How to raise your vibration easily?

  • 2017

Can we think positively all the time?

From the appearance of books like The Secret and others that came later, all the people who talked about spirituality and the law of attraction, gave much importance, among other things, to the need to raise our vibration .

In this type of books they explained to us, by active and passive, how important it is to have positive thoughts focused on the objectives we want to achieve, but the truth is that it is not so easy for most mortals to think in a way Positive all the time.

Thinking positively 24 hours a day is not easy.

Thinking positively all the time is not a simple task. Especially because life faces us in situations that prevent us from doing so and that lower our vibration.

That's like the fish that bites its tail . Our life does not change and we continue to face negative situations because we are not able to think positively at all times and we are not able to think positively all the time because there are situations in our life that do not change.

It is easy to tell others to think positive when they have a problem, but then it is not so simple when it is up to us to do so. We advise others to be optimistic, we tell them that their problems are not so important, but when it comes to ours it does not seem so easy to think positively.

Our vibration depends largely on the type of thoughts we have that in turn are linked to the emotions we experience. But if we are not trained, it is not easy to change our thinking dynamics just by wanting to do it.

Raise our vibration by changing our thoughts

If we try to change our thoughts by focusing on them, we don't always get results because, except in some isolated cases, most people don't have the training and mental discipline that a Tibet Monk or an Indian Guru can have.

Raising our vibration by modifying our thoughts is an approach that does not work for everyone. That is not because it does not work, but because most people are not able to control our thoughts all the time. In order to do that, training is required and cannot be achieved overnight.

The good news is that there are always several ways to reach the same destination.

Since not all people are equal, we don't have to do things the same way. The important thing is that each one uses the techniques that are useful to him and allow him to reach his objectives. A good way to raise our vibration is through meditations that connect us with joy and love, but this is not the only way.

Other ways to raise vibration

Luckily for everyone, there are other ways to influence our vibration and we can raise it with other methods. These methods will eventually help us improve the quality of our thoughts, but unlike having to be watching the thoughts 24 hours a day, what we will do is balance our energy using other resources that start from the body and that affect the mind.

There are different ways in which you can raise your vibration.

Raising your vibration can be easy and simple . We are so used to suffering that we do not realize that we have some resources at our disposal that can be fun to practice.

In the following video, I explain 3 express techniques that will help you modify your energy state in a very short time, helping you to raise your vibration. You can raise your vibration using these techniques a few minutes each day and you can also go to them when your energy level is very low, as they will help you increase it. Remember that it is not enough to know things, you have to practice them.

Author: Santos Ávila Ruiz -

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