Know the benefits of taking vitamin C periodically

  • 2017
Currently, vitamin is considered an excellent ally of both preventive and corrective health treatments

Currently, vitamin is considered an excellent ally of both preventive and corrective health treatments

When the ambient temperature drops due to the cold seasons, it is when the various citrus fruits we know are produced in the trees. And nature has a powerful reason for that. It turns out that citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C content, the same vitamin that is essential to promote, preserve and regulate, many organic functions and keep them working properly.

However, science has discovered that regular intake of vitamin C not only prevents and relieves colds in the cold season. It is also a magnificent antioxidant agent and precursor of enzymes and hormones that help us stay healthy all year.

Join us on this short tour to learn more about the benefits of vitamin C.

Vitamin C. The natural antioxidant par excellence.

Its antioxidant peculiarities help the body to eliminate free radicals, which are one of the main causes of cell aging

Much of the knowledge about the benefits of vitamin C consumption, we owe to the biochemist Linus Carl Pauling (1901 - 1994). This man, a two-time Nobel Prize winner, discovered that his patients, treated with high doses of vitamin C, had significant improvements over their conditions. And I even develop treatments for patients with cancer in stages three and four. Their results continue to amaze oncologists and medical specialists, because the administration of this product to terminal patients, in at least 70% of cases, saved their lives and even saw the disease eradicated.

Vitamin C, to keep the immune system optimal

But vitamin C is not only applicable or recommended for extreme cases such as cancer. If you want to have a functional and efficient immune system, help it by consuming this vitamin, so that your body can better cope with any infection or disease from infection.

It is interesting to know the testimony of people who regularly ingest vitamin C.

Although the traditional norm ensures that between 40 and 60 mg per day are sufficient, Linus Carl Pauling, assured that the ideal minimum is 800 mg daily. With the advantage that the body is able to dispose of what it does not need without generating any harm to health. Mateo, from the City of Medellín, in Colombia, claims not to have suffered a single cold, or respiratory ailments, for fourteen years, when he started consuming 800 mg of vitamin C a day. For his part, Fernanda, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, definitely relieved his chronic allergy since he included in his health routine, regular consumption of vitamin C.

In addition, the consumption of this vitamin has proven its effectiveness by raising the body's ability to regenerate wounds and to promote renewal at the cellular level. It is a substance that helps to purify harmful agents in the blood and regulates metabolic and endocrine functions,

Eat citrus fruits regularly

At present, we have many ways to consume vitamin C. From the classic that involves including in our diet, fruits rich in this vitamin, to the options of high concentration tablets, oil capsules and even injectable ampoules, very similar to Traditional doses of vitamin B12 complex.

However, to make sure we eat the right dose, sometimes it is not enough to eat citrus fruits. The good news is that today we can find vitamin C options, whether in tablets, capsules, injectable ampoules and even powder. The latter is ideal for dissolving in water or juice, which provides the ease of consuming the appropriate dose, accompanying daily food.

In any case, go to your family doctor to learn about the options and decide which one is best for you. Recall that there are thousands of myths and erroneous information about the consumption of vitamins in high doses. But in the case of vitamin C, its qualities allow us to resort to it, not just to correct health problems. Its preventive benefits are unmatched and certainly very beneficial to the body. Your health in general, will be favored if you decide to include in your diet the regular consumption of this powerful vitamin, which has revolutionized the pharmaceutical industry and has proven its effectiveness in treating conditions so difficult to treat. beat like cancer.

Do you know the benefits of consuming vitamin C ?

Get informed and welcome your life. You don't need to be sick to make it your health ally.

AUTHOR: Kikio, editor in the big family

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