CONFUCIUS - Let us learn to manifest the God that dwells within us

BELOVED CONFUCIE. March 31, 2005

I AM Confucius and I introduce myself through this messenger.

I have come to offer you an exhortation concerning the science of Divine Wisdom. Many hundreds of years have passed since the time of my last incarnation on Earth and I am happy to have this opportunity to express some words of this Teaching to a valued audience.

It is always more valuable to hear the words from the primary source than to rely on a reinterpretation of the words made by those who think they have achieved a high level of cognition of the Truth. However, these people are only on the edge of the peak of Divine Wisdom and the vanities of life constantly divert their attention and do not allow them to take another step in the direction of that cusp.

I trust that this will not happen with those who are reading these lines. You can deviate for some time from the illusion in your environment and concentrate on the immanent Truths that are not connected with your time, country and environment.

Try to focus on the heartbeat. Listen to your breath. Inhale ... Exhale ...

The functioning of your heart and your breathing is not connected in any way with the country of residence. It does not connect with your role in life. The same can be said about the Divine Truth. It exists by itself and does not depend on your conscience or your thoughts.

So then, what is the meaning of your life if this world can continue to function perfectly without you? Have you asked yourself this question? Have they asked themselves what is the purpose of your existence?

I guess that question has been questioned at least once in their lives. For many, this approach arises in such a persistent and frequent way that the search for the meaning of life has literally diverted them from the meaning of life itself.

You are right, My Beloved, it is a dignifying task - to understand why you are living and why the existence of your entire surrounding world.

This questioning was my obsession during the time of my incarnation. Days passed without being able to find a place for myself, trying to answer this question over and over again.

I was a believer and an adherent of the world perspective system currently accepted in the surrounding world at that time. And it was only until I knew that this world perspective system had been created by people similar to me. As I grew older, I understood that it was not perfect and that any of my thoughts became imperfect, even before I expressed them. Why was it imperfect? And why couldn't I overcome this imperfection despite my efforts?

Are these questions familiar to you? Have similar questions been asked?

As time went by, the answer to this question became the basis of my teaching system, a teaching I offered to all those who wished to become my disciples.

I clearly understood that within me was a Upper Part, which was more perfect. I could join her. In fact, I knew that the one who prevented me from manifesting my Higher Self was myself and not someone external to me.

I believed that all living creatures and myself had been created in the image of the God who had created this world and that their position in the Universe was far superior to ours. All of us are interconnected with Him and form an indissoluble Unity with Him. I understood, precisely, since I had a Higher Self, also the Creator of the Universe must have His own Higher Self and his own Lower Beings. And His Inferior Being is nothing other than the Incarnate Self. The Inferior Being of Him is I along with all other incarnate living creatures and all the Earth that can be contemplated. All of us represent the incarnate Creator.

And He dwells within us. He is creating and knowing himself through us. He is knowing Himself through us and through each of the living creatures.

All of us are His cells and blood vessels. All of us conform His Body and we are all interconnected with each other and with Him. Everything that separates us from ourselves and from the Unity with Him must be corrected.

Therefore, I taught and continue to teach only one thing now. I invite each of you to work on that part that prevents you from remaining united with the Creator. Work on that part of your being that separates you from the state of complete unity with God, the Creator, Atman and the Higher Reason. No matter what denomination you give to that being, that part of you who you really are.

You cannot do someone else's work nor can anyone else do it for you. Or maybe someone does it for you, but only if he was forced to work for you or obey his orders. In that case, if that person did the work for you, it would be the same by applying the brute force as the force of the laws written by you.

But, if they tried to make their heart beat inside their body or pump blood to the lungs through their blood vessels, their attempt would only lead to failure. But if we turn to history, we will observe that the whole history is full of events in which, on the one hand, a few forced others to obey their orders and, on the other, they had to obey the former. For this reason, wars have been paid and injustice has been manifest in this world. For the basis of all injustice has always been the desire of the individual to do something in his own style.

So then, let's return to the issue of our own imperfection.

When I was young, I really believed that I could inspire the world to change only through my example and using my persuasion. I deployed great effort and energy trying to persuade my chelas about how they should act and behave. But the strength of persuasion was lacking for the chelas to act in the way that I considered reasonable.

Then, I started acting together with the chelas who accepted my persuasion system. However, it still lacked personal strength. Believe me. I tried my best to try to persuade my chelas, just so they would listen to me and know that their way of life was not correct and that life was worth it.

Years and decades passed, but the situation in the world continues, regardless of my efforts and attempts. What was the reason for that?

I was just a tiny grain of sand, a small cell within the organism of the universe and I was trying to persuade the whole world to live according to my laws.

Finally, after many decades, I understood that the only person on Earth that hindered my work was myself. The reason was my excessive pride and my excessive confidence in the fact that I was a connoisseur of the whole Truth and could teach it to others. My external personality tried to make the entire universe obey the law that regulates this universe.

Then I understood the truth. And I have to say that it was worth spending my whole life in the realization of this truth.

It is futile and futile to stipulate our own laws in the world we live on. We have to obey the Law that was created at the very moment of origin of our universe and forms its base. This law stipulates that we have to give up our desire to manifest ourselves and our ego in the foreground of our lives and, what we have to do more well, is to do our best to allow God to manifest himself to Himself through us. Only then, can we restore our unity. Then, we will be empowered to participate in the realization of the Divine plan for this Universe. This is the task and work that each person must complete. That is the reason why this task is the most important and its fulfillment must become the sense of search of your life but they cannot find beyond themselves.

This is the fruit of my thinking during my earthly life and I transfer it to you. But I can't make them eat this fruit. You must do it for yourself. No one but you can do this work on yourself.

Now, I must leave them. I hope I have offered you a reflection on the right direction.

I AM Confucius.

The messenger is Tatyana Mickushina

Translated from Russian to English by Svetlana Nekrasova

Translated from English to Spanish by: Gloria Helena Restrepo C.

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