Carvajal: You could forget everything except being and being born inside that torrent of love that is inside you

Conference on "The sacred science of service" and presentation of the book "Values ​​that cure", by Issabela Di Carlo, in Mallorca

Jul 12, 2007 May your life be a book that your children can read, that your teachings are not dead words, nor your values ​​are cadaveric values. May your values ​​be the value of the example, the value of life. You could shut up and talk from your breath, from your attitude and from what you are doing with your heart. You could even forget meditation and prayer techniques. You could forget everything except being and being born within that torrent of love that is within you.

A book is a soul bloom. How many tears, how much pain, how much light, how much joy there is in the pages of a book? They are pages of life. I know that there is not only paper, not only memory, but flesh, blood, clarity, of course dark of life, everything is there in that book.

When we look at the first page, Issa gives us a beautiful invitation, and it moved me. That invitation is do we dance? I don't know how to dance, but my soul danced.

We dance Life is a dance, if we serve life it is a dance. But behind that dance there is a song and behind a song a sacred note. That sacred note is the soul note.
When we talk about values, they are no longer values ​​of having, not values ​​of use or exchange, nor values ​​of the stock market, but those values ​​that are worth to be. These are the values ​​that have emerged from being: her family, her husband, Andy, Dani, her old Uruguay, her renewed Uruguay in her heart, her planetary citizenship.

When we come into contact with those values ​​that heal we find something sacred, and that is psychology, the true psychology. I met a psychologist nine years ago, well, I know many psychologists, but this was like weirdo, I was in a seminary in Cuernavaca, I remember it very well, I was in the front row. Issa is always in the front row. She is a warrior even if she says nothing. From silence, from simplicity, almost to the edge of shyness, but with that commitment of the soul.

I saw this woman there, in the front row at the seminar, I spoke with her in the middle and I found a brilliant intellect. I thought to myself: another intellectual. There are so many intellectuals out there, talking about psychology, reciting knowledge, repeated and automatic, talking about the experiences of others. Speaking not from life, but from memory and knowledge.

Then came a second session at the seminar and we talked a little about the soul. Suddenly I look at her and I find the brightness of her eyes, which were flooded with burning tears; a psychologist who was moved, a professional whose heart was boiling, who could light the fire of love in her heart. Then I knew that psychology has a soul, because the soul is in people, it is in them, it is in it.

Is psychology the science of behavior? No. Psychology is a sacred science, it is the science of the human soul and I knew that day, nine years ago, of the value and eloquence of its tears. In every silence, in every look, in every smile, in every tear there is much more humanity than in all words. I know, because I have lived this book. He is eloquent in everything he says, but he has even more eloquence in his living silence, in the meaning behind each word; because every word has been not only thought, ruminated and dreamed, but above all lived.

Going through the whole book as if we were asking to make ellipses through all the pages and take only the beginning and retake the end, in the end we find an example of death and life. The whole book is a life story, a living story, and in the end a story emerges about a hospital, about an academic diagnosis, more or less cold, and about the loneliness of a Uruguayan who has to live in the cold north, His dad's death. And a miracle happens ... a nurse passes by. The miracle is that she is a nurse with a soul, she is a human being, and beyond the prognosis, the diagnosis, and beyond the intellectual and professional language, she reads her anguish, her need and her gaze and embraces her. So Issa tells us about the depth of time ...

There are seconds that do not pass and can never happen. There are times that are not times of the clock, that are sacred times, deep, interior, times of the soul, full of meaning. In that hug, fire of the soul and that hug never just happened. And that hug continues to ignite her and in that hug the embrace of humanity. In that hug all his deep psychology, his motherhood, his professionalism, his intellect, his intuition, his heart, his commitment, his living commitment.

Then I find in Issa the burning fire of love, of the passion for life and I am glad to feel everywhere, that this fire is burning. That you don't have to be a psychologist, or a doctor, or a psychiatrist, or a doctor, or a scientist, you just have to be human.

We dreamed about a project with it a long time ago. This project is called DAVIDA, it is a service project, so that other things happen online, so that we give our hearts, thoughts, dreams, hopes, so that we can sow the seeds of a new planetary culture This has been our dream.

She patiently, diligently, has accompanied us, has been the editor of the page. He has been there in the green and the mature, on the bright days and on the darkest nights. He has been there permanently, unconditionally, impersonally.
So today we are going to talk about that science, about the sacred science of service. We will recognize that the service is something else. It is not to drop crumbs, it is not to silence conscience, it is not to give what we have left over, it is to surrender, it is to surrender, it is to give life; not knowledge, but that living wisdom of the life that flows in us when we can really love and genuine love is unconditional, it is love of the soul.

In the first moments of creation, the Great Server of the world sowed the first seeds of evolution. Among them the electrons with all the dynamics that move of your energy, and germinates in the movement.

Life is an activated electronic plasma and electrons are jumping there in your heart. All the raw material of this universe had been created before the first millisecond: protons, neutrons, photons. Everything in the creation was prepared for the Observer to appear. The Observer is a Creator who appears when there is a degree of critical consciousness. The same matter is spiritual, there is Spirit immersed in matter. Matter incubates the Spirit and ascends, pure, through us.

We find in the same program of the atom the destiny of man. First the great expansion: Love expands, then the dynamic heart contracts. They are the first solar systems. The Creator Fill the world with the intelligence of matter. Then comes the contraction.

First love expands and then contracts. A solar system governed by love emerges. Cosmic milk to feed the new planets sprouts from the heart of supernovae and fills matter with the intelligence of the Creator.

We intuit that way beyond the entropy, which drags us into death, an anthropic humanizing principle that glimpses the humanity inscribed in the plan. On these planets where life is born the creation program is inscribed from the first moment and so we can continue the creation. We are not stardust, we are the product of the same star consciousness. Through us all the kingdoms pass: the mineral kingdom, the vegetable kingdom and the animal kingdom, with all the intelligence of their evolution they are synthesized in our hearts so that we can ascend to the kingdom of light. We immerse ourselves conceptually at least in that magical current of life that is in turn a great current of service.

What are we for? That is an essential question. Service is a condition of creation. In service we reveal the essence of things, their quality. The intelligent service allows us to go beyond the appearance, because it connects it with the essence. The service connects the senses to the Sense and gives us a deep reason to live, it gives us a North. It allows us to give ourselves to renew ourselves. It allows us to enter into the great law of life that is the law of the heart.

The heart is given every second. It doesn't require anything. If I retained every single drop of blood every second, after an hour we would be on the verge of congestive heart failure and in one day we would already be dead. Everything that the heart receives gives it enriched, renewed, it gives it loaded with its oxygen. That is the law of life inscribed in the same physiology: to live is to give, is to give, is to surrender. It is not giving of what you have, it is giving of who you are, your conscience, your time ...

There is no one who is rich enough to not need to receive and there is no one who is so poor that has nothing to give. Give in all ways; In any case give of you. Life made us a cosmic gift, sowed seeds of the plan in the land of our conscience and those seeds can germinate and multiply as an abundant harvest of life in us.

Life sowed in us a mineral seed and there we have the cosmic iron of red blood cells that came from a supernova. The iron is not from here. No particle is from the earth ...

Through the same iron core we are aliens that inhabit the earth. We are children of the heart of the stars. From the same core of the stars came calcium and the intelligence of the cells. Calcium became channels that allow us to create electrical currents and communicate from that nucleus.

Life gave us the magnesium that is in the heart of chlorophyll. He gave us the phosphor that ignites your neurons, gave us electrons, calcium, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen ... to build the substrate of life, proteins. He gave us the right minerals ... so that these proteins became enzymes and the magic of life could rise through us. The mineral kingdom is a bearer of cosmic light.

Life gave us patterns of arrangements. In this way the hard carbon atoms become diamonds, hard to the touch, but soft to the light, because they let it pass and reveal it. When the molecules are ordered and coherent, the gems are formed. The stones are precious not for their substance, but for their internal organization pattern, they contain a fractal geometry that is ordered to let light through.

We are here to let the light through, to develop transparency, to be transparent. That light is no longer the light of the sun, it is the light of love. The server turns on the light and reveals the light. The server has aligned his personality. He is no longer just a physical body, but is magnetized by his positive feelings, which lead him to do his best. The server has conquered his field of mental awareness. Know the sacred science of serving. He knows that there is a time to sow, a time to grow, and a time to reap. Learn the science of rhythm and opportunity. He has awakened his intelligence. On the server there is genuine love. It is not a blind and mercenary love, it is a love with discernment, brave.

The server recognizes the need of the other, is the master of the need. Recognize the essential and thus give what the other needs. The server possesses that genuine impersonal love that implies both the intellect and the heart. Serving is not necessarily building hospitals here and there and doing paternalism, but genuine personal love. Maybe we do nothing outside, but we do give our company, our prayer, our thinking, our attitude, our helping hand ..., we are entering fully into that life-giving current of the abundant water of life, service.

Service is not necessarily what you see outside, it is what is built from the inside because it is a product of coherence. The server is a devotee who has made his life something sacred. His devotion is for God, but he has learned to see God in humanity. The server is also a shadow devotee, because he loves places where there is shadow and is able to bring his light there. He has learned a beautiful lesson that is inscribed in that cosmic consciousness that we call the vegetable kingdom.

What if the roots had no devotion to the darkness and the shadow and the earth? There would be no flowers. That's why we are here. God has us here because there is darkness. The problem of darkness is not the problem of shadow, it is the problem of those who have a little light. We don't have to attack evil, not even rulers, we have the rulers we deserve. We have the land that everyone, by action or omission, has contributed to create. It is not true that the land is divided into borders. We are the same body of Christ. The same sap runs for us. If we cut your circulation, the responsibility is ours alone. We are united by the same trunk, we are nourished by the same root. We could all enjoy the same living sap of money, of culture, of the goods of the earth, of energy ...

We should learn from the devotion of the vegetable kingdom. We could descend to the depth of the hard rock to dissolve it. Take our moved tears to the difficult places where there is no solidarity, where the sap does not circulate. We must recognize that we are the earth. The earth is with us. Service has to do with the sacred science of devotion. Devotion does not reject the shadow. It does not reject impulses, it does not reject eros, but recognizes that eros and logos are united in the same stream of consciousness.

Learn the sacred science of devotion and recognize as the poet that what the tree has of flowering, lives from what it has buried. That it is not possible to achieve joy without having suffered. Pain is not the opposite of love but its revealing, harmony of opposites, which in love are complementary. We enjoy the beauty of light and darkness that meet in the dawn and twilight.

We could learn from the vegetable kingdom that also lives in us, the law of harmony, of devotion, of unconditional love. Store the light, assimilate it and project it to the planet in a service that goes to sacrifice. The keynote of the soul is service because the sacred office of love is the sacred office of the soul. The ritual of love is officiated at every moment in the heart when we awaken our humanity.

We could accept the gift of the shadow and live the fall, the disease, the failure, the separation ... as a necessary learning. We came to learn and learn is to light an inner fire. We could see how the vegetable grows by the shadow towards the light. The stem looks for the light. Without the shadow we could not turn towards the light. Where there are shadows, there is growth.

The fall is a beautiful gift. You lose health but lost health is your teacher, your illness teaches you how much health is worth. You die clinically, you come back and what happens? Change your consciousness, your life, your relationships and your values ​​... The rush is over, the desire to possess. The only desire is to be one with the being, one with the others.

We have another beautiful learning in the process of flowering. We could learn from the gift of a flower, beyond its perfume and its color. Learn the flower's strategy to open, to open its petals and reveal its light and aroma, reveal the chalice and the promise of the seed and the promise of the fruit. Learn from the flower that when it dies the fruit comes out. The ripe fruit falls by its own weight. The fruit is soft and sweet and then it can nourish life and multiply the Creator's program in the seed that each of us is. Let's look at the gift of the flower and learn with it that to live is to open to life, open to love and smell ... What is your perfume? How have you scented beyond deodorant and exterior perfume? What is the aroma of your life? Have you scented, scented today the atmosphere of your children, your brothers, your wife ...?

The flower is pure growth. Its growth is fast and its life short. Your time is an intense, deep time. True growth happens in the center, not in the periphery. When the flower grows on the periphery it closes in the light. In the central growth the miracle of the opening to the light happens.

May your growth not be peripheral, but central! It is not that of your capital, that of your form, that of your armor, of your appearance, of your personality ..., but that of that naked essence that contains in you the seed of the Creator, because then you will serve life and you will mature and reveal the seed plan and thus deliver the fruit to humanity and nurture humanity ...!

We could grow from the center. When a flower closes it grows on the periphery. We also close to the light when we live for appearances or external forms.
Living is very simple. To live is to act as an apprentice, and this is the soul that serves and that is the feet of the teacher, the son, the brother, the bird, the tree, the river, the ruler, humanity ... If you live as an apprentice you are in your center and you can enjoy life. Life is like a wheel at high speed. In the periphery the centrifugal force governs. Life reaches us on the periphery no more than to survive. But there is an eye of the hurricane, a place of maximum stillness, where you receive the consciousness of being and that is the center of the wheel.

The kingdom of heaven is the kingdom of innocence and of processes, of permanent growth. When you are innocent you can flow like children. You could be born and sprout like a fresh spring. That is the axis of the wheel of your life. You could always remain on the axis of life. You could be in your center, be the innocent and sensitive learner. You only have two possibilities: either you live or die slowly. Or you learn and light that inner fire in your heart or simply survive and vegetate as the victim on the periphery. The victim cannot serve. Your question is not what I am going to give to life, but what life is going to give me love. It is a question born of the egoism of living in the periphery.

To live is also to receive the inheritance of the animal kingdom. The gift of this kingdom is the first path to freedom. We no longer have roots, we are no longer only in one place, we have legs and we can move. The embryo of the instinct that leads us along the path of evolution to free will begins. The animal instinct is a gift of such a nature What magic is there in those puppies that the old men take to the streets of Paris? They are his family, because maybe they lost their children.

Six million children die annually of hunger. With a little of our waste they could be saved, with a little of our friendship and solidarity and generosity they could live. A little of what we have left is exactly what those children need to survive. There is a million and a half blind children. With a little vitamin A we could save them.

While 6 million children die of hunger, there are 6 million with severe malnutrition who are not going to die. There are possibly another 300 million children with moderate malnutrition who are not going to die, but who have malnourished their brain. An unnourished brain is not a peace brain, it is a brain without love and our children will meet them in the streets. What will happen then?

Where is our humanity? It is very comfortable to talk about humanity and not commit to it. It's a matter of committing ourselves, not blaming ourselves. It is a matter of feeling our humanity and getting involved in that great current that can allow us to conquer the most beautiful of values ​​that is solidarity. The most beautiful opportunity to be happy is to be supportive.

Studies show that the main agent of happiness is to make others happy. A ruler is happy because he makes his subjects happy, a mother because he does the same with his children ... A Buddhist, a bodhisattva, a meditator, a servant of the world ... is happy because he makes emptiness and through emptiness achieve fullness and through of her the ecstasy that is the total surrender to the current of the Being.

We can find the possibility of serving here and now. We could stop criticizing our rulers and know that energy follows thought. Although we disagree, we must send the best of our thoughts and prayers so they can be enlightened and do their best.

We could bring light to our doctors and our medical systems, because they are also victims of a macroeconomics, of formation, of a system governed by possessiveness, exploitation, violence ... We could help clean the emotional astral atmospheres of confusion.

The science of worth cannot be separated from the science of being. You are worth what you are. It is about recognizing the three essential values: love, peace and freedom, values ​​that nourish our being. With peace our physical body is in harmony. With love, the brain, specifically the part that governs emotions, is nourished. When we have freedom, we also nourish our human brain, that brain that has been given to us for evolution, to create.

Serving is the only possible way to live humanly. To serve is to update the being, it is to convert a possible essence into a real existence; it is to convert an infinite human potential into an active and effective external force, which is transforming and transmuting the world. Serving is the channel that connects being to existence.

We are yes and but it must be proved. To serve is to participate in that current that connects all evolution within the fourth kingdom of nature, which is the kingdom of humanity, with the fifth kingdom, which is the kingdom of souls.

You could plant a tree, sow yourself. You are a tree, the tree of life. In each step you are fertilizing your paths and in each spring you can bloom. You could write a book, write it down, you don't have to be a writer. Write in the live book of your skin with your caresses, in the book of your eyes with your eyes. Write in the book of your heart. Record with the fire of life.

May your life be a book that your children can read, that your teachings are not dead words, nor your values ​​are cadaveric values. May your values ​​be the value of the example, the value of life. You could shut up and talk from your breath, from your attitude and from what you are doing with your heart. You could even forget meditation and prayer techniques. You could forget everything except being and being born within that torrent of love that is within you.

That is the invitation. To serve is to live. It's good that we live again!

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