How achieves the knitting in the light

  • 2017

CREATION COURSE Unit 4: Construction Learning Object 3: The weaver in the light.

The study of the occult requires a series of hard efforts, based on a sufficient and deep knowledge of the underlying forces of nature and man, to occupy the attention of conscious researchers. The practicing occultist can be compared to the engineer who knows several trades in practice and has made serious learning of them. But there is a marked difference between occultism and esotericism. The esotericist is always an occultist, but he is not always an esotericist.

Only when he can respond to the Will aspect of the spirit, can the disciple be called esoteric, and only when he responds as such to need and will, can he exercise the faculty of esoteric internal knowledge, which implies internal knowledge of the Divine Mind, regarding to the purpose, reason and active expression of a particular group service to carry out the Divine Plan. Certain keywords of the fourth unit, invite you to reflect, they are: understanding, synthesis, sacrifice and service, as well as the name given to this learning object "The Weaver in the Light".

The practical result is "Weaving in the Light", working with a planned purpose, with loving understanding and intelligent activity. Finally, the work and life of the aspirant become an "immortal flame that burns on the Altar of Humanity ." Using whole life means that there must be a double influx, horizontal and vertical. It is the identification with the soul, plus the identification with every expression of manifested life. Vertically, it constitutes the Presence Technique, the knowledge of one's identity whose presence is life, light and love, or light, energy and magnetism. Horizontally, it constitutes the technique of service, the knowledge that this same Life or Presence is expressed in all forms, both material and subtle, and allowing this knowledge to act in our life as an intelligent and loving activity.


  • Establish differences between the mystical method and the esoteric method.
  • Establish differences between hidden knowledge and esoteric knowledge.
  • Justify the importance of the abstract mind to the weaver in the light.


The word arose for all the children of men, the children of God. Show the sign of God. Leave this high place and, in the outer realm of darkness, work and serve; manifest the Real; reveal the hidden depths of the Light. Reveal the divinity.

INTRODUCTORY ACTIVITY: apocalypse or revelation

Joanna is a girl who frequently attends the temple to confess her sins. One day he was jumping out of the church, grateful to have been forgiven by God and Jesus, returning home is lost, finds a sword and has a violent vision and supernatural. Joan's “conscience” appears in prison and continues to question her visions, gives her many reasoned explanations as to why a sword could have appeared in a field, and shows her how irrational her idea of ​​God's vision. Joan of Arc is a 1999 historical-dramatic French film directed by Luc Besson.

Andrà © Luiz is an arrogant and unfriendly doctor who encounters terrifying and grim creatures living in a cold and dark place. Confused and scared, he realizes that despite being dead, he still feels hungry, cold, thirsty and other bodily sensations. After a long period of suffering and purges of mistakes made in the past, the good spirits take Andr to the “Nosso Lar Spiritual Colony”. From that moment on he begins to know life better and learn lessons and knowledge that will radically change his way of understanding existence. After understanding that he was physically dead, he feels a great need to return to Earth to visit his family, which he misses. Our home is a Brazilian film based on what the spiritualist Francisco Cândido Xavier narrates, was released in 2010.

  • After watching the films Joan of Arc and Our Home, answer the following questions: What is the relationship between vision, mission and plan? What is God's plan for humanity? How is this plan justified in accordance with Rayo's vision-mission? What is the importance of prayer in intercommunication with the Kingdom of God?

Three groups of spiritual people live together today in humanity: the apocalyptics, the integrated and the developers. The first group has been entrusted with the task of defining ancient truths, in order to clarify the mind of the race and recognize the essential and the non-essential. The second group is still a very small minority, but it is constantly increasing. It is that internal group of those who love God, intellectual mystics, connoisseurs of reality, who do not belong to a defined religion or organization, but consider themselves members of the universal Church and "members of one another." The third group are the builders of the new era; they have been entrusted with the work of preserving the spirit of truth and reorganizing the thoughts of men, in order to control the planetary mind and bring it to that meditative and reflective condition that will allow it to recognize the next development of divinity.

What will be the power of the work of this group of connoisseurs of God, announcing the truth and subjectively gathered for the work of saving the world?

ACTIVITY ONE: mysticism

Mystical participation is characteristic of the undifferentiation between subject and object and as long as the distinction between subject and object is not conscious, unconscious identity reigns. Through understanding we free ourselves from domination by the unconscious, the unconscious is no longer projected, for which reason the mystical participation is annulled, consequently, consciousness is no longer filled with compulsive intentions but instead passes to the stage of contemplation. The center of personality awareness will no longer be the self, but a virtual point between the conscious and the unconscious to what the self designates.

Mysticism as a technique to cultivate the awareness of the presence of God is generally worthy of praise, but when such practices lead to social isolation and culminate in religious fanaticism, they are reprehensible. Ecstasy can be caused by the action emanating from the higher planes, such as the intense concentration of thought or the absorbed contemplation of a devotional state, which are the means used by yogis from the east and mystics from the west. But ecstasies and visions of saints in all ages and in all religions offer us other examples of unconscious irruptions.

Such devotees attribute their visions to the Deity and not to the fact that they themselves have determined the passive brain condition. The characteristics of the mystical state are the diffusion of consciousness with vivid islands of focal attention that operate on a passive intellect. All this brings awareness to the subconscious rather than leading it in the direction of spiritual contact, the supraconscious. The contact of the mind with the divine presence, although favored by devout meditation, is most frequently facilitated by loving service with all my heart to their fellowmen. The healthiest attitude of spiritual meditation is to be found in reflective worship and thanksgiving prayer. Prolonged and absorbed prayer or contemplation are the means of producing the necessary brain state.

Pedagogy and religion were found in "teaching-learning" understood as a process: in the Master-disciple relationship, the second learns from the first how to end the illusion, the way of doing miracles. The miracles captured the attention of the second ray disciples, while the magic was in the interest of the third ray disciples. Education in the new era will teach man to think, to assume control of the mental body and to develop his latent powers.

In this magic course we study something of the importance of the Solar Lords, who, through self-sacrifice, provide man with self-consciousness and build his soul vehicle using His own essence. We have briefly dealt with the lunar Lords who provide man with the lower bodies and principles through which the energy of the solar Lords can be felt. We also learned three things:

First, the effect of the higher energy on the lower bodies, as it is gradually felt during the evolutionary process and simultaneously "redeems" man, in a hidden sense, and also "elevates" the lunar Lords. Second, the effect of said energy on the mental plane, on the development and opening of the Flower of the Self. Third, the impulse to the activity of the Central Life within the Flower of the Self, which manifests itself in two ways: One, by the understanding of man, through his physical brain, that he possesses a divine nature, resulting in the consequent demonstration of divinity on earth, prior to liberation. The other, for the conscious activity of the individual Soul on the mental plane in collaboration with its group or groups.

The results that can be expected from the true understanding of the essential nature of man have been written in view of the fact that there is currently a need for something that confirms the existence of real or internal man and the laws of the kingdom of God. It has always been known that this inner man exists, and the "inner kingdom" has invariably been proclaimed, until Helena Petrovna Blatvasky came and enunciated the same old truths from a new angle, giving an esoteric twist to mystical thinking.

For public thought, the true explanation regarding the evolution of the Soul is of great value, the gradual development of its power on earth being very great. It can be considered that the way to close the gap between the lower mind and the higher mind requires human intelligence (practical mind, I) to raise its internal consciousness to the higher levels of the mental plane, therefore it implies raising or expanding its incipient awareness until you become aware of that higher life. Such is the path of the mystic ; Many examples of this realization can be studied in the life of the mystics of all ages. Through pure devotion, intense dedication and severe discipline of the physical body, the mystic penetrates the heart center of his small system and the rays of his own central sun radiate the divine soul light over his life. It could also be said that the problem lies in the fact that man concentrates his effort in bringing down the consciousness of the physical brain - therefore to the physical plane - the life, power and energy of the inner center, the Ego. This necessarily means understanding scientifically the laws of being and recognizing the dual nature of the Self. It involves devoting oneself to the task of dominating the lunar lords through the radiant control of the solar Lord. Such is the esoteric method, by which the constitution of those entities that form the fourfold inner nature, personality, is studied, and those divine Essences that build the body of the Higher Self or Ego are deeply investigated. To this must also be added the severe application of the laws of nature to the individual problem. The purpose of this magic course was to apply the last method mentioned, as the defined goal was to clarify the reason for the process.

  • What is the difference between a mystic and an esoteric? What are the stages of soul development? How is the individuation process? What is your matrix?

ACTIVITY TWO: The technologies.

Knowledge empowers man to change or anticipate the course of events in a particular sector of the universe. This ability to change the world or accommodate it is what characterizes technology. Technology is the science that studies the knowledge incorporated and unincorporated in objects, processes and people. The interdependence relationship between science and technology is getting closer and closer. Engineering is a good example of this. Understood as the construction of problems and the design of solutions for them, it can be seen as a bridge of exchange between science and technology.

Genius is the highest degree of the faculty of the technical scientific imagination of man. Human ingenuity has become more evident in innovation, in the use that human beings make of their intelligence for the service of humanity, in fact, the difference between invention and innovation is Given the use that society makes of inventions, those that only become innovations when they have been commercialized and acquired by a good number of people.

The transport and processing of information is not more than one of the keys to access the technology of light, the ability of light as a message carrier has made possible by mastering a coherent light source that has given access to the laser . The seven rays of light are presented to us as Beings that are incorporated into each of the kingdoms of nature.

Occultism means a knowledge kept secret, or knowledge of the secrets forbidden to humanity by nature. Today, thanks to technology, we know these secrets and give them the name of techniques and processes. Esotericism tells us that this knowledge has been accumulated for tens of thousands of years and that it has been transmitted from generation to generation within small circles of initiates and so on. It was how schools emerged. The initiation was of course not an instant miracle, but rather a continuous and gradual introduction to a new circle of feelings and thoughts, as it happens with the initiation in a science or in any branch of knowledge.

The mystery schools established every year, or every certain interval of time, special parties in which allegorical theatrical functions were also given. The purpose of the schools was the preparation of men for initiation. Only those who were initiated into certain secrets could take for the Mysteries. The three oldest mystery schools were the Phrygia, the Egyptian and the Iranian. The Phrygian and Egyptian mysteries taught that the divine son (respectively Atis and Osiris) had suffered death and was resurrected by divine power, and also that all who were duly initiated into the mystery, and who celebrated with reverence the anniversary of the resurrection of God, they would participate in this way of their divine nature and immortality. The mysteries focused on a myth.

As a general rule, the mystery referred to the history of life, death and the return to life of some god, as illustrated by the teachings of Mithraism. Mithras was conceived as the surviving champion of the solar god in his fight against the god of darkness. In recognition of his killing of the mythical sacred bull, Mithras was transformed into immortal, being elevated to the position of intercessor for the human race before the gods of the heights. The creation myth belongs to the Age of Gemini, the myth of the Ser-Ra-Mitras is from the Taurus era, the myth of the Ram is characteristic of the Age of Aries. Jesus Christ incarnates in the Age of Pisces. In the Age of Aquarius, sacrifice appears not only as a myth, but as a technique: that of service. Christianity is the religion of the transition period that links the era of self-conscious existence with the era of a world that has group consciousness. It will also subsist in the era where such practical thinking will prevail that will serve as a link between the worlds of the concrete mind and the abstract mind.

Teleology as a study of the actions and reactions of the human spirit integrates psychology and philosophy, becoming a methodology for relating means-ends. Theology has since dealt with the intellectual content of religion, theosophy, philosophical aspects, the religious experience (mystical or ascetic) being the spiritual content of religion.

The occult based its knowledge on three sciences: the science of redemption, the science of crises and the science of tension, which were defined, subjectively and hiddenly linked to the construction of the rainbow bridge. The esotericist has to master three sciences has to master to base mysticism from creativity and engineering, integrating them into the convergence of technologies. Those main sciences are:

1. The Science of time (cycles): the chronology whose purpose is to determine the temporal order of historical events; It is part of the discipline of history, it will allow us to understand the cycles and critical points. Synchronicity allows us to integrate events over time.

2. The Science of Print: Science that allows us to understand that consciousness is impressed and His reaction is so sensitive to superior impression, that it appropriates impression, making it part of His own "impulsive energy." The impression implies the gestation of a magnetic aura on which the superior impressions can act.

3. The Science of Invocation-Evocation: This science can employ and employ the impulses of the ignorant and the superior (yet incipient) longings of the multitudes, expressed in a summoning way; doing so in order to eliminate the gap in consciousness between the life of the common man, the life of the integrated personality and the life of the soul.

These sciences from the human angle include the reception of the impression and of the ideas and the manifestation of the consequences produced by the sensitivity, in this time and in this particular cycle.

Synchronicity is that moment in which physical energy and psychic energy manifest as two aspects of the same reality. It is related to the principle of acausal connection. Synchronicity allows to integrate the phenomena of quantum physics with the phenomena of the collective unconscious, a notion that closed the gap between mind and matter, unifying principle between physics and psychology.

Print Science is the name given to the process by which the necessary relationship between these units of life is established. Invocation and Evocation Technique is the denomination given to the method by which the desired relationship is established. Creative work is the name given to the results obtained by the two previous processes. The three aspects of the Summoning and Evocation Technique, with which the common disciple must deal with, are those that are used in the construction of the bridge, in the correct use of the lower mind, in its two highest functions (keeping the mind sign in the light and create the desired mental forms) and in the process of precipitation by means of which the impression can opportunely take tangible form.

Philo of Alexandria harmonized and organized Greek philosophy and Hebrew theology in a compact and fairly coherent system of religious beliefs and practices, giving great importance to stoicism as well as the work of therapists: the caretakers of the soul. Therapeutic techniques and theories have continued the path initiated by philosophy, religions and mysticism. The mystic yearns to merge with the divine, the therapies resume this aspiration, instrumentalizing it from the scientific model and referring it to a different scale of values. Therapies have been classified into two main theories: behavioral and psychodynamic. The first go from the outside to the inside and the second from the inside to the outside. The techniques offered by esotericism focus on the development and integration of personality. Through the intellect the process of becoming a person is revealed; through intuition the Self is revealed, intelligence helps to build the bridge between the intellect and intuition. Through the technique of Presence, the soul assumes control of the integrated personality, its relationships, horizontal and vertical, and dissipates the illusion. Through the technique of Light, the enlightened mind assumes control of the emotional body and dissipates the mirage. By means of the Indifference technique, the matrix (maya) is terminated, since the control of the purified emotional vehicle is consciously and technically put into activity, releasing the energies of the bioenergetic body, from the control of the substance, leading to many beings to the trial period.

  • What is the difference between occultism and esotericism? What is the relationship between religion and technology? What are the technologies of light? What would be the technologies?

ACTIVITY THREE: the abstract mind.

Abstraction as a mental operation is intended to conceptually isolate a specific property or function of an object, process or person. But the abstractions that the disciple will deal with in training are not intuitions and confusion often arises here. They are merely the broad, general and universal perceptions and global inclusions that the intelligence of the human race, in gradual development, has registered and recognized and that the most prominent thinkers of the race easily grasp, but that the neophyte find astonishing, because he believes which are of such magnitude and importance (as objects of an enlarged vision) that confuses them with ideas and their intuitive perception. He has not learned to discern between abstract thoughts and intuitive ideas. Here lies the crucial point of his problem.

Ideas are something else, as far as the apprentice is concerned; they have to do mainly with what will eventually become, and constitutes those new formative and creative spiritual impulses that will replace the old and build the "new home" in which humanity will live; cycle after cycle and civilization after civilization, the new streams of ideas that flow, conditioned the places where man lives, his way of life and expression, and through these ever-living and emerging ideas, humanity enters into something better, more important and appropriate for the life of divinity, which manifests slowly.

When the disciple or initiate intuitively comes into contact with the ideas through the bridge or channel, he must consciously descend them to the levels of abstract thought where (expressing it symbolically) the pre-projects prior to the institution of the creative process are formed, which will give them existence and the phenomenal being. Therefore I would like you to remember three factors:

  1. Intuition makes contact with new ideas and reveals them.
  2. The Abstract World in which they are given form and substance.
  3. Concrete Thought produces the concretion of the mental form and thus puts the idea at the disposal of the human genre

Pure reason is just another name for intuition, that pure, intuitive, infallible understanding that simultaneously captures cause and effect, why, why? Where and for what purpose all things move. Pure concepts of reason are transcendental ideas, hence the objective use of pure concepts of reason is always transcendent, while that of pure concepts of understanding is always immanent. Kant considers that the transcendental use of reason focuses on three objects of study: the immortality of the soul, the freedom of the will and the existence of God and all derive from the fundamental principle of morality: reason Practical.

Cosmic consciousness implies the recognition of a First Cause, the only uncaused reality. God, the Universal Father, functions on three personality levels of the Deity: the prepersonal, the personal and the superpersonal. Transpersonal psychology is interested in those experiences that give value to existence, so that it serves as a bridge between the prepersonal and the superpersonal.

The product of an ideal design should be the system that seeks to achieve that ideal. This system must have the ability to pursue its ideals with increasing effectiveness in constant conditions or in changing conditions; It must have the ability to learn and adapt. It is time to share the vision, the mission and the method with which we could create a new era: The era of ideas, as an antithesis of the era of m Machine, being the era of synthesis systems.

The new era challenges us to shape a new religion. It will be based on an immanent God as in the case of Jesus or a transcendent God as in the case of the Buddha. Emanuel Kant made his great contribution in raising the origin of ideas in reason No pure, as well as the principle of morality and the determination of the transcendent will from the theoretical point of view and immanent from the practical point of view. Moral conscience is a human and purely psychic reaction, it is not to be despised, but it is not the voice of God in the soul, as indeed it would be that of the Divine Presence if it could be hey

The concept transforms the known into conceived, in thought, uses all the resources of the spirit, the brain and the hand. Spiritual knowledge implies four conditions: the displacement of the subject, valuation of objects from their reality within the cosmos, the possibility of the subject seeing himself, transfiguration of the subject's way of being by the effect of knowing.

These four modalities of knowledge allow us to develop four competences in the religious field, through the spiritual processes of transmutation, transformation and transfiguration. Those skills are projection, identification, conversion and reflection. The competences in ethics are leadership and service.

The art of weaving implies a double process, the warp and the weft, also demanding the activity of the weaver, while maintaining the model in his superior mind. The light of the soul illuminates with its knowledge, the high mind of the weaver, presenting the archetype that is to be woven. The lower mind is the shuttle, the warp constitutes the vertical thread of the planned and dynamic purpose, the plot is the horizontal thread of necessity or the mobile dictated by the practical development of the archetypal canon. The finished fabric is the objective achieved, or the action consecrated to the plan through love. The three remaining techniques used for weaving are invocation, stabilization and resurrection.

  • How to base esotericism, science of salvation, on transcendental philosophy and transpersonal psychology? How will we master the invocation-evocation technique?

In the following table you can see the bridges that the human mind has been building.































Greek philosophy

Quantum mysticism

Hebrew theology







Machine age

Systems era

Era of ideas.

Religion is the name assigned to the invoking call of humanity and the evocative response given to that demand for the Supreme Life.

It is interesting to note that the oldest prayer in the world refers to the three aspects of mirage, and for this the three techniques that will enable liberation and progress have to be used: “Lead us from darkness to light; from the unreal to the real; from death to immortality. ”

"Lead us from darkness to light" refers to the mind when the light of intuition eventually illuminates it; This illumination is carried out by means of the Presence Technique, from which the light shines. "Lead us from the unreal to the real" has a specific relationship with the astral plane and all its omniabarcantes mirages; It is carried out through the Technique of Light.


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On May 28, 2017, this magic-creativity course, which began on August 21, 2016, was terminated by email and whatsapp to 30 people who were interested in various moments of the learning process, and that during forty weeks had its ups and downs in active participation, culminating today only six of them.

The members in order of appearance were: Isabel Cristina García from Colombia, Raquel Gómez from Mexico, Fabiola from Chile, Verónica Galardo from Argentina, Alejandra Saldaña from Mexico, Rita Santivañez from Peru, Francisco Homero Arias from Ecuador, Alma Margarita Nava from Mexico, Fernando Sarangel of Puerto Rico, Constantino Ferriani of Venezuela, Salome Violeta of Argentina, Paula Itzel of Mexico, Rodrigo Rodríguez of Panama, Gustavo of Colombia, Jean Belloud of Colombia, Alejandro Guzmán of Colombia, Marcela of Argentina, Estefanía of Argentina, Luz María from Mexico, Jirmalyn from Colombia, Angelica from Venezuela.

A special recognition to those who were present to date.

Marmolejo, Vargas and Villa told the Good God We are going to make a Mariachi from which more than two will come out. What does Mariachi mean, who can tell me? It means holiday in the Otomí language THE PRINCIPLE Juan Gabriel Dedicated to David Miranda Velásquez of Mexico Déjame que te cuente limeña, déjame que te diga la gloria Del ensueño que evoca a la memoria. Del viejo puente, del rio y la alameda. LA FLOR DE LA CANELA Chabuca Granda. Dedicada a Rita Santivañez del Perú. En una mañana de mi Andalucía mi buen pasodoble se quiso casar Con la Sevillana, con la Bulería, Con la Petenera y la Soleá. Las cuatro canciones vestidas de blanco cantando y bailando se fueron con él Y cuando a la luna las cuatro llegaron, el Dios de las coplas les dio su querer. PASODOBLE TE QUIERO Dúo Pimpinela Dedicada a Encarna Repeto de España. Las Caleñas son como las flores que vestidas van de mil colores Ellas nunca entregan sus amores si no están correspondidas. LAS CALEÑAS The Latin Brothers Dedicada a Jirmalyn Bravo de Colombia. Candombe, candombe negro, nostalgia de gente pobre Por las calles de San Telmo ya se ha perdido el candombe. Ay morenita tus ojos, son como luz de azabache Tu cara parece un sueño, un sueño de chocolate… AZABACHE Hugo del Carril Dedicada a Elsa Estela Agüero de Argentina. Pero ese gran Principio: “El Rey no es soberano” Resuena y los que sufren Bendicen su pasión. HIMNO DE COLOMBIA Rafael Núñez Dedicada a Angélica, hermana venezolana.

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