Online class of the crimson circle of 11/10/2011

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Welcome to this online class.

I am Geoffrey Hoppe and tonight I am here with my wife Linda Benyo and we will talk about energy vampires, who feeds on you.

Do you feel tired, exhausted, confused or disoriented? It may be that in your life there are energetic vampires that feed on you and literally subtract your energy. It is time to end all this, establish healthier relationships, strong and firm self-esteem and, above all, the return of joy in your life.

We turn to tonight's theme - THE ENERGY VAMPIRS - and I invite you to take a deep breath. It's a title that sounds dramatic, but it's a real situation; There are really people who feed on you, the vostra energy and tonight we are going to talk about the symptoms, why that happens and how to handle it.

It is a fascinating subject because we are all conscious Beings, we are consciousness, we are not the physical body or the mind. We are consciousness but every day of our life we ​​use energy to create our reality. Even the people around us are conscious Beings and just as we use energy to create their own reality - work, relationships, passions, interests - but tonight we will talk about people who literally steal energy. We call them “energetic vampires” and they don't usually do it intentionally but they enter into a dynamic we are going to talk about tonight.

Linda: I smile while I'm reading the emails. Many people realize with total clarity that there are energetic vampires in their life, who are feeding on them. This is an indicator of consciousness since in general it is especially young people who are involved in the theme of energy vampires . There is even a radio broadcast that deals with vegan vampires ...

Geoffrey: It's a hot topic. Many people have serious problems and do not understand the cause and tonight we will get into the subject so they can become aware of what is happening in their lives. Often there are people in your life that feed on you, but for those who are not familiar with the Crimson Circle, we will explain: Linda and I have been offering seminars in 24 countries around the world for 10 years on issues such as spiritual awakening, life in the New Energy, the integration of the human with his divinity and his higher consciousness. Over the years we have found people who have told us stories of abuse they have had in their lives - physically, emotionally, mentally or psychically. In 2006 we created a very specific Seminar on Sexual Energies and it does not only refer to sex, but above all to the energies that are manifested in the form of sensations related to the masculine and feminine aspects and how these have caused situations of abuse In their lifes. Since 2006 circa 20, 000 people have frequented this school and 2/3 of them have claimed that it has changed their lives.

Linda: Today they write to us from Germany, Australia, Indonesia and everyone is interested in the issue of energy feeding and how to solve it.

Geoffrey: Let's talk about the terms we will use tonight. The correct term is to ` ` feed. '' That means that someone tries to steal energy and that can happen deliberately or not but once they have entered into you, once they have tempted you. Energy asses are within you, they begin to feed. He who does it proves a sense of well-being and fullness that unfortunately is not lasting; that is to say, they must feed again.

We will use the term of energtico VRU is a virus of consciousness, but is very similar to what the body is virs flu . Here it is a virus at the level of consciousness and is closely related to the imbalance between the male side and the female side that is present in all of us. The virus is not part of a conspiracy and does not belong to anyone: it exists, period, it is dominant and it pushes people to feed on others consciously or not.

We will also use the terms and abusador. For clarity, the victim is a person who has suffered abuse in his life and carry with him. It seems fair to say that almost everyone, sooner or later, in one way or another, has been abused and then has become a victim and at the same time abusive.

We will also use the term entidad to refer to non-physical beings. We believe that we are surrounded by non-physical beings, around us there are angelic beings. Some of them have a higher consciousness and are here to help, but there are others who go around and feed on us, even without having a physical body. They put in place a kind of psychic manipulation and many people we know have suffered a real invasion, especially of dreams. These entities enter dreams, but other people can also enter their dreams and these are all types of energy abuse.

Two other important things: you will have the opportunity to make conscious the energy of the vampires present in your life and ask them to think about them, maybe write who they are, but we ask you not to blame them

Linda: Because it would be another form of food and energy theft

Geoffrey: Eh yes, it would be another form of n and they would fall back on the energy of the victim simply because they had been accused. We would like you to realize the cycle of energy feeding or energy vampires without blaming them or arguing with them, because in a certain sense you could say that you are allowing it, so what is the point of arguing with them? Then we will try to clarify if maybe You are also an energetic vampire. That's right, because if someone is feeding on you, sooner or later, you will start feeding on someone. Humans use this method to obtain energy: when we address the issue of how energy vampires act, we ask that they not be instilled. Do not start judging and blaming yourself thinking that you are a bad person for doing this because everyone does it; So we ask you to do the opposite: begin to really love you. Now let's all take a deep breath.

Some preliminary considerations: the first is that everything is energy, except us - we are conscious beings or consciousness - but everything else around us is energy: there is energy in the air and the entire material world around us is made up of energy. There is energy in our thoughts, in the imagination and even our dreams are made of energy. If you could see them they are like waves or energetic patterns that run around them. During this teleclass Linda and I are creating and sharing with you all a tremendous amount of energy - we know that it is so. Energy manifests itself in waves of compassion, honor and respect towards all of you. The place where you are sitting, everything you are thinking moves along patterns or energetic waves; the air around you is full of energy and also comes from mass consciousness; Energy is everywhere and this is an interesting prerequisite to understand how people come to you and take it away.

Second premise: around it there is a great abundance of energy and it is the exact opposite of what humans think about money, material goods, fuel and resources. In creation there is a great deal of energy - the amount is almost infinite . When we talk about energy, do not be afraid not to get your share of the cake, do not be afraid that in 2 or 5 years the energy can end because everywhere there is an unimaginable amount of energy and there will be for everyone.

Another premise: everything you need is already within you. All the answers, all the energy, all the solutions and understanding, your connection with the Spirit, with All That Is is already within you . An important part of our trip is to remember all this and to open and expand and realize once again that there is absolutely everything, that there is nothing outside of you that you need: it is just to remember that you already have everything.

And another important point : nobody can take something away from you, nobody can do it if you don't allow it. If there are energetic vampires in your lives, if they feed on you, they are not only subtracting you energy but perhaps even money and your sense of well-being, it is that you are allowing it somewhere within you.

Last important premise: in each moment you can make a conscious choice to end the energy supply, both in the case of people who feed on you, as you are feeding on them. It's very simple: you can choose to leave it but if you do pay attention, your life could change and your attitude ...

Linda: ... just by being aware, change will begin and you will realize the change in food ... the mere fact of being aware will change you ...

Geoffrey: ... will change your relationships, of any kind because they will no longer be based on feeding each other by perpetuating the cycle in which people feed on you and you from them. In the first place you will see that your relationships will begin to change, because when you stop allowing others to feed on you they will go to feed in another place and their relationships will move to another level. This means that they will transcend the process of feeding on others and in these relationships you will discover a new beauty that you may not have noticed before. All this just to remind you that a conscious choice is enough to put an end to food and energy theft, but then your life will change.

What is an energetic vampire?

It may seem very dramatic, but it is someone who feeds on you; His tentacles are within you, he has hooked you energetically and takes away energy . We have already anticipated that you could do it unconsciously - perhaps it is the only way you have learned to manage your reality, to survive or to get your "dose" of energy. People need to eat to sustain their physical body and energy to maintain their consciousness here on Earth and often go to others to steal their energy. They appear in many different forms, such as those closest and dearest, those you work with and even disembodied entities.

How to know if a person feeds on you or if there are energetic vampires in your life? Well, the first symptom is that after being with her or with them you feel tired and exhausted. Has it happened to you to have a conversation - if you can call it that - in which a person speaks to you and in the end, when he leaves you feel exhausted and think: "Thank God he's gone!" That person has subtracted energy not through words, but while I was distracting you with his words at a certain level he entered you and began to chew you and subtract your energy. That's why afterwards you feel exhausted and tired.

Linda: I'm monitoring incoming mail and I notice that many people realize what it means to have energy vampires around and wonder if certain diseases such as chronic fatigue can be the result of energy feeding or having relationships where they always feel tired ...

Geoffrey : Fatigue! That is one of the main symptoms: they feel tired. When you are with people like this, you just arrive at night, that is to say you are without strength, but the consequence is that sooner or later you will also start up this “feeding”, consciously or not.

Linda: There are emails that talk about relationships, friendship or love where one always needs the other; not only do you want it, ma really needs it… and the other feels under pressure… many talk about this…

Geoffrey: Another symptom is a feeling of constant cold and loneliness while you are with someone or just after, you feel empty and you are cold. It is because the other person has taken away your energy, has drained and drained you. Many people take supplements and vitamins in an attempt to give themselves new energy, but if someone steals your energy, vitamins or energy supplements cannot do much. Soon we will pass the questions ...

Linda: Through emails I realize that many people are recognizing symptoms and situations ...

Geoffrey: Another symptom is when the people around you make you do things that you don't want or that are not in your best interest, but you do it and then you get mad at you themselves and say: Why did you let me convince or get involved in these things? or also: Why have you manipulated me to do so? ? It is exactly what happens: energy feeding and handling are produced and you allow it. Another symptom is an overwhelming sensation of feeling obligated or responsible, as if you were responsible for everything and everyone. Sometimes they bear this responsibility and say: If it wasn't for you, I don't know what I would do, if you weren't here, if you really loved me, then you would these things for me These responsibilities are on you and it is clearly about energy

Another symptom of the ongoing energy supply is when you do not find a problem, you feel confused and disoriented; you would like to change something in your life but you don't know how you feel obfuscated and overcome.

Now we are going to talk about who the energy vampires could be: this is not about blaming anyone, but rather examining the relationships in their lives and people you are attracting. Very often it is your partner / spouse, it is the relationship that you have begun because you felt incomplete and then you had married someone who loves you and despite having no intention In doing so, very often he feeds on you. It happens often, very often.

His children: you love them even though they sometimes drive you crazy; but they also, in their own way, feed on you because they allowed it because of the love they feel for them. I know that many listeners are thinking: But I have a lot, so I let them take it to me, and children often do it, very often. often.

Linda: It may seem hard, but we should never forget that energy feeding occurs only when we allow it.

Geoffrey: Sure. Parents do it with their children, especially when they start to age. I know many people whose parents behave more like children than parents and still literally feed on their children, blame them, or burden them with responsibilities and weights that do not concern them. It happens that parents feed on you : I know it because I experienced it as a child when there was a tremendous story of responsibility in my family.

Many of the decisions I made were not based on the joy I could have experienced through my choices, but on what I could have done to help my parents. Over time they must also take responsibility for their lives. For a long time I have suffered from energy and I add that once I have freed myself from this scheme I had the opportunity to meet my parents in a totally new way. When I stopped allowing food, I could understand who they really were.

Very often the energy feeding is carried out with those you consider as your closest friends, especially if they love to encharos all their problems and concerns. Think about this: have you ever been asked how you are? Have you ever found a solution to your problems or do you usually load them on you? while they talk to you, at least do they look you in the eye? Are you aware that you are there? Very often the person who is stealing energy does not care who is ahead; I'm sorry to say it, but it's like that; They just need someone to download and you let them.

The offices are also ideal places to "feed": there are all the dynamics of the business world and there are people with whom you work who make their games. Some time ago I had a boss who fed a lot of others and only when I moved away from him did I realize that he fed himself by intimidating them. In the company he liked to frighten others, put them in a disadvantaged position and thus could feed on them; In this way he felt important: he was the CEO and through this behavior there was a lot of energy.

Linda: It's a real abuse to make someone else feel bad ...

Geoffrey: Sure. Another way to do this is to belittle someone, make fun of him and insult him, and as you all know, when someone feels vulnerable he allows energy theft. Now I invite you to take a deep breath. Then there are the people who have died, who passed to the other side, but who turn around due to the dynamics of their life or the family they left behind. Although they are not already on Earth they are spinning and practice a type of psychic energy feeding and if you have had dreams of this type where you have perceived their presence perhaps not exactly loving but rather needed - then they continue to feed despite having Made your transition.

Then there are the entities that you have not known but that float around you; they also feed and interfere energetically in their lives because you have something they want: you have allowed yourself to open up and now they feed on you. We are not talking about possession, although it can happen too, that is to say that someone arrives and occupies his body. We will deal with this in another lesson but it happens very rarely.

So there are many people who feed on you.

Linda: I think it's time to take a good deep breath and perceive all this in your life ...

Geoffrey: When does this happen? At work, or maybe you practiced energy eating even with people you know and love? Look, it is very easy to know: if you are a victim - no matter the degree - and allow them to feed on you and allow them to steal your energy; If you have ever been a victim of physical abuse, violence or sexual abuse, you are likely to feed on others, be an abuser. It is clear that if someone steals your energy, sooner or later you will feel the need to subtract it from others. We do not say that you do it deliberately, maliciously or in a negative way ... you do it just to survive.

Linda: This is a very interesting comment: a consultant writes us who helps women who have suffered violence and confirms that even with women of this type, energy is manifested. After working just one hour with these victims, he is totally physically and mentally exhausted; She clearly realizes that when they assist the victims, they feed on her but sometimes also with each other.

Geoffrey: Sure, it's like that ... you know, there are people who put this mechanism into practice with great regularity. We have seen cases in which people who have long-term illnesses become abusers of family and friends: “ Oh poor me, I have this disease! … ” I am not saying that this is the case for every disease; Only you can feel their situation, but some use it to feed on you and make you feel guilty if they do not participate in your game. The woman who works with victims of sexual abuse ... of course, those women are victims, but they are also abusers who act through guilt, the "poor me" and everything else. Obviously it is not something easy to understand at first glance, but I use a series of energy models that lead to food and…

Linda: ... food is the cause of a new food ...

Geoffrey: True. You can observe your life and maybe I'll see if you feed on someone too. Linda and I talk very often about food that is carried out on a large scale and not only in personal relationships. For example, last night the news talked about the high number of suicides of celebrities who participated in reality shows. Do you have something to do with energy feeding? Well, first of all, why would a celebrity want to be part of a reality show? To get attention and energy: people watch it on television and follow their life, but when the show ends, celebrities stop feeding and can't stand it. This explains the high number of celebrity suicides in the entertainment world.

Athletes, especially when they retire: in one way or another they have also energetically fed - the attention of the media, people who shake their hands and ask for an autograph and put them on a pedestal. When that ends, the feeding also ends and they fall into depression, begin to get high or are involved in sexual scandals ... we could talk about it for a long time.

Now we would like you to take into account their sexual relationship with other people and it is likely that this is the moment when the energy supply - when it happens - reaches the highest peaks. When the experience is shared with another person in a very open, intimate and full of love, this is the best time for energy. If the experience is satisfactory and loving for both, if the joy is shared, it is fine, but if you feel that there is manipulation or feeding this happens in the most intimate and appropriate moments, when human beings have sex.

Linda: Look at a question: what is the difference between a normal relationship - the exchange between spouses, between parents and children - and food?

Geoffrey: It's a very beautiful question, but the answer you have to feel inside of you, not in my mind in my heart, in my stomach and you'll feel it. Are you being manipulated? Do they make you feel guilty, as if what you do for them would not be enough? Do they tell you what you should or should not do? Or are you free, do they stalk you and love you just the way you are? This is for me the highlight of a relationship, but if there are many games in progress, if they do not trust you, if they despise you, if they always carry your problems justifying that it would be their responsibility and what they should do to serve them ... such Once there is food in progress. You know, it happens constantly in all relationships and we hope that you become more and more aware of this food and be able to block it.

How to avoid energy feeding? How to prevent others from feeding? - and you, how do you stop feeding on others? It's simple: make a conscious choice, choose to stop it. You don't have to do a special ceremony or anything, but they choose it in a conscious and clear way: I choose to put an end to the energy supply. The feeding is over. So what happens? Be aware that someone is taking away your energy or that you do the same: it will be very obvious.

It's the little things, for example, one night, watching the news, suddenly you will have the clarity of how the news is feeding on you: that's because the news is full of drama and although it is not a person, but mass consciousness, it is she who feeds on you and makes you come anxiety. I do not remember the last time I looked at the news and feeling happy then the anxiety added to the confusion, disorientation and doubt. The energy supply is happening and there is nothing intentional here, but that's the way it is.

You will begin to be aware of this: another clear example is when you talk to someone and this person takes your arm; maybe you lean back to keep your space and she grabs your arm and somehow prevents you from moving; That is food. You will always be more aware of this, but it is enough to consciously choose to stop feeding.

Linda: Another clear example is the political sphere, where there is only food in the attention of others and in the drama of everything they do, especially at the time of elections.

Geoffrey: Take into account the midterm elections in the United States and the feeding of politicians and politics, through the media and advertising . I'm sorry to say it, but they survive on people's energy - that's all. If you consciously choose to disconnect from this game, what will happen is that those who feed on you will perceive your inner change and initially ask you: What is wrong with you?, are you no longer the steak that had dinner?, and then they will try more intensely.

You breathe, you don't need more: you don't need to protect yourself with a white light shield or with an energy dress or something else. Conscious choice is enough and in the end the energy vampires will take a step back and feed themselves on others. As for voi, every time you felt the need to feed you, stop for a moment and take a deep breath and go into yourselves, because as we said before, all you need is within you

The energy battery that is inside of you recharges itself: it is not necessary to look for energy outside of yourself, in other people or places because everything is already within you. If you do not believe it, at least try it, take a deep breath and walk within yourselves: it is what we define as the principle of the I Am - you already have everything you need within you. When you recognize this, your internal energy is turned on again and begins to increase and you will realize that you no longer need to participate in this game and that no one can play it again with you

We have talked a lot about this topic and the answer is very simple: make the conscious choice to end the feeding cycle and be aware when others do it with you. This does not mean they have to shout, "Stop feeding on me!" Because they will deny it. Take a deep breath and disconnect. In a sense, imagine their tentacles within you and yours within them and then disconnect, that is, remove your tentacles and free themselves from theirs.

You know, we are all sovereign beings but we have forgotten; We are all absolutely sovereign beings and we do not need to base our relationships on reciprocal feeding or on being victims or abusers. Everything you need is already inside you and this will change the way you interact with others and with the world. Can you imagine how in the world people begin to recognize their sovereignty, the feeling of love for themselves, self-esteem and how this food cycle ends? Would be wonderful!

Linda: As soon as you begin to be aware ...

Geoffrey: And so thanks to the "School of Sexual Energies" we have trained Certified Teachers around the world and after having given several Schools, Linda has made a very important statement: "It has changed the way I see things" because she - Like you - begins to recognize when feeding occurs, even with the closest people. Everyone does it and they don't realize it: it's a very old model and game and it's time to put an end to it. LInda are there any more comments or questions?

Linda: There are all kinds of them ... here is one: my husband called me lazy during the 25 years of marriage together and I feel exhausted, I can't do much more than breathe. When I leave home I feel very good, I am full of energy and I can do all the tasks at home, but as soon as I get home I feel devastated. What can I do to change all this?

Geoffrey: There they have a perfect example of energy feeding, but I have to say that who suffers it is who allows it too. He has already recognized the problem in all these years and this is very good, but at one point he has to say: "Enough is enough!" You don't have to say it to him or anyone: say it to yourself, make a clear choice " No one else is going to feed on me! ”

A nivel físico él va a sentir lo que está sucediendo y no le va a gusta en absoluto, pero es importante que tú seas feliz, que tú puedas estás en tu energía y luz y luego dependerá de él si quiere seguir con su juego o no. En tu email dices que te llama vaga: ¡imagina que alguien llega y te llama estupida! Es una especie de shock y cuando esto ocurre tú bajas tus defensas y él mete dentro de ti sus tentáculos y comienza a alimentarsi. Así es como funciona: y este es la otra forma de entender porque las personas os insultan y os faltan d respeto – quizás vuestos propios padres, maridos u otros. Deberías preguntarles: “Porqué continuas a hacer esto?” y si esta es la relación que tenéis juntos …

Linda: Es una relación…

Geoffrey: Sí, pero ¿es la relación que volete per voi? Y si la señora tuviese una relación – incluida una relación con ella misma – que se basara en el amor, el honrar y respetar y en sentir alegría? Preguntate porqué estás en una relación en la que te sientes así: cuando él está en casa te encuentras agotada y sin fuerzas y apenas sale de casa sientes alegría. Quizás, ha llegado el momento de reconocer que tu comportamiento de víctima es otra forma de alimentarse. Es decir: es probable que tú también sea un abusador, o por lo menos una parte de ti se alimenta de él. Me pregunto si él también, al salir de casa piensa: “¡Pero, lo bien que estoy fuera de casa!” Lo repito: lo hacemos todos, todos somos víctimas y abusadores alternativamente y la clave está en reconocerlo dentro de tí. No necesitas alimentarte fuera de ti e puedes impedir que otro se alimente de ti: todo lo que necesitas lo tienes dentro de ti.

Linda: Muchas personas escriben preguntando ¿cómo ocurre la alimentación a nivel no físico?

Geoffrey: Con los seres no físicos la dinamica es fascinante. Antes que todo quiero que os deis cuenta de que solo porque non tienen una forma física – es decir se trata de fantasmas u otro – non son capaces de leer los pensamientos más que cualquier otro humano y no tienen algun poder, a pesar de intentar hacerles creer lo contrario. Son muertos y punto: no tienen un cuerpo físico y cuando vosotros hacéis una elección consciente y decís: “¡Basta seres, basta entidades e basta animales u otro che se alimenta de mi!” toda la dinámica dentro de vostros va a cambiar. Es como si bajaras la bandera con escrito: “¡Nutranse de mi!” porque si teníais entorno estas entidades es exactamente lo que hacíais. Estas entidades ven que entráis en la energía de la víctima – la de “pobre de mi” – y entoces entran y se alimentan.

Que sean claros, que sean de verdad muy claros: “ No permito la alimentación” y no me interesa si os dicen que no quieren irse. Que sean claros: vosotros sois seres soberanos, vosostros sois Dios también e dejadlo claro con ellos de que no permitís la alimentación y ellos se irán. ¿Sabeis por qué? Irán a buscar a alguien que sea un blanco fácil; en el fondo vosotros habéis afirmado que no permitís la alimentación, así que tarde o temprano se irán. ¿Más preguntas?

Linda: Hay muchas preguntas mezcladas…¿es apropiado decir a alguien que es un vampiro energético?

Geoffrey: Yo no lo haría, porque tarde o temprano lo va a negar y si la alimentación es de un cierpo tipo la situación podría empeorar – podría manipolarte en otro nivel . Es difícil dar una respuesta, cada uno tiene que asumir su soberanía y hacer una elección clara de dejar de permitir la alimentación. Os daré otro ejemplo de alimentación que le puede pasar a cualquiera: vosotros andáis de compras, es un día precioso y os sentís bien, entráis en una tienda y al poco tiempo os sentís cansados y agotados, os duele la cabeza … lo que ocurre es que interceptáis las sensaciones de los demás y su alimentación – de alguna forma permitís a personas que ni conocéis alimentarse de vosotros – pero cuando hacéis una eleccion clara: “¡Basta, no volverá a ocurrir jamás!” aquéllos modelos energéticos desaparecerán.

Linda: Aquí hay un domanda genérica … los problemas que ho con mi madre y con mi hermana provienen de la alimentación. Ellas se alimentan de mi y yo de ellas … ¿qué está sucediendo?

Geoffrey: Como regla general, en todo momento alquien se alimenta de vosotros o de otra persona. Quizás no sea siempre de vosotros, sino de otras personas que hay en vuestra vida, de vuestros amigos y en muchas relaciones de pareja cuando uno es la víctima, en otro nivel es también el abusador. Tenéis que hacerlo, tenéis que andar fuera a alimentaros porque sois vacíos, agotados y exhaustos. No digo que todos los problemas de vuestra vida se deben a esto, pero después de 10 años de talleres y de viajes alrededor del mundo podemos aseguraros de que la alimentación energéica es un importante problema de fondo.

Linda: Muchos correos hablan de la relación de alimentación energética que se da entre padres e hijos …

Geoffrey: Esta es una oportunidad perfecta para llevar la relación con vuestros hijos a otro nivel. Todos vostros habéis vivido situaciones en las cuales os habéis alimentado de alquien y habéis dejado que se alimentasen de vostoros y cuando vuestros hijos han llegado a la Tierra han percibido este “modelo” y lo han adoptado como algo natural. Cuando dentro de vosotros hacéis una elección clara y decís: “ Yo Soy eso que Yo Soy, un Ser Soberano y no necesito alimentarme. ” Vuestros hijos lo percibirán y eso modificará la relación que tenéis con ellos. Vosotros dejaréis de ser codependientes y entenderéis que en el fondo la alimentación energética es codependencia.

Linda: Continuamos a hablar de este tema pero al final cuando os sentís completos e integros dentro de vosotros mismos será muy díficil que ocurrra la alimentación.

Geoffrey: …Pues acabo de mirar el reloj y veo que nos quedan sólo tres minutos …

Linda: No para hacer publicidad sino para mayor claridad: quiero añadir que si en vuestra vida tenéis este problema y queréis tener la experiencia de superarlo, la Escuela de las Energías Sexuales es una experiencia maravillosa donde aprenderéis cómo superar el problema de la alimentación y crear vuestro espacio para amaros y sentiros completos.

Geoffrey: Al principio la Escuela de las Energías Sexuales se creó para las personas que fueron víctimas de abusos sexuales, pero como Linda acaba de decir pronto nos hemos dado cuenta de que non sirve solo para las victimas de abusos sexuales sino para las víctimas de todo tipo de abuso y se aborda el tema en detalle. La Escuela dura 3 d as y solo los Maestros Certificados la pueden ofrecer y lo hacen alrededor del mundo . Dos tercios de las personas que han atendido la escuela han afirmado que ha cambiado su vida. Se llama Escuela de las Energ as Sexuales pero no se refiere al sexo, a pesar de que trata el equilibrio entre las energ as masculina y femenina, ya que es el desequilibrio entre stas dos energ as lo que ha determinado la alimentaci n energ tica. La Escuela os ense aa volver a un espacio de amor dentro de vostros mismos porque, en el fondo, es el amor que sent s para vosotros mismos lo que os libera de la alimentaci n, de la actitud de v ctima y de abusador. Toda la informaci n la encontr is en y desde las Monta as Rocosas de EEUU en Colorado en esta fr a noche queremos enviaros a todos nuestro amor y nuestras bendiciones.

AUTOR: Geoff y Linda Hoppe


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