Transcendental Meditation Talks

  • 2010

Dear Brother:

Beautiful words you have sent me and beautiful objectives raised. I thank with great respect and love your invitation and just as your work goes through anonymity and the total absence of a distorted ego, where only Love is the magnet that unites them, also in my case, belonging to a Millennial Tradition of Shankara, I prefer to continue with my ant work, bringing the experience of Being to every human being that desires it and believe me, that the days are too short for the work that you and I do, so, you have the peace of mind that I dedicate every day and every minute to thank and thank God for the opportunity to contribute with a grain of sand to his cause and humbly help to develop awareness. In this work, plus my own obligations, I am overcome. I have no doubt that since I meditate, pray and ask for others, I know that I am in a chain connected with thousands, millions of beings who are doing the same and, in this way enhanced the desire for an inevitable and necessary change, in humanity and for humanity, so that this change is as massive and smooth as possible.

I send you a big hug knowing that I greet a brother with whom, we have shared not only this life but, you vary in our path of evolution and help towards your neighbor.

Transcendental Meditation Talks

Resistance - Chaco Argentina


Greets you Atte.

Diego Herrera

Transcendental Meditation Prof.

Ayurveda Maharishi technician.

NGO President Chile-Chaco

Project Manager and Coordinator



Resistencia - Chaco - Argentina.

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Resistance - Chaco Argentina




Dear Friends:

I tell you, the idea is to give yourself, when the time comes, the opportunity to receive an Informative Talk on the Technique of Transcendental Meditation and its effects on such important areas as: Mental Potential, Health, Behavior and the Environment. How to see the structure of the course, principles on which it is based, where it comes from and what relationship it has with other self-development techniques, etc.

We will see how a simple mental technique is capable of producing such a deep rest, that 20 minutes of practice, equals 7 hours of deep sleep, but does not replace sleep, Otherwise, they enhance it and improve its quality. It is a new Fourth State of Consciousness, Alert in Deep Rest. This state, allows the body to eliminate the fatigue that we accumulate day by day and eliminates the blockages that we drag year after year.

This is how we can say that this technique is capable of eliminating the very cause of psychosomatic diseases, such as: Migraines, Migraines, Headaches, Irritability, Anxiety, Bad reconciliation of Sleep, Insomnia, Physical and Mental Tiredness, etc.

In parallel, they will experience Peace, Calm and Happiness, by automatically immersing themselves in your own conscience. Here we meet and face two realities, in order to recover our own identity, our own nature.

To realize, through direct experience, that our existence is not only a Relative World composed of variables of changes, limits, instability and antagonism, but also that all this has its origin in another reality that underlies the phenomenal world, The Pure Awareness


When through this technique you manage to transcend from the grossest to the finest of your own mental activity, it is there when you become aware that you are really an integral expression of the Universe, that you are the sum of systems within systems, that this Relative expression of yours, which you consider your own body, could not exist without your imprint, without YOU, spirit, without the intelligent and creative support that operates in everything created. But, how do you explain that while you read these words, your heart continues to pump blood throughout your body, that thousands of hormonal adjustments, peptide creation, chemicals in general, temperature and pressure control, etc. are being made. There are thousands of processes that occur without one noticing and, moreover, without one intervening.

Therefore, when you can experience calmer and finer states of mental activity, in that stillness and silence, you open yourself to a new experience, consciously contact your own source, your own existence, your source that allows you to be aware and exist, "Pure Consciousness."

Believe me that when you open up to this new experience, which has always been there, your life and the perception of it change radically, well, you realize that you are really the architect of your life, this Gift has always been present, just take Awareness through a methodical and direct experience that allows you to establish these values, those laws that govern the other half of your life that has been hidden and that you have suffered.

All your life you have thought that many things in this world do not depend on you, that there are variables that we cannot handle, that we depend on the circumstances, the times and the good will or not of others. We have become accustomed to the fact that suffering is human, that everything has limits, that is, beginning and end.

Friendships, marriages, physical objects, behaviors, streaks in life, health, etc. In other words we have lowered our arms and surrender ourselves to the unease of an uncertain and not consciously sought future. That is why we suffer, we strive for happiness outwardly, we have no other left, no one showed us an alternative to it. If everyone places their hope of Happiness on people, relationships and objects, which are conditioned to change, suffering will remain part of your reality.

What I propose to you is that it is not necessary to deny this reality, it is not necessary to isolate yourself from the world, it is not necessary to control the mind, it is not necessary to stop buying and wish for more comfort, training, health, well-being for ours, etc. What I propose is that they give themselves the opportunity to open themselves to a new experience, to new rules of the game, that compensate for the limits, the antagonism and the unstable of our “Relative” lives, doing more of the same… yes, more than the same.

I explain, now we will see how easy the practice of the technique can be.

The most wonderful thing about this technique is that it is based on two fundamental and automatic principles, such as breathing, the blood flow system, the biochemical processes that occur second to second in our physiology, such as endless processes. They occur day by day in our body and we are not even aware of them.

We will see through a small analysis, the first principle on which the technique is based.

You are currently absorbed by reading these lines, but; That is why he does not stop having thoughts that analyze these words and he is even attentive to what is happening in his environment. Feel noises, classify them, can perceive aromas, and be distracted by countless stimuli that will make them come and go to reading, again and again. Is this happening to you? I give another example, we have all gone through the experience of being reading something or just studying with background music, at some point, some theme sounds that reminded us or that we simply like, then, we abandoned reading or studying and lent Attention to music. Now the question that fits is: why did we stop reading or study and go to the music? In other words, why did we get distracted? The obvious answer is that music represented being an element of greater attraction and eclipsed reading and ... why did this happen, because music represents being an element of greater attraction. And now, how do you experience this, with effort or naturally and automatically? To the point that may be imperceptible to you.

Until now. The answer is, agreeing with me, that this process is easy and simple. Some people are so aware of this, that they do not hesitate to classify themselves as people lacking concentration, unable to keep their attention fixed on a process or issue. For others this process will seem imperceptible. Well, then we have the mind and therefore our attention, it moves easily and automatically from one point to another.

Now to define the second principle on which the technique is based, we will ask ourselves: why does the mind move from one point to another? What is the mind looking for? ... The answer is: The mind moving from one point to another is not, but looking for levels of greater attraction, in other words, it is looking for levels of greater happiness. Here is the second principle on which the technique is based, that the mind not only moves effortlessly from one point to another, but also does so in the search for levels of greater pleasure. And we do this day by day, through food, clothing, interpersonal relationships, work, spiritual development, etc. Imagine that our consciousness is like the ocean, on the surface there is a great activity and if we dive into it, we will see that at deeper levels the water is increasingly calm and calm, until when we reach the ocean floor, the water will seem have no activity Our consciousness behaves exactly the same, at deeper levels, it behaves more and more quiet, but also more revived and alert. Now, the idea is to take our attention to deeper levels of consciousness and for this we will rely on these two principles, in which the mind moves and seeks happiness automatically. For this to be real, then something that attracts our attention and is capable of totally eclipsing the entire phenomenal world, everything that exists outside of our consciousness, must exist at the base of our consciousness, so that we travel comfortably and automatically Inward.

To see what is there at the base of consciousness, at the bottom of consciousness, which can turn out to be so attractive as to automatically take us there, we will ask ourselves: what is the great candy that will attract us and allow us to travel towards interior in a comfortable and natural way ?, for this, we will make a small analysis.

What do we do every day at the level of the mind? To think, we are generating thoughts all day, therefore, we can deduce that an inexhaustible source of thoughts exists at the base of our consciousness. Thoughts emerge from the depth of consciousness towards the surface, until our intellect captures and analyzes it and that is where we decide, I go there or I go here, I say it or I don't say it, etc.

Well, now if we see that thoughts constantly emerge one after another, day by day, just as a bubble does when emerging from the depth of the ocean that emerges grows and grows, until it becomes increasingly clear and large. In this journey from the base of consciousness to the surface by thoughts, it is clear that a thought is a display of energy, which is why we usually have electrical activity, which manifests itself in forms of electroencephalographic waves. Therefore, we can also deduce that in addition to having an inexhaustible source of thoughts, we also have an inexhaustible and infinite source of energy at the base of our consciousness. Now the question that fits is the following: why do we think, for what? To schedule us, order our daily activity, plan our future, etc. etc., in other words, we are creating day by day without realizing perhaps and, which is what gives us the direction to all this energetic and creative flow, another beautiful quality, intelligence.

These three beautiful values, the energy and the creative intelligence that are present in the process we know, turns out to be the great candy that will attract our attention to deeper levels of consciousness in a natural and automatic way, since this new perception will eclipse everything the rest and it will automatically attract us to ever deeper and orderly levels of our own consciousness, just as our attention does it day by day outward in search of Happiness.

All your life you have looked for happiness in 180º, like a windshield wiper and now I propose that it is possible to look for happiness in 360º. It is not necessary to stop looking for happiness outside, it is not necessary to deny the phenomenal and beautiful creation that surrounds us, we must not fight anything, we must not learn anything cumbersome or difficult, but, the only thing will be to see how We went from looking for happiness from 180 to 360 and there I entered, the only thing I can teach you is how to go to look for happiness in 360 . I will not pretend, nor will I be arrogant, telling you that I will teach you to seek happiness or to walk towards it, for this, you do it, right or wrong, every day of you life.

I will only guide you through a simple and ancient instruction, so that in this way you have experience and, I commit to two things: That the Instruction Day will have It's an experience. You will notice how your mind calms down and you will experience peace and inner happiness, your body will relax deeply. I do not care if you know whether or not to relax, if you are capable or not, because body relaxation is here, a consequence, something not sought but is present if or if and that night you will sleep as a baby. The other commitment I assume is that, by the third day of class you are already reporting benefits, things like you sleep better or stopped taking sleeping pills, chronic pain disappeared, you no longer get angry about What bothered you before, you see life from a broader and clearer perspective, you are in a better mood, more creative and alert, with a more powerful thought, and a clear vision of what you deserve, more self-esteem, etc. You quickly realize that something is happening and, what really happens is that the nervous system is being cleansed and everything you experience and experience in the future, is not more than you projecting yourself. just as you have always been, but your fatigue and blockages prevented you from projecting, feeling and enjoying this new reality, your own true reality. You will enjoy 200% of life, absolute, non-changing and Relatively changing. That is, before the course ends, you are already satisfied and I am happy with what I teach.

I hope that this short story stimulates you to meditate regularly, if you have already done the Transcendental Meditation course, as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi or, to request an informative talk at no cost, without commitment where, I will fully tell you about the process, the structure of the course, the relationship of this technique with other methods of self-development, its origin, the purity of its teaching, etc.

Just when you have all this information, you will be able to say I like it or I don't like it. The decision is only yours.

A hug.

Under my signature, there is a link that will take you to the scientific studies on the technique and from there to the main page, where you can see a lot of information about the topic. You will also be able to access two folders that contain books and music that will complement the day, whose addresses you can copy and paste into the URL search engine (where you wrote s the www ... for example).

Diego Herrera
Transcendental Meditation Prof.
Ayurveda Maharishi technician.
Project Manager and Coordinator
03722/411820 - 15777965
Resistencia - Chaco - Argentina.

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Course Structure:

1st Session


A vision of the benefits obtained through the regular practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique, origin, principles and mechanisms of the technique.

2: 00hs.

2nd Session


In a personalized way or in a group. That day you will notice how they dive into their own conscience, experiencing peace, calm and inner happiness. Also the body will relax

automatically and that night they will sleep soundly.

2: 00hs.

3rd Session


Evaluation and correction of the experience when meditating, parameters of a correct meditation, variables to consider when meditating. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi tape "Right Attitude in Meditation", 10min., And 1 group practice.

2: 00hs.

4th Session


Analysis of all experiences for the understanding of the process of eliminating tensions and stress. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi tape "Fourth State of Consciousness", 20min., And 1 group practice.

2: 00hs.

5th Session


Development of higher states of consciousness and review of everything that has been seen. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi tape "The Development of Cosmic Consciousness", 30min., And 1 group practice.

2: 00hs.

6th Session


Group control of the experience and importance of regularity in practice. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Tape "The Regular Experience of Transcendental Consciousness - The Absolute in the Relative, " 1hr., And 1 group practice.

2: 00hs.

7th Session


Group control of the experience, review of the previous classes. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ribbon

“Using the Evolutionary Forces to Bring Fullness to Life, ” 1hr., And 1 group practice.

2: 00hs.

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