How to create energy shields for personal and group protection

1- Deep breathing must stabilize the body and prepare the mind to receive energy.

2- Invocation of the Beings of Light METATRON, MIGUEL and MELCHIZEDEK (Archangels, Angels, Guides, teachers, Protectors, Ascended Masters).

3- The Creator Father is asked to send his person his personal shield saying: God All Powerful, Unique and Eternal, I ask you to send me my personal protection shield.

4- Breathe deeply to begin receiving the energy that God will send to the soul. This light is sent especially for each person, therefore it has a particular color, transmitting different special sensations for each person.

5- Next shield: the presence of the Arc Miguel Angel, the power of his Blue Flame is requested saying: Arc ngel Miguel Protector of my light wrap me in a blue fire shield from the feet to the head, envelops all my bodies so that no dense, or poorly qualified energy can remain attached to my fields of light. Strengthen me purify me and protect me.

Kodoish, kodoish, kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth 9 times

Breathe deeply so that the Blue flame is incorporated, visualizing it in the most spontaneous way in which it is presented.

You can feel heat and that energy permeates your entire body, providing security and calm.

When you feel the energy move your hands with circular movements around your body, without touching the physical body, but touching your energy field. In this way the energy will be anchored in the third dimension. You will feel your fully activated palm chackras, with great heat in your palms.


It is said that:

God Almighty, I ask to receive the Crystal Energy in the form of a shield, so that all the dense energy, poorly qualified, is neutralized, paralyzed, and sent to the place that by affinity corresponds to it.

This energy can be visualized as a transparent etheric crystal that envelops the entire physical body. This light works as an insulator and paralyzes the densest energies preventing them from entering personal light fields.


It is said that:

God Almighty and Eternal I ask that the diamond energy cover my physical body from head to toe, and all my light bodies to seal the Sacred Protection of God

This energy is much hotter and thicker, it is transparent and has bright particles of different colors, if for example the diamond energy is received with golden energy, the particles will be golden, since this energy is conductive, it expands the effect of other energy, affirming and sealing them.

The body temperature can increase a lot, since this energy is very hot and provides distinct sensations.

All these shields are ordered together. One after another, since they perform different functions separately and together.

They are then asked to activate the seals of protection of the most subtle bodies saying:

"I ask for the activation of my highest protection seals to protect all my bodies from those closest to the third dimension to those found in the upper Upper Spheres."

At that moment of meditation, sacred geometric forms of light that appear on the person can be observed. These forms may be in constant motion: turn or burst into light. DO NOT COMMENT OR DRAW FORMS OF PROTECTION SEALS AS IT IS PERSONAL INTIMATE AND ENSURE THAT THIS PROTECTION IS EFFECTIVE.

If you are meditating in a group, everyone should request the activation of the Group Protection Seal.

The important thing about the shields is FAITH and MENTAL ATTITUDE BEFORE THEM. The shields will be ineffective when you have fear, personal insecurity or any other ego that is out of control or doubts. That is why the spiritual strength and assurance that the Light of God is within his spirit is very important. Remember that evil has no power if it is not granted through fear, ignorance, doubt ...

This, ALWAYS, is inferior to the Divine Power of Light.

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