Capricorn and Full Moon

  • 2012

On the full moon of Capricorn, the available energies are the First, Third and Seventh Rays energies. The First Ray energy gives an enormous impulse to advance in the evolution itself a burning desire to transcend itself, to conquer physical, emotional and mental limitations and enter a new consciousness state.

The First Ray gives the impulse, the Third Ray builds the bridge, and the Seventh Ray causes the manifestation. This is a very beautiful combination.

In the Teachings of Master DK, Capricorn is called the door to the Kingdom of God, or the Kingdom of the Divine Hierarchy, or the door that leads man to the Divine Plan. We have been told that the energy of Capricorn prepares us to pass through that door.

The main function of Capricorn is to introduce the desire for elevation and transfiguration into the human being.

On the Cancer-Capricorn axis the death of the Soul that enters the prison of the form under the sign of Cancer and death of that form is manifested f sica, when the initiation grants liberation through the entrance to the energy of Capricorn.

Both are Cardinal Signs and are linked to the Solstices and their intense relationship with the nature of the Light and, therefore, with the path and work of the light.

It is under the influence of Capricorn when our personality yearns (having left so many mirages behind) to be enveloped, admitted and accepted by the wisdom of the Soul - of the Solar Angel.

The energy that comes from Capricorn is the energy that a server produces. Immediately when he begins to absorb this energy of Capricorn, he wants to serve because the human being becomes radioactive. Service means being radioactive. Service means making people return to the Father's Home


Three levels in Capricorn: Goat - Crocodile or White Dragon.- Unicorn

In the stage of the Goat, it is born with the firm purpose of achieving everything that the material world offers, regardless of - in most cases - how to obtain it. The goat runs behind four foods: sexual, for the stomach, possessions, and for vanity; Eat everything to satisfy your hunger. A goat enters its garden and eats its best flowers and plants, all with only one purpose: to find food.

This is a level governed by coldness, both of thought and feeling. This way of acting is beneficial due to the desire to build and own companies, which result in an availability of work for others. Precisely and, on all three levels of Capricorn, the delivery and work capacity are very intense. If this large group does not sublimate the attachment to their possessions (be they the type they are), they end up being isolated and separated from the general flow of life due to their material and emotional stinginess, and become resentful and lonely people with a strong tendency to selfishness and separativity.

In the crocodile stage, it is an animal that lives in two worlds - earth and water. He likes to play with matter, with sex, with greed, with fear, with hate. Then when it gets warm, it enters the water, or the subjective world.

In order to break the goat stage and enter the crocodile stage, real progress must be made, you must gather with yourself and sit with your Higher Self on the full moon of Capricorn.

Christmas time is a time for transmutation, transformation and transfiguration. Christmas is the moment when Christ takes shape within us.

What is the subjective world that the crocodile enters? Perhaps they are the Ashramas; it may be an interview with a Great Being; Perhaps it is a great vision and a dream that come and impact you. If one is impacted only once with a great vision, he does not become the same person. It is a stage of struggles, since the flashes of Light are temporary and intermittent and the security of everything that matter offers continues to provide the individual with a sense of identity.

In the stage of the Unicorn. The horn is the antenna, the Antakarana, the continuity of consciousness, the bridge built through the centuries to come into contact with higher values. When you are a Unicorn, the energy and substance of Capricorn is directed through that staff of power or that antenna. It is in harmony with the intention of Capricorn, which is to create world servers.

This group has carried out the transfiguration and its members shine since its third initiation. They have already climbed the Mountain, which is the symbol of the Spiritual Triad.

Live the keynote of your stadium:

"I am lost in the supreme Light, but I turn my back on that Light."

His goal is to deliver his own light.

Because Pluto is currently and for many years in Capricorn, everything that has to do with this Sign and with Saturn, is galvanized and responding immediately to the correction or the wrong form of our actions. The effect is immediate and neither power, nor money, nor politics, can overlap it.

Times of intense silences, review of the reason for friction in relationships, if any. Moments of harmony with ourselves, whether in a group, or temporarily alone, since the group of souls to which we belong for a long time, remains waiting on the subjective level.

Capricorn Light and Shadow lets in chaos, fear, doubt ... all this inevitably leads to awakening, deciding, giving opinions and changing. Commitment, seriousness, meditation, service, action… there are so many actions that this Sign demands!

Let's try to climb to the top of the mountain that we have all managed to build, allowing our whole being to absorb the Light.

That Light will be necessary to us in advancing in the last Signs, preparing ourselves with Glory to receive the Christ in intense meaning of rebirth and Love in Aries and Buddha in Taurus, living the liberating detachment that confers love without possessing, without opinion, without judging .

May the Force of these energies release enough Energy through our interior, so that our beloved Planet shines with the Light that corresponds to it!

From the heart.


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