How to use the 7 Rays by Master Sant Germain. Message # 5

Brief No. 5

I greet my dear children to indicate some simpler ways of how to use the 7 rays that we are bringing today to their consciences because we are in the time to greet each other daily and they must do it correctly and without confusion.

It is the conditions of each one that determine that there are many reasons to use the Rays of each day, in each place and in each moment, there are many reasons to use them and for us it is essential that they see or feel them because we know that each He has experienced them differently, there are different ways of feeling that there is lightning for each and every moment and it is the heart that tells them what to do to use them, that is, that each one will know how to call it and how to invoke it because calling no It is the same as invoking since each person makes a different and personal call and the invocations are of each divine being and they determine how they will be called.

The conditions for this are very simple, each of you will have to make a call to know what will be the way to invoke the lightning of each day and you will use it at every moment, there are ways to call us for example if you go on the street and feel some danger calls the blue ray that he will invoke to help you with the whole legion, your legion, so it will be to help a people or a continent, it is the rays that invoke human beings and human beings call us, this It is a bit complicated because there are theories that say the opposite but believe me beloved brothers, the rays are the ones indicated to invoke the legions of the galaxy and they are more intense than what you imagine and if they invoke you they will be cutting the way to extend and we must let them or us spread forever throughout the globe of the earth.

Each corner has a single atom of each ray and each person has a single ray for themselves and it is he who is responsible for invoking the other rays according to the feeling and need that welcomes them at that time.

You, my friend, belong to a ray of a different day depending on the day and time you were born because it was the decision of your generations and yourself, what happens is that it is not in your current memory.

The rays and the souls

Souls are the most suitable to call the already existing rays in each of you but you don't have to know what to do with them because that is their function, you have to try to keep the souls of our loved ones always calm so that they help each other and you, that is, do not give yourself confusion if I tell you that you have to ask them with love or help them to be well, each family knows what state each loved one left and it is possible that each one is or in the limbo of the third sphere or in the truth of the fourth and each one knows that if he makes vows of love for that being he will help him to be in permanent contact with us and with each of the legions because that It is their true function, that is to say, if there are a variety of people asking for a soul at the same time, there are many possibilities for that soul to rise and fall in each of its legions, so try to forgive them and help them to be calm. as long as you can.

For example on your birth dates or on your farewell day always remember your soul and say thank you in the same way you do with the Angels, that is to help other souls also because they are meeting and helping them to be in each of the places that correspond to them. There are many ways to help souls through the rays and it is in the same ways that you help yourself

It is not necessary that everyone is in the place where he was buried because it is important that they know that each loved one knows where he was buried but is no longer there, is in the place that corresponds to him by divine law therefore it is important that they adjust to his most sincere intention that they be well with the deepest prayers in their days or on the day of souls that are Mondays and Fridays, especially Mondays that are in a state of peace with us and with us are also the ancestors of each of the legions so it is a sacred day and a day when everyone should be calm and start the week with a lot of love and desire to address the days with the deepest desire that we are always the bearers of the most Sincere intentions to help others and that is when we will know how important it is to help because this word has been heard so much in these last writings but I think that it should be known to use it from the deepest To identify what it is up to each one to do.

The deepest initiations of love are the clearest proof that we are with them and we are in each of the ways of being of each of the people we love and know that they can help us to be able to be the most sincere bearers of the reasons that the rays need to intervene on earth and especially in the most sincere spheres of consciousness of each one of you in each of the places.

How to invoke the rays

It is necessary to invoke the rays from each of the manifestations of need of each one and especially from the communities for example if there is a country that is being threatened with a war it is necessary to transmute from that thought and word that threat and then to try to ensure that the Archangel Saint Michael tries to settle the accounts between them in a peaceful manner, that is to say that there is an intermediary from the most sincere intentions of justice. In this work it is necessary to review when we are talking about justice and when we are talking about partisanship because it is important that you always look at the two sides of the reasons why a war of any kind is being established either from a kidnapping to a person or an armed militancy.

We must help justice be applied not from the highest selfish desire from a single vision, we must help justice for all, we must be as fair as possible to try to be what they are, the most sincere beings of light, and each one must be in each of the indicated places and the considerable hours to ask you have to attend the groups that are made for peace because you have to be very energetic With the help of the most sincere ways to increase the number of people who want peace.

Do not help each other only, it is time to start helping those who have no idea what this is about raising consciousness and from the seven rays it is a very important path to follow because we are light, we are love we are peace and we are God the Father in us and every ray is in every divine being so there are many people who are making this known and try to follow the indications of invocation that will be delivered later so that they are more accurate and eliminate the rituals that are being provided to them because it is very simple and must be helped from simplicity if they are already aware that they are beings of light and love.

There are many of our children who feel bad because we are alone in some of our children channeling but will see that at least they know they will be connected considering that they are part of the Brotherhood's legion Blanca that is very important and that the rules are love, the material detachment that has already been explained above and that has nothing to do with material poverty has to do with sharing what you no longer need by keeping what you are going to provide onwards.

It is important that that ray you invoke is in harmony with the day and need that you have for that reason, each one will know in which day he kneels to speak with the most sincere tools of his heart that its ray and then the days in a row will be with each of the rays that correspond to it, it is important that every day you are in the most sincere manifestations of love divine and of the most sincere manifestations of true love since it is a state of peace with all and of internal strength with each and every one of the beings of light that we are helping and are trying to help each other get ahead.

We must be more rigorous with the demands on the light channels since there are many of the things we say to be endorsed but there are others that are very far from what we are, the most sincere channeling contacts are those that they try to shudder you in your most sincere feelings and not disguise a feeling, this is very important that they know, sometimes we feel loving but sometimes we don't realize that there are many beings that we are neglecting as sometimes there are many beings that hinder the work, it is a bit complicated to mediate the balance but it is essential to fight for it, do not try to be stronger in wisdom try to be wiser in love and try to know that if there is something you already know try to do it from the most sincere manifestations of true love and from the most sincere manifestations of divine love and the most sincere manifestations of aid to the most sincere beings of light that we have to help us.

I say this because I know each one of my children, but I do not know the children of the other legions and it is important that among children of legions they do not fight or separate, you just have to help each other to be well from his legion because each legion is fulfilling a mission and each mission strengthens the work of each ray, for example those of the krayon legion are more of the external spheres that are responsible for transmitting love to nature and the most sincere manifestations of progress from the things that are done for the development of it, those of the legion of Ashtar Teheran are responsible for helping science to be responsible for helping to discover the truths of who we are and what we are doing to help the families of our children on earth, those of the legion of the White Brotherhood are in charge of love and love is the basis of all the advances and the most sincere and high spheres of light divine remember, there are intraterrestrial and extraterrestrial legions so those who work for the land are of that legion and those who work for the air are hers, those of fire, those of light and so on and there is written material on them and they should Search and find out to be in greater harmony.

Do not fight against the light is the most important thing is an image more or less like this: you have to be in a place and you have to help each other to correspond to each of the reasons why they are there, because it is like a pressure from the highest spheres on the earth and another from the innermost so there is room for everyone but what is being worked on in synthesis is for those who are hurting to become those of us who are children of light and that makes love from the evidence of the truths, for this some diseases were created and are still being created to curb negative instincts and drive away the darkest forms of human behavior.

So, beloved brothers, this modern and realistic and also simple discourse leads us to conclude that we make each day a closer part of you and your deepest intentions to understand that love is what is in your hearts and what is in each one. of its beings of light, it is necessary to help the rays to be the most essential of the heavenly aids from the effectiveness of the requests and the effectiveness of the results in their light love and kindness to all AMEN.

I speak to you Saint Germain I will be in each one of you helping you today and always from the rigor of the light of the deepest darkness of your mixed feelings to the most enlightened ways of manifesting your love, call me and I will be there.

Channeled by Rosalía Nov 14/09

Thankful I am beloved Master for allowing me to serve today.

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