Energy characteristics of Cancer

  • 2011

Keynote: I build an illuminated house and in it I am dead

After the period of the three main Easter Festivals, Wesak and the Christ, we enter the experience provided by the nine minor Festivals. These nine full moon festivals integrate the divine attributes into human consciousness, in the same way that the three main Festivals establish the divine spectos . Aspects are well known in terms of the basic qualities of their energy, which reflect the underlying trinity of divinity: will or purpose, love / wisdom and light or active intelligence . Divine attributes are based on harmony through conflict, concrete science, idealism or devotion, and order and organization. These attributes are as divine as the three main aspects in their stimulation of the spiritual potential of humanity.

The twelve opportunities of the Festivals are used, through meditation and the channeling of energy, to affect the evolutionary growth of all the kingdoms of nature. During the high tension, of the three main Festivals, there is a focus and concentration of energy. The subjective or conscious aspect of the three kingdoms - Shamballa, the Hierarchy and humanity - is deeply involved in creating and maintaining this planetary tension and, consequently, is intensely affected by it. The nine minor Festivals are used as opportunities for energy to be externalized according to their quality and existing conditions.

After the three main Festivals, this Full Moon Cancer Festival provides the quality that causes spiritual energies to settle or manifest in daily life. The energy of this Festival, which affects the consciousness of the entire human kingdom, descends to the roots of human life, simulating the spark of divinity at the center of each atom of substance.

There are probably as many ways to meditate as meditators. However, everything contributes to a vast planetary meditation, receiving and distributing higher energies to human consciousness as a planetary service. In line with the keynote of this festival, personality, infused by the soul, creates a daily way of life that is spiritually motivated, based on principles that illuminate and inspire others. As the life of the personality becomes translucent and radiant, it becomes a service to humanity. And this is what the human family is creating: an illuminated three-story house consisting of the mind, emotions and physical expression. At each level of life and perception, light can be released to radiate the darkness, so that the three-story house of the personality becomes radiant, loving and illuminated.

This energy that flows from the constellation of Cancer to our solar system, to our planet, and to human consciousness, stimulates group consciousness, the perception of humanity as a kingdom. This influence tends to arouse individual self-awareness as a necessary first step towards group consciousness. In the human kingdom there is a natural sequence of growth of consciousness that can be defined simply by the words: dependence - independence - interdependence. The vast majority of humanity tends to be dependent in numerous ways. With the development of independence the stage of self-awareness and individual self-affirmation is reached. The next step, interdependence, involves a perception of humanity as a unified and interactive center of life and consciousness, within a greater life. Much of the current turmoil in our lives, whether economic or political, is the result of this growing recognition of interdependence between peoples and between nations. Various nations are now in the stage of independence, striving for a full understanding of the nature of interdependence, interrelation and planetary participation. The key to this understanding is cooperation, but much remains to be done in its practical application.

While we remain immersed in materialistic thoughts, selfishly individual or influenced by collective emotions and collective fears, the inferior or instinctive nature is what controls. But, through the repeated experience of suffering, which results from selfishness, the soul, the living internal divinity, begins to exert its influence. Sensitivity increases and intellect replaces instinctive reactions. The use of the energy stream available on the Full Moon of Cancer helps to release or release the soul principle, imprisoned by the selfish personality. The form is then perceived as a simple vehicle, as the creative means of expression for the soul. As the personality gradually becomes progressive and enlightened, by virtue of serving to raise human consciousness, the soul is released from its bonds and is visibly shown in human life. Wisdom and reason, or intuition, begin to replace the intellect, revealing the meaning and nature of the interrelation, which is the true quality of life.

This unique flow of energy gives us the opportunity to understand that form, matter, should be, must be and can be, infused by life and soul consciousness. We have come too far with materialism. We have lived by materialistic values ​​and we have remained behind and irresponsible. But today, thanks to progress and crises, experience and spiritual maturity, human consciousness is beginning to glimpse that the inner Christ is emerging in the heart of humanity. This new level of consciousness reveals the fact that humanity must now create a new materialism, a new level of life. The forms and ideals of the past, old and aggressive, must change. We are witnessing a confrontation between the forces of materialism and the Forces of Light, between the individual good and the group good, a confrontation that extends to all areas of national and planetary life.

Working in meditation, as a planetary group, with the available current of light, love and spiritual will necessary to provide new ways of thinking, we can demonstrate the spirit inherent in humanity. We must dare to think again. Under the impact of extra-planetary forces, new ideas flow into the mind of humanity. In this mixture of energies that are now flowing into the planet and anchoring in human consciousness are the new ideals to apprehend, new ways of doing things and new ways of serving and loving humanity at our disposal to learn.

Currently, the enlightened areas of human consciousness are expanding everywhere. The way to cooperate with this much-needed expansion is through a cheerful service. Each one can contribute to the liberation of the human soul and its enlightening demonstration through meditation and thoughtful thinking in the days of the Full Moon.

The most effective way we can cooperate with the Forces of Light to open the way to a better future is, above all, the increasing use and distribution of The Great Invocation . The Invocation was given to humanity as an instrument of service and is already making changes in human consciousness. It is a form of service so simple and obvious that its tremendous spiritual power could be overlooked.

Cancer: the embodiment of intuition

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