called the Temple of Truth and it is located on the island of Crete in Greece.

The Ascended Master Hilarion is the Chohan of the Fifth Ray. He embodies the qualities of healing and integrity, music and science, and vision at one point (the action of the third eye). His retirement is in the etheric eighth above Crete, Greece. Upon his retirement, Hilarion prepares us to receive the gift of healing.

The Apostle Paul

Like Paul, Hilarion taught himself Jewish law at the foot of Gamaliel, one of the greatest scholars that ever existed. This formation has proven to be an effective preparation for his apostolic mission in which he wrote letters and sermons throughout Asia Minor and the Mediterranean for thirty years. During the three years he spent in Arabia, Paul received inner teaching from Jesus in etheric retreat from Jesus about what is now known as "The Holy Land."

Before his conversion, Paul (called Saul at that time) is followed by Christians . He stood up and consented to the stoning of St. Stephen, the first Karma martyr . The Christians prevented this from Paul - even in spite of his martyrdom - at the end of his magnificent life as the apostle.

San hilarion

The soul of Hilarion later reincarnated as the great Saint Hilarion, who died around 371 AD St. Hilarion was a hermit and a healer all his life . He was able to fulfill the healing mission that began as the apostle Paul, since he was able to balance the karma of persecuting the Christians he had accomplished as Saul.

Hilarion spent twenty years in the desert preparing for his mission. He cast out evil and healed spirits to thousands of people. They would never leave him alone. They followed him through the desert and over the sea, so it was the faculty with Jesus' mantle of healing. At the end of this life, Hilarion made his ascension.

Qualities of the fifth ray

The Fifth Ray chakra is the third eye. It is emerald green, and is composed of ninety-six petals.

The emerald, the diamond, the jade and the quartz crystal focus the light of the fifth ray. The emerald is a symbol of abundant life . It is used to focus the eye that sees everything from God, as well as to provide great protection. The soothing effect of Jade is a balm for everyone, and is especially useful for hyperactive children. Its molecular structure harmoniously maintains the silent peace of the green ray.

One of the greatest teachers of the fifth ray, the ray of truth, is Pallas Athena. Very often known as a goddess of Greek mythology, who is in fact an Ascended Master. She was the muse sponsored by Francis Bacon (the true author of the works attributed to Shakespeare) and his circle of Elizabethan authors. All healing Masters, including Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael, serve in the Fifth Ray.

The Fifth Ray is also the precipitating ray that conveys the qualities we use to make things happen physically, and that governs technology and science, is used to improve our lives. It is the ray of music and the harmonies of the internal and sound spheres, which gives birth to all creation. It is key to the science of the spoken word, which we can use to cure and precipitate the divine plan, leading it to physical completion and integrity.

To master the Fifth Ray, one must first achieve balance in power, wisdom, and the love of the first three rays, as well as the white light of the Divine Mother in the Fourth Ray. Obtaining this domain leads to the balance necessary to be an effective scientist, physician or healer.

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