Guide Group: The NESARA Times, for Lightworkers

  • 2018

Channeled by Caroline Oceana Ryan, July 20, 2018

The last guide of the Ascended, Galactic, Elemental Masters of the Earth, Elders of the Fairies, Angels and Archangels known as the Collective of Guides:

Greetings dear ones! We are very happy to have this opportunity to speak with you again.

This week, we want to answer a question from a Lightworker who wrote to us regarding the time of the NESARA announcement - something about which there is great speculation!

“I read many predictions about when NESARA will be implemented on the physical plane. I have never believed the predictions of "today, tomorrow, next week" that have been floating for years.

Although I do not believe in all the predictions I read regarding time, I do believe in the information of the Collective with respect to deadlines. I know that "soon" is Archangel Michael's favorite answer to the question "when."

It probably means, that at any time in the next 10 years. And I understand that Ascended Masters, Angels and other loving spirits do not deal in linear time.

It seems that with the current group of people running this country, the implementation on the physical plane of NESARA will not be "soon" at all.

Should we wait until the change to the New Earth is significantly more manifest? ”

Ascended Masters, Angels and other loving spirits do not deal in linear time.

You are right, my dear, to notice that "soon" is not an exact time frame, and is not entirely applicable to your world and Time as you know it.

What it means, when used by those who are oriented more to the higher realms than to Earth, is that NESARA is on the horizon - that the Earth is moving towards that reality step by step, it will not come in a sudden leap.

And of all the potential realities, the timeline in which they currently exist, will in fact see NESARA fulfilled - publicly announced and promulgated.

You are right that it does not mean "soon" as in "next week" or "next month", because it cannot mean that.

It is not that those times are not possibilities.

It is simply that we cannot be prescriptive at the very least, with respect to when this great moment of transformation will actually occur externally.

You and almost all Earth Beings came to this life under the agreement that the events of the Earth would co-create your own reality, just as you co-create your own reality in your particular earthly life.

This means that those who are in the higher realms are not allowed to divert, revise or prevent certain aspects of their lives or life on earth - even through predictions - because that they have been given Free Will on this planet.

This is what Free Will means! You create your own existence on all levels, both in this life and beyond it.

Everyone must respect this, or face the consequences before a very high galactic cut .

Understand that when we in the higher realms turn away from human affairs, it is not because we believe without compassion or indifference, that it is not worth worrying about human beings - nothing is further from it.

We step aside to allow them their choices their own journey, their own evolution and increasingly, their own empowerment, as they more and more understand that they have elections of free will and evolution, and can know the full empowerment, which is the realization of their own Divinity and the unity of all things, all beings.

We step aside to allow their choices - their own journey, their own evolution.

Now, this does not mean that interventions do not occur, because they occur . You bring them to your reality when you declare that they must occur, in whatever way is best.

The energies that are now changing not only the vibration of the Earth but also human consciousness also bring interventions.

We only see a forward movement, a path of conscious evolution that always moves upwards, beyond material distractions, beyond despair and fear, beyond the sadness they feel some days, than what they have experienced In this life and in other lives it has been too much, and will liberation never happen?

We have said many times that you are the ones who establish your own freedom, your own kingdoms, your own sovereignty.

And why is that so, they will ask, when there are so many in the higher realms that love them beyond what any language on Earth could convey?

Because that determination of Free Will and active co-creation is the way in which sovereignty and freedom are established and maintained! particularly, after so many eons of existence in the low vibration of the three-dimensional frequencies.

You are the only ones who can get out of conflict, madness, confusion, and what you call injustice, even if you have chosen this path, you are doing it very consciously, and there is no one among you whom we can call "victim . "

You are the only ones who can get out of the conflict, you are not victims.

And why has everything followed that self-determined path?

Because, great co-Creators, that way you wrote it.

This is your movie, your canvas, your holographic projection.

And are we now able to see their decision to raise their voices in a song of liberation, in a high vibrational harmony that only Ascending beings could handle?

Yes! We listen to them, and we witness their growing demands for the types of Freedom, Peace, Joy and Abundance that only a liberated people could create for itself.

So the question becomes not so much “when” NESARA will be born outwardly, but how often do you and your fellow Warriors of Light celebrate NESARA's precepts, spirit, and intentions, as if you were already here.

Because that's how you believe in your world, dear.

Not waiting, let alone asking "when."

The question is never "When?" There is no doubt.

Because that's how you believe in your world, dear. Not waiting, let alone asking "when."

NESARA is here now, in your timeline, as you are here, and once enough of you fully unite your frequency (in the present moment) with what you claim to have expected, you will not wait any longer.

We realize the unsatisfactory nature of our response on some levels.

And so, as a side note, we see things changing on Earth and on Earth's systems, including an inevitable dissolution of the old regime, with a speed and determination that we have not seen before on your planet.

And yet, we celebrate that much less than we celebrate his coming to remember his own Divinity, his Unity with everything that exists, and his great Love for his own journey, even in his darkest days.

His bravery is fully visible, and his journey marks the path for life in a higher Earth, whose joy and colorful luminosity have barely begun to glimpse.

We celebrate his coming to remember his own Divinity, his Unity with everything that exists, and his great Love for his own journey.

So yes, you are doing it - the "when" depends on each of you.

Namaste, dear ones!

We are with you, always.

The Guide Group

TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Copyright 2018, Caroline Oceana Ryan. If you republish, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original message. Thank you.

A Message to Lightworkers - July 20, 2018

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