Esoteric Catechism, by Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul

  • 2011


The following words correspond to File XIII of the Annals of the Masters and contain in themselves a message for the wrestler along the way. They possess the characteristics of some ancient catechism, and recited by those who participated in the minor mysteries before moving on to the elders.

What do you see, oh Pilgrim? Raise your eyes and say what you contemplate.

I see a ladder that rises to the celestial vault, its base disappears in the mists and mists that circulate around our planet.

Where are you, oh Pilgrim? What do your feet rest on?

I am in a part of the scale, I have almost ascended the fourth division; the rest extends before me in the darkness of a stormy night. Beyond that sphere of complete darkness, I see that the scale rises again, radiant and luminous in its fifth division.

What characterizes those divisions you describe as separate from others? Do they not all form a single scale of clearly defined proportions?

There is always a void before me, which, when approaching, becomes a Cross, through which we ascend to the next division.

What forms the cross? How does it help you get up?

The Cross is formed by aspirations inspired by the Deiform yearning that curtails the desires of the lower world, implanted by life developed from below.

Explain more clearly what you want to mean and how that Cross becomes Way.

The arms that form the Cross become that great dividing line located between the lower and the upper. On those arms are nailed hands, greedy hands, possessors, who perform low tasks, for the training acquired over the course of many times. And behold, when the hands are held and disabled, they can no longer cling and hold, the inner life escapes from its envelope and ascends by the vertical arm. It passes from the lower quaternary, and the Cross bridges the void.

Do those who ascend the arm easily leave behind the quaternary?

They pass through tears, clouds and mists; They suffer and perish. They say goodbye to all their friends on earth, ascend the Way alone; they cross the void with loving actions, practiced in the pain of living; They extend their hand to the one above, and bow down, extending the other to the brother below. The hands released from the transverse arms are free, but to be offered. Only empty hands, injured by nails, can keep the chain intact.

Where does the scale end? What point of darkness is going through and where does it end?

Cut the sphere that crystallizes with all myriad forms, penetrates the water plane bathed by the tides, passes through hell, descends to the densest illusion and ends in the latent fire, the burning igneous lake, brushing the inhabitants of fire, the Agnichaitanas of the scarlet heat.

How high is the scale? Where does it end?

It ascends through the radiant spheres and crosses its six divisions. It rises to the powerful seat within the final fivefold and from there passes to another superior.

Who is sitting in the powerful Sitial, within the fifth final?

He whose Name is not mentioned, but in complete adoration; the Young of the Eternal Summers, the Light of the Same Life, the Wonderful One, the Ancient of Days, the Lord of Venusian Love, the Great Kumara of the Flaming Sword, the Peace of the entire Earth.

Is this wonderful Being alone on his throne of sapphires?

He is alone, but three other Gentlemen are near the steps of the rainbow, reaping the product of His work and sacrificing everything acquired to help the Lord of Love.

Do you help them in His work? Are other Beings of greater power than ours?

These powerful Four, and Action and Love, work in intelligent collaboration with His brothers of lower degree, the three known Great Lords.

Who helps these powerful Lords? Who does His work, uniting the inferior with the superior?

The Brothers of Logoic Love in all His degrees. They remain within the final fifth, until the latter fully absorbs the room.

So where does the scale ascend?

Towards the greatest Lord of all, before Whom, even the Ancient of Days bows in obedience; before Whose throne of shining light, Angels of high rank, Masters and Lords of maximum compassion, They prostrate and bend, waiting for the Word to rise.

When is that Word pronounced, and what happens when it resonates through the spheres?

This Word is not pronounced until everything is finished, until the Lord of Infinite Love considers the work to be correct. Then He pronounces a minor word that vibrates through the scheme. The Lord of Cosmic Love, upon hearing the circulating sound, completes the chord, and exhales the whole.

What will you see, O Pilgrim on the Way, when that final chord sounds?

The music of the infinite spheres; the union of the seven; the end of tears, of sin, of struggle and of the disintegration of forms; the end of the scale, the fusion with the All, completing the circulating spheres and their entry into peace.

What part, oh Pilgrim on the Way, do you play in this scheme? How will you enter peace? How will you find yourself before your Lord?

I do my part with firm determination and aspiration; I look up; I help down; I don't dream or rest; job; I serve, planting; I beg; I am the Cross; I am the path; I forget my work done; I rise above my defeated self; I kill desire; I strive, forgetting all rewards; I renounce peace; I reject rest, and in the tension of pain I lose myself, to find myself and thus penetrate peace.

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