How to contact Masters in the vigil and in the dream states

  • 2019
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Much has been said in esotericism about the ability we all have to get in touch with entities better or superior to us in some sense, such as being Masters or Angelic Beings .

In truth, this understanding of special contact was not born with the current esotericism that some call New Age, but, far from that, it is a knowledge that comes long ago . It is a knowledge that is lost in the annals of history, and that has had different interpretations and ways of understanding it through the millennia.

In our modern age, because we do not see contact with a Master or Guide as something we should all have, but rather as something somewhat strange, many people do not pay attention to this possibility.

While our time received from the millenary tradition the awareness of the need to receive education, and that this education is imparted by people who have special training to do so, that notion has been rather limited to the intellectual sphere. That is to say, we tend to accept that in order to acquire or access new intellectual knowledge we need a teacher or guide to take us to that goal, but when it comes to the goods of the soul, the essential knowledge that we need to live, we tend to believe that That has nothing to do with teachers. That we can provide ourselves with everything we need, without anyone's help.

If we look carefully at that reality of our modern behavior, we will see that it contains a fallacy . What we affirm with that attitude is that, for example, to learn the multiplication table of numbers, second degree equations and the algorithms that are designed for a computer, we need teachers and professors to teach us . But along with that, we tend to believe that to deal with the multiple challenges of love, of dedication to family and society, of complex labor relations and the sophisticated ways of bonding that He needs all human progress, it will be enough to act according to our own individual opinion. And that before all error there will always be an opportunity to correct it, so we have to retest our experiences dozens of times.

The entire sphere of intellectual realizations such as mathematics, literature, painting, sculpture, engineering and so many other mental learnings are just fragmented areas of the total complexity of life, that overcomes all those things and says still many more. Evil could then our craving, or our subjective sensation of how to act, to succeed in the actions that we must take every day to walk in this world that, truly, puts us at every moment between risks and challenges.

What happens, the difficulty that is presented to us, is that we simply do not like another to tell us what we have to do. That is what happens when it comes to making decisions about the issues that we feel most of ours, that we feel like our most intimate experiences.

Instead the reality is different. No true spiritual Master claims that simple human beings who need their knowledge obey him as robots, or as caged dogs. The universal tradition always respected the free will of the Disciple, and just as the professor of mathematics does not lock us in a room until we learn the second equations degree, neither do the Masters need our obedience to them to have features of moral submission.

However, something makes us fear that possibility. Something has damaged us as a human community, especially in the West, in this regard. There have been many years, even centuries, in which the presence of the Masters was difficult to capture or understand. Therefore, many times these were replaced by charlatans who, following them, their supposed apprentices paid the price of that slip, sometimes at a very high price.

In times of darkness like the one that occurred with the European Middle Ages, which lasted ten centuries, and also in other parts of the world such as America and Asia that also had theirs even before the Christian era, many unfortunate things happened .

One of them was the loss of contact between the human being and his deepest essential reality, his spiritual self to unveil. His true self, which when he begins to find, is immediately reflected in one or more special people from the outside world, who represent the needs of the inner self in a mirror. These outer beings are the Masters, and many times we have forgotten them.

Free will in the disciple

More truly, if we have sometimes lost ourselves in that attempt to place ourselves properly in the link with Knowledge, the error was undoubtedly first in the first part of that action, that is, the one just said: we have not sought internally.

When the human being disregards respecting his deepest intimacy, his truest self that transcends tastes and the intellectual, begins to stop being human, begins to brutalize. Then, at that moment, every Master who could lead us, has no way of approaching us. He cannot do it precisely because he must respect our free will, our decision not to want to hear our most intimate being.

It is ironic that despite all the contact we have lost with them because they accepted our free will, that has not served to show that they respect us. Thousands of people continue to say that to obey a spiritual Master is to lose freedom, even after they did not even learn to read a magazine without first receiving pedagogical help.
When it comes to intellectual learning, if the proposal is to receive honor and prestige, then they do not raise any discrepancy with the teaching. In that case they are able to spend millions on special training, access to famous universities, and moving to sites near the most respected institutions.
But when it comes to making the most basic decisions, consider really knowing the motivations of the things that drive us from children to old and determine all our other decisions, then, ah !!, «that is not prestigious, that is my intimacy, that should be guided only by my own opinion », they say to each other continuously, and march blindly taking ahead the walls of karma that the world places in the path of learning suffered that they chose.

Those who enter at least slightly on a spiritual path, incipiently, perceive something different from all that. When we venture, when we dare to resume contact with our producing essence of our lives, then our situation changes. Among other things, we are reminded that all the prestige of the world, all the success of universities, all the achievements of science and modern culture, have come because the Masters have inherited them from their Disciples generation after generation, and without them nothing good would have been possible. There is not a single achievement of chemistry that has not had its antecedent in the hidden alchemists that preceded us, nor a single achievement of physics that was not already contemplated in the enigmatic constructions of the first human civilizations, such as archeology and Anthropology have proven it. Nor a single achievement of mathematics, of biology, or of the arts, which has not had its divine historical predecessors.

Obviously, if all this difficulty has been presented to us, we must try to learn to overcome it. It is the main lesson that history teaches us. We must learn to look for each other, to find ourselves, and to identify our inner and outer teachers.

But how to achieve it? How not to stumble again with the stone of confusion, confusion and wrong decision making? Here is a question that all generations, in one way or another, have been asked at some point.

As Gautama Buddha, Christ, Krishna and many other Masters taught us, we do not have a guaranteed destiny in that direction. We will not find a path without obstacles. The absence of obstacles is not what we have been promised . However, they promised us something that might be even better: that whatever our actions are on that path, the result will always be fair . We will always receive, only, what we really deserve.

Let us have faith, hope and joy, they tell us, because always, no matter what happens, wherever we have sown a loving and just action, that action will have its corresponding consequence for the future.

Seeing them, observing their portentous achievements, their monumental literary works written by their disciples, their religions of billions of followers, it seems to us sometimes that this word that comes to us from these Masters greatly exceeds our ability to respond.
So many have been the sorrows, so many medieval misadventures and moments of sadness, that when we capture something of all that glory of the divine that preceded us, sometimes, instead of rejoicing, it seems to us that we belong to a world different from theirs .

But it is our duty to attend carefully to what they say and ask us. Nowhere are we going to find that they advise or recommend us to `` found a religion, '' or to build marvelous works. Quite the contrary, his teachings are simple ; your claims, at our access.

Far from asking us to make great bridges and roads, huge buildings and impressive medical achievements such as those made by modern science, the Masters only ask us not to neglect that inner reality of ours. They ask us not to be accelerated, nor anxious, but at the same time they ask us to be constant in the self-observation, in the orderly perception of our personality, in giving our lives an authentic sense. .

That said, it seems like an accomplishment too small. It seems that with that we were not going to get anywhere, that it was more a game than a real job. But they insist. They tell us that all the achievements of the world that have been worthwhile came from the hand of that attitude, of that behavior that they recommend us, and of no other.

Vigil and dream life

As soon as we venture into that behavior, to that Healthy Obedience, not blind, to Those Who Know, we find that it is a task not as easy as it might seem at the beginning.
They ask us to take care of the two most important areas of our life: the vigil and the dream. The sum of the two, make up every day of our existence, of our time of incarnation.

The first of these areas, the vigil, forms two thirds of our daily existence, while the second one, a third . That is, the vigil takes approximately 16 hours every day, and the dream approximately 8. Sometimes the dream takes less hours, but it is compensated with small dreams during the day, for example a nap. So that is the respective ratio between these two parts, two to one.

One of the mistakes that have led us astray on the spiritual path is not knowing correctly the importance of each of these daily hours.

He has tended to believe that the hours of sleep are a waste, a necessary evil to be able to sustain the waking hours, which would be the only ones that matter. At the same time, paradoxically, many recognize that they feel happier sleeping, than being aware during the vigil.

In truth, both daily hours are equally important.

It was believed that waking hours are more important, because in them we seem to be truly aware, truly attentive to reality. This is a wrong belief. Proof that we are not true assistants or understanders of reality, is that we do not know the cause of why the most basic things happen to us. We do not know why it is essential to feed ourselves, we do not know why we want to form families, we do not know why we fall in love, or why we like our children to resemble us, or why we want to stand out . more than sentient beings, we are like creatures that wander automatically, with a consciousness that rarely acts visibly.

When we look at the lives of people who have had spiritual development achievements, of historical figures who have achieved some real progress, we learn that these Brothers of the Way usually talk about the importance of the dream states, of the hours of sleep, the Couple talking about the importance of waking hours.

We have, for example, Artemidoro, who in the 2nd century AD assured that dreams are unique to the individual, and that a person's waking life will affect the symbols in their dreams.

Also to the Roman Cicero, who in his description of the dream in which "Scipio el Africano el Viejo appears to his adopted grandson, Emiliano Scipio", reveals his future destiny and that of his country, explains the rewards awaiting virtue in the other life and describes the universe and the place of the Earth and man within the universe. That is, Cicero says that a dream can contain a teaching . This dream will be later commented on by Macrobio, which will have a great impact on the Christian thought that the Middle Ages will go through.

One of the first things that we are discovering, as we go into the study of dreams from the view of Esotericism, is that there is a continuity that unites the waking hours to the dreamlike hours, making human existence a totality, and not a fragmentation. While we believe that the dream is irrelevant, it is true that we lead a fragmented life because we have wanted it that way. But when we begin to understand the importance of dream hours, our existence and our individual being tends to unify, to join the Eternal Being that we have always been and that we had forgotten.

If we also go a little deeper into more hidden knowledge, and only a little since Esoterism itself (that is, Occultism) does not disclose all its secrets so that they cannot be degraded, we find that people more evolved than us have achieved a certain degree of consciousness during the hours of sleep, which has no difference with the awareness of waking hours. These people, although it is a little strange to say so, live permanently, 24 hours a day. And the surprise does not end there, as those teachings tell us that when these souls disengage, that is, what is called "when they die, " they do not die but remain conscious. Their physical bodies disappear but their consciences are still active, like when they slept. It is nothing less than the eternal life of which great religions have spoken.

The latter may sound like pure fantasy, but if we study it carefully, we will see that it makes sense. The ancient Greeks said that the dream came from the god Hipnos, and the death came from Tanatos, and that both were twin brothers. Not only brothers, but also twins. They were trying to tell us something, and this something has to do with that, if we overcome the dream, if we take possession of it, then we will also overcome death and take possession of it.

Need for rest of the physical body

And now, although it may seem unnecessary to have to make this notice, it will be better to note that care must be taken with the interpretation of the last paragraph just said. Advance is to overcome unconsciousness during sleep, but it is not that we should try not to sleep . That would be absolute nonsense. Insomnia in any situation is a spiritual advance, in all cases it is just a disease.

Our physical body invariably needs its third day to remain horizontal, this is part of its nature, of its essence through which it was created and can only function that way. In addition to the horizontal position, during these hours the nervous system must find a maximum of relaxation, and not activate as if it were in the vigil, so that neurons in their physical appearance, can find the repair that every living body needs.

What the Initiate, or the Initiate, does in these Mysteries, is to leave his physical body horizontal and resting (sometimes even make him rest more and better than we do the simple laymen!) While his consciousness places him in the Astral plane, which is completely different from the Physical plane, and only maintains a bridge of communication with it, a bridge that is not physical either. There, in his Astral body, the Clairvoyant Initiate lives and moves just as he would with the physical body, and even better. There he does his job: he reads, moves, knows, meets with other Initiates and Teachers, all at a colossal speed, because the elastic reality of that plane of existence allows it.

It is all the more interesting to live in that plane that in our poor physical plane, which many Evolved Masters, stopped incarnating among us to live for a long period only in that plane, during several astral incarnations, since there they can do many more and better Things being here.

If it is difficult for us to understand this concept, let us think for example of our achievements when we place our consciousness on a high level, such as being mental. If we are traveling in the ether of the internet, which compared to the physical plane is of a more abstract level, or studying books, we tend to be able to do many more things than if we only move in the physical plane. We still need the physical level because we have not yet learned everything we need to acquire from it, but as we move forward, we rely more and more on the ethereal and abstract, and less and less on the dense of the material.

Natural appearance of the Masters

All this teaching has been given to us and the best Masters continue to give it to us. And they also add that we should not rush to conquer those states of the future, because they will arrive when the time that the Universe has planned for us has sounded. They tell us that all stages have their own happiness that we should not skip, and that we will not find that happiness again in the following stages, because those stages have a different happiness, which should not be skipped when it is their turn.

Accessing these truths does not require long training, or having visited many libraries. Nature in its wisdom has made it difficult to find these truths for those who do not value or despise them, but affordable for those who begin to fall in love with their inner reality, with the richness of the presence of the Spirit. Remember that the ancient Greek meaning of "love the truths" is the famous and transcendent word Philosophy.

Moreover, the transcendent thing is not to gather important phrases, since every phrase or text that may be relevant is found first, rather than in books, in a place in our heart. After we see it there, in our small inner corner, it will be easily accessible to us also in the material world, in that colossal and gigantic visible external universe, but that is made available to us when we recognize ourselves.

Surely at the beginning we do not have a Master in the whole rule, with a physical presence and orienting ourselves `` personally '', but the Masters will appear that correspond to our corresponding degree of evolution . For example, we will be able to correctly interpret the ancient texts of geniuses such as Socrates, Plotinus, Hypatia, which is not at all small. This is something that many people still cannot do. It is not an easy task because the course of the hundreds of years from when they were written makes them difficult to understand, even if they are well translated.
How does this milagro occur? There is no such miracle, what happens is that the Masters do not write for the human mass, they write only for their followers, who are always a minority. Since they are a minority, they know what psychological characteristics they have, what kind of understanding they will develop, and therefore they speak to them under those comprehension characteristics. n.
It's like when we take a radio and tune in to a station. While we are inattentive, misunderstanding our own essential reality, with the mind dispersed and the heart confused, the tune with the Masters does not come. But when we feel a flame inside us, an intimate light to follow, and we fan it and feed it with a calm and constant effort, then one day the dial of this Radio runs on site, and what seemed impossible to understand becomes a source of refreshing sweetness for the soul. From there, they can suddenly surprise us by devouring a book by Plat n, which used to be like another world.

In this process of spiritual learning, the dream messages begin to resemble vigils, that is, dreams become less messy, and their content is increasingly similar to the things that matter to us during the vigil. The dream begins to become a contributor of complementary information of what we learn while awake, ... or, if you prefer to see it in another way, also in reverse: the vigil begins to become a corroboration of the important things that we are discovering in dreams .

A wise person from recent history, Helena Blavatsky, tells us that we must rely on that process, since keeping us in it without pause and without haste, the quality of our vigil and our dreams will continue to improve without limit. After a stage of mental clarity that can last more than one incarnation, another will come where new psychic faculties begin to develop. That in terms of vigil, and in terms of dreams, they continue their process of becoming similar to reality until they become vivid, and finally become authentic astral journeys.

The great contribution that all this teaching makes us is knowing that we do not need special events to be happy . We only need to go out to look for our own inner essence, the deep reflection that will place us in our purpose of existence.
When we reach the most advanced stages, we will marvel at the things we will find, but we will also marvel today, in our present incarnation, as we move forward. This will not need spectacular achievements, just to become better people, more united to the virtues of light and purity that characterizes all the protective guides of humanity.

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