How can we change the world? Maestro Saint Germain channeled by Natalie Glasson

  • 2013

November 28, 2013

Dear and Beloved Beings of Light of the Earth. Much Love and respect are sent to you through my Being from the loving Souls of the Creator's Universe, your soul friends and your soul family. In your current lives you are greatly supported; and we want you to know that we are guiding you to continue entering into the development of your Divine purpose on Earth. You may not understand your purpose, but with the deepest Love we will tell you that you are walking and existing now as your Divine purpose, right now. The acceptance that you now exist as your purpose and that your purpose is your existence, will grant you a great wealth of insights to enter them from your Soul. Frequently we can have access to the deepest knowledge of the Soul through joy, rather than striving. Please allow yourself to open completely to receive the Love that flows from your Family and from the Creator's Universe; we want to recharge you, re-energize you and inspire you with the brightest Light and with the fastest vibrations, so that you can exist in remembrance of the Creator on Earth.

In a time on Earth in which confusion is prominent, I want to manifest some clarity and insights from the Creator. You are aware that since 2012 you have gone through a major change on Earth and in all your energy bodies; This is something to which you are adjusting in each moment of your reality. Small adjustments allow large changes in consciousness and energy vibration to occur with relative ease. Even while these changes take place within your Being, manifesting access to greater expansion and realization of higher levels of consciousness, you can look beyond yourself wondering when the signs of change will flourish in your reality. It is my desire to speak with you to offer you some illumination concerning how we can change the World. You will notice that I choose to suggest that we as a unified collective, speaking of all on Earth and in the internal planes, can alter the reality of the Earth. You alone cannot alter the World; It is something to be achieved as a unit and in Oneness with All That is the Creator. The vibrations of Love from the Creator's Universe are flowing to you through my Being; we want you to know that you are connected and unified as One with us; consequently, we can help and support many transitions on Earth through you. It is valuable when many of you on Earth with like minded minds meet with the intention of making a difference on Earth, but we understand that for many reasons this may not always be possible; please know that you can play a Divine role in bringing change to Earth; and that we are here to support you, acting as a group in Oneness with you to manifest powerful awakening of the Creator, in the consciousness of many and in the consciousness of the Earth.

With the understanding that you are not alone and that you can support a change on Earth, either alone or in a group, you open yourself to a great source of power and a higher perspective; This will help you realize your internal power and purpose on Earth.

The first perspective is to observe everything that is happening on Earth and contemplate if change is necessary. With this practice, you are really contemplating your belief in the Creator. Many will affirm that you are not happy with the behaviors in your world and in the great World that surrounds you. You can see suffering, pain, judgment, limitations and negativity in the World; and ask you how you can change the world to a more loving space. When another person is experiencing harm or suffering, it can be difficult to even recognize that the Creator's vibration exists on Earth. The first perspective to adopt and to recognize within your Being, is that everything around you and within you is already the Creator. The Creator's Divine Will is unfolding and interwoven in every circumstance and reality of the World. Huge confidence may be required to accept this statement, but when you recognize that the Creator is in every Soul on Earth, while you understand that there is a reason for everything that is experienced on Earth, you begin to see beyond pain and suffering., recognizing the presence of the Creator even in the most chaotic experience. With this perspective you begin to notice the harmony present in the chaos, the healing and the return to the Creator that can be found in painful situations, as well as the Mastery of the Self that is in the challenges, whether you experience them or observe them. There is a reason for everything that happens around you; having faith that the Creator is eternally present in all aspects of reality encourages you to feel happy; you will no longer feel your emotions or thoughts reacting with negativity, judgment or fear; instead you will recognize the Truth of the Creator. You are already detaching yourself from the drama of life by realizing that peace is present in any situation. Thus everything is easier to handle and solve; and an internal fortress begins to build that constantly makes you return to Love and peace. With this perspective you can endure the alterations of the World because you are accepting the World and its people, learning to love the World instead of judging it, thus energizing the negativity with your attachment to the drama.

The second perspective is presented almost automatically, because you begin to notice the wonder, beauty, goodness and joy of the world. You have withdrawn from drama and reaction to the outside world, so joy and love grow from within you, stimulating you to see the wonders of the world. You are attracting to your reality and the attention of the outside world the same that is being formed within your Being. This can only become better and better until you recognize the miracles and synchronies in your reality. It is in these moments when you know that you are building an embodiment of the Creator within your Being that is being projected into your reality. Although this benefits your reality and allows experiences of Joy and Love, you may wonder how that can help the world. Maintain a perspective of Love and project it towards your reality, especially being grateful, cheerful; and seeking the beauty of the Creator in your reality will allow many negative attitudes and projections that you have created to dissipate; your perspective will become positively contagious on a certain level; and the luminosity and expansion of your energy will help and inspire others, often without you being aware of it. Your energy and your connection with us on the inner planes will flow with great freedom to the world, acting as a catalyst for Awakening. So your vibration and the way you interact with the world will facilitate change.

You may notice alterations and changes within your Being and those around you, but often it is situations and circumstances far from you that stimulate a feeling of disappointment in the world. With the previous two perspectives you can feel stronger, empowered, compassionate, loving and understanding. Frequently, many chaotic situations that are negative in the world are energies of the past becoming liberated; some releases can cause a manifestation that allows many to recognize the release, thus stimulating healing vibrations to be sent and anchored, to help complete the energy cycle. You may believe that it is sad that many suffer simply because an energy is released, but the people involved may be tied to the energy or even have created it in another life; and so they are also completing a cycle that will create freedom and understanding. Again we are returning to the first perspective in which it is necessary to understand that there is a Divine purpose for everything; the use of acceptance allows you to adopt this understanding.

The third perspective is to recognize that your purpose and that of others is to invite the Creator to take action in your reality and in the circumstances of the World. The Creator is always present, but sometimes we have to ask the Creator to take action, which symbolizes that we are open to acting as instruments for the Creator's Light, Divine healing and influences to create harmony lighting. We are inviting the Creator to anchor more fully and consciously within each person and each situation, while we ask that we be able to be at the service allowing the Creator to act through our actions, thoughts, emotions and awareness, to manifest healing, changes; and the greatest Light of the Creator.

Maybe you want to say:

Between the Creator in action completely, absolutely and appropriately in my reality, bringing harmony, Divine healing and attunement with the Creator to the external experience .

Or maybe you want to say to support the world:

Bet the Creator in action completely, absolutely and appropriately through me and everyone involved in this situation (if you want you can mention the situation) to produce the experience of harmony, divine healing and attunement with the Creator externally, within all; and within the consciousness of the Earth .

May the Creator take action to manifest Love, healing, Truth and bliss.

Remember that you are not offering yourself as an example of the Creator, but that you are allowing the Creator to work through you; for this to happen it is necessary that you be aware of it and follow your Divine intuition. There are many ways in which you can bring healing to the Earth, helping to create the Age of Love on Earth, or even to alter the World in which you exist; but if we share practices, they are not as powerful as having the intention and asking the Creator to take action to manifest healing, Love, enlightenment, bliss and harmony. a. Remember that every time you focus on the Light and bring the Creator through your Being in whatever way you choose, you are supporting an elevation of consciousness and vibration, in the frequency of the Earth and that of all who are present.

May the Creator take action now.

Saint Germain teacher .

Translated: Jairo Rodríguez R.

How can we change the world? Maestro Saint Germain channeled by Natalie Glasson

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