How to protect ourselves against a risk of tuberculosis

  • 2017

SALVATION COURSE Unit 2. The hereditary Object of learning 1: Tuberculosis

The height of luxury was reached in Atlantis, of which our boastful civilization knows nothing and has never matched. Some faint indications of this have come to us from the legends of ancient Egypt, from archaeological discoveries and from old fairy tales. There was a resurgence of evil and purely Atlanta grievances in the days of the decline of the Roman Empire. Life was tainted by the most abject selfish miasma, and the very sources of life were contaminated. Man lived and breathed only to possess the maximum luxury and the greatest amount of material things and goods. They were stifled by desire and encouraged by the idea of ​​never dying, living forever and acquiring all the things they wanted. In this context the origin of tuberculosis. It originated in the organs that man possesses to breathe and live and was imposed as punishment by the Great White Brotherhood; the Masters enacted a new law for the Atlantean people when the vices of lemuria and Atlantean greed reached the most ruthless degree. This law can be translated in the following terms:

"Whoever lives only for material goods, who sacrifices all virtue in order to acquire the imperishable, will die in life, will find that he is short of breath and, nevertheless, will refuse to think about death until the call comes to him."


  • Establish differences between the three diseases of humanity.
  • Establish relationships between risk factors and protection factors.
  • Define prevention and promotion actions against tuberculosis.


“Every disease is the result of the inhibition of soul life. The art of the healer consists in liberating the soul, so that his life can flow through the conglomerate of organisms that constitute the body. ”

The diseases native or inherited by humanity are the following:


Syphilis Lemuria Physical Mineral Sexual. Sacral.

C ncer Atlantean Astral Vegetable G stricos Solar.

Tuberculosis Aria Mental Animal Lungs Lar ngeo.

ACTIVITY INTRODUCTORY: Breathing and Marketing

Dr. Sebasti n Charles dedicates his life to fighting tuberculosis in Africa, a disease that causes poverty and the selflessness of the rich for parting with a small amount of its benefits. This is an exemplary person, whose work is disseminated by the media and who could win the Nobel Peace Prize. During a presentation to persuade a pharmaceutical company to provide more medicines for the poor, he passes out and is taken to the University Hospital.

To be or not to be (TB or not TB) is the fourth episode of the second season of the Doctor House series. Playing with both meanings, the title refers to the medical question that the House team will face to establish whether or not they are facing a case of tuberculosis, but also facing the existential dilemma and moral that Shakespeare's phrase raises, about what is right and what is wrong, both in the way medicine and the pharmaceutical industry are handled in the world, and in front of people and countries without resources, as well as Each doctor's decision on the personal path that each one takes to practice Medicine. The phrase "TB or not TB" is also related to television (TV), since the chapter shows as a problem, in this case of public health, it is attended to or postponed depending on how the media broadcast it. In the chapter, the risk of dying from tuberculosis by a famous doctor brings the attention of television, which does not achieve the death by tuberculosis of thousands of people mired in poverty in Africa. Finally, the phrase refers to how people's appearance is confused, with what they really are.

Brittany Murphy was an American actress and singer, a film tells the story of her rise in the 1990s in Hollywood, her problems with fame and self-esteem, until her mysterious death in 2009 at the age of 32.

After watching the Doctor House series and the film about Brittany Murphy, answer the following questions: What is the relationship between breathing and marketing, entry-exits, income-disbursements? Which meaning of Tb attracts your attention?

We have learned how to cure tuberculosis, because it was the last one that appeared and therefore it is the least entrenched of the three main diseases inherited by modern man. It was discovered, when the mind was intelligently applied to the problem, that the sun's rays and good nutrition could cure or at least stop the disease. This is an interesting fact in the field of esoteric analogy, that as we can trust that the light of the soul, when it comes to the mind, solves any problem, so the sunlight and its prophylactic rays can dissipate the terrible symptoms of tuberculosis

ACTIVITY ONE: Mental causes

Diseases that are superficially called mental, related to the brain, are still poorly understood. Very few mental illnesses were in the last Atlantean root race; the mental nature was then passive and very little stimulus came from the mental levels via the coronary center, to the pineal gland and to the brain. There were almost no diseases of the eyes or nose, as the ajna center had not yet woken up and the third eye was rapidly becoming inactive. The ajna center is the integrated personality organ, the steering instrument intimately related to the pituitary gland and the two eyes, as with the entire frontal area of ​​the head.

The spinal cord with its three channels, the two eyes and all the brain tissue are or are not receptors of these energies of the head and are stimulated by them. In case of not being receptive, the whole area enters a state of passivity, speaking spiritually, and the focus of energy resides elsewhere. The three channels have been known as Ida, Pingala and Suchumna and there are those who interpret them as the sympathetic nervous system of right and left, but the truth is that they are subtle conductors of prana. The moon moves in Ida and the sun in Pingala. The poison is solar, the nectar is lunar.

A biblical mandate reminds us that the sins of the parents will be extended to the children, a literal statement about the diseases that humanity has inherited from the Lemurian and Atlantean race. Syphilis and tuberculosis have prevailed widely during the first half of the Aryan race, in which we are, and today they not only affect the organs of procreation or the lungs (as happened in the early stages of their appearance), but they have now involved the bloodstream and consequently the entire human organism.

Much has been done during the last fifty years to control the great Atlantean disease of tuberculosis, through a simple life, healthy and abundant food and pure air. Much is being done to control, finally, syphilitic diseases, and both will eventually be removed, not only because of the healthy treatment and discoveries of the medical sciences, but because race - as it becomes more mentally polarized - may address the problem. from the angle of common sense, and will decide that physical sin demands too severe punishment and that it is not worth owning what has not been deserved or needed and consequently does not belong to it.

The capacity acquired during the last fifty years to deal with the planetary disease of tuberculosis will be completely removed when applied to the densely populated areas of the East and to the districts that have so far suffered from inadequate medical care. Syphilitic diseases are quickly controlled by the use of recently discovered drugs, although considered by the Masters only as palliative, and superficial in time and space. Such diseases will be slowly and correctly excised in their entirety, as humanity transfers its consciousness to the mental plane and moves it away from the field of astral and sexual desire, with its action reflected on the physical body, which is automatically responsive. The third major planetary disease, cancer, is still basically uncontrollable, and today the relative simplicity of surgery seems to be the only possible cure. The way to prevent the reproduction of cancer and the nature of its cause is not yet known; Everything is in the field of conjecture and subject to infinite searches and investigations. Many minor ailments, infections and a number of related physical ills will eventually be attributed to any of these three basic diseases, which in turn are related to the defined misuse of the energy of the three major rays. It could be said that:

  1. Syphilitic diseases are due to improper use of third-ray energy, the creative and intelligent energy of the substance itself.
  2. Tuberculosis is the result of misuse of second ray energy.
  3. Cancer is a mysterious and subtle reaction to first ray energy, the will to live, one of the aspects of this ray. Therefore, it is externalized as a superactivity and proliferation of the body's cells, whose will to live becomes destructive to the organism in which they reside.

Tuberculosis, which prevailed devastatingly in a certain period of the Atlantean era, is nevertheless a disease that has been generated mainly in our Aryan race, and we are transmitting it to the animal kingdom and sharing it with it. This is already beginning to be understood. However, the relationship between men and domestic animals is so close that they practically share all their ailments with man today, in one way or another, although sometimes it is not recognized. Curiously, the cause of this great white scourge lies in the fact that the emphasis of life has changed from the emotional nature to the mental nature, producing a temporary starvation of the emotional nature. It is mostly a disease that comes from exhaustion. The cancer in turn was due similarly to the change of the vital force of the physical body to the emotional nature, producing an excessive development of cell life through overstimulation.

  • Make a comparative chart between the three diseases. Regarding the centers mentioned in the classification, I refer to the center for the distribution of the vital force, where the point of emphasis of the masses will be found. From the above, it will be evident where the emphasis of the possible cure will be placed.

ACTIVITY TWO: Psychological causes

What I will explain about the psychological causes of the disease does not relate to these ailments or predispositions to diseases arising from the environment, or to those definitively physical defects, inherited from parents, which have carried in their bodies and transmitted to their children disease germs, inherited in turn from their parents.

There are three psychic strata, three degrees of intellectual functions. The first stratum is considered the profound motor of psyche, begins at conception and manifests itself in the two fundamental drives of attraction and repulsion. Its excess generates aggressiveness, its insufficiency anguish. The second stratum is that of the automatisms, of the three memories (instinctive, unconscious and conscious). It represents the hereditary and acquired psychic aspects. Its excess makes us conformist, its insufficiency makes us victims. The third stratum is the highest part, the human consciousness in its fullness, which makes man the most evolved animal. It manifests itself in the rational capacity, to understand without having learned, thanks to a system of comparisons and references.

There is an evident and demonstrable analogy between the three Chinese stratifications Po, Hun and Shen and the theory of the triennial brain elaborated by Mac Lean between 1970-1973 (period in which he was born ).



Reptile brain

Po, the instinct

Mammalian brain

Hun, the memory.

Human brain

Shen, the conscience.

Psychological causes will be treated in four ways:

  1. Those that arise from the sensory-emotional nature.
  2. Those that originate in the bioenergetic body.
  3. Those that are founded on an erroneous thought.
  4. The peculiar ailments and psychological disturbances of the disciples.
  • It prepares a comparative table between risk factors and protective factors against tuberculosis.

ACTIVITY THREE: Spiritual anatomy and physiology.

The secret that conceals the correct rhythmic living and the correct proportion of the emphasis placed on all phases of life will bring total immunity to tuberculosis. Breathing is an indispensable nutrition function for the maintenance of life, both in the animal kingdom and in the vegetable kingdom. The term "breathing" means gas exchange between an organism and the environment. This exchange consists of the absorption and fixation of oxygen and the elimination of carbon dioxide.

Breathing organs consist of two lungs and the air passages that lead to them. Each lung is shaped like a pyramid, whose vertex is directed upwards and its base, slightly excavated, rests on the diaphragm: dividing wall that separates them from the abdomen.

Due to the inflammation of said base, pneumonia is produced. When the vertices do not achieve sufficient oxygen supply, they are affected by consumption, which favors the proliferation of the tuberculosis bacillus: the Koch bacillus. Through the practice of pranayama, as well as deep breathing, these vertices achieve an abundant supply of oxygen, avoiding the analysis.

In the Atlantean era, the integration of the personality was almost unknown, except in the cases of the disciples and initiates, and at that time the goal of the initiate and the sign of its realization was this triple integration. Today the goal is a superior fusion - that of soul and personality. Speaking in terms of energy, this implies the formation and related activity and interaction of the following force triangles:


  1. The soul, the spiritual man on his own plane.
  2. The personality, the triple man integrated, in the three worlds.
  3. The coronary center


  1. The coronary center, the point of the second fusion.
  2. The ajna center, the point of the first merger.
  3. The center of the medulla oblongata, controlling the spinal cord.


1. The pineal gland, the externalization of the coronary center.

  1. The pituitary gland related to the ajna center.
  2. The carotid gland, the exteriorization of the third center that exists in the head.

All these triplicities, within the circumference of the head constitute the mechanism through which:

  1. The soul controls its instrument, the personality.
  2. Personality directs the activities of the physical body.
  • Prepare a list of actions for the promotion and prevention of tuberculosis.


Alice Bailey Treaty on the seven rays.

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