How do we develop spiritual awareness?

  • 2017
Spiritual Awareness

Do you want to develop your Spiritual Consciousness ? You may wonder, how can we do it? There are different techniques that will help you achieve this, here I will mention one of them.

Our Spiritual Consciousness is numb within us. This means that we all have it and if one is willing and really wants to develop it we must wake it up.

He cannot teach a man anything, he can only be helped to find the answer within himself. (Galileo Galilei) .

What will we need to do to awaken our Spiritual Consciousness?

In the first place, we must recognize that she is asleep, we must observe ourselves, see ourselves from the psychological point of view. If we can recognize that our Spiritual Consciousness is asleep, we can wake it up.

We must also divide the attention into three aspects . The first aspect is the Subject, this involves who I am? How am I?, this means that we must observe ourselves objectively. The second aspect is the Object, it means what am I doing ?, and the third aspect is the Place, so where are we? Be aware of the environment we are in.

We must also, observe our own Self, remember who we are intimately . It is different to observe our own behavior in any place where we are like talking, laughing, eating, walking, what we are doing and another thing is to observe our own self, that is, to be able to observe the intimate psychological processes of our brain.

Something that is also essential to take into account to awaken our conscience, is to be able to discern, distinguish, differentiate the objective from the subjective. It is very important to know how to differentiate the real from the unreal. Many times we confuse unreal stories or stories with reality, we dive into them, as can happen in a movie.

One of the most appropriate and appropriate exercises to make the first contact with our CONSCIOUS I and that we can do at any time is the practice of Zen.

According to the dictionary Zen means : “ Buddhist philosophical system that had its origin in China in the sixth century; It is characterized by enhancing metaphysical meditation using special logical techniques (such as paradoxes) and arduous physical exercise, in order to achieve the illumination that reveals the truth. ”

The Zen meditation basically is based on accompanying the breath in its ascent and descent, feeling and perceiving, both the bodily sensations and the thoughts that circulate while observing during the exercise. They talk about 40 breaths, inhaling and exhaling through the nose.

Perhaps when they begin to work to develop their spiritual consciousness, many thoughts may appear of pending issues that were asleep in their consciences, which they thought would not think about them again, this should not matter to them, let all these thoughts come out and try to be able to handle the anxiety that it generates. Try to concentrate on the breath again, return to the point before that thought.

With this type of exercise, you can pay more attention, observe your thoughts and feelings, live in the moment, feel no pain or fear of losing something or someone, discover your interior, calm anxiety and stress, be positive, and many other things that each one will discover when practicing it.

It would be ideal to be able to practice this type of relaxation and development of consciousness daily, if they are proposed they will not take long.

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