Ashtar Command - Meditation for implant release

This information has been specially prepared for you, the Lightworker on the path of ascension.

It is time to start recovering the powers we have given many millennia ago. The times are arrived.

May Light, Love and Power restore the Divine Plan on Earth.

The experience of releasing "implants" is a great step in your return to your true power.

The release of "implants" will lead your life to a new level of clarity and purpose. It represents a collective liberation of many levels of karma at the same time. To have this kind of impact, it is necessary to release the vows and agreements that keep the devices in place, as well as having the spiritual power to really dissolve the “implants” themselves.

The “implants” and the devices of spiritual limitation are vibratory barriers in the path of ascension that block your progress towards full self-cultivation. They block your path by putting on masks and creating false realities in your consciousness, therefore limiting your access to your Higher Self. These are external control mechanisms of the Dark Forces that keep you in a dual reality. Although there are many types, purposes and causes, they all act as unconscious channels of negative energy in your life and represent karmic bonds and associations that need to be healed and rectified.

Where do the implants come from?

The "implants" represent collective karmic patterns that have been exposed externally by the Dark Forces, in an effort to control the thinking and emotional responses of humanity. Throughout the history of this sector of the Universe, the dual realities (good and bad) have been many. We as light workers have been in many of these different realities. We are now approaching the time of fulfillment and ascension for this planet, so we need to be free again to return to our fully empowered state, taking the planet and its inhabitants with us. Every time we enter a new planetary system, to save it from the Dark Forces, it is necessary that we associate ourselves with the life experience of this planet so that we can change it from within. It is a sacred act to embody a dual reality, appropriate their dysfunctions, rise above them and return them to God.

Who are the "Dark Forces?"

Dark forces are beings that do not honor Mother / Father God as the Creator / Source. They seek to take energy and power from other beings instead of receiving it from God. Although these beings were created by God, they (through their own free will) have participated in the illusion of separation from God and have opposed their Creations on the level of duality In their pain, they seek to control others. One way they do this is through implants.

Some of the beings that integrate the dark forces are often masked as the Light and are the source of much misinformation, as well as energy systems that can be confused as healing systems. They mix only enough truth with their lies to confuse the clueless and are, in fact, the source of much channeled material. Always ask: This information comes in the name of the vibration of Christ? . Insist on your own internal confirmation and that the truth be shown to you. Keep in mind that as long as you still have implants it can be difficult to distinguish between the vibrational transmissions of Christ and other lower ones.

Other beings are behind everything satanic and black magic, those beings do not always seem evil. They can look very beautiful and / or sweet and lovely. If they can perceive behind the facade, they may feel a superficiality and coldness behind the mask. There is also a vampire quality in them. Again, ask if a being or information is the vibration of Christ and insist on confirmation.

How did we get that information in our energy field that we call implants ?

These are received in different ways, in many different time frames, locations and situations. There are many different types of implants and purposes. They are karma of the soul that we carry from one incarnation to another. They scattered across the planet at the fall of Atlantis. Incarnation after incarnation, life after life, human beings lost their power to express their true inner being and to develop their spiritual faculties. Thus we come to modern man with very little awareness of his true spiritual power. The last way implants have been received is through partnerships with different spiritual organizations of a negative nature. This includes any religion that uses mind control and fear to strengthen the control of its members. These are all major religious institutions, as well as the most obvious black magic societies, which have used vows, agreements and related control mechanisms to exercise control over their members. Those faithfulness vows remain until revoked. This energy needs to be transmuted.

Implants are received through subtle bodies and control our access to higher frequencies.

When the vibrations fall to the level of duality and we believe in the illusion of separation from God (we don't believe that we are one with him), we become susceptible. Since humanity as a whole lives in a dual reality and has bought the illusion of separation from God, we are all living under the influence of some kind of device of spiritual limitation. We all have them until they are cleaned.

How do I know if I have implants?

The question is not if I have implants but what implants do I have and how do I get rid of them? ” If you are on the planet and have not been cleaned: you have them. This process will clean all known and unknown varieties, for all time frames, dimensions and locations simultaneously. There is also a protection that is built with this process (when you receive the release through a personal transmission) to protect you against any attempt by any being to insert negative information back into your energy field.

Why can't most psychics see implants?

Because they have them too and therefore they are blind to them. A special ascension-oriented perspective is needed to be aware of them and special knowledge to know what to do with them.

Why should I clean my implants now?

In the history of the planet few beings have achieved ascension since the time of Jesus. The planet itself now rises to a fifth dimension reality. Grace has extended to absolve all karma for those who choose ascension with it. Part of Grace is the release of implants.

What cleanses this process?

This process cleans all implants and devices of spiritual limitation, known and unknown, spiritual "weapons" (negative psychotronic energy sent by another person to you and that can cause chronic pain in the body), mental parasites and emotional body ( they can be the cause of many physical illnesses), stuck entities (it is any disembodied spirit with any bond or cord that connects with you, coming from both this life and another past), forms of negative thinking of all kinds (including curses, enchantments and spells) and the vows and agreements that keep the devices within you.

The devices of spiritual limitation consist of vows and / or contracts with negative spiritual brotherhoods, profane alliances or associations whenever you have been without guidance or separated from God. These votes and agreements will affect you until they are waived, because they leave you open to claims of beings from these organizations. They have access to you in the dream state or in the internal planes, and they are the main cause of spiritual interference in your life on the physical and psychic levels. Those vows may also include vows of poverty, chastity, obedience, etc.

Karmic ties are associations of past lives with certain individuals or places that flow through your present relationships and affect them negatively.

You will be guided through the release of these vows and agreements for all periods of time, dimensions and locations. After reciting the revocation of vows, you may enter a sleepy state of altered consciousness. Just relax and enjoy.
When you are ready for the removal of negative implants follow these steps:

1.- Allow a period of two hours for the entire process, or start the process one hour before your normal bedtime. Disconnect the phone and make sure you will not be disturbed.

2.- Lie in your private space. If you sleep with a partner, do the process together or go to bed earlier.
This session requires conscious consent to make it work.

3.- The first 15 minutes are to read and repeat the resignation of votes. This is very important and requires your conscious participation. The revocation of votes is a sacred process.

4.- Stay in a state of acceptance and delivery.

What should I expect during the process?

1.- The sensations of movement of energy in and around your body are normal. If at any time during the process you experience tension in any part of your body, relax, breathe and think: RELEASE.

2.- It is normal the presence of mental noise, hyperactivity, strong emotions and even nausea or stomach aches can occur. Relax, breathe and think: RELEASE.

3.- You can have visions of various colors in motion, particularly violet and blue.

4.- Once you have finished with the revocation of votes and agree with the removal of negative implants, you may enter a sleepy altered state. During this period the Masters and etheric surgeons are working with you "outside the body."

5.- Do not have expectations. Whatever you experience is appropriate for you. Since this process is deeply personal, everyone has a different experience. That is good and does not mean that you are doing something "wrong."

OK ready? Let's get started! Your commitment to your growth and your path of service to the world is commendable! Recite the revocation of votes that follows:

The healing and removal process:

I go to Christ to calm my fears and deactivate all external control mechanisms that could interfere with this Healing. I ask my Higher Self to close my aura and establish a Christic channel for the purpose of my Healing, so that they only flow towards my Christic energies.

No other use can be given to this channel other than the flow of Christ energies.
(Imagine and visualize violet energy turning from left to right around your body and everything around you. This rotating energy will continue for an hour and a half or throughout the night if you perform this process just before bedtime.)

I now call Archangel Michael to completely seal and protect this sacred experience. I invoke Circular Security to completely seal and protect and increase Miguel's shield, and to remove everything that is not of a Christistic nature that still exists within this field.
I now invoke the Ascended Masters and our Christ assistants located on the ships, to completely remove and dissolve each and every implant and its original energies, parasites, spiritual weapons and self-imposed limitation devices, both known as strangers. Once this process has been completed, I ask for the total restoration and repair of my original energy field, full of the Golden Christ Energy.

[Repeat all that follows:]
I am free! I am free! I am free! I am free! I am free!
I am free! I am free!

[For this healing to be permanent, we must close the doors that gave them access in the first instance. Repeat the following:]

I, the Being known as {your name} in this particular incarnation, at this time I revoke and renounce each and every one of the oaths, vows, and loyalties that no longer serve my highest good in this life, past lives, simultaneous lives and future lives, in all dimensions, time frames and locations, or anywhere else in the Mind of God. In
This moment I order all the entities that are attached to those contracts, organizations and associations to which I now resign, that cease and desist and that abandon my energy field from Now forever, and retroactively backwards, taking their devices and original devices and energies with them. To ensure this process, I now invoke the Holy Spirit, to witness the dissolution of all contracts, devices and original energies that do not serve the Father / Mother God. This includes all alliances and beings that do not have Father / Mother God as Supreme Being. Moreover, I ask that the Holy Spirit witness the complete removal of all contracts, devices and original energies, both known and unknown, that attempt to oppose the will of Father / Mother God. I declare and project this towards the future and towards the past. So be it.

Now I consecrate my loyalty to Father / Mother God, through the offices of Christ, and I dedicate my whole being, my physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and astral self to the Christic vibration from now on and retroactively backwards. I also dedicate my life, my work, everything I think, say and do, and all the things in my environment that still serve me, to the Christic vibration. I dedicate myself to my own Mastery and to the Ascension path, both for the Planet and for me. Having declared all this, I now authorize the Christ and my own Higher Self to make changes in my life to accommodate this new dedication, and I ask the Holy Spirit to witness this too. I now declare this before the feminine and masculine flames of God. Let it be written in the Book of Life.

So be it. Thanks God.

Now, heal and forgive collectively all those aspects of you that made the covenants, and all those who participated in your limitation in any way. Please include in this prayer of forgiveness all those who need to forgive consciously, as well as those you do not know.
Repeat the following:

To the Universe and to the Totality of the Mind of God, and to all the beings in them, to all the places in which I have been, to all the experiences in which I have participated, to all the beings that need this healing., whether they are known to me or not. Healthy and forgive everything that binds us. I turn to the Holy Spirit, Mr. Metatr n, Mr. Maitreya and Saint Germain to attend and witness this healing.

My beloved, I forgive you for everything that needs to be forgiven between you and me. I ask you to forgive me for everything that needs to be forgiven between you and me. More importantly, I forgive myself for everything that needs to be forgiven.

Now we have been collectively healed and forgiven, healed and forgiven, healed and forgiven. Now we are elevated to our Critical I.
We are filled and surrounded with the Golden Christian Love. We are filled and surrounded with the Golden Critical Light. We are free from all the vibrations of fear, pain and anger of the third and fourth dimensions. All the bonds and psychic strings attached to these entities, implanted devices, contracts or original energies are now released and healed. I ask Saint Germain to transmute and requalify with the Violet Flame all the energies that were taken from me, and return them to me in their purified state. Once these energies have returned to me, I ask that the channels through which my energy came out, be completely dissolved. I ask the Lord Metatron to free us all from the chains of duality. And I ask that the seal of the Office of Christ be imposed on me. I ask the Holy Spirit to witness that this is done.
So be it.

I now ask the Christ to be with me and heal my wounds and scars.
I also ask the Angel Michael to mark me with his seal, so that I can be protected forever from the influences that prevent me from fulfilling the will of our Creator.

So be it! I thank God, the Ascended Masters, the Ashtar Command, the Angels and the Angels, and all who have participated in this healing and continuous elevation of my being. Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God!

[Don't move for an hour and a half. Rest in the arms of El Radiante, while the Ashtar Command Ethereal Surgeons completely eliminate negative implants. You may want to sleep, resting in the assurance that you are on the road to Ascension, and that no one can interfere with your Master's achievement!]

After the session:

This healing activates a 21-day cleaning cycle that will continue to expand your life in many ways. During the first (or first two) weeks you may have unusual dreams. This is a natural period of cleansing expulsion. Or, you may not dream anything while doing a deep process of internal work. Either way, don't worry;
Both one state and the other are normal. Pay particular attention to the way in which your perception of the world can change. Don't be surprised if the world seems to be much brighter and you feel safer in it. People may seem friendlier and, as you unfold in life, you can open areas that previously seemed closed. It takes a little time, at least thirty days, before you can fully understand the various ways in which your life has been changed.

Some benefits of this process include:

1.- Feeling of calm and inner clarity.
2.- The internal mental chatter is quieter.
3.- Internal tension disappears.
4.- The ability to channel is obtained or improved.
5.- A new sense of purpose and meaning of life.
6.- Feeling of Love, Peace and Happiness.
7.- Life improves in all areas.
8.- Sense of Unity, high spiritual consciousness.
9.- Dissolution of unproductive relationships.

There is protection built against a new implantation, in part because once the revocation of votes is done completely, your free will and desire to remain free of implants and devices of spiritual limitation will prevent you from being implanted again. You will also be added to the Ashtar Command protection network. Ethereally it will look like a
Wide golden belt that moves defensively around your energy field when you need it.

However, conscious free will and subconscious resistance can nullify the release of all votes. * Make sure your intention is to release ALL votes and agreements. If you are not sure, repeat the revocation of votes. If you do not feel absolutely clean and everything is finished later, repeat the entire session. If you have subsequent questions, please contact the group that passed you this material ( ) *.


As a channel, you will find this process of particular importance. Implants block your clarity and act as tares through your channel and connection with your higher self. These represent telephone lines towards vibrations less than the Christic in the astral plane and are the source of much misinformation. As long as you have implants and contracts attached to them, you are subject to receiving mixed communications. Insist only on communications of Christic vibration. You have a responsibility towards yourself and those who listen to you to bring the highest possible information.
Because the implants have been with you for so long, the beings that transmitted them feel familiar. Be willing to challenge your sources again after doing this healing. If you find yourself getting one or more of your guides gone, know which top vibration guides will come to replace them. Even famous and experienced channels can be fooled by their own guides. Being a channel does not guarantee quality.

Remember: A channel is as clear as they themselves are clear!
For healers: Whenever they are acting as an energy or healing channel, their own energy field should be as clear as possible. It is possible to transmit implants, without knowing it, from one person to another. As a healer, you have probably been "beaten" by the negativity of your patients from time to time. It can feel like a negative bump, pain of
head or low vibration emotions moving through you. While you have your implants, you will be subject to being at the end of the give or take.
To protect yourself and your clients, do this implant revocation procedure on yourself, and then, when you're ready, help your patients or teach them how to remove their implants themselves. Implant release should be part of any healing practice.


You can sponsor a person such as a disabled or ill child, husband or adult. You can say the revocation of vows for them, since you have spiritual authority to act on their behalf (because they are in your life and you are together for some reason, maybe just for this healing reason!). It is preferable to obtain consent on the physical level of anyone for whom you do the revocation of votes and the release of implants, but sometimes consent is not always possible. Keep in mind the Universal law of "free will" which states that you cannot interfere with the growth of another unless they allow it. Permission is implied by those who are not able to receive it due to a physical disability or for other reasons.


The Ashtar Command is the air division of the Great White Brotherhood of Light, under the direction of Commander Ashtar and Master Lady Athena, the guide of Lord Jesus-Sananda and his twin flame, Master Lady Nada. Composed of millions of ships and personnel from many civilizations, we are the Patrons of Heaven who serve the Radiant (Christ) in his mission of love.
We work in conjunction with the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Legions of Miguel, Rafael, Uriel, Jofiel, Gabriel and the 70 Brotherhoods of Light that administer the Divine Plan.

The Ashtar Command is here to help Earth and humanity through the current cycle of planetary cleansing and polar realignment.
We encourage the unity, harmony and peaceful coexistence of everything. The golden key to spiritual salvation is love. (N. of E: Not everything that circulates with the name of Ashtar in the network is authentic. Always check with your inner discernment).


Deep thanks to the Star Esenia, Temple of Ascension Mastery, from which this is greatly derived from his work. High Praise to the Creator, to the Ascended Masters, to the Ashtar Command, to the Archangel Michael, to the Archangel Raphael, without which ascension would be very difficult!

Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebayoth (Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God of the Universe).

This document is the result of Brinda Mair's bibliographic research, based on the cited bibliography. You can reproduce it exclusively by electronic means including this quotation, the aforementioned bibliography and


June 23, 1999
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