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  • 2016

A passage from the last book in the Ascension Manual series - The Ascension Manual - Part Two of Chapter 5 - “On Relationships and Twin Flames”

[QUESTION] I have reached middle age and I no longer want to go out and walk with someone. I'm not interested anymore.

The only person I would be willing to date now in my life is my twin flame. If I don't meet her in this life, I will accept it and fall in love with myself and create my own happiness.

I think I've met him years ago, when I wasn't ready. I see small signs here and there that surely he is my twin flame.

Am I holding on to signs and interpreting them as I want, hoping he is my twin flame? How can i be sure Is it okay if I try to communicate with him meditating? Or should I simply focus on myself instead of the result?

[The Collective] This is a beautiful series of questions and understandings, and we are honored to assist you in this path full of Light.

Thus, after two or three or four decades of seeing this or that person, perhaps experiencing some external commitments and several connections that did not involve what is generally considered as a "commitment" - and with varying degrees of happiness - that many They feel that they "have enough" of the process of going out and walking with someone as they learned in their youth.

Several things are happening now that make this situation more common than in the past.

On the one hand, their bodies, minds, spirits, and emotions are changing enormously now, so they no longer see themselves or those they meet as they would have done even one or two years ago.

This is true for all people on the Ascension path .

Suddenly, there is a different set of criteria to find the right person, and you begin to wonder if it is even necessary to have that as a goal once you have become aware that you have a twin flame.

On the other hand, the relationships themselves are transforming and transmuting into something that they had not even imagined even five or ten years ago .

The Light flowing to your planet is now such that everything is being viewed differently, whether it is the way of conducting business, how children are taught, how governments are managed, how people behave when they are attracted to to another.

This is inevitable and is a beautiful indication of the profound change occurring in the human heart-mind, based on the understanding of Unity, that we are all interconnected, that there is no I and a You or We and They .

And that all that you are and feel is projected to the outside from within each hour, in each situation, affecting all life on the planet to one degree or another. Therefore, this feeling of " You have disappointed me " that so many feel about their current or past romantic partners is increasingly irrelevant.

There is a growing understanding that what you experience during your earthly life is never an accident.

Because you created certain experiences before arriving - you put them on your path very intentionally - and you put others on it while you were walking that path.

So although they may have blamed another for not having fulfilled their romantic ideals, they are now realizing that what you had imagined was not an ideal but a place to rest, or a place to feel loved. and accepted.

Or simply not to feel s alone a terrible word in most cultures or abandoned, as many of you felt this as children. Understand that you are releasing the prescribed form of what is called conexi no romantic love in favor of an entirely new level of connecting with another.

That would be the connection of the heart made via your heart-mind or intuition, and not just your emotions.

By now you are aware that emotions can be easily triggered, inflamed, intermingled with the emotions of the other person, and in general, be shaken by your life, as long as you Let him do it.

They are also aware that they no longer want to live this way, for anyone or for any reason. So they have left the well-trodden path, a manufactured and dead end that leads them to the disappointment of the modern romance paradigm, realizing that they do not reach anywhere considering another being human as a type of response to what they believe they cannot give themselves or heal within.

(Many of you are still fighting many old battles started with one of your parents or siblings in childhood.) So when you say you don't want to go out or walk with another anymore - which is understandable, given the context referred to by you - they are in fact saying: “I have finished with the old structure, the old dance of considering another human being as the ideal savior or companion forever; to later find that he was not who I thought he was. Or to find that that person is not going or cannot walk a parallel path to mine for thirty or forty years, as the guide manual said he was supposed to do. ”

This comes partially as a result of its own vibrational increase. It is also due to the arrival on Earth of new ideas, understandings and even inventions of higher ways of connecting and appreciating others, including at a romantic level.

In this new form, the idea of ​​possession or belonging — the myriad ways of trying to make sure they don't even see another, and never going to leave them — will never even enter their minds.

The idea of ​​trying to change the other person instead of fully appreciating it exactly as it is, with all its different colors, tones, and energies, will never occur to them.

And the idea that she should behave, speak and present herself in a particular way that is different from how she is now, will also seem strange.

For you are now reaching a state of consciousness where you will attract towards yourself someone who is similar in the most complete sense of the word, whose trajectory and self-expression seem not only beautiful and complete, but a miracle of survival, creativity, openness and courage for everything you've seen and done, and it is .

Similarly, you probably expect to be honored for all that you are, without having expectations of changing to please another, and without needing to prove that you will never change. (Something that is not expected anywhere in nature.)

We find that it is rare to find a person who is happy with the same romantic partner for most of their lives.

The majority are searching on one level or another — intuitively searching for their “other half, ” as the black and white yin-yang symbol describes it to their human psyche.

So this question looms quietly in the air, leaving everyone wondering if they have chosen or if they will choose wisely, or if there is someone else who is the perfect one for them, with whom they have not yet met or with whom They never meet again.

We would say that everyone has met that person they are dreaming about, and yet she is not an ideal, it is not an image to be manipulated according to their preferences at some point or another in their lives.

She already exists and is her other aspect at the level of being / soul.

AUTHOR: Caroline Oceana Ryan


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